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🍴 | The "new bread" I saw at Lawson was an irresistible chocolate lover ...!

Photo Nagisa Nakamura / BuzzFeed

The "new bread" I saw at Lawson was an irresistible chocolate lover ...!

If you write the contents roughly
From the elastic dough, you can see the kneaded chocolate and orange peel!

"New bread" that I saw at Lawson.It was an irresistible guy for chocolate lovers ...!That is this "Chocolate Yellowtail ... → Continue reading

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Orange peel

Orange peel(English: Orange Peel) is

  1. OrangePericarp, or dried it.
  2. Orange peelSugar waterBoil down in(I.e.LetDried fruitAnd what.confectioneryIt becomes a material.

Orange peel is darkFlaved(Outer pericarp)[1]And whitefiberQualityAlbedo(Inner pericarp)[2]Consists of[3]..There are innumerable oil vesicles in Flaved,citrusHas a unique fragranceLimoneneSuch asEssential oilIt is included.In the albedoQuercetin,HesperidinSuch asPolyphenolIs includedBitternessIs the source of.

Use as food

RawGraterShave with orangeliqueurOr makepulpMix withmarmaladeOrThe dried oneHerb tea,PotpourriUsed for.

What is processed into dried fruitcakeな どWestern confectioneryIt becomes the material of.It may be edible as it is.チ ョ コ レ ー トIt may be coated with.

As mentioned above, the fibrous albedo part has a bitter taste and is rarely used.


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