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📝 | Just mix it into a “made side dish that can be eaten infinitely”! "Adult onion salad"


Just mix it to make an "infinitely edible side dish"! "Adult onion salad"

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If you remove the chili powder, it is easy for people and children who are not good at spicy foods to eat, so please adjust the taste to your liking.

A healthy and nutritionally balanced salad would be helpful if you had a plate for lunch or dinner.But the salad ... → Continue reading


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Chili powder

Chili powder(Chili powder) orChili mix What is (chili mix)?SpicesOne of the.


Red peppersTo powder of (chili pepper)oregano,Dill,garlic,cuminIt is a red powder spice made by mixing spices such as.PeppersCayenne pepperSuch spicy types are used.

Mexican-style American food (Tex-Mex cuisine)ofChili con carneIs indispensable for.

A mixed spice called chili powderAmericaIt was invented in, and is not a Mexican seasoning.It is a "Mexican-style simple spice mix" that saves you the trouble of mixing the spices required for Mexican food.Its origin is easyIndian cuisineTo makeCurry powderInventedEnglishmanIt is common with the relationship between curry powder and curry powder.

There are two Americans who are said to be the inventors, and there is controversy, but both theories1890 eraToTexasIt is said that it was invented by a Mexican food official.

Chili powder (refers to the mixed spices of this item)Chili powder) And chili powder (), which is a spice of powdered pepper alone.Chile powder) Is often confused because it has the same pronunciation in both Japanese and English.

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