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🎥 | Issei Takahashi plays the role of psychopath!Sunday Theater "Heaven and Hell" scene photo released

From the photo "Heaven and Hell-Psycho Two People-" Issei Takahashi plays Yoto Hidaka – (C) TBS

Issei Takahashi plays the role of psychopath!Sunday Theater "Heaven and Hell" scene photo released

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From December 12th, the leading drama "Thus Spoke Kishibe will not move" will be broadcast on NHK for three nights.

TBS Sunday Theater "Heaven and Hell-Psycho Two People-" starring Haruka Ayase in January next year (starting January 1, every ... → Continue reading

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Kishibe Rohan

Rohan Kishibe(Kishiberohan,Rohan Kishibe) IsHirohiko ArakiCartoon ofJoJo's Bizarre AdventurePart XNUMX Diamonds are unbreakableFictionalmanga artist..The spin-off work of the manga "Kishibe Rohan does not move』The hero.Blood typeType B.

Person image in the work

A popular manga artist who lives in Morio Town. Born in 1979, 20 years old (when first appeared, as of 1999).Single.Type B..His masterpiece has been "Since he was 16 years oldWeekly Shonen JumpThe debut work "Pink Dark Boy" serialized in.He used to live in Tokyo, but he returned to his hometown of Morio because he was so messy that he couldn't work.

The trademark is a hair band with a jagged shape.On both ear lobesDip penWearing earrings that resemble the tip of a pen.His personality is very aggressive and selfish, and it is said that he is "I am the best" and "I am".He attaches great importance to the reality of his work and has the belief that he must experience various things for his own creation.In search of stimulus to the work, he shows a lot of behaviors that can only be expressed as strange, and even his own injuries try to make use of it in the material of the work.As for the reason for drawing manga, it is just for "reading", and I am not confident that I am not interested in money, status, or fame.

Directly without draftペ ンAnd from the pen tipイ ン クWithout sticking outSolidHas a drawing technique that is far from human beings, such as painting and drawing effect lines at once with a pen that has manyassistantWithout it, a 19-page series is established every week. The manuscript is not stored because it is "lightly seen by the editor".I hate relationships and don't hire assistants.

The debut manga "Pink Dark Boy" isSuspense-ホ ラ ーIt is a typical work, and the style is clearly divided into likes and dislikes according to the contents of the fan letter that arrives to him.It has been published overseas in Taiwan and Europe, but the English translation has not been published.To this, he said, "Americans can't understand their comics from Dasai."Joseph Joe StarIs speaking to.

In the nominal profile, the person you admireKoji Koseki[Note 1], The important thing is to make friends with family.However, these are answers for readers, and they really look down on who they are and think that no one is better than me.The exception is Koichi Hirose, who has friendship and respect for him.

Although he has a strong habit, he has an ethical sense based on his own justice, and he does not run away in the crisis of his relatives, and often fights with enemy stand users. "One of the things I like most about Rohan Kishibe is to say no to those who think he's strong," he said.Touhou KosukeHe is also poking at the enemy who has offered a deal to give his life, "but refuse."Although he has such an irreverent personality, he says, "It's likeDramasI overlooked Ken Oyanagi without making it impossible to recover, saying, "I will come to the owner with such guts." , Depending on the person, they may be treated with respect.He has announced his face, and he is willing to ask for autographs from fans he meets on the go.

Part 4 In the playGucciI wore my watch[Note 2]..My car is Nissan 300ZX.

"Thus Spoke Kishibe does not move -Rokukabezaka-And "Going to the Louvre with Rohan Kishibe" are 27 years old.Except for some episodes, the age and age are not stated.

Active in the work

  • When I was a kid, I lived in Morio Town.I was staying at the Sugimoto family19838/13(4 years old) night[1],Yoshikage KiraEncounters the murder of the Sugimoto family, but with the help of Suzumi Sugimoto, only one survives from the scene of the incident.After that, the whole family moved to Tokyo and1995Debuted as a cartoonist[1].19992[1]For the reason mentioned above, I returned to Morio Town by myself.By this time, I had already forgotten about the Sugimoto family murder.
  • At about the same time as the move, he was shot by the arrow of the stand by the rainbow village, and became a stand user. 19995One day, I read the memory of Koichi Hirose who visited my house to get a sign with my own ability "Heaven's Door", and there is a person who has special ability other than myself, and it is a stand know.Grabbing a good theme called a stand stimulates his motivation to create, and he tries to exploit manga material from Koichi for further creation.When he noticed Koichi's incident, he fought against Josuke Higashikata, who got into his house. "It would be awkward to let Josuke escape and call for reinforcements," he thought as if he were making a story in a manga, and he manipulated the book, Bai Tai, and then killed him.He made a fool of Josuke's hairstyle for provocation, and was defeated by Josuke who was so angry that he couldn't see his surroundings. "Pink Dark Boy" will be suspended until the injury at this time is recovered.At this time, he wrote down the story of Josuke's hairstyle that Koichi talked about, showing an attitude that does not happen for free even if he falls.
  • While exploring Morio Town, he meets the ghost of Suzumi Sugimoto.Knowing the forgotten fact that he was protected by Suzumi and surviving, there was an incident in which Josuke's friend Shigekiyo Yayasumiya (Shigechi) was killed by the same criminal Yoshikage Kira. After waking up, he decided to pursue Kira with Josuke and others.
  • He will fight Ken Oyanagi sent by Yoshikage Kira to support Yoshikage, and will be deprived of 2/3 of Heaven's Door and will be forced to struggle.Rohan changes his luck with his wisdom and ability to win against Ken, who relies only on good luck and self-confidence.
  • To Josuke who plans to roll up pocket money from Rohan,ChinchirolineYou will be challenged to bet at.However, Josuke's act of trying to win with Ikasama using the ability of Mitaka Hasekura triggered a careless fire at Rohan's home and half-burned.Betting has become unreasonable, and the cost of repairing his home is 700 million yen, which deepens his resentment toward Josuke.
  • The day after my house was half-burnt, I happened to get on the same bus with Josuke.In an awkward atmosphere, he encounters Yuya Fukiage's stand "Highway Star" in the tunnel and is sucked in nutrients.Although he tries to escape Josuke while being attacked, he is saved as a result by Josuke who ignores it and comes to help.Even after repelling the enemy, he was angry at this act of assistance, and did not improve his relationship with him.
  • Although he asked Masazo Oto, a first-class architect, to estimate the repair of his home, he was obsessed with Cheap Trick because he was an unaware thug sent to Yoshikage Kira.If you show your back to someone, you will be killed, but with the help of Koichi who rushed to help and Suzumi's "path that you should not turn around", you will defeat Cheap Trick.With the advice of Suzumi who met again at this time, he noticed the existence of Hayato Kawajiri.
  • After that, he found out that Hayato Kawajiri had some clue and tried to make contact with him, so he quickly reached the truth of Kosaku Kawajiri = Kira, but Kira was killed by the Byza Dust possessed by Hayato. , The soul rises to heaven and disappears (the fate of death is confirmed).However, in the time when he was returned for the fourth time, the Byza Dust was released by Hayato's wit, so he avoided death.After Kira's death, she sees off Suzumi, who is leaving this world.
  • Part5(2001) Only the name appears.Koichi, who goes to Italy, can now speak Italian with "Heaven's Door".
  • Part6(2011) Only the name appears.He continues to draw manga in the world where time is accelerated by the stand "Made in Heaven" that accelerates time, and is mentioned as the only manga artist who meets the deadline.

"Thus Spoke Kishibe does not move" etc.

Settings may differ from the main part of Part XNUMX.

  • "Go to the LouvreIn my past recollections, I heard from Nanase Fujikura, who broke up in high school, that there is "the blackest and most evil painting in the world."He made his debut as a manga artist that year.It differs from Part 4 in that it already has a stand ability.
  • "Episode # 16 Confession Room], I went on a trip to Italy when I was suspended due to an injury.At this time, I pretended to be a priest in the confession room and covered the life of a man possessed by evil spirits (without using a stand).It is suggested that this was the event after the 1999 anger and beating of Josuke.
  • "Episode # 02 Thus Spoke Kishibe』In 27 years old.I bought a mountain for coveragebankruptcyThen,Nicolas de StaëlHe rolls into Koichi's home with only his art book.The events of this work have been inherited in subsequent short stories.
  • "Go to the Louvre』In 27 years old.There is a mention of grandparents (both are dead at this point).
  • The editors in charge are Minoru Mori and Kyouka Izumi.

Appearance other than the main story

  • "Pink Dark Boy" is a novel version of "The BookAccording to Koichi's explanation in "There are some physiologically unpleasant (grotesque) scenes, but the thrills that are approaching, the characters that are unique and truly present, the characteristic onomatopoeia, and the comic cover A manga with attractive cool poses of the characters who were mentioned. "" As of 2000, 3 copies were completed and 4 copies started. In the mind of the grotesque, all the stories and lines up to 9 copies have been completed. , The rest is just drawing "[Note 3].
  • Part 4 In "The Book", which will be discussed later2000Around January, the third part of "Pink Dark Boy" was completed.While thinking about the concept of Part 1, I encountered a strange murder case. "Heaven's Door" uncovered its killing method and ability to use enemy stands.
  • The postscript of the paperback edition of the extra edition "Oingo and the Boingo Brothers Great Adventure" is in the form of a commentary by Rohan Kishibe, and the content is highly acclaimed.Even though it declares defeat, the manga is by the stand "Toto God"Automatic writingAs soon as I knew that, it was criticized as if I returned my palm.At the end, he concludes, "There is no other manga artist than me."
  • "Kishibe Rohan does not moveIn some episodes, the original (experience) is Rohan and the drawing is Hirohiko Araki.Also, in the "Weekly Shonen Jump" magazine advertisement page "Mood is JOJO" (serialized in Part 6) of the art book "JOJO-A-GOGO !!" It's something. "
  • The "103rd", the monthly rookie manga award for the real "Weekly Shonen Jump"Hop ☆ Step AwardI have also served as a judge.At this time, the works from the manga contributors were given a relatively strict score.The tone of the criticism comments was also harsh.Of course, this is just a setting, and it is actually a review by Hirohiko Araki.
  • Collection of short stories "Rohan Kishibe does not shout], Rohan is portrayed by multiple authors.
  • Collaboration Novelize "JORGE JOESTAR』Also appears. He is a manga artist in Morio Town in 2012, and although he should be in his thirties, he is young and is serialized in "Pink Dark Boy" Part 30 and has already been published in 8 volumes.A girl with memory loss "Sugimoto" in a mansion called Arrow Cross HouseLingAlthough he lives with "Beauty," this mansion became the scene of the murder.It is also hostile to the murderer Yoshikage Kira.Teach the detective George about the existence of the stand and use Heaven's Door's abilities to allow George to see the stand, talk between Italians and Japanese, and conduct a murder scene investigation. It is playing an active part.Although it is a parallel world, words and actions are the same as Rohan.
  • Nobuhiro WatsukiCartoon ofArmed AlchemyThe main character ofKazuki MutoHas a setting called Rohan Kishibe's fan.On the other hand, Rohan also wrote "Rokukazaka"Rurouni KenshinThe author of "Rurouni Kenshin", who was a big fan of Jojo, revealed that he had a book of "Rurouni Kenshin".Nobuhiro WatsukiIsJump squareIn a comment at the end of the January 2008 issue, he commented that "the door to heaven has opened."
  • Tsugumi ObaOriginal,Ken ObataDrawing manga "Bakuman.About the character, Eiji Niizuma, he added a comment suggesting that Oba was influenced by his name, "Maybe Rohan Kishibe is included."[2].

Heaven's Door (Door to Heaven)

[Destructive power --D / Speed ​​--B / Range --B / Sustainability --B / Precision movement --C / Growth potential --A] (JOJO A-GO! GO !, JOJOVELLER, Part4 TV animation. No parameters in the book )

Rohanstand..Target "OurHas the ability to.Those who have received the ability basically become pages of "books" in such a way that any part of the body is thinly peeled off. The "book" describes the "life experience" that the subject remembers, and by reading the description, you can know the memory of the other party and the information that the other party knows, and even by writing the information on the page. It is also possible to control the behavior and memory of the other party as desired by Rohan.A person who has been made into a book may be temporarily fainted by a shock, or his / her body may become a book-like or paper-like body of a stand, making it difficult to move.Also, if you tear off the page, the other party loses the memory of that part and loses weight drastically.

The ability is also effective for animals and ghosts with a certain degree of intelligence, as well as Rohan himself.In addition, the power to control by writing letters on the other party is enormous, and no matter how much the subject refuses, he cannot resist, "in a short period of time.ネ イ テ ィ ブTo acquire average language skills "" 70 speeds per hour backwardsKiloIt is also possible to have the person perform an event that is otherwise infeasible, such as "blowing at the speed of."

The stand ability has high growth potential and is frequently updated during the work.

  • Initial-A state of only the ability to "show a raw manuscript to someone with the right wavelength and turn it into a book".Read all pages → Show only one frame and activate, and it is growing in stages.
  • Second stage-A state in which the ability is activated by drawing the face of the main character of "Pink Dark Boy" with a finger in the air and showing it to the other party.
  • Humanoid vision expression-The state from the time of the rock-paper-scissors game with Ken Oyanagi to the end of Part 4.You will be able to perform dexterous tricks such as writing commands to the opponent with vision contact and jumping techniques.
  • Robot-like-"Thus Spoke Kishibe does not move" (Episode # 02: After Rokukazaka) and "Going to the Louvre with Thus Spoke Kishibe".

It was sometimes described as "invincible" in the work due to its ability, but the written command was rewritten and canceled on Ken Oyanagi's stand "Boy II Man" which absorbed a part of Heaven's Door. , When confronting Yuya Fukiage's stand "Highway Star", he changed it to a "book" once, but he couldn't write a command because Rohan, the main body, was absorbed in his vitality, and his ability was canceled.Also, when the main body is killed and used for the stand "Cheap Trick" possessed by Rohan, the effect rebounds to itself, and the ability may not work depending on the compatibility of the stand.As you can see from the parameters, the destructive power itself is low and you cannot hit each other.

I cannot read the memories and fate of Rohan's own distant past.

When used on a dying human, the "experience of life" that exists in the body can be seen disappearing, and when it disappears completely, the opponent dies (Thus Spoke Kishibe).

There are two cases when the dead person is made into a book.I can read the memory of my life, but I can't read it after my death (ghost Suzumi Sugimoto), or I can't read the memory of my life or write a command because it is filled with only the letters "death" (Louvre). Dead).Nor can the dead be revived.

Spin-off works

Various settings may be different from those in Part 4 work, Araki says "Part 4 andPart8"Morio Town is another town" "JoJolion is a kind of parallel world, Jojolion and Thus Spoke Kishibe are side-by-side worlds" ("Jojo Beller HISTORY").Also, in the Louvre interview, it is explained that "going away" and "dare to change from Part 4".

"Thus Spoke Kishibe does not move"

A spin-off work "Rohan Kishibe does not move" series with Rohan Kishibe as the main character.Some episodes are set so that the original was written by Rohan Kishibe and the drawing was done by Hirohiko Araki.

Since 2017, he has also written short stories by multiple authors.


Real-life collaboration.Rohan, a fictional character, makes a cartoon about going to a real place.

  • Go to the Louvre --In 2009, in FranceLouvre MuseumHas been implemented by Futuropolis since 2005Band descinesA 5-page full-color work with Rohan as the main character, announced as the fifth project.
  • Go to Rohan Kishibe Gucci - fashion brand"GUCCIIn commemoration of the 90th anniversary of the brand's establishment and the 30th anniversary of his writing, the fashion magazine "SPUR』Published in the short film.16 pages in total.To commemorate this, from September 2011th to October 9th, 17, the collection of the original drawings and manga of this work will be exhibited at Gucci Shinjuku in Tokyo.Rohan Kishibe Go to Shinjuku』Exhibition was held.It was later recorded in the book "Thus Spoke Kishibe".

Relationship between the origin of the name and the author

  • The name "Rohan" is a novelist's wordRoh KodaThe surname "Kishibe", which I borrowed more, says "I took it from a place name or something, but it has no deep meaning."[3].. Also,"Go to the Louvre] In "The name given to me by my parents- "dew" is a fragile thing-and "accompaniment" means spending time together[4]There is a commentary.
  • The origin of the stand name is American folk / rock singerBob DylanThe song "Door to heaven(Original title "Knockin'on Heaven's Door")[5].
  • He also commented that Rohan is convenient for Araki because he is a character who can be sent to interviews in various conditions (= it is possible to set the stage outside Morio Town).[6].
  • Since it is a cartoonist character, it is often regarded as a character that Hirohiko Araki projected himself, but Araki himself denied that, and stated that it was "the ideal figure as a cartoonist" for Araki. are doing[3]..In addition to this, the character is the movie "Nine gateIt is also revealed that the character of 』, Dean Corso is also referred to[7]..Araki also said, "It seems that Rohan Kishibe and his image are dub, and I'm worried that people who meet for the first time will be ready."[8].
  • 2012The "Morio Shinpo Special Edition" sold at the original painting exhibition "Jojo Exhibition" held in Japan contains an article in the form of "a dialogue between Hirohiko Araki and Rohan Kishibe."
  • Shueisha new bookIn Araki's book "Obi", an illustration of Rohan is drawn down.Even though it is a obi, it is a large one that occupies about 3/5 of the height of a new book. "Hirohiko Araki's Bizarre Horror Film TheoryThere are "" and "" versions.Especially in "Horror Movie Theory", he is a vampire Rohan.

The person who played Rohan Kishibe

Voice actor
Hiroshi Kamiya
Takahiro Sakurai
  • TV animation version[11]
  • OVA "Thus Spoke Kishibe does not move"[12]
An actor
Issei Takahashi
  • TV drama "Thus Spoke Kishibe does not move"[13]


注 釈

  1. ^ Koseki is a manga artist who witnessed Araki for the first time with the naked eye.
  2. ^ It wasn't the setting calculated by the author, but later a collaboration with Gucci was realized.
  3. ^ These explanations imitate Jojo itself. The 9th part remark is based on "Aomaru Jump", a comment by Hirohiko Araki at the start of the 2004th part in 7, "Jojo has a plan up to about 9th part".


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