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🍴 | "Pizza Sub" and "Adult Demi-glace Chicken" Rich, sour and bittersweet adult taste


"Pizza sub" with "adult demiglace chicken" rich, sour and bittersweet adult taste

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According to a questionnaire conducted by the company, there was a voice saying that "the cheese is delicious when it grows abundantly", so it is said that it has developed an original "adult taste" demiglace sauce that allows you to enjoy the cheese more deliciously.

The sandwich chain "Subway" developed by Japan Subway has "Pizza Adult Demi-glace Chicken", 2 ... → Continue reading

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Domiglas sauce

Domiglas sauce(Buddha: (sauce) demi-glace) IsWestern cuisineThe basic ofソ ー スIt has a brown color close to black. Brown sauce (both sauce and espanyol and sauce and brune) is boiled and seasoned[1].Demiglace sauce,Dumigrass sauce,Dovi sauceAlso say. ClassicFrench cuisineWas often used in.JapanInWestern foodBut it is widely used.


FrenchThen normal demi-glace(French pronunciation: [dmiglaːs]Dumigrass)sauce demi-glace(French pronunciation: [soːs dmiglaːs] Sauce Dumigrass) is sometimes called. In French, Dumi (half) is half, and glass (glace) is originally氷In that sense, in turn, in cookingBoiled riceOr it also means boiling down (otherwise literallyIce confectioneryAnd meltedsugarIt may mean a dish over which). Domigrass sauce means a boiled and rich sauce,1900 eraIt is said that French chefs started using it at the beginning[2].

EnglishBut simply demi-glace(English pronunciation: [ˈDemiˌgla(ː)s] Called Dimigrass),demi-glace sauce(English pronunciation: [ˈDemiˌgla(ː)s sɔːs] Sometimes called "dimigrass sauce".

Cooking method

Wheat flourTheバ タ ーStir fry until browned and chilled once (Brown roux),牛(Especially for calves)meatAnd bonesVegetables(Called Mirepoixonion-Ginseng-celeryIt is common to use a combination ofsoup stock(Von de Vaux), and while boiling off, boil until half the amount, thenMadera wineAdd flavor with. There is also a method of adding roux after boiling the soup stock, but the naturalgelatinQuality andsaltIt will give thickness and saltiness when boiled down, so the key to making delicious domigras is not to use too much roux in any case.CuisineSome stores do not use roux at all, but in that case it is necessary to boil the soup to about one-tenth to make it thick, which takes time and effort.

Auguste EscoffierAccording to DomiglasEspanol sauceIt is made by further boiling the brown sauce. Of his timeFranceThen, because of the high degree of perfection, fearing that the taste would be uniform, Domiglas had been replaced by Von de Vaux, but in Japan the frequency of use has increased due to the prosperity of Western food.[3].

"Demigrass sauce" in Japan

JapanAt, not only the original domiglas, but brown sauce and brown sauceGravyThere are many examples in which "Domiglace (Demigrass) sauce" is referred to as crap together. At popular Western restaurants, broth of gravy and vegetablestomato ketchup,Worcester sauceDemiglace sauce that is seasoned with and thickened with flour is provided. Ready-made productscanning,tubeenter,Retort packIt is sold in the form of etc. and is widely used for commercial and home use, but its flavor is from authenticTomato sauceClose toSoy sauceThere is a wide variety of Japanese-style tastes using such as.

Cooking using "Demigrass sauce"


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