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📝 | How to make "ultimate onion soup" that even amateurs can do if they have time


How to make "ultimate onion soup" that even amateurs can do if they have time

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The soup is delicious even if it is solid, but if you use melted cheese, the taste will be cheap, so even if it is a little expensive, if you use hard type cheese such as raclette cheese or Gruyere cheese, it will be excellent.

Onion gratin soup that anyone can easily make, recommended for self-catering beginners According to the state of emergency issued from the 8th ... → Continue reading


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Gruyere cheese

Gruyere cheese(Gruyère)スイス-(English edition)Locally nativecheeseKind of.cheese fondue,RacletteBesides being often used forFrench cuisineThen.Emmental cheeseAlong withgratin,Quiche,Clock monsieur,Onion Gratin SoupIt is often used mainly for cooking.

Cow'sRaw milkIt is a densely packed cheese that is wrapped in a yellow to orange exodermis and has crystals on the tongue. The size of the lump is 55 cm to 65 cm in diameter, 9.5 cm to 12 cm in height, and the weight is. It is 25kg-40kg.There is no hole inside.

FrenchTraditionally, hard cheese was called Gruyere, but in 2001 it was in Switzerland and in 2007 it was.FranceでAOCThe name of the hollow Gruyère is limited to Swiss products.

By the end of 2012European UnionAccording to the decision of, the Gruyere cheese produced in France was also allowed to indicate the origin, but as a condition, "CherryIt is clearly stated as "a hollow material with a large hole", which distinguishes it from the non-cavity Swiss Gruyere cheese.[1]

GreeceThen,GravieraGruyere-style cheese called (γραβιέρα) is produced.


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