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🍴 | 3 large curry breads with super horse meat that you want to go to buy


3 large curry breads with super horse meat that you want to go to buy

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Next, I would like to introduce a curry with beef and a meaty curry bread with pork cutlet!

I want to eat the taste of a delicious restaurant even in the corona virus!Takeout is useful in such a case.Especially hot and hot ... → Continue reading

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Curry bread

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Curry breadIt is,curryWithCooking panIs a kind of.

There is no fixed definition, but most commercial products are dressedDeep friedOrBakeProvided.The fried foodCurry donutsAlso called, fried food is curry bread, baked foodBaked curry breadSome stores call it and distinguish it. The curry insideKeema curryThere is also one with.Curry and riceIt is less juicy than the one and is devised so that it does not drip.

It is a popular side dish bread,supermarket,convenience storeIn addition to selling products from major manufacturers,bakeryIn many cases, it is a specialty product of.


For origin,TokyoKoto WardToyoji Nakata, the second generation of "Meikado" (currently Cattleya) in1927ToUtility modelRegistered inWestern breadIs often referred to as the ancestor. The new plan is "Bread with ingredientscutletThe idea is to "fried like", and the words of curry are not included at all, but at the time of this development it was justGreat Kanto EarthquakeThe second generation, who hurried to rebuild the store, came up with the idea of ​​developing bread that incorporates curry and cutlets, which are the "two tops of Western food," the fifth generation owner said.[1].

on the other hand,Nerima-ku"Denmark Broth" (1934Founding) states that the founder invented curry bread. I have come up with the idea of ​​selling curry sandwiches first and then frying them. This areaWestern foodIt should be understood with the background of the times when all the vendors were devising Japanese Western food menus at the same time.

Also, in 5 (Taisho 1916)ShinjukuNakamurayaWelcomed by the Indian Independence MovementRash Behari BoseIntroduced pure Indian curry and got a hint from thisSoma AizouThere is also a theory that it was invented by. Both stores have existed to date and continue to convey their taste.

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