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🍽 | "Tofuya Kai" Akita's ingredients are used. The deputy chef is from Yokote.

Photo Mr. Sanada (right) and Mr. Hoshino standing in front of the preparations given by Akita Sake

"Tofuya Kai" Akita's ingredients are used. The deputy chef is from Yokote.

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It is said that the introduction by Atsuko Sato, a farmer in Semboku City, led to the handling of products from this prefecture.

The famous Japanese restaurant "Tokyo Shiba Tofuya Ukai" at the foot of Tokyo Tower (Shiba Park, Tokyo) uses the ingredients of Akita ... → Continue reading

 Akita Kaishin Shimpo

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Semboku City

Semboku City(Senbokushi)AkitaLocated in the eastern part ofCity.


Located in the eastern center of Akita prefecture,IwateIn contact with.Almost in the center of the cityLake TazawaThere is, in the eastAkita Komagatake, Hachimantai to the north, SouthSemboku PlainOpen to.

The Lake Tazawa area has the deepest lake in Japan, Lake Tazawa.[1]AgricultureforestryThe tourism industry is thriving, and small Jomon archaeological sites are scattered and located in the north.Tamagawa Onsen OfHokutoliteIs a country-designated specialNatural treasure.KakunodateDistrictSamurai residenceCentered onImportant traditional buildings preservation areaThere is, "MichinokunoLittle KyotoIt is a historical town called "" and a famous place for cherry blossoms.Hinokinai RiverHolds a bank.Akita ShinkansenAfter the opening, the number of tourists has increased further, making it one of the leading in Tohoku.(I.e.Has become[2]..Nishikicho district is bigSaimyoji chestnutAnd Yatsu districtKatakuriIt is a town of nature and history.


It has a basin-specific climate and is clear(I.e.It is characteristic that it has an annual temperature range of 40 degrees or more, so it is characterized by the largest difference in temperature in Akita Prefecture, and the amount of snowfall in winter is relatively large, if you look at it in the whole countryHokkaido OfAsahikawa,Kushiro,Iwate OfHachimantai,Aomori OfSukayuIt is a very cold area, though not as much as the surrounding area.One of the best in Japan, especially when it comes to snowfallHeavy snowfallCounted inSpecial heavy snowfall areaEspecially in the winter around February, a large amount of wet snow tends to fall, and even in the plains, it can reach 2 m or more in the deepest snowfall.Also, regarding the summer climate, it is over 1 ℃.真 夏日Although it is not uncommon to becomeOu Mountains35 ℃ or higher, probably because it is directly affected byExtremely hot dayIs extremely rare.


Population distribution by age in Semboku City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Semboku City (2005)
■Purple-Semboku City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Semboku City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


  • 2005å¹´(Heisei17 years)9/20 --Semboku DistrictKakunodate Town-Tazawako Town-Nishiki VillageWas merged and launched.Establish a city emblem at the same time[3].
  • 2013å¹´(25)8/9 --A debris flow occurs at Lake Tazawa memorial service in Semboku City due to heavy rain[4].
  • 2015å¹´(27)8/28 --As a reform base for "agriculture and medical tourism"National Strategic Special ZoneDesignated as (Regional Revitalization Special Zone)[5].
  • 2020å¹´(2nd year of Reiwa)12/21 --The new Kakunodate Government Building, which was built next to the Senpoku City Health Care Center near Kakunodate Station, has been completed and will start operations from this day.[6]..The former Kakunodate Town Hall has been renamed to Higashi Katsurakucho Government Building.In addition, the organization of the city hall is being reorganized on December 12, prior to the start of business.[7].

Background to the name decision

When establishing a merger councilNakasen Town(Current:Daisen City(Chusen district) was also asked to participate in the council, but eventually it was held in the current three towns and villages.

Regarding the mergerHeisei 15In September, we held a discussion that "Kakunodate and Lake Tazawa should be connected".[8]However, the former Tazawako Town and the former Kakunodate Town are competing for the initiative after the merger, and the two towns are in conflict.A compromise was proposed for the names of the cities, including the names of both towns, but the two towns were in conflict and could not be decided, depending on which one had the crown, "Tazawako Kakunodate City" or "Kakunodate Tazawako City".

After that, the council proposed a resident questionnaire to select the name.As a result, "Michinoku", "Kakukan", "Lake Tazawa", and "Northern Capital" are candidates at the final stage.[9]However, the conflict between the two towns could not be resolved at "Kakunodate" and "Lake Tazawa", and "Michinoku" was around.TohokuOpposition from local governments in each prefecture (especially on the Pacific side) ("Michinoku"MutsuIt is oldDewakuniThis district is not included), which prevented the chairman of the council from bringing it to the vote.After the name was decided by the council again, it settled down to "Semboku City" which was once excluded from the candidates in the third selection.[10]

However, after that, the conflict between the former Tazawako Town and the former Kakunodate Town became more serious, and the former Kakunodate Town Mayor declared that he would withdraw from the council.[11], Former Tazawako Town and former Nishiki Village have set up the "Nishiki Tazawako Merger Council". The "Nishiki Tazawako Merger Council" agreed that the name of the town would be "Tazawako Town" and the location of the government office would be the former Nishikimura government office.

In the former Kakunodatemachi, the mayor who changed the policy from "merger promotion" to "single independent town unavoidable" during the merger talks resigned and held a re-election, and as a result, Naoji Ishiguro (the first mayor) who held the "merger promotion". Is elected.Former Tazawako Town and former Nishiki Village accepted the former Kakunodate Town again and the "Nishi Tazawako Kakunodate Merger Council" resumed (until the merger, the "Nishi Tazawako Kakunodate Merger Council" and "Nishiki Tazawako Merger Cooperative" coexisted).

In addition, when the name was decided, in Akita prefectureSenboku-gunSembokuchoHowever, it has already been decided that the name of Sembokucho will disappear due to the merger with Daisen City, and there were not many voices of opposition and doubts from the citizens of the prefecture.

Place name after the merger

In some areas, the district name is removed, and the letters are added or separated.However, after the merger of the former Tazawako Town, instead of "Tazawako Town, Semboku City", "Lake Tazawa, Semboku CityIs written.

  • Lake Tazawa, Semboku City (formerly Lake Tazawa Town)
  • Kakunodatemachi, Semboku City (formerly Kakunodatemachi)
  • Nishiki Town, Semboku City (former Nishiki Village)


代NameInauguration dateRetirement dateRemarks
Duty agentKiyoo Sato2005/9/202005/10/30Former Mayor of Lake Tazawa
First generationNaoji Ishiguro2005/10/312009/10/29Former Mayor of Kakunodate
2-3 generationsMitsuhiro Kadowaki2009/10/30Incumbent

City council

  • (First Chairman) December 2005: Mineo Sato (former Chairman of the Tazawako Town Council, former Mayor of Lake Tazawa)

At the beginning of the merger, the monthly fee for members of the Diet was set at 408,000 yen for the chairman, 357,000 yen for the vice chairman, and 340,000 yen for the members.Compared to the old towns and villages, the amount of remuneration has increased significantly, nearly doubling.The case where the rate of increase in parliamentary remuneration due to the merger is so high is extremely unusual among the municipalities created by the Great Heisei Consolidation.Currently on this matter[When?]However, although criticism has been received from many residents, the majority of the opinion in the parliament that this rate of increase is reasonable, so far.[When?]There is no prospect of a review.

In addition, there is an annual political investigation fee of 12 yen.

City emblem

The works of people living in Fukuoka prefecture (at that time) were selected from 1003 public offerings.

  • It is a design of "S" which is an acronym for "Senboku", and uses three colors of yellow-green, orange, and indigo to represent the gathering of three towns and villages and the development and spread of the new city. is there.


One of Japan's three major theater companies,Warabi constellationIt is the home of.In addition, one of the prefecture's leadingLocal beer(Craft beer) Is also known as the production center.

  • Ando Soy Sauce Brewer of soy sauce miso in the Kakunodate district

Major companies with headquarters

Financial institution


  • Kakunodate Post Office(Collection and delivery stationYu Yu window(Installation station)
  • Saimyoji Post Office (Collection and Delivery Office)
  • Tazawako Post Office (Collection and Delivery Office)
  • Japan Post Shiraiwa Post Office
  • Kumozawa Post Office
  • Nakagawa Post Office
  • Jindai Post Office
  • Kamihinokinai Post Office
  • Hinokinai Post Office
  • Tazawa Post Office
  • Tazawako Kogen Simple Post Office


high school

Junior high school

  • Semboku City

primary school

  • Semboku City
    • Kakunodate Elementary School
    • Shiraiwa Elementary School
    • Nakagawa Elementary School
    • Jindai Elementary School
    • Life Honai Elementary School
    • Saimyoji Elementary School
    • Hinokinai Elementary School

Special school

Sister cities/partner cities


sister city
Partner city



  • Central station: Tazawako station




General national road

Akita Prefectural Road

Main local road
General prefectural road
City road

Famous places / historic sites / sightseeing spots


Sightseeing spot


Sports Facilities

Festivals and events

Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Kakunodate's Sakura Festival every year,[13] Tohoku-Pacific Ocean EarthquakeAfter2011å¹´In (23), at the opening of the cherry blossom viewing, we refrained from the word "festival" and changed the name to "Ganbaro Tohoku Kakunodate Sakura", shortening the period by 6 days and shortening the time by 2 hours each day by refraining from night lighting. We decided to hold the event, and also planned a charity event.[14].

Famous people


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