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🍴 | Boys and Men Tsujimoto, Festival nine. With Nonoda, "Gluttony" revenge "" Losing will grow the most "...


Boys and Men Tsujimoto, Festival nine. With Nonoda, "Gluttony" revenge "" Losing will grow the most "...

If you write the contents roughly
――Please tell us if you have any thoughts you would like to convey to the two Studio MC Sandwichmen and Mr. Kawashima.

From 1:22 on January 20nd (Friday), "Customers of Rumors" will be broadcast on Fuji TV.In this program, a major chain ... → Continue reading

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Sandwichman(Sandwich man,British: sandwich man) isAdsOne of the advertising methods, advertising signs (on both the front and back of a person's torso)(English edition) Is attached, and it means an advertising method that stands or walks in the town, and a person who has attached the signboard.

Human advertising towerIs one of the forms.


It is an advertising method that has been used since the mid-19th century.As shown in the photo, attach advertising signs to the front and back of the torso,DowntownStanding all the way to a particular place or walking around a particular place.By showing the signboard while catching people's curiosity, it brings about an advertising effect.

Legally in a prime location in a downtown area that can only be afforded at a very high cost[Annotation 1]It's an economical way to get a sign (only with labor costs).

There are the following patterns as the relationship between the advertiser and Sandwichman.

  • The advertiser asks Sandwichman to advertise.
  • Advertiser officials (store employees,School festival-Cultural Festival(Even staff of events such as) will be a sandwich man for promotion.
  • Sandwichman advertises himself, such as "I'm looking for a job"[1].


In Japan, at the latest in the late Meiji era, those engaged in such advertising methods were called advertiser husbands.[2]In the Taisho era, the name Sandwichman began to be used synonymously.[3].

after that,Second World WarShortly after1951(ShowaFrom 26 years)1952It is pointed out that around (Showa 27) was the heyday.[4].

Legal basis

In Japan, there are various prefectures (or cities, towns and villages approved by prefectures).Outdoor advertisingOriginallyOrdinanceTo regulate withOutdoor advertising matter lawHowever, most of them are related to advertisements installed on the human body.ExemptionIt is allowed to be posted in public areas including roads.例えばFor exampleTokyoin the case of,

Tokyo Outdoor Advertising Ordinance[5]
Article XNUMX(Advertisements, etc. that can be displayed or installed in prohibited areas or permitted areas without permission)
The following advertisements, etc. may be displayed or installed regardless of the provisions of Articles XNUMX and XNUMX. (Partially omitted)
Advertisements to be displayed on three people, animals, vehicles (excluding trains and automobiles), ships, etc.
Tokyo Metropolitan Urban Development Bureau

Even in areas where advertising is prohibited (Article XNUMX provisions) represented by public roads and parks, and areas where the governor's permission is required (Article XNUMX provisions), it is permitted.
However, there are exceptions, and caution is required as there are cases where conditions are set and there are local governments where the exemption from application of people is unclear.An example is given below.

  • Tochigi - Advertisement display area is 0.5m2Exempted only in the following casesTo[Annotation 2] .
  • Yamanashi --Cars, shipsWaitThe governor's permission is required to exempt the advertisement of the above from the prohibited area provision (Article XNUMX).[8].
  • Kanagawa ――It is clearly stated that automobiles and ships are exempt, but people are not included.[9].

In addition, depending on the purpose, such as those for the purpose of ideological activities and political activities, or customary cases, the restrictions may be relaxed with separate provisions.


As a song with the theme of Sandwichman,1953(Showa 28)City sandwich man] (Lyrics:Tetsuo Miyagawa / Composition:Tadashi Yoshida / song:Koji Tsuruta) Is (in later years)Sayuri YoshinagaAlso covers[10]) Was released and became a hit[4]..この曲は、戦後の窮乏期に元This song was originally from the postwar period of povertyCombined Fleet CommanderMiyoshi TakahashigeneralBecause of the hardship of life1948Based on the true story of having been a sandwich man in Ginza since (23)[4][11].

RC succession"Faithful Dog (Doggy)" (written and sung by:Kiyoshiro Imawano)ShibuyaThere is a lyrics that mentions Sandwichman in the song that makes you hear like singing the city of.


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注 釈

  1. ^ As will be described later, it may be restricted by the local government, so confirmation before implementation is desirable.
  2. ^ Tochigi Prefecture Ordinance[6]"Advertisements displayed on people, animals, vehicles or ships,Those that meet the standards stipulated by the regulationsIs exempted, and a guide for outdoor advertising[7]According to the standard, the display area is 0.5m.2It is described as.


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