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🎥 | That person's "TENET", knowing that person's "Christopher Nolan director experience", Ossu ...


Knowing that person's "TENET", that person's "Christopher Nolan director experience", Ossu ...

If you write the contents roughly
For those who will watch it as a preparation, for those who have watched it many times as a review, please enjoy the "TENET Tennet" experience of various artists and the Christopher Nolan work experience. Please give me!

"TENET" For you who want to deepen more. Many movies due to the influence of the new coronavirus infection in 2020 ... → Continue reading


In "PINTSCOPE", "The story of people and movies" is delivered weekly. Interviews with creators who are active in various worlds, including popular actors and movie directors, as well as columns that feature popular musicians, writers, and cooks talking about movies from their own perspective! I'm sure you'll find a "special movie" for you now.

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