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🎥 | Yo Oizumi, Goro Inagaki, Tadanobu Asano!2021 year old man with a thick layer of acting veterans

Photo 2021, Yo Oizumi, Goro Inagaki, Tadanobu Asano crank-in! , (C) AFLO

Yo Oizumi, Goro Inagaki, Tadanobu Asano too!2021 year old man with a thick layer of acting veterans

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It will be interesting to see what kind of genre Goro Inagaki will show in 2021.

The man born in the zodiac of the year is called the "old man", and he is said to be blessed by the guardian deity of the zodiac ... → Continue reading

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Inagaki Goro

Goro Inagaki(Goro Inagaki,197312/8 -) isJapan OfAn actor,singer,Voice actor,chairperson. Male idol groupSMAPAll activity periods (1988 - 2016) Members.TokyoItabashi kuBackground[4].. CorporationCULENBelongs.Nicknames are "Goro-chan" and "Goro-san"[5].


1973,TokyoItabashi kuBorn inTakashimadairaGrow up in[6]..When I was a kidYakult SwallowsAs a fan, I often joined fan clubs until I entered the entertainment world at the age of 13.Jingu StadiumWas visiting[7].

1987In November, my sister appliedJohnny's OfficeEntered the entertainment world after auditioning for[5].. SoonSMAPIs the predecessor group ofSkate boysBecome a member of. 1988From the same group in AprilMasahiro Nakai,Kimura Takuya,Mori Katsuko,Takeshi Kusagi,Shingo KatoriSelected withMale idol group"SMAP』Formed (the activities in the group after thatSMAPSee).

1989,NHK OfContinuous tv novel"Youth family], He made his drama debut by being selected as the main character's younger brother, Daichi Agawa. Next time1990,Farewell Yakuza』Also made a movie debut.1991,Horikoshi High Schoolgraduate[8].

1992At the age of 10 in October9 dramas a month"Twenty years old promise』First starring in the drama[9]. 1993,private lesson』First starring in the movie.Also in charge of the movie theme song, the first solo single CD "If You Give Your Heart"release. 1996, First starring in the stage "Yakyoku". Next time1997Also appeared on the stage "The Day of Dropping the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima" and played the leading role, Deep Yamazaki. In the next year's replayHiroshimaPerformances were also held.

1998,Drama"Sommelier』Starring. geniusSommelierIn playing the role ofFranceI went to the sommelier training and continued to improve my knowledge about wine.Bordeaux wineAwarded the Knight of Wine from the production area of[10].

2004,Drama"Me and her and the way she livesThe theme song ofWonderful Life"&GReleased a solo single CD under the name of (Angie), and ranked No. 1 on the Oricon chart for the first time.same year,"Goro Inagaki's Kosuke Kaneda series』Started as a special drama,2009Over 5 worksKosuke KanedaWas made into a series.Every year from the same year to the present (2020), "Scary story that was really』Storyteller role.

2006, An animated movieONE PIECE THE MOVIE』Appeared as a voice actor.Held in Japan in the same yearFINA Synchro World CupServes as a mermaid prince as an official supporter of. This is his first independent official supporter.2007AlsoWorld Aquatics 2007Serves as a mermaid prince as an official supporter of.

2010,Thirteen thugs』, As the worst tyrant in historyMatsudaira HitoshiPlay a roleEvery day movie contestReceived high praise such as receiving the Best Supporting Actor Award[11].. The first villainous role has become a new frontier as an actor[12].

201612/31, SMAP disbanded. Become a solo talent[13].

20179/8, Johnny's office official website "Johnny's net" and "Johnny's web" Inagaki page closed[14],9/9ToTakeshi Kusagi,Shingo KatoriLeaves Johnny's Office with[15].

10/16, Kusanagi, and Katori in collaboration with the new office "CULEN(Karen) ”was launched and became independent[16].. Official blog opened in November. In just two and a half months, it gained more than 11 readers,BLOG of the year 2017 ”won the highest award[17].. In addition, the following year's "BLOG of the year 2018" was also selected for the Excellence Award (official category).[18].

2018, The movie "Half world(Released in 2019)31 Tokyo International Film FestivalSelected for the competition category, the work won the audience award[19].. Inagaki is also the 34thTakasaki Film FestivalWon the Best Actor Award[20].

2019, The movie "Barubora(Released in 2020)32 Tokyo International Film FestivalSelected for the competition category.It is the first time in 2 years that the starring work by the same actor has been selected for the competition category for the second consecutive year.[21].

2020In March, the serial TV novel "scarlet』Appeared as the heroine's son's doctor, Shigeyoshi Osaki.It's been about 30 years since Inagaki's serial TV novel appeared in the aforementioned "Youth Family", and he was in charge of the script.Fumie MizuhashiCreated the role of Osaki with a remark that imaged Inagaki[22].

In October 2020, he became an ambassador for the NHK project "Beethoven 10", which was named after the 250th anniversary of Beethoven's birth.


As an actor

Akechi KogoroとKosuke Kaneda, Two majorGreat detectiveIs playing in a drama[23](Other than InagakiJoji OkaとAkira Onoderaonly). The role of Akechi has been on TV Asahi since 1998.Saturday wide theaterAt the age of 24, he was the youngest person in the history of Saturday Wide Theater and also starred in the movie.[24].

Although he is a type of actor who plays both leading and supporting roles, the movie "Half world』DirectorJunji SakamotoAbout Inagaki as a leading actor, "The leading actor is a catcher who receives and returns the ball that came to the actors with various personalities. And Inagaki is a person who can do it." It's not a person who puts it in the foreground, but rather a person who has the depth to accept the individuality of a person. "[25].

In the supporting role, he often plays a role with a strong presence that has both habits and habits, and the movie "Thirteen thugs』DirectorTakashi MiikeSaid that he thought that the charm of SMAP's special existence and refraction was perfect for using Inagaki as the lord who is considered to be the worst tyrant.[26].. On the other hand, the movie "Girl』, He said that it would be interesting if Inagaki, who has a noble atmosphere, plays a role that makes you feel such a noble, a person who lives normally only one of the characters and does not hate people and can forgive others. ing[27].

Inagaki himself loves acting, but he says he has to do his best because he is not a genius.[28], He says he wants to do his life as an actor[29].

As an MC / personality

TBSThe program "Gorow DeluxeWas appearing with InagakiEri ToyamaThe announcer said about Inagaki, "I'm very good at asking questions," and "even guests who were so nervous that only I could see them would definitely be" Goro-san, Goro-san. " "A person who doesn't change his attitude toward anyone and is an honest person who answers anything."[30].

In the serial novel "Lost Man Lonely Heart", I applied Inagaki as a model to the main character.Joji IidaSeeing Inagaki's moderator in "Gorrow Deluxe", he analyzed that he was a person who could let himself live up to the story so as not to change the flow that the other party made, and expanded the image of the work. It is revealed that it was written[31].

Inagaki himself originally liked to talk, and when he was in his twenties, he was a writer.Ryu MurakamiWhen he talked with him, he revealed that he was confident that he was said to be a good listener.[32]..After becoming a solo talentTOKYO FMLive music program "THE TRAD』, And also has many conversations with writers and cultural figures in magazines and programs.NHKof"Inevitable research] And "Classic Music Hall Beethoven 250 Special" series, etc., and the range of work has expanded in recent years.[32].

Reading / writing

When I was a kidKaito LupineSeries andDetective homes』Series andJiro Akagawa,Ranpo EdogawaI used to read mystery novels[33].. From his late teens, he began to read popular books on TV and magazines and love readings of people who were influenced by him, expanding the range of reading.Since Inagaki, who originally liked books but didn't call himself a reader, started "Gorrow Deluxe", he became more interested in new encounters with books and writers.[34]..In addition, the program helped to deepen friendship with the artist.Nishi Kanako,Keisuke Haneda,Ryo AsaiI also participate in cherry blossom viewing where writers such as these gather in private and enjoy talking about literature[35].

He has a deep interest in art and literature, and introduces his charm not only as an actor and talent but also through essays.[36].. From the early 20s, the magazine "Weekly playboyAnd 'COSMOPOLITAN』Serialized an essay, spelling out the underground world while being an idol[37]..Inagaki, who has always liked movies, has published the magazine "an ・ anFor more than 10 years, he has continued to serialize columns on new films of various genres, regardless of whether they are Japanese or Western films.


Since childhoodク リ ン ト · イ ー ス ト ウ ッ ドWearing his father's suit and putting a model gun in his inner pocket, he walks around the city.Dirty HarryI was playing well[38].. Since then,銃Also in detail "Gorow Deluxe"soSaito TakaoWhen I visited his reference room, he seemed to be unable to suppress the excitement of more than 300 model guns, and he was talking about the model for each model.[39].. Also TBS Radio "Lime Star Utamaru Weekend ShuffleWhen I made a guest appearance in 』, I also like gunsUtamaruFor an hour, he had a hot gun talk with the story of the movie.[40].
GundamI like it and often talk about Gundam on TV and radio. Coming soon "Mobile Suit Gundam Flash HathawayFor the movie version "Char's Counterattack』Since it is a sequel, he says he wants to go to the theater and watch it.Also, my favorite work in the Gundam series is "Mobile Suit Z GundamHowever, I have visited Hong Kong, which became a model longing for the world of Z Gundam.[41].
It was the reason why I fell in love with Western musicDavid BowieI still like it, and I often play songs about David Bowie on the radio of my music program.
I like classical music so much that I listen to it every morning, but I especially like the sound of the piano.Arturo Benedetti MichelangeliI like (Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli) and Manuel Blancafort.[42].
またRyuichi SakamotoI was a fan of music, and when I was about 20 years old, I had a conversation with him, which expanded my interest in music, and I was invited to a recording studio.[33][43].
From a young agesub cultureInterested inFlippers guitar,Kenji Ozawa,FishmansI liked listening to music such as[44]..InagakiFishmansI also likedShinji SatoInagaki's solo song "It's just a mood" (SMAP's album "SMAP 011』Recorded in. ) Was provided[45].. This song is"LOVE LOVE I love you』When he appeared with a guitar performance[46]..I've been playing the guitar since I was a teenager, playing at SMAP concerts.[47].
In the entertainment worldWineKnown as a connoisseur, he has 200 bottles of wine at home.[48].. In 2009SMAP I'll do my best!!Was broadcast inKamen Rider G』In the setting that Inagaki transforms into Kamen Rider G by attaching a wine bottle to the buckle, named after Inagaki who likes wine. In 2015, Inagaki became a sommelierShinya TasakiMade withBeaujolais Nouveau Seven-ElevenReleased by[10].
In October 2019, Inagaki directed the menu and interior, as well as the wines he selected by searching for wineries and tasting countless times.[49]The restaurant "BISTRO J_O" and the cafe "J_O CAFE" have opened in Ginza, Tokyo.[50]
I like golf and sometimes go around alone. I've been with him privatelyMasahiro Nakai,Kimura TakuyaIt is evaluated as very good.[51].
I love flowers so much that I usually live an indispensable life[32], Often posts beautiful pictures of flowers on his blog and Instagram. In February 2020, he was selected as the number one "male celebrity who looks best with flower gifts".[52].


20018/24,TokyoShibuya WardWhen I returned to a passenger car parked on a parking-prohibited road, a female police officer who was cracking down found me and asked me to show my driver's license.Road Traffic LawViolation (no parking)Obstruction of public affairsでMetropolitan Police DepartmentShibuya Police StationToCurrent offenderArrestWas done[53].Tokyo District ProsecutorOn the morning of the 26th(Assuming the car touches the knee of a female police officer trying to stop the car)He tried to request detention to add injury, but was released in the afternoon of the same day because the court rejected it.[54].. Furthermore, on September 9, the same year, he was not prosecuted for obstructing the execution of public affairs.Prosecution delay) Disposed[55](It was judged that there was no maliciousness in the circumstances of the incident and there was no intention to escape).

As a result, it was only a violation of the Road Traffic Act (parking prohibited), but I refrained from performing arts activities for about 1 months until January 14th of the following year.[56].


CartoonistTakayuki MizunaIs a junior high school classmate, broadcast on August 2019, 8,Editor-in-chief Goro Inagaki』Co-starring[57].

Ken YasudaHas the same date of birth.



TV program


One shot

TV drama



  • Night song -tsutomu- (April 1996, 4-April 14 (Kobe), April 4-May 20 (Tokyo))-Starring
  • The day when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima (June 1997, 6-June 14) -Starring
    • 広島に原爆を落とす日・再演(1998å¹´4月24日 - 5月2日(大阪)、5月9日 - 5月26日(東京)、5月30日 - 5月31日(広島))
  • Kitan Tsukiakishima (June 1999, 6-June 11) -Starring
  • Rainbow Parakeet (May 2000, 5-May 14) -Starring
  • Mysterious Boarder ~ Sunset Apartment ~ (May 2003, 5-May 4, 5,PARCO Theater / October 5-November 30,Theater drama city ) --Starring Machida[91]
  • Isn't Virginia Woolf scared? (May 2006, 6-May 5) -Starring
  • Magic Fountain Pen (May 2007, 5-June 12, PARCO Theater / June 6-June 12, Theater Drama City)-Starring[3]
  • Elephant (March 2010, 3-March 5, 3) -Starring
  • Bochama (May 2011, 5-June 7 (Tokyo), June 6-June 5 (Osaka))-Starring
  • Crybaby Takuboku Ishikawa (October 2011, 10-October 7, 10)-StarringIshikawa Tochigi Role
  • Love and Music (December 2012, 12-December 1, PARCO Theater / January 12, 28-January 2013, 1,Morinomiya Piloti Hall / October 1-November 26,Izumiti 21) --Starring Yukio Tashiro[92]
    • Koi to Ongaku II ~ Me and her manager ~ (June 2014, 6-July 13 (Tokyo), October 7-November 3 (Osaka))[93]
    • Koi to Ongaku FINAL ~ Miracle of Time Theater ~ (February 2016, 2-February 6 (Osaka), February 2-March 7 (Tokyo))-Shuji Kitazawa[94]
  • VENUS IN FUR (June 2013, 6-June 8, 6,Bunkamura Theater cocoon / June 6-June 27, Morinomiya Piloti Hall)-Starring Thomas (Noriko NakaetsuTwo-person play with)[95]
  • LIFE LIFE LIFE ~ Three versions of life ~ (April 2019, 4-April 6, 4,Bunkamura Theater cocoon)-Starring (Shinobu Otake,Tomoekari,Yasunori DandaTwo-person play with)
  • FREE TIME, SHOW TIME "In your shining night" (August 2018, 8-August 3, 8,Kyoto Theater)-Starring[96]
    • "Kimi no Shining Night ~ FREE TIME, SHOW TIME ~" (August 2019, 8-September 30, Nippon Seinenkan Hall)-Starring[97]
  • No.9 -Immortal Melody- (October 2015, 10-October 10,Akasaka ACT Theater / October 10-November 31,Orix Theater / October 11-November 13,Kitakyushu Arts Theater Large Hall) --StarringLudwig van Beethoven Role[98]
    • No.9 -Immortal Rhythm- <Replay> (November 2018, 11-December 11, TBS Akasaka ACT Theater / December 12-2, Osaka (Orix Theater) / December 12-7 ,Yokohama(KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater) / January 2019-1, 11, Kurume (Kurume City Plaza))-Starring Ludwig van Beethoven[99]
    • No.9 -Immortal Rhythm-<Replay> (December 2020, 12-January 13, 2021 (* December 1 isABEMA ,E +Live streaming was also done from.[100][101]), TBS Akasaka ACT Theater / [November, Vienna, Austria (Volkstheater) * The performance was scheduled to start as a commemorative performance for the 11th anniversary of Beethoven's birth, but the performance was canceled due to the infection status of the new coronavirus.[102]】)-StarringLudwig van Beethoven Role[103]


Online delivery

  • 72 hours real TV(June 2017-11, 2,AbemaTV) --Moderator with Katori and Kusanagi.
  • 27Hun Honno Little TV (January 2018, 1, AbemaTV) --Moderator with Katori and Kusanagi.
  • 72Hun A little more TV ~ Shingo Katori Birthday Special ~ (January 2018, 1-30st, AbemaTV) -Moderator with Katori.
  • 7.2 Another new window(April 2018, 4-, AbemaTV) --A regular program hosted by Katori and Kusanagi.
  • GLOW Premium Salon 2020 ~ Aging Gracefully ~ (November 2020, 11,Youtube)
  • No.9 -Immortal Rhythm-<Stage replay> (Live stream on December 2020, 12,ABEMA ,E +)-December 2020, 12-The stage being performed at the TBS Akasaka ACT Theater until January 13, 2021.

Web drama

Television Animation

Theater animation



  • "Future Eyes" (April 2000-March 4) TBSsystem)
  • Impressive Express "Katsuyuki Shinohara Geta Journey" (January 1999, 1) Fuji Television Network, Incsystem)
  • "Our Departure" (May 2000, 5) NHK)
  • Super friday"Hirotada Ototake Special!" (September 2002, 9, TBS)
  • Arctic Nanu(2007)[112]※Japanese version


  • The Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center Special Supporter (November 2017, 11-)[113] --Inaugurated with Kusanagi and Katori.
  • International Paralympic Committee(IPC) Special Goodwill Ambassador (July 2018, 7-)[114] --Inaugurated with Kusanagi and Katori.
  • Klimt Exhibition Vienna and Japan 1900 (April 2019, 4-July 23, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum / July 7, 10-October 2019, Toyota Municipal Museum of Art)-Special Supporter / Audio Guide[115]
  • Walt Disney Archives 50th Anniversary Walt Disney Archives Concert (January 2020-1, 16, Maihama Amphitheater / January 17, 2020-1, Hyogo Performing Arts Center / January 21 22th, Aichi Prefectural Art Theater Large Hall) --Guide (Navigator)[116]
  • I'm POSSIBLE Award Domestic Selection Committee (January 2020, 1-)[117]
  • "Aging Gracefully" Project 2020 Ambassador[118](April 2020, 4-, Asahi Shimbun, Takarajimasha)[119]
  • "Beethoven 250" Project Ambassador[120](October 2020 -,NHK)[121]



  • If You Give Your Heart(February 1993, 2) -Solo debut, theme song for the movie "Private Lessons"
  • Wonderful Life(March 2004, 3) -Theme song for the drama "Me and her and her way of life" under the name of "& G"
  • SUZUNARI(December 2018, 12) --Distribution limited, theme song of drama "Tokyo BTH ~ TOKYO BLOOD TYPE HOUSE ~"[133]


Magazine serialization

Related / Other


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外部 リンク


2021(2021 years old)AD(Gregorian calendar)by,Normal year starting from Friday.Reiwa3 years.

This item describes 2021 from an international perspective.

Other chronology





  • 1/5 - north korea OfKorean Labor Party Party conventionHeld in Pyongyang for the first time in 5 years[1].
  • 1/6
  • 1/7
  • 1/8
    • Military comfort women issueで South KoreaFormer comfort women and bereaved familiesJapanese govermentIn a lawsuit seeking damages, the Seoul Central District Court sentenced the plaintiff to pay 1 million won (about 1 million yen) per person as requested.[10].
    • This day,British GovernmentAnnounced that 1,325 people died from the new coronavirus infection and the number of new infections per day was 1 (the highest ever).Mayor of London OfSadiq KhanDeclared that the spread of the infection in the capital was "out of control" and a serious situation[11].
    • TwitterAnnounced that the account of incumbent President of the United States Donald Trump will be permanently suspended[12].. April 1Parliamentary attackDetermined to be at risk of further incitement in relation to[13].
  • 1/9
    • JakartaSuburbsSoekarno Hatta International AirportImmediately after takeoffSriwijaya AirlineFlight 182 disappeared[14]..There are a total of 62 passengers and crew,インドネシアBudi Karya Sumadi, Minister of Transport, explained at a press conference that the plane had crashed.[15].
    • The Workers' Party of Korea in North Korea adopted a decision on the revision of the party rules at the meeting on the fifth day of the party convention.In the preface of the party covenant, "Suppress military threats with strong defense force,Korean PeninsulaProtecting the stability and peaceful environment of the country, "he said, and stated that he would further strengthen his military power.On a new route aiming for "unification of the homeland" with military powerKim Il SungIt is also pointed out that the "national liberation people's democracy revolutionary line" may have changed.[16].
    • Ministry of Commerce of China ChugokuPublished new rules to "counter unjustified laws and regulations" against foreign companies and citizens.If a Chinese citizen or organization is subject to economic or trade activity restrictions by foreign law, it can be notified to the Department of Commerce within 30 days and the citizen or organization suffers a "significant loss". Suppose that the relevant government departments provide the necessary support[17].
    • Hong KongEnglish newspaperSouth China Morning PostAs an anonymous source, the Hong Kong police first applied the provisions of the National Security Law to Internet operators in the region, "HK Chronicle" (a website that mainly deals with materials related to anti-government activities in Hong Kong in 2019). ) Has begun to request access blockage. Users reported that they couldn't browse the site as of the night of the 6th, and by the 10th they were unable to browse.[18].
    • United States Secretary of State OfMike PompeoHowever, with the United States, the US government has continued for many years in consideration of the Chinese government.TaiwanAnnounced to lift "self-regulation" on contact between officials[19].
    • UK OfQueen ElizabethAnd my husband'sPhilip New coronavirus OfvaccineGet vaccinated[20].
    • ア ッ プ ルとAmazon.comHas removed the SNS and parlors used to collaborate with demonstrators in the US Capitol occupation case on the 6th, known for the right-wing gathering, from their stores and web services.This effectively renders the parlor unable to connect online.Deletion The two companies blame the failure to take appropriate measures to prevent the spread of posts that fuel violence.[21].
  • 1/10
    • North Korean金正恩-Korean Labor Party ChairmanAt the party conventionParty secretaryElected to.Father'sKim Jong IlRevived the title of General Secretary[22].
    • American DemocraticNancy PelosiSpeaker of the House of Representatives wrote to DemocratsMike PenceIt has announced that it will begin parliamentary proceedings on the 11th to ask the Vice President to dismiss President Trump under the provisions of the Constitution.[23].
    • Twitter isChina DailyArticle[24]Posted by the Chinese Embassy in the United States with "The Chinese GovernmentXinjiang Uygur Autonomous RegionBy policyUighurDeleted the tweet saying "Woman was released"[25].
    • In China, which had been successful in suppressing the new coronavirus, more than 2019 people were confirmed as infected with symptoms for the first time in about half a year since July 7.[26].
  • 1/11
    • Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) warned that armed people could protest before the inauguration of President-elect Biden[27].
    • (Japan time)Johns Hopkins UniversityAccording to the total number of people infected with the new coronavirus, more than 9000 million people worldwide. Similar to when it reached 2020 million in late December 12, it increased by 8000 million in the shortest 15 days ever.[28][29]..By country, the United States (about 2240 million people), India (about 1050 million people), and Brazil (about 810 million people) follow.[29].
    • KoreanWen ZaiyinThe president gives a New Year's greeting.The new coronavirus vaccine will be "prioritized and will be available to all citizens free of charge from February"[30].
    • Taiwan Ministry of Foreign AffairsIntroduced a new passport with the letters "TAIWAN" in large letters and started accepting applications.Responding to the fact that many people said that they were misunderstood as Chinese nationals overseas after the spread of the new coronavirus infection worldwide.[31].
    • The Chinese governmentNew coronavirusAnnounced that the World Health Organization's international research team will visit China on the 2th of the same month to clarify the origin of (SARS-CoV-14).He said that he would proceed with scientific research on the source in collaboration with Chinese experts.The investigation team was originally scheduled to leave the country on the 5th, but could not enter the country because the Chinese authorities did not issue the final permit, and the WHOTedros AdanomThe secretary general expressed "disappointment" and demanded early entry[32][33].
    • ChineseBaidu Electric carAnnounced to start manufacturing and selling[34].
    • America'sCalifornia-San DiegoBreeding at the zoogorillaThe zoo has announced that at least two of them tested positive for the new coronavirus.largeApeThis is the first case in which a natural infection has been found.[35].
  • 1/12
    • YouTubeAnnounced that it will stop posting new videos and live streams on Donald Trump's channel for at least seven days.He also deleted multiple videos, saying he violated the company's guidelines for content that could incite violence.[21].
    • From 12th to 13th(I.e.Parents in the east(I.e.Targeting militia organizations, etc.Israeli armyThere is an airstrike that seems to be the worst in history. At least 14 people were found dead as of 57th[36].
  • 1/13
    • US President Donald Trump issues a statement criticizing violence, illegal activity and sabotage. "I want all the people to ease tension and control their anger," he called for calming the situation.[37].
    • US House of Representatives plenary sessionApproved the impeachment resolution, which demands dismissal for the incumbent president Donald Trump instigating the supporters to attack and occupy the Capitol, with 232 votes in favor and 197 votes against.Ten members of the Republican Party also agreed. In 10, he was impeached on suspicion of Ukraine, and it is the first time in history that the US president has been impeached twice during his tenure.[38][39].
    • Human rights groupHuman Rights WatchIn his annual report on the world's human rights situation, he strongly accused President Trump of "for four years as president, he was indifferent and hostile to human rights and encouraged hatred of racial and religious minorities."Also,Death of George FloydI also criticized the response[40].
    • America·New York City OfBill DebrascioThe mayor is a company run by the Trump familyTrump OrganizationAnnounced that the contract with "will be terminated.The mayor accused the president of inciting a rebellion against the U.S. government in a statement, and the company rebelled as political discrimination.[41].
    • The Trump administrationXinjiang Uygur Autonomous RegionAnnounced that it will ban the import of cotton and tomato products from the autonomous region due to human rights violations by the Chinese government in China.Customs and Border Protection(CBP) was instructed to seize cargo containing these products.There are concerns about forced labor by the government in the autonomous region[42].
    • イタリア OfMatteo RenziAt a press conference, the former prime minister announced that his center-left minority party "Italy Viva" would withdraw from the coalition government.Two ministers of the party resign[43].
    • International Atomic Energy AgencyRafael Grossi, Executive Director of the (IAEA),(I.e.Reported to IAEA member countries that it has started research and development activities for the production of metallic uranium.Metallic uranium could be used in nuclear bombs and violates a nuclear agreement banning Iran from producing or acquiring it for 15 years[44].
  • 1/14
    • The Korean governmentSeoulAnnounced parole of more than 1,000 prisoners to relieve overcrowding of facilities following an outbreak of more than 900 new coronavirus infections in a detention center in Tokyo[45].
  • 1/15
  • 1/20 - United States flag アメリカ合衆国 The year before11/3 OfPresidential electionso,ElectorWon the majority ofJoe Biden(Democratic Party)[48]Is the 46th generationPresident of the United StatesAppointed to.
  • 1/22 - Nuclear Weapons Convention(Ratified by more than 50 countries / regions) comes into effect.internationalTreatyFirstnuclear weaponsIt completely prohibits the possession of.
  • 1/27 -(Japan time) According to the data of Johns Hopkins University, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus exceeds 1 million worldwide.By country, the United States (about 2543 million people), India (about 1068 million people), and Brazil (about 893 million people) follow.[49]But next is Russia (about 371 people)Mutant strain (B.1.1.7)Britain (about 370 million people), which is rampant, is close[50]..On the other hand, the death toll has exceeded 215 million worldwide.[49][50]By country, the United States (about 43), Brazil (about 22), and India (about 15) are the most common.[50].



GlobalEpidemic of new coronavirus infectionThis has affected various schedules, and the following schedules may be changed or canceled and are not finalized.



  • 4/1
    • Fuji XeroxChanged the company name toFUJIFILM Business Innovation"change to. Company name changed in USAXeroxDue to the termination of the technical contract with the company[54].









The date is undecided




  • Elections for heads of state, etc. expected to be held in the current year (expiration date in [])



GlobalNew coronavirus infectious disease epidemicDue to the influence of such factors, the following schedules may change.



Live-action movie
Anime movie



Summer Olympics and Paralympics

Summer olympic-Paralympic Japanese flag Japan OfTokyoWill be held in (1964 competitionSecond time since then).New coronavirus epidemicUnder the influence ofModern olympicFor the first time in history, a postponement of about one year has been decided.



Nobel Prize

The event of fiction

  • 7 -First mannedMars explorationHad a missionNASACrew of the spacecraft "Mars 1"(English edition)Discovered a white polyhedron. All of the crew members surveyed by a radar from the immediate vicinity were hit by a huge tornado generated from a polyhedron, killing three people. The remaining one is unknown after sending a message to the earth. (movies"Mission to mars])[83][84]
  • summer - Thailand-ChumphonIn the mountainous area ofMalaysiaAnd the declaration of conquest2041A monument with a date of 100 meters or more in height suddenly appeared. This monument is named "Champhon Chronolis". First appearance of chronolis. (novel"(English edition)])[85]
  • Android "RT600" is released. (game"Detroit: Become Human])
  • The first interstellar expedition led by Robert Helmas uses a spin-digi driveJupiter moonからWolf seat XNUMXth starorSixty-first star of CygnusAim to travel. Then this is<West> campSenate Bliss Wagoner, who was considered to be a rebellion against and was in command of the plan, is executed. (novel"Space city"series)[86][87]
  • The huge radio system behind the moonBD+36 degree 2147 starReceives a 120 MHz radio signal that appears to have originated from the planet. During the eight months of observation, fragmentary words and spellings are identified in the signal. After that, BD+8 degree 36 star is named “Ra”, and the planet that is the source of the signal is named “Isis”. (novel"(English edition)])[88]


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