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🎭 | Please ask for public assistance and mutual assistance with "help" / Interview with Chizuru Azuma (2)


Please ask for public assistance and mutual assistance with "help" / Interview with Chizuru Azuma (2)

If you write the contents roughly
"Don't forget us-from the German Peace Village" (Bookman) written by Mr. Higashi has been read all the time.

Interview with Chizuru Azuma, who is engaged in a wide range of activities with people with disabilities.XNUMXst "Not support ... → Continue reading

 BOOK watch

Haven't missed the book you should read? "BOOK Watch" introduces not only new books but also hidden masterpieces. We publish a wide range of works such as pure literature, romance, non-fiction, natural sciences, photo books and cooking recipes.

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Asahi Publisher

Asahi Press Co., Ltd.(Asahi Press, English: Asahi Press)Japan OfInfomation..The location of the head office isTokyoChiyoda WardNishikandaSan-chome.

The company name is that of the founderOkayama Asahi High SchoolDerived from being from[1].Asahi ShimbunAnd its subsidiariesAsahi Shimbun PublishingHas nothing to do with[2][3][4][5][6].


19626/21Founded.Masahisa HaraGakushuin UniversityAfter graduation,Kanda JimbochoIt started with the opening of a bookstore at a rental store in Japan.Hara is at Gakushuin UniversityGerman literatureIt was originally a language book because I learned1975Monthly magazine "Episteme" dealing with thoughtMikitaka NakanoSee) Published.In addition, it has come to handle a wide range of genres, from academic fields such as literature, art, natural science, and history to fields such as daily life-related, business, and school reference books.

1988An idol singer who committed suicide in July and April 7.Yukiko Okada OfAnthologyPublished "Please Love" and became a hot topic.

1991Of the photographerMt. Sasayama KishinJapan's firstHair nudePhoto book "water fruit" (model isKanako Higuchi) Was published and became a hot topic.continue,Miyazawa Rie OfNude photo collection"Santa Fe』Showed record sales, triggeredHazuki Riona,Shinobu Otake,Keiko Oginome,Saki Takaoka,KarenareonMany nude photo collections such as are published.2003Was a graduate of the same Gakushuin University German Department as Hara and had a long relationship with him.Kiyoshi KodamaPublished a picture book "Only One Gift".Besides, long-sellingKobayashi Katsuyo"Cooking Dictionary", a historianKyoko NakanoEssays on Western paintings by "Scary Paintings", "Scary Paintings II", "Steve Jobs Legendary Speech & Presentation ”(“CNN "English Express" editorial department) and "Health without trying" (Kamata MinoruAuthor), there is an electronic dictionary "E-DIC".

In addition, the monthly magazine "CNN ENGLISH EXPRESS"issue.

2007From April, we started e-learning "u-CAT" for TOEIC test measures.


  • Bookman --Living in the Asahi Press headquarters building[7]..He claims to be a publisher that pursues life and sex from essays, cooking, travel and medical care to subculture and eroticism.[8].


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