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📺 | "Koi Tsuzu" director's cut version, broadcast today!Chest Kyun scene again

Photo Nanase and Tendo-sensei's love story again! (Photo taken in January)

"Koi Tsuzu" director's cut version, broadcast today!Chest Kyun scene again

If you write the contents roughly
Official Hige Dandism is scheduled to perform the same song at the 71st NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen (31:7 pm on the 30st, general and others).

Directors of the TBS drama "Koi wa Tsuruyo Dokodemo" broadcast in January this year, in which Mone Kamishiraishi and Takeru Sato co-starred ... → Continue reading

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71 times NHK red and white

Official Bearded Man dism

Official Bearded Man dism(Official Mustache Dism,British: Official HIGE DANdism) IsJapanThreesomebandIs.BelongsThe office TheLastrum Music Entertainment..The official fan clubs are "BROTHERS" and "Stand By You".Nickname and abbreviation are "beard"group. "


Formed on June 2012, 6.Satoshi FujiharaShimane UniversityWhile attending school, I spoke to Narazaki, who was a senior in the same light music club, Matsuura, who was a junior, and Kosasa, who was a good friend outside the university.[Annotation 1][Annotation 2].. First live on July 2012, 7. On March 7, 2014, he won the Grand Prix for "Ai Nandaga ..." at the 3th V-air Amaban 2 Grand Prix Tournament.[4][5][6]

On April 2015, 4, the 22st mini album "Love and Peace are in you"soLastrumIndie debut from.

January 2016LastrumConcluded a contract with Tokyo.

2018st single `` on April 4, 11No Doubt"soPony canyonMajor debut from.Became the first indie artist to be appointed as the theme song for the 9th drama[7], Recorded 100 consecutive weeks of chart-in at Billboard Japan Hot 16.MTV VMAJ 2018でBest Japanese Music New Artist Video AwardAward.

The 2018nd EP "Stand By You EP" released on October 10, 18 was power-played by 2 FM / AM stations nationwide, and won the 27st place in the number of on-air times in October.The title song "Stand By You" was the first non-tie-up song to enter the TOP 10 in "Billboard Japan Hot 1".

2019nd single `` on May 5, 15Pretender] Is released.The title song ismovies"Confidence Man JP -Romance-"ofTheme song Is a newly written song by the Oricon weekly streaming ranking on June 2019, 6, and won 3st place with 237.1 thousand times.AimyonA record was set to stop the continuous record in 23 weeks. First place in the same ranking.

October 2019, 11The 70th NHK Red and White Singing Battle] Was announced for the first time. The song is "Pretender".

As of June 2020, 3Billboard Japan Streaming Songsso,"I LOVE ...Has achieved 980 million views, breaking the record for the highest number of weekly views ever.In addition, he won first place for 6 consecutive weeks. In JunePony canyonOf the label that was newly launched inIRORI RecordsAnnounced to belong to[8].

Origin of band name

The name of the band is Narazaki, “I had a big impact, so I decided to do this”, “I heard the impact when I heard it, and the combination of kanji and romaji is rare, so it's visually I think it's easy to remember."[9].. As for "Official", "it doesn't really mean anything!" I just thought it would be beautiful in this)."[10]..After that, the meaning was added, "I want to continue playing exciting music with this member even when I'm old enough to look good with a beard."

Later, Narazaki said, "Honestly, I put it on a little playfully. But when I noticed it, I came to this day." "But in the end, as I said earlier," the beard looks good. I was able to put the meaning of "...", and all four people think that they want to continue the band with the current style, so I'm glad this is. "[11].


Satoshi Fujiwara

  • Height 164 cm, blood type O, born August 1991, 8.TottoriYonagoI'm from
  • Nicknames are "Sato-chan" and "Satoshi".
  • I have been learning classical piano since I was a kindergarten child, and my dream in elementary and junior high school was to be a professional drummer.In high school, he was in charge of percussion in the brass band club.In addition, it is said that the adviser of the brass band club in high school had heard Fujiwara's reputation even before enrollment.[12].. I started vocals in earnest when I formed this band.
  • The first live we went toHIGH and MIGHTY COLORIs live[13].. He said he went to see the live at this time, "I was drawn to the band at once," and "I was moved by the words."
  • When I was in the second year of high school, I met Daisuke Kosasa, who was in the third year of junior high school at an event at a local live house, and they joined each other in a heavy metal band.Children of BodomI fell in love with the fact that I liked[14].
  • When I was in my second year of collegeTottori UniversityIn charge of drums in a band formed jointly by students and Shima University students. In 2011, he won the 6th V-air Amaban 2011 Grand Prix, won the "College Rock Fes. 2011 Chugoku-Shikoku District Tournament", and also won the Grand Prix at the same national tournament, but to focus on the activities of this band. Withdrew in 2013.
  • Hisashi Yamada's fans have been professed, and his personality is the web radio program "Nikolaji], has performed a guest appearance with Matsuura.
  • On November 2019, 11, he announced that he was married to an ordinary woman.

Daisuke Kosasa

  • The youngest member.
  • Height 158 cm, blood type O, born August 1994, 1.Shimane MatsueI'm from
  • Nicknames are "Dai-chan", "Daisuke", and "Guitar Hero Daisuke".
  • Johnny's lover. In the past with FujiwarastormHad a copy band.
  • For "Rowan" recorded in the album "Traveler", he was in charge of the first songwriting.
  • July 2019, 7, announced that he was married to an ordinary woman he was dating[37].
  • In the theme of Daisuke of "FIRE GROUND" of ONLINE LIVE, I like cats so much that the narration of "He likes cat" flows.

Makoto Narasaki

  • The oldest member.He is also the only member whose birthplace is not in the San'in region.
  • The nickname is "Nara-chan".
  • I belonged to the soft tennis club when I was in junior high school.
  • He has a music teacher license and has experience playing saxophone at the Shimane Police Band as a contract employee.
  • Even now, he is performing saxophones on numerous songs including the live classic "Brothers" (especially baritone).
  • In charge of synth bass for "Fate" and "I LOVE ...".
  • In "Travel is a companion" recorded on the album "Traveler", he was in charge of the first songwriting.

Matsuura Masaki

  • Height 178 cm, blood type O, born January 1993, 1.Born in Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture.
  • Graduated from Shimane University.
  • The nickname is "Chanmatsu".
  • My hobby is fishing, and I especially like amberjack for fish.
  • A junior high school student who acquired Kendo 2st Dan. In the Kendo club where he was enrolled, he served as the general manager and was appointed a general in the team competition. When he was in the second grade of junior high school, he had the experience of winning second place in Yonago City overall.
  • The band that was formed in high school was featured on a program in a local live house as a promising band in the future.
  • On November 2019, 12, he announced that he was married to an ordinary woman.
  • He designs goods for his own band, LINE stamps, etc.
  • Good at imitating.

Support member

Since "one-man tour 18/19", he has participated in many live performances and some sound sources.

Atsushi Yumoto (Atsuki from FIRE HORNS)

trumpet,tromboneIn charge. Official Higeo dism has been participating in the recording since he was an indie.

Toshihiro Kawashima (Tocchi from FIRE HORNS)


Andy Wolf


Shogo Hosnuma

percussionResponsible. Before his debut, he is playing against the official Beard Man dism at a live house.

Miyata “Lefty” Ryo (Itookashi)

Manipulator,keyboard,ベ ー,chorusResponsible. Narasaki plays the bass when playing the saxophone.

Keiichi Yoshioka

keyboard,trumpetIn charge. Participated from "CDTV Live! Live!" Broadcast on March 2020, 3.Narasaki is a classmate in college.

Hiroshi Kawamura

guitarResponsible. Participated from "CDTV Live! Live!" broadcast on March 2020, 8.

Daisuke Kadowaki

バ イ オ リ ンIn charge.Participated in the recording of Yesterday and the online live broadcast on September 2020, 9.


RowanDJIn charge of. Participated in the online live broadcast on September 2020, 9.



Release datetitlespecificationStandard product numberHighest rankFirst recording albumRIAJCertification
OriconBillboard Japan
Hot 100
Major (Pony canyon)
1st2018/4/11No Doubt12 cm CDPCCA-70529(Completely limited production)51 bit11 bitEsca Paradegoldplatinum
2nd2019/5/15PretenderCD + DVDPCCA-04784(Limited edition limited edition)9 bit1 bitTravelermillion
12 cm CDPCCA-04785(Normal Edition)
3rd2019/7/31Fate12 cm CDPCCA-7054415 bit3 bitplatinum
4th2020/2/12I LOVE ...12 cm CDPCCA-705491 bit1 bitmillion
Major (IRORI Records)
5th2021/2/24UniverseCD + Blu-rayPCCA-06010(CD + Live Blu-ray disc)TBATBATBATBA
CD + DVDPCCA-06011(CD + Live DVD Edition)
12 cm CDPCCA-70553(Normal Edition)

Digital single

Release datetitlespecificationStandard product numberCollection workOricon
Indies (Lastrum Music Entertainment)
1st2017/7/21Tell Me Baby/BrothersDigital downloadLACH-0005Esca Parade-[Annotation 3]
Major (Pony canyon)
2nd2018/8/6Bad For MeDigital downloadPCSP-02455Stand By You EP-
3rd2020/4/10ParabolaPCSP-02998HELLO EP1 bit

Collaboration single

Release datetitlespecificationStandard product numberOriconFirst recording album
Marina Yamane & Official Hige Dandism
Indies (Burger In Records)
#2015/2/11Koi no Sai chu! / With two clumsy peopleCDBUCA-1038Out of rangeNot recorded


Release datetitlespecificationStandard product numberOriconBillbord Japan Hot 100First recording album
Indies (Lastrum Music Entertainment)
1st2016/11/2What's Going On?CD + GOODSLASCD-0074(Limited edition "secret society hawk's claw" board)108 bit
CD +DVDLASCD-0075(Normal Edition)
Major (Pony canyon)
2nd2018/10/17Stand By You EPCD +DVDPCCA-04716(Limited Edition)17 bit10 bitTraveler
CDPCCA-04717(Normal Edition)
major(IRORI Records)
3rd2020/8/5HELLO EPCD + DVDPCCA-049602 bit2 bit

Delivery limited EP

Release datetitlespecificationStandard product numberCollection workOricon
1st2017/10/13LADYDigital downloadLACH-0006Esca Parade-[Annotation 3]

Mini album

Release datetitlespecificationStandard product numberOricon
1st2015/4/22Love and Peace are in youCDLACD-0251160 bit
2nd2016/6/15MAN IN THE MIRRORCDLACD-0276136 bit
3rd2017/4/19レポートCD + goodsLACD-0284(Limited Edition)81 bit
CDLACD-0285(Normal Edition)

Full album

Release datetitlespecificationStandard product numberOricon
Indies (Lastrum Music Entertainment)
1st2018/4/11Esca ParadeCD +DVDLACD-0292(Limited Edition)15 bit
CDLACD-0293(Normal Edition)
Major (Pony canyon)
1st2019/10/9TravelerCD +Blu-rayPCCA-04820(Limited Edition)1 bit
CD +DVDPCCA-04821(Limited Edition)
CDPCCA-04822(Normal Edition)

Distribution limited album

Release datetitlespecificationStandard product numberOricon
Major (Pony canyon)
1st2020/6/26Traveler-Instrumentals-Digital downloadPCSP-0305916 bit

Live album

Release datetitlespecificationStandard product numberOricon
1st2020/2/12Official Bearded Man dism one-man tour 2019 @ Nippon BudokanCD (2 disc set)PCCA-0489610 bit

Video work

Release datetitlespecificationStandard product numberOricon
-2019/6/22Official Higeo dism LIVE COLLECTION 2016-2018DVD / Blu-rayLADV-0011
1st2020/2/12Official Bearded Man dism one-man tour 2019 @ Nippon BudokanDVD (2 disc set) / Blu-ray (1 disc set)DVD PCBP-53284 BD PCXP-507392 bit

Rental limited album

Release datetitlespecificationStandard product number
1st2019/10/26TSUTAYA RENTAL SELECTION 2015-2018CDRental limited edition

Provide music

TRAVEL FANTASISTACDReleased on October 2017, 10Ari Anka1st album ofKokoronoto"recorded music. Fujiwara was in charge of the lyrics and composition, and the official mustache man dism was in charge of the arrangement.
FAKE ME FAKE ME OUTCDReleased on October 2019, 4Da-iCE16th single "FAKE ME FAKE ME OUT" recorded song. Fujiwara was in charge of songwriting and composition.
Break it downCDReleased on October 2019, 12Airi Suzuki2nd album "i"recorded music. Fujiwara was in charge of the lyrics and composition, and the official mustache man dism was in charge of the arrangement.

Participating songs

2018å¹´whichCDInoue YosuiSongs. Fujiwara participated in the performance on the keyboard.
2019å¹´ROOFTOPS feat. Satoshi FujiharaDigital singleTsutaya good positionSolo project. Only Fujiwara will participate.
Melon SodaCD (rental only)FM802 x TSUTAYA ACCESS! Campaign2019 campaign song. Only Fujiwara participated as Radio Darlings.


Appointment yearSong titleTie-up
2015å¹´Before loveSapporo University CM song
2016年What's Going On?"SHIROZEME of Hawk's Claw Team in National Treasure Matsue Castle 2016” support song
Yellow carLINE LIVE配 信Anime"Secret Society Eagle Claw GT] Theme song
A place to wait for a smileTSK San-in Central TV45th anniversary song
2017å¹´driverMe ~ Tele Morning information program"Delsata"Theme song
Let's fight until death with a dog or a cat!Hiroshima Jogakuin University CM song
SWEET TWEETShimane University Promotion Video Music
2018å¹´No DoubtFuji TV 9 dramas a month"Confidenceman JP] Theme song[41]
GETAWAYNotre Dame Seishin Women's University CM Song
Bad For MeTV Osaka-BS Japan Midnight drama J"Good buy] Theme song
FIRE GROUNDTelevision Animation"Hinomaru Sumo"Opening theme
Stand By YouApple Music CM song
2019å¹´Pretendermovies"Confidence Man JP -Romance- ] Theme song
Fate2019 ABCSummer high school baseball support song[42]
"Heat fight Koshien"Theme song[42]
YesterdayFeature animated movie "HELLO WORLD] Theme song[43]
ビ ン テ ー ジFuji Television Network, Inc"Ainori: African Journey] Theme song
Travel companionsJapanese sea bass"SwiftCM song
115 million kilograms of filmロ ー ム"Electric landscape" edition CM song
2020å¹´I LOVE ...TBS system Tuesday drama"Love will continue forever] Theme song
Apple Music CM song[44]
Last love annoyanceCantere・ Fuji TV special drama "U-NEXT presents I can see you three more times] Theme song
ビ ン テ ー ジKansai Fuji TV special drama "U-NEXT presents 3 more times, I can meet you" insert song
Last songKansai Fuji TV special drama "U-NEXT presents 3 more times, I can meet you" insert song
HELLOFuji TV systemMezamashi TV"Theme song
ParabolaAsahi Beverage"Calpis WaterCM song
AmazingTulip TV"#Kito Kyun ♡ Traveler with T"Opening theme
Laughtermovies"Confidence Man JP -Princess-] Theme song
115 million kilograms of filmmovies"Think, think, pretend, shake] Theme song
2021å¹´Universemovies"Doraemon Nobita's Space War 2021] Theme song[45]


2016/4/19Single performanceOfficial Showcase Live
2016/6/11Overseas performanceKorean solo performance
May 2016-June 7, 16Concert tourOfficial Bearded Man dism

The 2016nd mini-album “Higeo's first live tour released on June 6, 15”MAN IN THE MIRROR』Core structure

Two-Man Guest: Qaijff(Osaka performance) Koala mode.(Aichi performance) Arakawa Centaur(Tokyo performance) Last day Shimane performance alone

May 2016-June 11, 20Concert tourOfficial Bearded Man dism
one-man tour 2016

Released on November 2016, 11 2st EP ``What's Going On?The second live house tour in 2016 centered on songs (single performance)

May 2017-June 2, 18Acoustic tourBeard Summit 17'

Acoustic live tour by seated viewing (3rd mini album before release "レポート] Completion report and audition meeting)

2017/5/5Single performanceRedbeard's Close Call!

Red parkTwo-man live withChildren's dayFree invitation frame for those under 16 years old to hold the event, and autograph session participation qualification privilege for those who purchase the target CD at the venue)

May 2017-June 6, 9Concert tourOfficial Bearded Man dism
one-man tour 2017 -summer-

Live house tour composed mainly of songs recorded in the 2017rd mini album "Report" released on April 4, 19

May 2017-June 11, 3Concert tourOfficial Bearded Man dism
one-man tour 2017 -winter-

2017 second live house tour

May 2018-June 5, 2Concert tourOfficial Bearded Man dism
one-man tour 2018

A concert tour composed mainly of songs recorded on the first original album "Esca Parade" released on April 2018, 4 Meeting" participation privilege available)

2018/10/13Single performanceHIGEDAN acoustic one-man live 2018 -Autumn-

Only the lottery winners are eligible to participate in the fan exchange event "MEET & GREET" after the performance (fan club members and lottery winners)

May 2018-June 12, 20Fan club tourOfficial Higeo dism Fan Club Tour Vol.1-Hey BROTHERS! Sacred Night What's Up Live

First fan club member-only tour since the establishment of fan club

March 2018, 11-March 7, 2019Concert tourOfficial Bearded Man dism
one-man tour 18/19

Qualification to participate in "MEET & GREET" after the performance (fan club members only and lottery winners)

May 2019-June 3, 22 Man Live TourOfficial beard man dism two-man live 20193/2 Shinkiba STUDIO COAST (Tokyo) w/THE BAWDIES

3/17 Namba Hatch (Osaka) w/ Frederick

May 2019-June 6, 22Concert tourOfficial beard man dism one-man tour 2019

Concert tour in 2019 (Fun club Sugoroku game[Annotation 4]Winners and lottery winners will participate in the fan exchange event "MEET & GREET" after the performance)

March 2019, 10-March 26, 2020Concert tourOfficial Higeo dism Tour 19/20

-Hall Travelers-

A hall tour composed mainly of the songs contained in the major first album "Traveler" (Drums Masaki Matsuura 2 performances of Yonago and Kurashiki are postponed due to influenza flu)

May 2020-June 4, 4Concert tourOfficial Higeo dism Tour 2020

-Arena Travelers-

The first arena tour after the release of the major first album "Traveler" (all performances have been postponed due to the new coronavirus epidemic. The transfer schedule of all performances is scheduled for 2021.) (Game for fan club members only, "Higedan Quest ~ Those who have cleared one or more stages of "Eternal Traveler, guided by the arena" were able to participate in the W chance of the mobile lottery at the venue of this performance, but all performances have been postponed, so 1 If you meet the above conditions by August 2020, you will be able to obtain limited GIF images.)

2020/9/26Online liveOfficial Bearded Man dism ONLINE LIVE 2020

-Arena Travelers-

9/26 Tokyo Garden Theater (Tokyo)
2021å¹´Fan club tour
Online live
Official Hige Dandism FC Tour Vol.2
--The Blooming Universe ONLINE -

In-store event

YearsIn-store eventScheduleVenue
2015å¹´Official Bearded Man dism debut mini album "Love and Peace is in you"

Release commemorative mini live & autograph session

4/25TSUTAYA Izumo store outside event space (Shimane)
5/4Tower Records Nagoya Parco Store (Aichi Prefecture)
5/6AEON MALL Matsue (Shimane Prefecture)
5/16Tower Records Hiroshima Store (Hiroshima Prefecture)
5/17Tower Records Namba store (Osaka)
5/30Tower Records Shinjuku Store (Tokyo)
Higedan Free Live Tour 20158/22AEON MALL Hiyoshitsu Tulip Court (Tottori Prefecture)
8/23Karakoro Kobo 24-hour TV event Matsue venue (Shimane Prefecture)
9/5Namba Parks 2nd floor Canyon Court special event space (Osaka Prefecture)
9/6Shinfukan (Kyoto)
9/12AEON MALL Dainichi 1F Sunny Court (Osaka)
9/21Yokohama World Porters 2F Train Roadway Special Event Space (Kanagawa)
9/27Nagoya Parco West Building 1F Event Space (Aichi Prefecture)
10/3Lalaport Koshien 1F Park Walk Court (Hyogo)
10/12Tower Records Abeno Hoop Store 1F Open Air Plaza (Osaka Prefecture)
10/18Joten (Osaka Castle Park Street Live) (Osaka)
10/24AEON MALL Tsurumi Ryokuchi 3F Sunshine Court (Osaka)
2016å¹´"MAN IN THE MIRROR" release commemorative mini-live & autograph session6/18Tower Records Nagoya Parco Store West Building 1F Event Space (Aichi Prefecture)
6/19Tower Records Umeda NU Chayamachi event space (Osaka)
6/25Yokohama World Porters 2F train road entrance special event space (Kanagawa)
In-store mini live & sign / privilege handing over12/18Tower Records Namba store (Osaka)
2017å¹´In-store mini live & autograph session1/7Ario Otori 1F Ario Court (Osaka Prefecture)
1/29Tower Records Yokohama VIVRE store event space (Kanagawa)
"Report" release memory FREE LIVE4/23Shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE (Tokyo)
In-store acoustic mini live & autograph session7/23AEON MALL Rifu Store 1F Outdoor West Exit Special venue (Miyagi Prefecture)
10/14Tower Records Yokohama VIVRE store event space (Kanagawa)
10/22Mitsui Outlet Park Sapporo Kitahiroshima (Hokkaido)
11/18Airport Walk Nagoya 3F Event Stage (Aichi Prefecture)
2018å¹´In-store acoustic mini live & autograph session3/3Lalaport Koshien (Hyogo)
3/4AEON MALL Kashihara Sunshine Court (Nara)
3/10AEON MALL Hiyoshitsu Tulip Court (Tottori Prefecture)
3/17AEON MALL Sakaikita Hanada 1F Center Court (Osaka)
3/25Mallage Saga North Building 1F Mallage Plaza (Saga)
4/1AEON MALL Odaka 1F Center Court (Aichi Prefecture)
4/7Takasaki Opa 2F Event Space (Gunma)
4/8Dynacity West Odawara 1F Canyon Stage (Kanagawa)
4/14Aeon Lake Town mori 1F Tree Square (Saitama Prefecture)
4/15AEON MALL Hamamatsu Shitoro 1F Central Court (Shizuoka)
"ESCA PARADE" release commemorative special free live4/10Shibuya Modi 1F Store Plaza (Tokyo)
"Stand By You EP" Free Acoustic Live10/14Lazona Kawasaki Plaza 2F Rufa Square Grand Stage (Kanagawa Prefecture)
2019å¹´Official Hige Dandism "Pretender" Special Talk & Live Session from YouTube Space5/12Roppongi, Minato-ku (Tokyo)
New Single "Pretender" Release Memorial Free Live5/18Diver City Tokyo Plaza 2F Festival Square (Tokyo)

Appearance event


tv set

  • Special program "Higedan "Higedan" Hometown" (April 2019, 4,NHK General, Chugoku region (Tottori prefecture, Shimane prefecture, Okayama prefecture, Yamaguchi prefecture, Hiroshima prefecture[Annotation 5])) - Narration:Hiromi Kawada
  • Official Bearded Man dism special ~Eternal Traveler~ (December 2019, 12-sequentially on air nationwide)
  • Sanin Special "To" Higedan "Red and White-Put a Dream of Sanin-" (January 2020, 1, for NHK General TV, Sanin (Tottori and Shimane prefectures)) --Narration:FROGMAN
  • SONGS(August 2020, 8, NHK General TV) -22th[46]
  • Doraemon"TV Birdlime" (January 2021, 1)TV Asahi) --Him / Herself (voice appearance)[47]

Music specials

NHK Red and White Singing Battle participation history

Year/Broadcast timesTimesProgramOrder of appearanceOpponentRemarks
2019å¹´ (First year of Reiwa)/ 70 timesFirstPretender12/21Keyakizaka46
2020å¹´(Reiwa 2 years) /71 times2I LOVE ...13/20LiSA


  • Cats (Japanese dubbed version) (2020) -Rum Tum Tugger (voice appearance-Fujiwara)[51]

Internet distribution


  • RADIO DRAGON-NEXT-"Tonight is a mustache night" (TOKYO FM, May 2017)-In charge of the regular corner for only one month.
  • RADIO ∞ INFINITY(FM802, April 2018, 4-)- Daiki HiguchiIn charge of the opening jingle after the DJ replaced.
  • "" (FM FUJI, every Monday 21:00 --23: 00, April 2019, 4-) (Narazaki only)
  • "SCHOOL OF LOCK!』In "Higedan LOCKS!"(JFNSeries: Every Wednesday 23:13-23:30, April 2020, 4 -)
  • Today is a day full of "Higedan"NHK FM, February 2021, 2) -21 hours special program[52]


  • Apple Music(2018・2020)-In 2018, the music video of "Stand By You" is used, in 2020, the members will appear and perform "I LOVE...".


  • MTV VMAJ 2018 --Best Japanese Music New Artist Video Award "No Doubt"
  • MTV VMAJ 2019 --Best Song Award "SONG OF THE YEAR" "Pretender"[53]
  • LINE NEWS Presents NEWS AWARDS 2019 --Artist category "Official Hige Dandism"[54]


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