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🍴 | The best taste of spring, rapeseed toast ... Provided by a popular cafe in Nara "The unique bitterness flies"

Photo: Spring-like colors ... * Provided by Fujiko

The best taste of spring, rapeseed toast ... Provided by a popular cafe in Nara "The unique bitterness flies"

If you write the contents roughly
Fujiko: Like me, there were many responses that I knew only about rape blossoms with mustard, so I was a little relieved that everyone was with me.

Rape blossoms are beginning to appear on the market as ingredients that carry the best scent of spring.Now, on SNS, such rape blossoms are luxuriously ... → Continue reading

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Hello. This is the "Maidena News", a soft news site from Kansai. We will introduce in a timely manner what has become a hot topic on the internet and in the Kansai area centered around Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto. Introducing and commenting deeply on the news and seasonal information that disturbs society from the perspective unique to Kansai. We can answer the "feelings we want to know" of all our users with the spirit of "Kotekote" service unique to Kansai.

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The impulse of the murderer Fujiko

"The impulse of the murderer Fujiko』(Satsujinki Fujiko's homicide)Mariko SachikobyJapan OfNovel.

January 2008Tokuma bookstoreNewly written mystery published by.20115It became a best-selling book with over 50 copies.

In the sequel, "Interview in Cell The Truth About the Murderer FujikoThere is


A legendary woman who was sentenced to death for killing more than a dozen people, commonly known as "murderer Fujiko".She was the only survivor of the family murder at the age of 11.Why did the girl, who was trying to overcome the tragedy and live a new life, transform into a villain who was feared as a rare murderer?In the form of a recorded novel left by a person who knows Fujiko, he depicts Fujiko's life full of mysteries and tragedy.


Fujiko Morisawa
Known as "Murderer Fujiko".Showa 46 Year10/26Survival of the "Nakatsu-ku family murder case" that happened in the labyrinth.He is also seriously injured, but he survives and is taken over by his aunt.He tried to overcome the tragedy and live a healthy life, but eventually he fell into plastic surgery addiction and transformed into a legendary murderer who killed at least 15 people.
Michiko Takamine
Young true criminal author.Received a draft of the biography from Fujiko's daughter, Sakiko, and took on the mission of ending the biography.
Keiko Morisawa
Fujiko's mother.Although he spares no money for his own appearance, he does not pay for school lunches and school supplies for children and leads a sloppy life.On the other hand, a teacher for Fujiko. Victim of "Takatsu Ward family murder case".
Ryoichi Morisawa
Fujiko's father.He was violent against Fujiko. Victim of "Takatsu Ward family murder case".
Saori Morisawa
Fujiko's younger sister. Victim of "Takatsu Ward family murder case".
Shigeko Shimoda 
Keiko's younger sister.After the incident, he takes over and raises his niece Fujiko.Believers in the cult Q cult.
Kenta Shimoda
The son of Shigeko who lives in the Shimoda family.One of the main characters in the sequel.
Sakiko Uehara
Fujiko's daughter.One of the main characters in the sequel.
Miyako Uehara
Fujiko's daughter.One of the main characters in the sequel.
Emi Kosaka 
Fujiko's elementary school classmate.Probably the victim of Fujiko's first murder.
Kosaka first generation 
Emi's mother.She is a cosmetics sales lady and had a close friendship with Fujiko's mother.

Book information


Published as a newly written work by Tokuma Shoten.
Eight years after Fujiko's execution.The name "Murderer Fujiko" resurfaced in the wake of a horrific incident that seems to involve Kenta Shimoda.Tomohiko Izaki and Rikako Muraki, reporters of Globe Publishing Co., Ltd., and Satsuki Yoshinaga, an up-and-coming radio writer, conducted an exclusive interview with Kenta Shimoda's mother and Fujiko's aunt Shigeko, and the whereabouts of Kenta who went missing. And follow the truth of the unsolved "Takatsu Ward family murder case".
20123A newly written short film included in the booklet attached to "Murderer Fujiko's Impulse Limited Edition" released in Japan.CurrentlyE-bookAvailable in edition.
It is the prologue of "Interview in Cell: The Truth about the Murderer Fujiko".


The impulse of the murderer Fujiko
20134/17 - 4/21,Actor theaterPremiered at[1].. Sponsored byTwinkle Corporation.
20154/15 - 4/19OverZenrosai Hall/Space zeroWas replayed at[2]..Produced and sponsored by Birdland Music Entertainment.
Both are starringRisa Aragaki, Screenplay / DirectionKureha Matsuzawa, The theme song is "Dreaming chanson doll"(song:Black violet).
Premiere cast
Replay cast
Premiere: 20138/9Released, standard part number BLMC-1016
Replay: 20158/7Released, standard part number BLMC-1022


"Fujiko』It was made into a drama with the title.It is a novel that has long been said to be impossible to visualize due to its horrific content and surprising gimmicks.HuluIs made into a drama as the first original work in the service for Japan[3].. StarringMachiko Ono.

201511/13All 6 episodes with HuluJ: COMIt was delivered all at once.


Performance- Machiko Ono/Karin Ono(Junior and senior high school students)
Michiko Takamine
Performance- Tanimura Mizuki
Wakamura Haru
Performance- Tomomi Maruyama
Editor-in-chief Mizutani
Performance- Lily Franky
Kosaka first generation
Performance- Miyoko Asada
Shigeko Shimoda
Performance- Kyoko Mano
Hideki Uehara
Performance- Tsutomu Takahashi

ス タ ッ フ



20165/27Release, standard part number ACBD-10937


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