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🍜 | Junk Garage Beginners honestly review!Is it true that it is bad or not recommended?


Honest review by junk garage beginners!Is it true that it is bad or not recommended?

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"Junk Garage" is a popular restaurant with a hearty menu of rich pork bone soy sauce ramen and mixed soba with plenty of ingredients with free toppings.

Jiro garage is famous for Jiro ramen chains in Saitama prefecture!The other day, the author of a Jiro-based beginner ... → Continue reading

 Saitama Mall

Saitama area blog "Saimapuru" which achieved 60 PV monthly. We introduce information on Saitama's outing spots, gourmet foods, and new open information centering on Ageo City.

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Rokushosha(Rokurinsha) isTokyoでtsukemenProvide mainlyRamen shop..Matsufuji Foods Co., Ltd. (TokyoChiyoda Ward)ButManagement[1].


Ryosei Mita in April 2005,TokyoShinagawaOsakiOpened the Osaki main store in.For several months after the store opened, there were few customers and it was in a crisis situation, so when we changed to Mita's ideal characteristic "ultra-rich soup, extra-thick noodles", it became popular.magazine-tv setIt became a store where the queue became normal because it was introduced frequently in[1][2].

The noodles are not homemade noodles, but special noodles are ordered from.After many trials and errors with the noodle factory, the store was closed and discussions were held to complete the current noodles.[3].

Although it does not use high-quality ingredients, it features a rich soup made by boiling a large amount of ingredients over a long period of time, and at the end of the tsukemen, the soup is split with yuzu.[4]..Of seaweedRaftIt is a store that started a style of putting powdered fishmeal on a heap.[5]By melting the fishmeal, you can enjoy the flavor of the fish. 2006 and 2007 "TOKYO 1 weekRamen of the YeartsukemenReceived the highest award in the category.

The main store in Osaki was once one of the best queue stores in Tokyo, and often had a queue of more than 100 people.[6]..Basically wait for about 2 hours[1]In particular, there were times when the waiting time was 3 hours and 2 minutes or more during three consecutive holidays.[7]..However, the store closed on August 2010, 8 because this procession has been a nuisance to the neighborhood for a long time and there is no prospect of resolution.[1][8]..The official website states that the new store will be relocated to another location and revived.[9], The operating company, Matsufuji Foods, said, "I want to carefully select a land that does not bother the surrounding area."[1]However, some reports said, "JR is the first candidate.Osaki StationbeforeTokyoUnder consideration in the downtown area of[10]..After that, it was announced on the official Twitter account that it will be open only once a week from January 2012.[11], It was open every Saturday, but the head office was temporarily closed on March 2014, 3. On April 29, 2014, it opened a new store in Osaki With City and was open for business.2015On March 3, a fire broke out near the air conditioner in the passenger seats of Rokurinsha, and it was temporarily closed, but it resumed operations on November 9, 2015.

2015May 4Has reached the milestone of its 10th anniversary.Also officialTwitterAccording to the account, on the same day, it was commented that the price of tsukemen will be reduced by 2015 yen from April 4, 18.

In addition to the former main store, development using the name of Rokurinsha is being carried out, and on June 2009, 6Tokyo StationYaesuOn the mouth sideTokyo Ramen StreetOpened a branch office "Rokurinsha TOKYO"[12], May 2012, 5Tokyo Skytree TownCommercial facility,Tokyo SolamachiAlso opened "Rokurinsha TOKYO Skytree Town Solamachi Store".Also, related to tsukemenEventsThe store is also open at the venue as Rokurinsha[13]..As a brother storeSaitamaSaitama"Junk Garage",KonosuThere is a "next order" in[9],New format storeAsMusashimurayama-shiToSelf udonStore format and the first in the tsukemen industryDrive throughThe store "Mocchiri Tsukemen Sharin" was opened on October 2010, 10.[14].

Mail orderIs also deployed and relatedSeten Co., Ltd. Own site,RakutenOpening a store in Japan and doing mail order[15].

Store data

Rokurinsha Main Store (closed)

  • 3-14-10 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

Rokurinsha Osaki store --Opened April 2014, 4 -

  • 2-11-1 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Osaki With City 1F / Nearest Station --JROsaki Station4 minutes walk from the west exit
  • Business hours --11: 00-22: 30 (LO22: 00)

Open for lunch, open on Sundays

Rokurinsha TOKYO

Rokurinsha TOKYO Skytree Town Solamachi store

* From February to September 2013, the elevator for Solamachi Dining Skytree View (2th and 9st floors) passed through the 30th floor due to the large queue waiting for entry on holidays such as Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

Rokurinsha Haneda Airport Store

  • Haneda airportInside the international passenger terminal
  • Business hours --00: 00 --24: 00

Affiliated stores

Tsukemen system

  • Next Precautions (Konosu City, Saitama Prefecture)
  • 舎鈴
  • 久臨


  • Tonari

Gatsun system

  • Junk garage
  • Don-Kitamoto (Kitamoto City, Saitama Prefecture)
  • Mokkori Pig (Asaka City, Saitama Prefecture) Closed January 2020, 1[16]

Ramen and curry

  • Ringosha (Toshima-ku, Tokyo) Closed


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