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🎥 | A reprint collaboration with the movie "Blessing this wonderful world! Beni Densetsu" will be held at "Vivid Army"!


A reprint collaboration with the movie "Blessing this wonderful world! Red Legend" will be held at "Vivid Army"!

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The original is a light novel by Natsume Akatsuki "Blessed in this wonderful world!

CTW will be releasing the movie "Ko ..." from January 123st in "Vivid Army", which is being distributed on the game service "G1". → Continue reading


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Akatsuki Natsume

Natsume Akatsuki(Akatsuki Natsume)Japan OfLight novel writer,Original author.FukuiEchizen CityI'm from.The masterpiece is "A blessing to this wonderful world!』.


2012, 8thMF Bunko J Light Novel Rookie AwardIn addition, the virgin work[2]Apply for "Dragon Tashi" under the pseudonym "Hideaki Natsuki".However, the second selection fails[3].

After that, the novel posting site "Let's become a novelist, And started the activity with the user name "Hideaki Natsuki".

2012th of February 8[4], Posted "Combatants, Dispatch" with the author name set for each work as "Combatant No. 2012".This work was completed in all 9 parts on September 10, 68[5].

Also in September 2012, he posted "The Strongest Swordsmith" with the author name set for each work as "Cheerful American".[6]..Later, I will unsubscribe from a user who wants to become a novelist.

After a while, I created a new account with the user name "Home Guard" and started activities to become a novelist again.

Posted "Ninja enters another world".Later, the publication of the work was stopped. Republished on February 2013, 2[7].

June 2012, 12, ``A blessing to this wonderful world!』Started serialization. It will be completed on October 2013, 10 with a total of 21 parts.Later, it was announced that it would be made into a book.

December 2013, 12, "Blessed this wonderful world! The novel posted by this work to become a novelist was deleted when it was made into a book.[8].

March 2013, 3, "Blessed this wonderful world! 』Gaiden" The dream that the masked devil sees "is posted in Let's become a novelist[9]..On April 2016, 4, the film said, "Consult this masked devil! It was made into a book as.

On October 2013, 10, as a book, "A blessing to this wonderful world!"Kadokawa sneaker libraryPublished by Natsume Akatsuki and made her debut as a professional novelist.

On May 2014, 5, the virgin work "Dragon Tarashi" was released as "Dragon Tarashi" at the work yard of Akatsuki Natsume's blog "Moon seen from four and a half mats".[2].

June 2017, 11, ``Combatants will be dispatched!』(Kadokawa sneaker library) Is published.



Manga original



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外部 リンク

Amazing world

"Amazing world』(The wonderful world)Hokkaido Television Broadcast(HTB) every Monday (Japan Standard TimeIt was broadcast at 24:15-24:45 on Tuesday morning.TV drama(Since 2010ControlDrama) andEntertainment showsCombinedComplex formatIs a local program.


  • 2006May 11Broadcast started. At the beginning of the broadcast, it was broadcast every Thursday (Dawn of Japan Standard Time Friday) 24:45-25:15,2007May 7Moved to the current broadcasting time (Tuesday, Japan Standard Time).
  • mainlyDisc jockey-Hisashi YamadabyTalkIn the corner "Subaseka Talk" and an actorTEAM NACSmember·Takuma OnobyTV dramaComposed of two parts of the corner "Subaseka Theater"Complex format program.
  • Between the opening, ending and the corner, a studio talk by Naoto will be held.
  • The set is based on the concept of "so that the performers can relax",light blueThe unified design.
  • It is also envisioned that guests will be invited to the studio, and it was recorded in the third broadcast by actually welcoming guests.
  • In the 1st broadcast, the introduction VTR of two performers was swept away during the opening talk (and the introduction still showed a screen like Wikipedia).
  • Nonsponsor(Not provided program), there is no plan to air on the road outside, but in other areasProgram salesAssuming提供The base exists.
  • Broadcasted on June 2008, 6, the event "Hisashi Yamada sponsored"[2] Vol.5 withTeam minus 6%(February 2008, 6,Sapporo Education and Culture Center[3]), and behind the scenes, is introduced by Naruo who participated in the event.
  • 2008å¹´12月15日、12月22日、2009å¹´12月21日に総集編が放送された。2008年の総集編ではナレーター交代示唆、2009年の総集編では番組名改題(冠番組ではなくなる)が重大発表された。
  • As of March 2010, 3, the "Wonderful World" series has ended in three and a half years.[4].

Subaseka talk

Vegetable & Fruit MeisterI still have a qualification of, but every time I welcome guests with taste,HokkaidoEnjoy the unique scenery and cuisine,Key stationApproach the true feelings and real faces of guests that cannot be seen in the program. In fact, the truth of the serious incident in which the guests are deeply involved is told.

From the broadcast on November 2009, 11Naganuma TownI'm talking about an abandoned house in Tokyo as a studio. At the end of the talk, I listen to "the wonderful world of guests" almost every time.

Guest who appeared

*Because there is a large amount, it will be posted as a flexible menu. Click [Display] on the right to display a list.






Locations outside the studio

な ど

Subaseca Theater

"Everyday lifeの人間のオカシサ」をテーマに、音尾主演のショートドラマを月替わりで放送する。2008年7月4日から月1回、別番組枠の金曜日深夜(初回は24:35 - 26:35 JST)に1作品を4話連続で「Monthly Subaseka TheaterBroadcast as.


  1. Wonderful bar tonight (November 2006, 11 episodes)
  2. Shortcake (December 2006, 12 episodes)
  3. Men in the pot (January 2007, 1 episodes)
  4. Tanakara Botamochi (2007 episodes in February 2)
  5. 2 tonight at Wonderful Bar (March 2007, 3 episodes)
  6. At the move... (April 2007, all 4 episodes)
  7. After school at the computer classroom (May 2007, all 5 episodes)
  8. Whether it's a younger brother or a lover, that's a problem (June 2007, all 6 episodes)
  9. 3 tonight at Wonderful Bar (March 2007, 8 episodes)
  10. September Love? (2007 episodes in September 9)
  11. Sorrowful Haction Der (October 2007, 10 episodes)
  12. 2 people left (November 2007, all 11 episodes)
  13. Encounter of Soboro rice (January 2008, 1 episodes)
  14. I want to eat Takoyaki! (February 2008, 2 episodes)
  15. 3 people trapped (2008 episodes in March 3)
  16. Exciting Interrogation (April 2008, All 4 episodes)
  17. An unusual matchmaking (May 2008, 5 episodes)
  18. Broken heart collector (June 2008, 6 episodes)
  19. Honest Odeco (August 2008-October 8, all 10 episodes)
  20. My lost item (October 2008, 10-December, 20 episodes in total)
  21. My childcare diary (January 2009-March, 1 episodes in total)
  22. Man (April-June 2009)
  23. Kimikage grass (August 2009, 8th, 3, before and after)
  24. Second generation Otojiro Hokkai (October 2009, 10 / January 26, 2010 / February 1)
  25. Joint party director (November 2009, 11)
  26. Fake policeman (February 2010, 2, March 8, 3) --Conte work
  27. Running horse light (March 2010, 3, 8)

Guest performer

ス タ ッ フ

Subaseca Theater/Screenplay

  1. Yasutaka Ito(Tonight also series at Wonderful Bar)
  2. Yamamura Kazuma (shortcake)
  3. Chiharu Tachimi (men who are chowder)
  4. Makoto Ueda<Theatrical companyEuropean planning> (Tanakara Botamochi)
  5. Inada(At moving...)
  6. Takashi Ito (after school at a computer classroom)
  7. Mori Hayashi(Is it my brother or lover, that is the problem / 2 people left / Encounter with soboro rice / 3 people trapped / Honest Odeco / Joint party director)
  8. Tsukasa Onii(September Love? / I want to eat Takoyaki!)
  9. Tomohiro Otoshi<European Planning> (Interrogation)
  10. KatsueiWahaha Honpo> (Unusual matchmaking)
  11. Fukushima Katsushige (Broken Heart Collector/The Second Hokai Onjiro Ichiza)
  12. Dr. Ishiyama (Broken Heart Collector / Second Generation Hokkai Otojiro Ichiza * Both drafts)
  13. Azuki Mashiba<Theater group caramel box> (My lost item)
  14. Saburo Fukushima(My childcare diary)
  15. Sugawanoko
  16. Takuma Ono (Kimikage grass)

Former staff

Theme song

Ending theme
  1. Miho Fukuhara[8]"Continuously" (includes mini album "Step☆Out EP", yumechika records, from November 2006)

About the official website

  • BBSThere is a staff member.
  • “Asparagus” (Ken Tada) → “Brown bear” (Mr. Shibata), “Uni” (Kenji Nakamura), “Gani” (Koichiro Homma)DirectorThree people are taking turns by taking turns. In December 3, the real name of the person wearing BBS less was revealed.
  • SometimesHisashi YamadaComments from the person may be posted.
  • BBS seems to update quite often.

Related item

  • Hisashi Yamada's Radian Limited DX -Yamada's representative appearance program (broadcasting time overlaps, but it will not be broadcast on Midnight Thursday in Hokkaido area. Both can be watched in part of northern Aomori prefecture)
  • CREATIVE OFFICE CUE -Entertainment agency to which Oto belongs


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  4. ^ In addition, the broadcast frame itself from April to August of the same year "ThornsReturns”Connecting programAfter being broadcast as Thursday, it will be shortened to 24:50-25:05 on Thursday.HTB midnight pioneering soul] The series has started.
  5. ^ After being co-starred on the show, he later married Ono. (TEAM NACS Taoto Ono's marriage and Hiroshi Oizumi's X Day, Hisashi Yamada talks See also)
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外部 リンク

HTB Thursday 24:45-25:15
Previous programProgram nameNext show
The wonderful world of Hisashi Yamada and Takuma Ono
(December 2006, 11-February 7, 2007)
Adore! Garage
(→ move frame)
HTB Monday 24:10-24:40
Adore! Garage
The wonderful world of Hisashi Yamada and Takuma Ono
(December 2007, 7-February 16, 2009)
What if you try simulation variety?
* Expand by 5 minutes
Amazing world
(→Move Monday 24:15)
HTB Monday 24:15-24:45
The wonderful world of Hisashi Yamada and Takuma Ono
Yume Chika 18
*Repeat 5 minutes and continue
Amazing world
(December 2010, 1-February 18, 2010)


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