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🤖 | Eyepatch & bandage! Kokoro Shinozaki shows off "Eva" Rei Ayanami's cosplay


Eyepatch & bandage! Kokoro Shinozaki shows off "Eva" Rei Ayanami's cosplay

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Shinozaki tweeted, "Sokuho! Rei-chan, I've always wanted to shoot in the studio, so I'm glad I could do it by the end of the year ~" and showed off Rei Ayanami's cosplay in uniform.

Cosplayer Kokoro Shinozaki updated her Twitter on December 12th from the "Evangelion" series ... → Continue reading

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Ayanami Rei

Rei Ayanami(Rei Ayanami) is an anime "Evangelion" series.[Note 1]Also, a fictional character who appears in the manga version of the same work.Voice actor TheMegumi Hayashibara.


Common to anime and manga versions

One of the heroines.Evangelion (EVA)Unit XNUMXpilot..The boss is the chief of the NERV Strategic Operations Department, Operations Bureau, Section XNUMX.Ibaraki Misato..Hairstyle is a light blue shortcut.

  • Date of birth: unknown[Note 2]
  • Blood type: unknown[1]
  • Age: X NUM X[1]
  • Affiliation: NERV /EVA Unit XNUMXExclusive pilot[1], 3rd New Tokyo Municipal 2st Junior High School XNUMXnd grade A group

Old century version

A slender girl with fair-skinned red eyes.Evangelion Unit 1 Pilot (XNUMXst Eligible Person =First Children). He was seriously injured in the accident of the start-up experiment of EVA Unit XNUMX, and appeared in a bandage when it first appeared.[2]..All past careers have been erased[1], The biggest in this workkey personPlays an important role as.


He doesn't show his emotions, is quiet and always expressionless,Hideaki Anno"I just don't know how to express emotions," he says.当初はat firstGendouI was open to onlyIkari ShinjiBy meeting him, he deepened his ties with him, gradually showing various emotions, and budding what could be called an ego.

pessimismHe has a different existence, and declares that "riding Eva is everything, there is nothing else", and he resolutely handles any dangerous mission without taking care of his own life.I think that riding Eva is the only way to connect with others, and I value the "bonds" that are built with others and try to find out the reason for my existence.[1].


Old housing complex ("New Theatrical Version: Introduction"Third New Tokyo CityMunicipal housing No. 22 Construction staff housing complex No. 6 "), living alone in room 402.The room isExposed concreteA murderous landscape with a patterned wallpaper.The curtains are closed from daytime, with only a small amount of light.In my room, only the minimum necessary items for daily necessities and home appliances are placed, and there are no ornaments or furnishings.He is the only one who possesses and stores Gendou's glasses that were broken during the start-up experiment of Unit XNUMX.There were no scenes where he wore plain clothes, and in many cases he was active in school uniforms.

I hate meat[Note 3]So, when I went to eat ramen once, I ordered garlic ramen without char siu.[Note 4]..It is unclear if he recognizes it as a hobby, but he is often depicted reading, such as reading the original genetic engineering book written in German.

Alternating current

Although she rarely interacts with others in her daily life, she does not consciously avoid it and is attributed to her personality of not having more conversation than necessary.[1]..However, after the second episode, the tears shed involuntarily make me feel unconsciously lonely.

Ikari Shinji
At first, he didn't show any particular interest, but after he smiled at Shinji in Operation Yashima, the name changed from "you" to "Ikari-kun," and he gradually became more open and conscious.[1]..Shinji is involved in most of the facial expressions that appear to be manifestations of emotions such as worry, blush, embarrassment, surprise, anger, and sadness that are shown in the play, and unlike Gendou, Shinji treats him as an equal person. Eventually, I began to have special feelings that could be taken as love, and I got what I should call an ego.Then, in contact with the apostle, he notices the desire to be with Ikari with tears for the first time, but he self-destructs with the apostle to help Shinji.After that, he was revived by another body, but he did not inherit his emotions, and he returned to the original way of dealing with him, such as becoming "you", and when Shinji knew the truth, he was separated again.
However, maybe that feeling remained, in the old drama version, in response to Shinji's rage, when he left Gendou saying "Ikari-kun is calling", he returned to Lilith and headed for Shinji, and he told the future of humanity. I entrust it to and show the way.
Ikari Gendou
At first, Ray was the only one who opened his heart and trusted him.It was a source of soul, such as keeping Gendou's broken glasses in a safe place, smiling and showing a conversation.[1]But I also realized that I only saw myself as a substitute doll or tool.[3]..Still, it seems that it was an important existence for Ray, and the image of Gendou is flashed back in the event of a suicide bomb.
In the movie version, when he reacts to Shinji's rage, he leaves behind saying, "I'm not your doll," betrays Gendou, and leaves him.
Soryu Asuka Langley
Ray showed little interest,AsukaFrom now on, they are called First, Honor Student, and Doll, and their credibility as the same pilot and their intimate relationship with Shinji gradually lead to hostility that is close to jealousy and hatred, and the relationship worsens.I advise when Asuka's sync rate begins to drop significantly, but it results in anointing the fire, which is incompatible in the end.[4].
Kaworu Nagisa
After meeting him as an apostle, the third Ray realizes that he is closer to an apostle than a human being.[3].

the truth

There are many mysteries about the origin, and at least because there is a description in the script decision draft that Ray that appeared in 2010 is "looks 7 years old but 5 years old"Yui IkariBorn in 2005, the year after his death, he is growing faster than the original human being.Born in the 3rd branch of the Institute for Artificial Evolution in the Terminal Dogma, he is spending his childhood.The light and water that make up Ray's deep psychology are strongly influenced by this place, and that is why the room in the housing complex where Ray lives is exposed to concrete and murky.[5].

Naoko Akagi, who saw her childhood appearance, is so similar that she recalled Yui at a glance, so Yui'scloneIt's easy to think that the soul is Lilith's soul, and the body was obtained from Yui's salvage left behind in EVA Unit XNUMX.[6]..Therefore, although the body can be said to be a copy of Yui, it cannot be said to be a clone.

There are many soulless Ray clone floats in the underground plant located at the Central Dogma, and if Ray dies for any reason, he will be revived by transferring his souls to those new bodies.Since the memory was backed up regularly, the memory that was last saved in the previous body is passed on to the next body, but the emotional aspect is not saved, and as a result, the emotions associated with the memory are inherited. Absent.However, it is said that there is a reverberation of the soul, for example, when the third Ray shed tears.The soulless body is used as the core of the "dummy system" for activating Evangelion without a pilot, and Rei Ayanami's personal system is also used.

Three Rays appeared in the film, and the first Ray was before NERV changed his name from Gehirn when he was a little girl.Naoko AkagiIn response to Gendou's secret, she tells herself as it is and is strangled by her angry girlfriend.[Note 5]..Shinji first met Rei, the second person in the story of the second pick-up.Aluminum SaelThe third person to appear after suicide bombing in the war.This resets the way Shinji is treated and returns to the original state, but in the movie version, when he reacts to Shinji's rage, he returns to the name "Ikari-kun" like the second person and heads for Shinji.

"Neon Genesis Evangelion 2According to 』, Adam and Lilith also serve as guideposts to guide the soul when making a third impact and invoking the complementary plan, so Zele has Adam's soul.Kaworu Nagisa, Gendou secretly prepared Rei Ayanami, who has the soul of Lilith.Gendou was planning to have Ray-Lilith lead the soul of mankind to the first machine (Yui).

There are also scenes where Ray talks to Lilith, who is deep in his heart, and Lilith, who is only a physical body that is crucifixed underground.And because the soul was transferred and became Rei Ayanami, I have almost no memory of when I was Lilith, and it is said that the reason why Rei Ayanami's body can not be kept for a long time is not her original body. ing.

Comic version

In contrast to the anime version, it is depicted as a human character in every sense.In addition to calling it "Ikari-kun" from the beginning, there is no depiction of Shinji blaming the anime Gendou, and since Operation Yashima, a depiction showing a more intimate attitude toward Shinji has been added. ..

The love for Shinji, which was only glimpsed between stories in the anime version, is clearly thought of in the manga version.[7]..In addition, Shinji is also in love with Rei, and the setting that the two were in love with each other leads to the final story.

When Shinji visited for the second time, he tried to bring Shinji home and make tea, but in fact he had never made it before, so he didn't know the proper amount and was trying to add a heap of tea leaves.Also, when Asuka is asked to accompany Misato in the base where there is a power outage because it is "convenient to walk in the dark", he simply refuses because it is not related to him, but Asuka gives it to Kamochi. There are also comical depictions, such as worrying about the letter entrusted to Shinji.

There are also depictions that Gendou seems to care about himself and actually realizes that he is thinking about another person (Yui), and that reveals the connection with Shinji's mother, Yui. Has been added.Although the purpose, effect, and purpose are not specified, he is receiving medicine from Ritsuko Akagi after his face is about to collapse.

It was told in her own monologue that Shinji's existence gradually became larger than Gendou, and during the salvage of Shinji, which was incorporated into the first machine after the war with Zeruel, "Return Ikari to me", And contributes to Shinji's return behind the scenes.Then, when he tells him that he had various emotions every time he touches Shinji, there is a scene where he tells Shinji that he wants to touch him himself.

She is jealous of Shinji going to visit Asuka every day, and when she is eroded by an apostle, she wants to monopolize Shinji.After that, as in the anime, the second Ray died, and Shinji saw that and was sad, "I don't want to lose you," and the depth of the bond was drawn.

From the death of the second suicide bomber, the development is almost the same as the anime version, but especially in the complementary world, it is clearly drawn that the second person has the emotion of Ray as it is, and it is described as the same person.While accepting Shinji's refusal to complement and "I want to hold hands with you again", when I say thank you and say goodbye to meeting with tears, Lilith's body collapses, and Shinji's wish is put on the ground. It poured down like snow."I'm waiting for Shinji to return (to the world)," he says in a monologue.After the third impact, it has probably been reconstructed as a new world where people live in peace over a long period of time.

Parallel work

"Neon Genesis Evangelion Steel Girlfriend 2nd"(Manga:Fumino Hayashi) Is based on the character of Rei Ayanami, a transfer student who appeared in the possibility of the complementary world of Shinji Ikari in the final episode.Although the background is the same as the original, such as the background of the birth being wrapped in a mystery, the emotional expression is rich and bright and lively.

"Neon Genesis Evangelion Ikari Shinji Training Plan"(Manga:Takahashi) Is a character that is quieter than Steel 2nd and more sociable than the original anime.In this work, Asuka has a love triangle over Shinji, but the relationship is relatively good compared to the original.

"Neon Genesis Evangelion Gakuen Fallen Record"(Manga:Sleeper) Is a character close to the original.In addition, the personality reminiscent of some natural characters is also hidden.

New movie version

One of the heroines, EVA Unit 1 pilot ("first girl").The first person is "I" and the second person is "you".

Like the old century version, it has the gene of Shinji's mother, and there are many clones.However, it is not clearly stated in the work that the soul is Lilith's soul, and there is no setting such as "only in one body".Therefore, in Q, an individual with a soul different from Rei Ayanami until the break appears, there is no inheritance of memory between individuals, and multiple souls (and their bodies) can exist at the same time.

New Theatrical Version: Introduction

There are no particular changes in her appearance scene, personality or personality from the old century version.However, in the conversation between Gendou and Fuyutsuki, it is suggested that the encounter between Rei and Shinji itself was organized, and that Gendou adjusts the degree of approach between the two in the shadow.Also, like Shinji, the name "first qualified person (first children)" in the old century version is not used, and it is called "first girl".Operation YashimaIn, while there is a description that Gendou's glasses dropped during the runaway accident of Unit XNUMX are carried in a case, from Shinji who came to rescue Unit XNUMX and Rei who were exposed to extremely high heat after the operation. Even if I was told "I think I should laugh", I smiled at Shinji without remembering Gendou like in the old century version.

New Theatrical Version: Destruction

I was a little impressed by the deliciousness of the miso soup made by Shinji, and he made a lunch for me, so I practiced cooking for Shinji and invited the people concerned to shorten the distance between Shinji and Gendou. Plan to hold a dinner party.In the morning, when he enters the classroom, he says "Good morning", and the elevator conversation with Asuka changes to something more caring for Asuka, and Asuka's slap is also taken with his bare hands.At that time, he was asked what he thought of Shinji, and he said, "I feel warm when I'm with Ikari."AndUnit 3By calling "Thank you" to Asuka who took the place of the test pilot of the start-up experiment, Shinji is now expressing emotions to other people as well as from the anime / old drama version.While working to save the memory, it is known that it is the second Ray like the original because REI-02 is written on the collar.

Asuka is a relative like Gendou's niece, and is believed to have been hired by Eva's pilot, and is called "Eco-Hiiki."

Also, Shinji, who refused to board EVA, dumped it in the trash when he left NERV.S-DATInstead of Gendou's glasses, she brought her to the cockpit of Unit 10 and faced the battle with the XNUMXth Apostle with the determination that "Ikari-kun would never have to ride Eva again." Is more clearly described as being important.Like the old century version, N2When he tried to destroy the 10th Apostle in the form of a special attack using weapons, he supported him just before the detonation.Unit 2To prevent the passenger (Mali) from being involved in the explosion, he swept backwards with the words "Thank you."

After that, the 10th Apostle preyed on Unit XNUMX and was taken in, but due to Shinji's strong desire to "help Ayanami," he was salvaged to the core of Unit XNUMX.This series of events prompted the awakening of the first machine.

New Movie Version: Q

"Ayanami Rei (tentative name)", which is different from the Ray (REI-02) that was incorporated into the core of the first machine in the previous work, has appeared. EVANGELION Mark.09The color of the plug suit that I board and wear is based on jet black, in contrast to Rei Ayanami, who was based on pure white.From the first machine when Shinji was taken out, only the S-DAT that Ray had in the 10th Apostle Battle was restored.

VilleBattleship AAAWunderIs ambushed at Mark.09 and Shinji is taken to the new NERV.Since Shinji is a different person (another person) similar to Rei who tried to protect him from the 10th Apostle, he knows nothing but his name, and although he calls him "Ikari-kun", he only treats him indifferently.He lives in a shabby hut next to a mysterious underground facility, where he is waiting for orders.However, I don't usually go there, and unlike Ayanami, I don't read.According to Kaoru sheLilinIt is an imitation of, and it seems that the place of the soul is different.

In the middle of the game, when he was in the aquarium, he was surprised to see Rei Ayanami in uniform on the other side, but soon the bubbles in the aquarium blocked his view and Rei disappeared.

Unit 13 Longinus SpearとCassius SpearWhen I accompanied him as an escort to get rid of him, Shinji told me that he wasn't Ayanami, and after that he began to question who he was.Then in MaliUnit 8, Engaged with Asuka's Kai No. 2 and when the control of Mark.13 was taken away by Zele with the awakening of No. 09 and was bitten by Kai No. 2, he asked himself, "What would Rei Ayanami do in such a case?" , "What do you want to do?" Was returned to Asuka, and as a result, the entry plug was forcibly ejected and escaped.After that, head to Shinji and Asuka and follow them.

Regarding Rei Ayanami, who had appeared until the previous work, Misato told Shinji that it "does not exist" and Fuyutsuki "is preserved in the first machine", and the views differ between the Ville side and the NERV side.In addition, Rei Ayanami (tentative name) of this work was also revealed to be one of the "Ayanami series" duplicated based on the information left by Yui, and Asuka called Ayanami Rei (tentative name) "Ayanami type". Initial lot of. "In addition, Fuyutsuki tells Shinji that Yui's maiden name was "Ayanami."Like Shinji and Asuka, you can be in a place where the L barrier density is so strong that Lilin cannot approach.

Shin Evangelion Movie Version 𝄇

Rei Ayanami (tentative name) was picked up by Kensuke along with Shinji and Asuka.Village 3Arrive at.When Hikari called him "Ayanami-san," he denied that "I'm not Ayanami," so he was later called "look-alike" by the people in the village.By living in the Suzuhara family, I will learn human emotions, languages, and culture through taking care of Mr. and Mrs. Suzuhara's babies and helping with farming in the village, and deepen my friendship with the villagers.[Note 6]..When I visited the house where Kensuke and Asuka live to meet Shinji, along with information about Shinji's departure and whereabouts, Eva pilot was restrained at the time of design so as not to exceed the human frame like Eva, and designed according to human cognitive behavior Asuka explains that it is being done and that the Ayanami series has been adjusted to favor Shinji, but accepts that feeling, "I feel good."Leave home and visit Shinji, who spends time on the lakeside of the NERV facilityRationI put in and talked to him, and created an opportunity for him to move.A villager who couldn't see him keep calling him just like him asked me if I could give him a new name, and asked Shinji to give him a name.However, her body, which can only live under NERV control, has begun to collapse, and she realizes that there is little time left, leaving the Suzuhara family with a letter.Then, when I visited Shinji on the shore of the lake at the site of the NERV facility and asked for the name I was asking for, I was given the name "Rei Ayanami" again as "Rei Ayanami is Ayanami".I thanked him for that, and when I returned S-DAT, I said goodbye to my chest and returned it to LCL.According to Fuyutsuki, she is No. 6 of the Ayanami type.

The soul of Rei Ayanami, who was the pilot of Unit XNUMX, is still preserved in Unit XNUMX, and GendouAdditional impactIn response to Shinji's call in the minus universe, he led him into the entry plug and apologized that Shinji could not avoid riding Eva.[Note 7]..After activating the complement, Shinji, who complemented Asuka and Kaoru's soul, finally faces Rei.Shinji tells Rei, who is willing to stay in the first machine, to rewrite it into a world that does not require Eva, and persuades him to find a way of life that is not in the middle of the first machine.Rei, who heard that Shinji himself chose to live without riding Eva, thanked Shinji and returned to this world.After that, in the world that Shinji rewrote without the need for Eva, the back view of a person who seems to be Rei talking with Kaoru at the platform on the opposite bank is drawn.

In the play, it is "a pure life form created with a pure soul without sex, which is a reward for Adams' vessel."Advanced Ayanami SeriesAppears, but the details are unknown, only a girl with an appearance similar to Rei Ayanami appears on the screen.

Game version

SegaからSega SaturnIn many game works, including the game series released as software, they have appeared as characters that faithfully reproduce the impression of the original (animation version), and the images are almost the same.

"Neon Genesis Evangelion Ayanami Nurturing Plan with Asuka Complementary Plan], Etc., a character game with Ray as the main, which is completely different from the impression of the original, has also appeared.

"Neon Genesis Evangelion 2], When Ray dies, a new Ray appears many times.If you die in a battle, the result of the battle will not be "death" but will be announced as "unconscious".The third and subsequent rays, who are inexperienced, are considered to be mentally immature, and there is a large difference in parameters and tendencies from the default rays.In addition, the feelings of friendship and affection that Ray had before have been reset.

"Super Robot War seriesIn ", it often leaves in the middle of the suicide bombing event of Unit XNUMX. "3rd Super Robot Wars α To the Ending Galaxy』In the combined attack of the first machine and the second machine, and the spear of Longinus is equipped as a deadly weapon, but in addition to not remembering the mental command to increase the hit rate and attack power, the spear of Longinus disappeared in the latter half of the story Therefore, the ability on the attack side is low.唯一の利点はThe only advantage isPass queue machineAt the time of the event where the pilot's energy is going down, with the cyborg lion king KaiSteel Jeeg,VirtualoidTemjin, Faye Yen, Hatter, and Rei Ayanami are all sick (Kai and Zieg are said to have no effect because they are cyborgs, but no one points out Rei).

Origin of the name

The origin of the surnameImperial Japanese NavyBlizzard destroyer"Ayanami'[8]..The name is the anime "Sailor MoonSailor Mars =Rei HinoDerived fromKunihiko IkuharaThe aim was to attract staff involved in the series to the production team, but this attempt was unsuccessful.[8].. Also"zeroIt is also a kakekotoba with "(Rei)"[8].

Impact on character settings

There were quite a few character images that were expressionless and lacking in emotional ups and downs, and were somewhat reminiscent of "dolls" before Ayanami was born, but they were not very noticeable.しかしそれらを全て体現しながらも物語の枢軸に据えられた「綾波レイ」というキャラクターの登場で、後のアニメのみならず、ゲーム、漫画、ライトノベルなどのHowever, with the advent of the character "Rei Ayanami", which embodies all of them but is set at the axis of the story, not only later anime, but also games, manga, light novels, etc.Character Design, Had a great influence on modeling.Characters born from such a phenomenon, or characters belonging to the same system, are called "silent system", "Rei Ayanami system", "non-emotional system", and the like.

Anime magazine "Monthly new typeIn addition to the heroine lines (normal type, young lady type, male-dominated type, sexy type) that had already been established since the dawn of anime (1970s-), when the project article to analyze the anime heroine was written in 1990 It is systematized by interpreting that the "fifth" type heroine newly cultivated in the 5s was Ayanami.


Image motif acted as a character designerYoshiyuki SadamotoFromMuscular girl beltOne of the things that got the image of Ayanami's bandage in the song "Stamps that can go anywhere"[9]..By the way, the lyrics of "Stamps that can go anywhere" areMaruo SuehiroCartoon ofGirl camelliaIs modeled after the main character "Midori-chan", and this isMorita DojiIt is derived from "Midori-chan" that appears in the song "Celluloid No Shoujo".

The appearance of fair-skinned, blue hair, red eyes, etc. is "If the hair is blue and the eyes are red when it is made into a game in the future,Dot pictureBut you can see it as Ray "for commercial and design reasons.[9]..The following is Sadamoto's remarks about the process of character setting.

It was Mr. Anno who turned his eyes red.Anno-san told me to go with that. … (Omitted)… (Producer) told me that something was missing.I asked them to make their hair color and eye color look like anime.Make it a color that makes you understand the character the moment you see it. … (Omitted)… So, only the blue hair is from the previous project, “Ur』Only one hero is blue.Bring that much, girls, all the characters are black, but only girls want to make their hair blue.Then, Anno-san started to say, "Why don't you look red?" "Well, red eyes?" So when I applied it, it was cool. — Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, from page 165 of "Skizo Evangelion"

The reason for wearing black socks is that Yoshiyuki Sadamoto recognized that "fighting girl = black socks" when he saw all the female handball team members wearing black socks when he was in junior high school.[10].


  • In the official popularity poll held after the end of the anime broadcast, he won the first place, far behind the second place and below.
  • rock band·BUMP OF CHICKENThe song "Alou』, Said that Fujiwara, a vocalist who really fell in love with Rei Ayanami, wrote and composed the song with the initial RA (RA) as the song title.[11].
  • "That girl likes Rei Ayanami" (Ginkgo BOYZof"DOOR』Recorded).
  • Megumi Hayashibara, who spoke to her, was also selected for the role of Misato Katsuragi and the role of Soryu Asuka Langley, but Director Hideaki Anno said, "The role of Rei Ayanami is"Christmas in JanuaryI thought that Megumi Hayashibara, who was appearing in the movie, is right for me, so I was cast as it was.[12]..またアスカ役であるAlso the role of AsukaYuko MiyamuraWas selected for the role of Rei Ayanami.
  • Novelist·Tatsuhiko TakimotoAlso known as an enthusiastic fan, he once talked about the strength of his feelings when he appeared on the program.
  • ActressChiaki KuriyamaSaid Rei Ayanami as the "ideal female image" and Kaworu Nagisa as the "ideal male image" when she appeared on the program.
  • Comedy oriental radioAtsuhiko NakataSaid that "Rei Ayanami is the first love person" and "the ideal female image".
  • "Celebrity mail order king deciding match that can be lined up] InOriental radioBecame a presentation presenter, and made and sold a life-sized figure produced by the modeling group Akiyama Kobo and supervised by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto for 43 yen (total sales 86 yen).[13].

Appearance in other works

TBS TV animation broadcast on August 2018, 8 ``Shinkansen deformation robot ShinkalionEvangelion collaboration was held in episode 31, and a very small number of Eva characters, including Shinji and the apostles, appeared.[Note 8]did.Hayashibara is in charge of the voice as in the original text.The movie version of the same work, "Theatrical Version Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Mirai no Kamihashi ALFA-X," is also collaborating in the same way.[14].

In November 2019, in addition to major characters such as collaboration, Shinji Asuka Misato, etc. at Phantasy Star Online 11, the first machine and the sixth apostle (new movie version) also appeared.

Voice actor in English version


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