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🍺 | Golden Sennuki Confectionery is a way to live in Shintomicho, a vocational school, and product development

Judge on the Shintomi-cho side who tasted and judged the sweets of Golden Sennuki devised by a photo vocational school student

Going to Shintomicho, a vocational school, and product development

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As the production of shochu was reduced due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the contract shipment volume of Kogane Sennuki from the same town is decreasing, so we plan to develop a new sales channel.

Shintomi Town is opening new sweets using the sweet potato "Kogane Sengan", which is used as a raw material for shochu. → Continue reading

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Contract shipment volume


Koganesengan(Golden Sennuki)sweet potatoOne of the varieties of.


1966ToAgricultural Research InstituteBorn at (former Kyushu Agricultural Experiment Station).Timor IslandHeterosis varieties that contain 4/1 each of Japanese and Japanese native blood and 2/1 of American varieties.Compared to conventional varieties, the yield is 3%,StarchThe content was said to be 3-4% higher.With this Koganesengan as a parent, further varieties such as were born.

The exodermis is golden, and the name Koganesengan is derived from this.The body is white.

OriginallyStarchAlthough it was used as a raw material, it is now shipped under the name of Koganemo for fruits and vegetables due to its good texture, and it is also used as a raw material for confectionery.NowadaysDistilled spiritsEspecially famous as a raw material forShochuContributed to the boom.


The researcher who created Koganesengan: Kenkichi Sakai is known as an unrivaled shochu lover, and when he was assigned to the Kyushu Proving Ground, he said, "I don't make varieties that Sakai can go to Kyushu, but only the consumption of shochu has increased. It will be done, "he said.Contrary to his senior's expectations, he produced a famous sweet potato variety and at the same time contributed to the increase in shochu consumption as expected.

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Both are written by Kenkichi Sakai, the creator of Koganesengan.

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