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🤖 | "The Irregular at Magic High School" will be made into a TV animation!The leading role this time is "Shiba Miyuki"


"The Irregular at Magic High School" will be made into a TV animation!The leading role this time is "Shiba Miyuki"

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The comicalization of "The Irregular at Magic High School" (hereinafter "The Irregular at Magic High School") began at the earliest stage and was completed in step with the original, and in many ways it was developed with the original novel and a three-legged race.

The total number of copies of the series by Tsutomu Sato and Kana Ishida has exceeded 2000 million (the total number of original novel series is 120 ... → Continue reading

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Two person tripod

Two person tripod(Nin-san-san-kyaku) means that two runners tie their inner ankles with a string and run in good condition.[1].Sports day,Class matchEtc.


Rubber bands are used to bind the feet together, and a special two-person tripod belt is also on sale.An infantFor the game guide for children, please bind your feet so that you do not put a strain on your feetPaper tapeSome are explained using[2].

There may be a relay type that competes for speed in units of several pairs (two-person tripod race[1]). When relaying in a two-legged condition, batons and tasuki are generally given to the next runner, but rarely untie the string that connects the legs and pass it to the next runner, and the next runner connects the legs with that string. There is also something like running. In addition, there is also a two-person tripod rolling ball in which two persons are kicking the ball and relaying while in a two-person tripod state.[1].

Sometimes a group consists of three or more people, in which case the name changes to three people, four legs, four people, five legs, etc.

The two-person tripod is a competition in which cooperation with a partner is important, so the two persons working together may be referred to as the two-person tripod.


1874ToNaval schoolJapan's first athletic meet held inCompetitive gameThe event was held under the name "Chrysanthemum Zhuanghua". Also1878ToSapporo agricultural schoolIt was already included in the sporting event at the athletic meet held in.

Guinness Book of Records

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayTokyoShibuya Ward OfYoyogi Park Athletic FieldIn the event that 305 people walked 306 meters with 50 legs, the event name was "multi-legged race".Guinness BookIt is a certified record of. This record is owned by an organization called "Rainbow Door".

Two people

Two people and two legs are two runners who tie the inner ankles with a string or the like and move the inner knees backwards after bending and adjusting the bounce to move forward.[3].. It is more difficult than the two-person tripod.


  • As an example of running with the ankles tied together apart from the athletic meet,Battle of AttuInCrushThere is a story in the battle that Japanese soldiers tied their ankles to prevent fear in the middle of the war.[4].


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