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🍺 | Craft beer making Cloud funding (CF) to raise donations! @ Yokohama City University Kihara Biology Research Institute

Photo Craft beer making Collect donations with crowdfunding (CF)! @ Yokohama City University Kihara Biology Research Institute

Craft beer making Collect donations with crowdfunding (CF)! @ Yokohama City University Kihara Biology Research Institute

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In 2017, the institute first manufactured and sold craft beer using self-cultivated beer barley at the manufacturing company Sankt Gallen (Atsugi City).

Yokohama City University Kihara Biology Research Institute (Maioka-cho), known for its wheat research aimed at selling in spring and autumn, gathers support for beer making ... → Continue reading


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Atsugi(Atsushi) isKanagawaLocated almost in the center ofCity.Special cityIs specified in.

The population is about 22.4.


Fourth Metropolitan Area Basic Plan (1986Decision)Capital Area OfBusiness nuclear cityLocated in2002May 4WithSpecial cityIs also specified.

In industry and housing,Tokyo-Yokohama OfSatellite cityIt has many mountains and agricultural areas. In addition to being the entrance to Mt. Ooyama, there are severalSpaThe ground is located.

From a relatively old ageCentral prefecture areaSince it is an area that has developed as a central city of Japan, it has become an organization, company, facility, etc.Atsugi,Atsugi,Atsugi,ATSUGIThere are many things that bear the name etc., but some of them are not registered in Atsugi city and there is no location[1].

Since the mid-1980s, as part of the New Media City Plan, city halls, railway station premises, libraries, and other public facilities in the cityCaptain systemWe are making some advanced attempts such as installing street terminals and digitizing public services using the InternetLocal governmentBut also.

In 2010, the day-night population ratio was 114.9%. This is the 16th highest in Japan and the 1st in Kanagawa prefecture.



Atsugi City is located in the center of Kanagawa Prefecture, with straight line distances of about 45km and 30km from Tokyo and Yokohama, respectively. To central TokyoOdakyu Odawara Line OfLimited express romance carAbout 45 minutes (commuting time: about 50 minutes using Morningway), about 48 minutes during the day (commuting time: 56 minutes to Shinjuku),Local trainAbout an hour and a half. From this station, most of the stations on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, which are direct express trains, and each station heading to Shinjuku are the starting stations.

Lake YamanakaSourceSagami RiverMakeSagami PlainLocated at the northern end of the westTanzawa areaThen, it extends to the plains on the west bank of the Sagami River that opens to the southeast.Ebina,Zama,Sagamihara CitySourced from the Higashitanzawa Mountains on the Sagami River that flows through the boundary withNakatsugawa・The Koyusyu River merges in the northern part of the city, and in the southern part of the cityTamagawa(However, the current Tamagawa is an artificial river due to river renovation, and once in Hiratsuka cityHanami RiverWas joined). Therefore, multiple erosion topography is formed by rivers, and plateaus and erosion basins alternate between the southwest and northeastern parts of the city. In the northeastern part of the city, you can see the Sagamihara Plateau where the Echi Plateau faces from the end across the Sagami River.

The Sagami River moves from the middle-stream topography to the downstream topography near the city and heads for the estuaryAlluvial plainTo form. Along the flow pathNatural embankmentHas been developed, and the old town of Atsugi and the old village of Okada are located on it. Directly belowIsehara faultIs located. The area around Hon-Atsugi station used to have a lot of rice farming,Paddy fieldWas spreading. Paddy fields were reclaimed and urbanized due to rapid expansion of the central city area1970 eraOr laterGround subsidenceHas become a serious problem.


Since ancient times, this area has been known as a transportation hub,Tsukui - HiratsukaIntermediate trade betweenMt. Ooyama HighwayMidwayMt. OoyamaIt developed as a post town. For that reason, there are originally many wholesale wholesalers, and in the former Atsugi Town area,WholesalerThe city was formed. In the past, water transportation was also popular and it was a key point for river transportation using the Sagami River. The origin of Atsugi's name is that there is a wood distribution center along the river, so there is a theory that Atsugi was transcribed into Atsugi.[2].. Against this background,Edo PeriodMid-termKyohoAfter the year,Sagami country内 のAiko-gun,Koza-gunEtcEnclaveHad a territoryShimotsukeKarasuyama DomainIn AtsugiJinya(Atsugi government office) was set up and used as a base for controlling the enclave.MeijiAfter that, it prospered as a center of commerce and transportation in Sagami country and central Kanagawa prefecture.

It is still a distribution base in the central region of the prefecture,Tomei Expressway,Odawara Atsugi Road,Ken-O ExpresswayInterchange,National Route 129,National Route 246,National Route 412There are major national roads such as, and each has a bypass. In addition, the Yamato Atsugi Bypass, which is an overlapping section of National Routes 129, 246, and 412, exists in a form that divides the city center commercial area (former Atsugi Town) from other western areas. As of 2006, new roads have been planned and developed in various parts of the city to alleviate traffic congestion, and some have been opened.

It is a town with many universities and junior colleges, and is also a town where students from universities and junior colleges along the Odakyu/Odawara Line gather. Train station in the cityOdakyu Electric Railway OfHonatsugi StationandAiko Ishida StationAlthough there are only two stations (which span Isehara City), the area around Honatsugi Station is highly developed, and more than half of the limited express romance cars (paid limited express with reserved seats) stop at this station.


The cityForest therapy baseHas been certified by.

  • First-class river(Kanagawa Prefectural management, partly Kanagawa Prefectural Atsugi Civil Engineering Office Permitting and Licensing Section Management) 6 rivers
Sagami RiverNakatsugawa-Ogino River-Koayu River-Tamagawa・Hosoda River
  • Mutual use river (Atsugi-shi river contact section management) 3 rivers
Onsogawa・Zenmei River/Yamagiwa River
  • Ordinary rivers (Management of Atsugi City River Contact Section, partly managed by Sewerage Facility Section) 23 rivers
Mayumigawa/Kanibuchigawa/Tajiri River・Kitakubo River/Arai River・Prince river・Kiyoda Tanigawa・Nakagawa・Ohira River・Yokobayashi River, Iwasaka Moat, Kasugazawa, Amida River, Kanashi River, Notakezawa River, City Road River, Takenohana Drainage, Fukasawa (Mineshigawa River), Yado River, Kubo Yashiki River,Uemura River・Horiai River/Iwata Moat
Some of the Yamagiwa and Onso rivers are treated as ordinary rivers.In addition to the above, there are rivers that Atsugi City does not understand and manage (because there is no definition of rivers by the city). It is called by.

Adjacent local governments


Ancient times

Kanagawa Prefectural Atsugi Kita High SchoolIn the Ogino area including the construction siteJomon ruinsThe fact that it was discovered confirmed the evidence of a Jomon settlement.

中 世

From our city areaAikawa TownTo the southeastMohri-so((I.e.Was placed. At the end of Heian period, Mori-so became the property of Yoshitaka, the son of the Minamoto family. In the early Kamakura period, it was the subject of Mori KagekoWada battleAnd defeated the territoryKamakura ShogunateProbably confiscated by. Then the shogunateGovernment officeBecame the first generation secretaryHiroe OeThe XNUMXth son of HiromotoSeason light Mr. MouriCall yourself.Kamakura PeriodFrom the endNorthern and Northern DynastiesMr. Mori was based in the early daysAki countryTakadaYoshida Sho (CurrentHiroshimaAkitakata City(Yoshida Town),Sengoku Daimyo-Early modern lordGrow to. It is presumed that after Mori's territorial conversion, Mori-so became the place of Adachi Morinaga (the grave remains at Iiyama Seikinji Temple in Atsugi City).Shimotsuki riotrear,ProfitIt is believed that it became a territory.

Close to Kamakura,In the 14th century, it was the number one production of the bell bell in Japan.[Source required]

The early modern period

Edo Period, The city areaShogunateArea (Heaven)・Flag bookDominionClanSubdivided into regions. As time goes by, the relationship of control becomes more complicated,BakumatsuAt the stage of, most of the villages existing in the city area are controlled by multiple lordsRemunerationIt was.

Edo PeriodAtsugi village in the second halfShimotsukeKarasuyama Domain(Mr. Okubo)Sagami countryThe same clanEnclaveDominate the territoryJinyaIs placed (Atsugi government office). Also, SagamiOdawara Domain(Mr. Okubo) Jinya of the feudal clan was placed in Nakaoginomura (Ogino Yamanaka Domain・Okubo). Furthermore, at the end of the Edo periodShimosaSakura clanMr. Hotta,MusashiKanazawa DomainMutsuura Domain) Mr. Yonekura, SagamiOdawara DomainHad a territory within the current city limits.


1868 Tokugawa OfSunpuBy packingOgino Yamanaka DomainWas dominated bySuruga countryMany of the former Shogunate territories and Hijimoto-dominated territories within this city area are territories of the same territory as alternative territories.

1867(Keio(3 years) The rule at that time is as follows (○ after the village name indicates that it is a salary with other lords).

    • Shimotsuke Karasuyama Clan: Atsugi Village, Hayashi Village, Shimokawa Irimura, Iiyama Village, Warm water village, Okada (of which),Kamiogino Village
    • Shimosa Sakura Clan: Hasemura, Funako Village, Kamiochiai
    • Musashi Kanazawa Domain: Shimotsuko Village
    • Sagami Odawara Domain: Onomura, Toda, Shimotsuko Village
    • Sagami Ogino Yamanaka Domain: Nakagino Village,Shimogino Village,Wife Tamura
    • Shogunate territory/Hatamoto ruler ,Shimokawa Irimura,Oikawa Village,Tanasawa,Iiyama Village,,,Nanasawa,Onomura,Okazu,Atsui Village,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,(* indicates a village that became the Ogino Yamanaka domain in 1868)
  • 1868 The former Hijimoto rulerKanagawaBelong to.
  • 18717 Abandoned DomainBy the former Ogino Yamanaka domainOgino Yamanaka PrefectureNext, the old Jinya in Nakaogino Village will be the prefectural office of the prefecture. In addition, the former Karasuyama domain is Karasuyama prefecture, the former Sakura domain is Sakura prefecture, and the former Muura domain isMutsuuraBecomes
  • 187111 From Ogino Yamanaka, Karasuyama, Sakura, Mutsuura and KanagawaAshigaraIntegrated into.
  • 18764 From Ashigara prefectureKanagawaBecomes


Atsugi TownEnforcement,Aiko-gunA government office is set up.Yachi Village(Yamagiwa Village + Nakayori Village + Kamiyori Village + Shimoyori Village + Kaneda Village + Sekiguchi Village + Sarugashima Village)Ogino Village(Kami-Ogino Village + Naka-Ogino Village + Shimo-Ogino Village)Mitamura-Tanasawa-Shimokawa Irimura-Wife Tamura-Oikawa Village-Lincun-Koayu Village(Iiyama Village + Kamikozawa Village + Shimokozawa Village)Tamagawa Village(Nanazawa Village + Ono Village + Okazu Furuhisa Village)Minamimori Village(Onsui Village + Hase Village + Aina Village + Aiko Village + Onna Village + Funako Village + Tomuro Village)


Before the war, the population was about 4, but the population grew significantly during the post-war period of high economic growth and the bubble economy. It exceeded the population of 1991 in 20, but its growth has been slow since then and has been flat in recent years.

According to the “Future Estimated Population by Region of Japan (estimated by March 25)” published by the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, it is expected that the population will decrease by about 2013 over the next 3 years. .. In addition, Atsugi City has announced a population transition forecast that takes into account the population decline control measures implemented by the city, but this is also expected to decline by 30 over the next 5 years, so population decline can be avoided. It is considered not to exist.

Atsugi City and National Population Distribution by Age (2005)Atsugi City Population Distribution by Age and Gender (2005)
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Atsugi City
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


Town name

In Atsugi City, in some areasAct on Residential Displaybased onHouse displayIs being implemented. The underlined town names in the Town Name column before the display of the residence are all of them, and the rest are part of them. If there is a number at the end of the town name, indicate the chome.

My Town Club

You can join if you live in the city, commute to work, or go to school and have a relationship with Atsugi City.

By connecting the city's main facilities online, it is possible to make reservations such as lending books at the library and using the city's cultural sports facilities via the Internet. This service was formerly owned by Atsugi Ministry of PostSince there is a history of conducting an operation test of the teletopia concept by theCaptain system) Was introduced.


There are two post offices in charge of collection and delivery (the numbers written after the station name are the postal code). In addition, 2 post offices are not in charge of pick-up and delivery[4], One simple post office[5]It has been placed.


Successive mayors

NameInauguration dateRetirement date
First generationMotomasa Hatano1955May 21959May 2
2Tadashige Ishii1959May 21979May 2
3Adachihara Shigenori1979/2/231995May 2
4Iwao Yamaguchi1995/2/232007May 2
5Kobayashi Tsuneyoshi2007/2/23Current position (4th term)

Administrative organization

National agency

Prefecture administrative agency

  • Atsugi Joint Government Building
  • Prefectural center prefectural government synthesis center
  • Atsugi Health and Welfare (Health Center) Office (Aiko Welfare Office, Atsugichild consultation center) *In Kanagawa prefectureHealth centerIs called the Health and Welfare Office.
  • Atsugi Joint Government Building Branch Office-Kanagawa Labor Center Prefectural Office
  • Atsugi South Joint Government Building (Atsugi Civil Engineering Office)
  • Kanagawa Prefecture Atsugi Police Station


  • City Council Chairman-Mayumi Teraoka (Selected: August 2019, 8)
  • City Council Vice Chairman-Takeshi Inoue (elected date: August 2019, 8)
  • Number of city council members: 28 (Term of office: July 2023, 7)

National/prefectural government

National politics

House of RepresentativesSmall districtIn the election,Kanagawa 16 WardsBelong to. The members elected after the transition to the single-member constituency system are as follows.

Prefectural government

Kanagawa Prefectural AssemblyIn the election, a single constituency is formed in Motoichi. The constant is 1 people. Current mayor (Kobayashi Tsuneyoshi) And the former mayor (Iwao Yamaguchi) are transferees from the prefectural assembly. In 1995Kanagawa network movementSince (Net) won the seats, Net has protected the seats for four consecutive terms, but lost seats in the 4 elections.

  • 2019/4
    • Takahiro Yamaguchi (LDP)
    • Tomokazu Sato (prefectural government)
    • Horie Noriyuki (private citizen)


As an important point of transportation and because it is close to the metropolitan area, companies such as research and development, distribution and service industries are concentrated. Many cities in the prefecture are positioned as bed towns for people who go to central Tokyo, but the situation is different in Atsugi City.Daytime populationMore than 30,000 people at night[7]. Atsugi is the only city in Kanagawa prefecture with a daytime population that exceeds the nighttime population. In 2005 (17), the "Ordinance on Attracting Companies, etc." was enforced and we are trying to attract new companies.

Industrial population (Number of employees by industry category. Units, people. Composition in parentheses. From 2000 Census Report.)

  • Primary industry 1 (1,898%)
  • Primary industry 2 (33,559%)
  • Primary industry 3 (74,668%)

Major companies and offices in the city

Around Honatsugi Station

Major companies and establishments that existed in the past


Around Honatsugi Station

Along National Route 129

Along National Route 246

Along National Route 412

Other areas

Specialty goods

Sister cities/partner cities


Outside Japan


University/Junior college

Once in the forest villageAoyama Gakuin UniversityTo SekiguchiShowa College of MusicThere were, but both moved to areas closer to the city center and withdrew.

high school


Junior high school

  • Atsugi City Aikawa Junior High School
  • Atsugi City Atsugi Junior High School
  • Atsugi City Echi Junior High School
  • Atsugi City Ogino Junior High School
  • Atsugi City Ayu Junior High School
  • Atsugi City Tamagawa Junior High School
  • Atsugi Tomei Junior High School
  • Atsugi City Minami Mori Junior High School
  • Atsugi City Hayashi Junior High School
  • Atsugi City Fujitsuka Junior High School
  • Atsugi Mutsumi Junior High School
  • Atsugi City Mutsui Higashi Junior High School
  • Atsugi Morinosato Junior High School

primary school

  • Atsugi Aikawa Elementary School
  • Atsugi City Aiko Elementary School
  • Atsugi City Atsugi Elementary School
  • Atsugi City Atsugi Daini Elementary School
  • Atsugi City Iiyama Elementary School
  • Atsugi City Echi Elementary School
  • Atsugi City Echiminami Elementary School
  • Atsugi City Ogino Elementary School
  • Atsugi City Kamii Elementary School
  • Atsugi City Kamiogino Elementary School
  • Atsugi City Kita Elementary School
  • Atsugi City Koyu Elementary School
  • Atsugi Mita Elementary School
  • Atsugi Shimizu Elementary School
  • Atsugi City Tamagawa Elementary School
  • Atsugi City Tsumada Elementary School
  • Atsugi City Toda Elementary School
  • Atsugi Municipal Tobi Elementary School
  • Atsugi City Tomuro Elementary School
  • Atsugi Minami Mohri Elementary School
  • Atsugi City Midorigaoka Elementary School
  • Atsugi Moridai Elementary School
  • Atsugi Morinosato Elementary School

Vocational school


  • Atsugi National College of Technology-operated by Suzuki Gakuen. Located on the same site as Atsugi Chuo High School, it is the only technical college in Atsugi City. Divided into the Department of Industrial Technology and the Department of Living Art, the Department of Industrial Technology Electrical (Electrician) course is exempt from national examinations at a certified electrician training school.
  • Educational foundation Soushi Gakuen Clark Memorial International High SchoolAtsugi Campus
  • - 横 浜 市Facilities for new firefighters employed by municipalities in the prefecture except

Public facility

National agency

  • Self Defense Force Kanagawa Regional Cooperation Headquarters Atsugi Recruitment Office
  • Atsugi Summary Court
  • Ministry of Justice Yokohama Legal Affairs Bureau Atsugi Branch
  • Atsugi District Public Prosecutor's Office
  • National Tax Agency Tokyo National Tax Bureau Atsugi Taxation Office
  • Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Kanagawa Labor Bureau Atsugi Labor Standards Inspection Office
  • Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Kanagawa Labor Bureau Atsugi Public Employment Security Office
  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Kanto Regional Development Bureau Yokohama National Road Office Atsugi Branch Office


  • Atsugi City Cultural Center
  • Atsugi City Plaza
  • Atsugi City Welfare Center
  • Atsugi City Information Plaza
  • Amu Atsugi

Educational facility

Physical education facility

  • Minami Mori Sports Center (Former Prefectural Central Sports Center, transferred from Kanagawa Prefecture since 2005)
  • Higashimachi Sports Center
  • Sarugashima Sports Center
  • Atsugi City Fureai Plaza (from April 2006Designated manager systemManagement/operation is transferred to a private company
  • Ogino Sports Park
  • Oikawa Stadium
  • Tamagawa Stadium

Public halls, etc.

Some public halls are responsible for the central library's branch function, and all public halls are renting books.

In addition to the following, there are 37 children's centers in the city.

Medical institution

  • Atsugi City Hospital : Former Kanagawa Prefectural Atsugi Hospital. In April 2003, the facility was inherited from the prefecture and opened.[10]
  • Kanagawa Rehabilitation Hospital : Operated by the social welfare corporation Kanagawa Prefectural Rehabilitation Agency.
  • Nanasawa Rehabilitation Hospital Cerebral Vascular Center: Operated by the Kanagawa Prefectural Comprehensive Rehabilitation Corporation.



The central stationHonatsugi StationIs. The number of passengers a day is about 1, which is the sixth place on the Odakyu Line. Connect with other routes orContact transportationThe most frequent passengers at private railway stations in Japan. Almost all except limited express, rapid express, express, commuter semi-express, each station stop and some limited express trains stop at the same station, and most of the trains that commute semi-express and each station stop are the starting stations to return to this station. .. Tokyo MetroChiyoda Line, JRStop at each station on the Joban LineDirect driving to,Gotemba LineThere are also direct limited express trains.

In addition, from this city, from November 2010, 22 (Heisei 11), from this city (Yoshioka) And in the cityPrefectural Atsugi High SchoolFrom (Yoshiki Mizuno-Hoson Yamashita) Pop unit composed of 3 peopleIkimonogakariThe business unit also agreed with the intention of "I want to provide songs in return for the locals who grew up ourselves," and the unit's song "YELL"A part of the" was used as the melody when approaching the train.[11].

In addition, "Atsugi StationIs not in our cityEbinaIt is in.


While maintaining high level of convenience in wide area transportation such as long and long highways and Tomei Expressway, the problem is that chronic traffic congestion in the city center affected by it and the resulting reduction in convenience of public transportation Is. In particular, because of the size of the population, there are only two railway stations, and there is a tendency for the bus lines to be heavily distributed. The bus route network was constructed on the site after the relocation of Atsugi Elementary SchoolAtsugi Bus CenterAnd it is being deployed radially around Honatsugi Station. For this reason, one of the causes of congestion is that the loop route network is not maintained, and that the number of bus garages in Oikawa, Atsugi City, regardless of forwarding or business flights, increases after noon and in the evening. That,KananakaOne of the challenges is the reduction in the number of arrivals and departures due to the rationalization of buses. In addition, between Atsugi Bus Center and Atsugi Axuto, from February 2008, 20Articulated bus"Twin linerThe operation of "has started. In the future, measures such as BRT (Bus Rapid Transit), monorail, and ropeway should be taken to reduce the time difference between Honatsugi Station and the suburbs, and increase the number of people not only in the city center but also in the suburbs. From December 2008, 20 (PASMO), transportation ICs such as PASMO and Suica are now available on all Atsugi Sales Office routes.


As mentioned above, there are few railway stations in the city, so moving to the neighborhood depends on automobile traffic. The roads around the stations are National Route 129, National Route 246 Bypass, and Prefectural Route 603 Kamisaya Atsugi Line (former National Route 246 Due to the influence of major highways, etc. However, on February 2010, 22, the Sagami traverse road (Ebina Junction - Ebina InterchangeTo)Atsugi InterchangeIt is expected that the over-concentration will be eased.

Expressways and toll roads
General national road
Prefectural road

General prefectural road

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

Shrines and temples



Special event

traditional culture

Famous people

Cultural person, announcer, politician





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