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📺 | "Ochoyan" Chiyo begins to walk the path as an actress! 5 weeks synopsis

Photo Chiyo, become an actress! – (C) NHK

"Ochoyan" Chiyo begins to walk the path as an actress! 5 weeks synopsis

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At one point, Chiyo was invited by the president, Kuroki, who is making activity photos in Tokyo, to appear in the work he is about to make.

The serial TV novel "Ochoyan" (Monday-Saturday, NHK General TV, 8 am-etc.) will enter its 1th week from January 4th (below ... → Continue reading

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Activity photo

Activity photo(Katsudoshashin) IsMeiji-TaishoIn the periodmoviesThe name of. It is a literal translation of motion picture and was originallyIllusion machineRefers to.Later the meaning changed and it came to refer to movies.simplyActivitiesTomo.Automatic illusion,Activity large photo,Automatic photoThere was also the name.moviesThe name is widely usedTaishoIt was in the latter half of the year.

Although activity photography is the old name for movies, it has a slightly different meaning from movies, and activity photography is a live-action version of a ridiculous historical drama or drama.What happened in the Taisho eraPure Film MovementThe activity photography has been reborn as a movie that has an artistic standard and is different from the activity photography.


1896(29th year of Meiji)11/17,Kobe CityImported byKinetoscope"(At that time, it was called Nite Scoop) during my stayAkihito KomatsumiyaWhat I showed you was "Kobe Yushin Nippo"Nite scoop (electric photograph activity machine) Nogi This time, the article was published as a memorial service for the port of Komatsu Palace.It turns out that it was initially called a "photograph activity machine" rather than an activity photograph. Kobe City by Takahashi on November 11thHanakumaJapan's first activity photo show will be held at Shinko Gakuen Club[1].

Around the same time, I went to FranceKatsutaro InabataWas an alumniAuguste LumiereFrom two "CinematographWas purchased.Also, this year,Vitascope(An improved version of the kinetoscope, which can be screen-projected) is said to have been imported and the machine named "Activity Photograph".

Dawn1897(30th year of Meiji)2/15Inabata Katsutaro, who returned from France, showed a cinematograph image.OsakaEbisubashi StreetSo it was screened.It is Japan's first "movie box office". On March 3th,Tokyo cityBy "" ofKanda KinkikwanIt was called "Electrical Activity Photo Session" and was held by Vitascope.

The first domestically produced activity photo was released in Japan1899(32th year of Meiji)6/20,TokyoKabukizaIs. The title "Geisha's Hand Dance"Documentary moviewas.The first feature film "Lightning robberyWas produced in September of the same year.The first Japanese film actor appeared in this filmYokoyama UnheiIt is said that.

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