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🍽 | Minami Kojima, a strict word for listeners who say that their mother's food is not delicious


Minami Kojima, a strict word for listeners who say that their mother's food is not delicious

If you write the contents roughly
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Minami Kojima gave strict advice to the consultation that "Mother's omelet is not delicious".Minami Kojima ... → Continue reading


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Minami Kojima

Minami Kojima(Kojima Minami,1992May 12 -) isJapan OfAV actress..Idol group "SEXY-J""Ototoi FridayHe is also a singer as a member of.

KanagawaBackground[1]..With an anime voice[3], Hobbies are walking, special skills areTennis[1],swimming[4].MinesBelongs.The catchphrase is "strawberrySpeaking of? (Minami ~!)pinkSpeaking of? (Minami ~!)strawberryPrincess happiness to youプレゼント!! Is[Note 1].


2011XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Alice JapanAV debut with "Shin ★ Bishoujo" as an exclusive.Exclusive actress unit "Alice Tazu ★Also active as a member of.

2013 OfSKY PerfecTV! Adult Broadcast AwardNominated for 2013 New Artist Award[5]However, the award was given to the same officeMana SakuraMet.In addition, from the same year as SakuraGO! GO! KojimanaIn addition to acting as the moderator, he has also formed a music unit called Ototoi Friday (renamed from Maiden Frapecino).

2014In February, the contract with Alice Japan ended, and from MarchS oneTransferred to.The blog has also moved.

2015XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Ebisu MuscatsJoin[6].

August 2018, 8, Ebisu on the last day of "Okage Summer Tour"Ebisu Muscats 1.5graduated from[7].

In May 2020, won second place overall in the "Active AV Actress Sexy General Election" surveyed by Tokuma Shoten.[8].

Attended "TOKYO SAKE FESTIVAL 2020" on August 8, 15, and became the sake culture ambassador with Mana Sakura and Ai Uehara.[9].

"FLASH 2020 active strongest sexy actress BEST12" announced in December 2020 reader vote, 100th place[10].


Owner of a high-pitched anime voice.High ad-lib acting ability is TV TOKYONobuyuki SakumaIt has been highly evaluated, and has appeared in many variety shows.

At first, I didn't want to be famous, and I also restricted the exposure media.[11]However, because of the exposure restrictions when he was enrolled in "Alice Tazu ★", he was often not called by himself, and the restriction was lifted due to regret.[11]did.

A type that does not look back on his own video.I didn't see it when I made my debut because I was told that I shouldn't look at it because I was too conscious of the camera, and since I didn't have any reflection points when I saw it in the third year, it means to believe in the directors who will continue to edit. But I'm only watching samples[12].

The pubic hair is so thick that it can be nicknamed "Alone Rainforest Climate" by Weekly Playboy.[13].

At the "Kojima Minami's Glitter Counseling Room," she lists her mother as a person she respects, and she cooks three meals every day, and also prepares menus that take nutrition into consideration and prepares the requested dishes. Thinking back, "I think it's really amazing because I can't do it if I want to," he commented.[Reliability required verification].

Video work

Adult DVD

2010 era

Release datetitlespecificationPart numberManufacturerRemarks
May 7True ★ Beautiful girlDVDDV-1279Alice JapanDebut work
BD version released on November 2011, 11[14].
May 8St. Alice Academy SwimsuitDVDDV-1292
May 9If "Kojimina" becomes a female manager of the baseball clubDV-1303
May 10Forever! Look at Kochi and etchDV-1315
May 11Alice Japan exclusive actress Minami Kojima's super luxury soap!DV-1326
May 12Meet and unite in 4 secondsDV-1338
May 1Female assDVDDV-1347Alice Japan
May 2Just staring at you ~ Minami and my love love date ~DV-1358
May 3Alice W Cast Saki Okuda x Minami KojimaDV-1368Co-star:Saki Okuda
May 4Maid de Nyan NyanDV-1378
May 5Cleaning fellatio that never endsDV-1388
May 6SEX48 <National Idol Cosplay de XNUMX Hands>DV-1397
May 71st Anniversary of Debut! Series Tenkomori Alice FestivalDV-1409
May 8Magic mirrorIku !! Welcome to Virgin Kun, reverse pick-up with a brushDV-1418
May 9A sex shop with Yoshiko-chanDV-1428
Alice in full bloomDV-1424Co-star:Tsukasa Aoi,Tatsumi Yui, Saki Okuda,Kawakami Nanami
May 10Super !! Kimochi E SquirtingDV-1437
May 11You are the only masterDV-1448
May 12Beautiful girl nurse Kojimi nurseDV-1459
May 1Minami Kojima's Anime Voice Dirty Talk GO !!DVDDV-1468Alice Japan
May 2Naked ○ School 3rd grade B groupDV-1480
May 3Chinchin Study GroupDV-1491
May 4Super !! Haz or C incontinenceDV-1500
May 5Female ass bloomersDV-1510
May 6EarthworkDV-1521
May 72nd Anniversary of Debut !! Big Facial FestivalDV-1530
May 8Unbearable kissDV-1536
May 9Sensitive Girl's High Speed ​​Piston FuckDV-1547
May 10Rape Academy Cultural Festival StripteaseDV-1558
May 11Idol who was taken down by the presidentDV-1569
May 12Minami-sensei's Bukkake ClassDV-1581
May 1My sister's ass is too eroticDVDDV-1588Alice Japan
May 24 rich SEX that awakens instinctDV-1599
May 3Exclusive NO.1 STYLE Minami Kojima's Squirting Full Course[15]DVDSNIS-114S1 NO.1 STYLE
May 3Alice Japan graduation I will show you all the sex from the legendary debut workDVDPDV-162Alice JapanSingle vest
May 4Intersecting body fluids, dense sex[16]SNIS-133S1 NO.1 STYLE
May 5Cohabitation with Minami Zubozubo sexual activitySNIS-153
May 6Squirting full course with Minami and RinaSNIS-173Co-star:Rina Rukawa
May 7While having sex 20 4 hoursSNIS-192
May 8Violated school girls Targeted school idolSNIS-213
May 9Let's etch outsideSNIS-234
May 10I was made to model underwear ...SNIS-255
May 11Naked caretakerSNIS-276
May 12I'm going to be fucked. ~ Kayowaki Rookie OL Edition ~SNIS-297
May 1Oma ● This, Kupaa.DVDSNIS-317S1 NO.1 STYLE
May 2Woman of Molester Desire Hentai Beauty Receptionist EditionSNIS-339
May 3Minami Kojima S1 Minimal Mosaic 8 Hours Best Vol.1DVDONSD-904Single vest
May 3Screaming when Minami Kojima is screamingDVDSNIS-361
May 4Super luxury customs ladySNIS-382
May 5Sailor suit investigator The target in the school is honor student MSNIS-404
May 6Life insurance lady pillow businessSNIS-426
May 7JK walkSNIS-448
May 8Beautiful breasts glanceSNIS-471
May 9Harlem sexual activity cohabiting with the seven Eswan sistersAVOP-127Co-star:Tsukasa Aoi, Saki Okuda,Nami Hoshino,Miri Yarn,Angel moe,Aoi
*OF OPEN 20151st place in the actress category, 2nd place in the general category[17].
May 9Settled with Dogeza and body, the female president of a complaint processing companySNIS-495
May 10The big butt of the complex that feels the line of sightSNIS-518
May 11Violated Minami Kojima 4 Hours Whole Rape SPECIALONSD-982Single vest
Sex and masturbation are prohibited for one month and adrenaline explodes at full throttle! Convulsions and sexual desire bare FUCKSNIS-541
May 12Sensitive school girls who are charged with aphrodisiacs in a situation where they can not make a voice in the library and cramp and spree while blowing the tideSNIS-564
Harlem sexual activity cohabiting with the seven Eswan sisters [Part XNUMX]SNIS-573Co-stars: Tsukasa Aoi, Saki Okuda, Nami Hoshino, Arisa Misato, Moe Amatsuka, Aoi
May 1Eswan 2 major exclusive co-star Dream beautiful girl sandwich reverse 3P full courseDVDSNIS-585S1 NO.1 STYLECo-star: Tsukasa Aoi
May 2S1 Fan Thanksgiving If You Can Put Up With Ejaculation, Immediately SEX! Minami Kojima Rolls Up With A Real Amateur 12 ProductionsSNIS-604
May 3Cloudy juice coming out from insideSNIS-624
May 4Minami Kojima S1 Minimal Mosaic 8 Hours Best Vol.2DVDOFJE-023Single vest
May 4Voyeur Real Document! On the 120th day of close contact, I took a hard shot of Minami Kojima's private life, got caught by a handsome pick-up teacher I met at my favorite cafe, and ended up having sexDVDSNIS-641
May 5For some reason, I'm the only one in the world where my clitoris is always muffled.SNIS-657
May 6If you forcibly insert it while enduring pee to the limit, thighs pull pull legs jerky and endure desperately, but the moment the thread of tension breaks Jobo Jobo A large amount of holy waterSNIS-674
May 7For three months when I was vacant, Minami, an honor student, continued to be fucked by DQN's big brother's big dick, and as a result, he became a crazy spear man who accepted another stick and scattered it to the tide.SNIS-693
May 8You have to wear acme panties anytime, anywhere! Squirting immediately Saddle punishment game SEXSNIS-713
May 9Only for middle-aged men! Minami Kojima and a rich deep kiss-off party Kissing heaven with uncle Belo who has been hungry for kissing for more than 10 yearsSNIS-732
May 10All Subjective Cuckold Video School Girls Fucked By A Middle-aged Man While Asking You For HelpSNIS-753
May 11Shy continuous squirting JK in the back positionSNIS-775
May 12From beginning to end, it corresponds to the intense "tide spouting".Massive climax tide 58 barrage non-stop 5 hours overflowing with vulgarity so that all the children are embarrassed and endureDVAJ-199Alice JapanSingle vest
May 12Kawaii * 10th Anniversary SPECIAL 3 Maker Special Collaboration Project Sakura Yura x Minami Kojima x Rio Ogawa Dream Beautiful Girl Harlem Super VIP Sex 3 HoursDVDKAWD-774kawaii *Co-star:Sakura Yura,Ogawa Rio
BD9K AWD-774
May 2Cum, squirting, convulsions in a state where you can not always resistDVDSNIS-826S1 NO.1 STYLE
May 2Minami Kojima S1 8 Hours Best Vol.3DVDOFJE-102Single vest
May 2DIGITAL CHANNEL DC 137 Subjective Slut! Continuous Blow! Bukkake! Spring Tide! First Private Gonzo! 200 Minutes SPECIALDVDSUPD-137IDEA POCKET
May 324 hours through! Crotch squirting big cock acme squirting endurance marathon !!SNIS-873S1 NO.1 STYLE
May 4S1 Fan Thanksgiving 2017 10 real virgins challenge to squirt! If successful, super rich brush down SEXSNIS-897
May 5Big incontinence massage with shrimp warped so much that it floats in the airSNIS-920
May 7The super popular Gonzo raw distributor who has been making side dishes recently was his beloved girlfriend.SNIS-942
May 8Limit incontinence acme that I feel too much to endure being molested and leak DadaSNIS-966
May 9Big Orgy Lifted !! Ji ● Po 22 VS Minami Kojima Nonstop Massive Ejaculation 24 Barrage Special Orgy That Always Finds A Meat StickSNIS-988
May 10Otasa's Princess Kimoota Gangbang Video I was active as an underground idol, and I found out that I was doing'Otasa's Princess'to get a tribute ... I was covered with juice in a sweaty enclosure (Kimoota).SSNI-011
May 11Absent-minded climax splash orgasm that blows the tide so much that self-control blows awaySSNI-032
May 12Beautiful girl who was completely tied up and forcibly fuckedSSNI-066
May 1Eswan 2 Big Girl Competition! Tomoe Minami is always in close contact! Reverse 3P Customs Mansion 4 Hours 8 Corner SpecialDVDSSNI-090S1 NO.1 STYLECo-star: Moe Amatsuka
May 2Super ★ Slut Maid Concubine Beauty and Icharab SEX Lesson Completely live-action masterpiece of doujin circle KENZsoft !!DVDSSNI-117
May 3Vaginal chestnut 2 points simultaneous blame convulsions synchro acme FUCKSSNI-144
May 4After this, I will continue to be violated by my father-in-law's unequaled Ji ● Po until my husband returns home.SSNI-168
May 4Minami Kojima S1 8 Hours Best Vol.4DVDOFJE-145Single vest
May 5Super Ikuiku Porcio Rush that continues to live 107 times at a stretch from the first Porcio sexual feeling development in my life and repeats whole body jerky convulsions acmeDVDSSNI-194
May 6I, the reason was blown away by the oil massage after repeating the size stop.SSNI-219
May 7If you feel it and make a voice, you will definitely get caught immediately.SSNI-244
May 8Oma who is climaxing and jerks ● Poke this mercilessly Instead of angry waves intense piston sexual intercourseSSNI-281
May 9Immediately after committing a mess, chase the same womanSSNI-293
May 10New Female Teacher Who Was Fucked-I Was Fucked And Exposed And Gangbanged By A Student-SSNI-313
May 11"You ... I'm sorry" I'm always held by my father-in-law for 15 minutes while my husband is taking a bath.SSNI-336
May 11Eswan 15th Anniversary Special Large Co-star 2nd Group NTR Training Nurse Who Was Gangbanged Together ~ We Who Was Taken Down By A Perverted Doctor At A Social BBQ Drinking Party ~DVDSSNI-355Co-star:Yura Kano,See the slope
May 12[SXNUMX Exclusive x Moody's Popular Series] Super Luxury Small Devil Men's Beauty SalonDVDMEAS-600MOODYZ
May 1Orgasm SEX Special that does not stop even if you ejaculate 1 times a dayDVDMEAS-609MOODYZ
May 2W female teacher Les x gangbangMEAS-618Co-star:Minami Hatsukawa
May 2S1 Minami Kojima x MOODYZ Minami Hatsukawa Super Gorgeous Co-star! Premium Slut Tech Reverse 3P SpecialSSNI-417S1 NO.1 STYLE
May 3I continued to be fucked and squid without refusing the ferocious sexual desire of my husband's stepchild (virgin)SSNI-422
S1 PRECIOUS GIRLS 2019 15th Anniversary DVD 6 Disc 24 Hours Premium BESTOFJE-195Newly shot video recording[18].
Other appearances:Mikami Yujo,There is Hashimoto,Miharu Hasaki, Moe Amatsuka,Akiho Yoshizawa,Nichina Hanon,Yumi しおん,Ayami Shunka etc.
May 4Even if the tide blows, the piston does not stop and further pursuit Large / Large / Flood SEXSSNI-442
May 57 days of tremendously close contact with my father-in-law while feeling the existence of my husbandSSNI-464
May 6Obscene belochu sexual intercourse of a beautiful slutSSNI-483
May 6Minami Kojima Latest 10 Titles Complete Complete 8 Hours BestDVDOFJE-202Single vest
May 7Continued to be gangbanged for several days until [completely fallen]
Beautiful flight attendant
May 8Hypnosis NTR Awakening SEX with me is a light night literature Evidence of chest feces that she has been acme incontinence like a lie VTRSSNI-530[20]
May 9A whispering Dirty Sister who straddles me and seduces me even though I have a wife right next to meSSNI-556[21]

2020 era

Release datetitlespecificationPart numberManufacturerRemarks
May 1Petite and fair-skinned girlfriend is taken down by a giant senior's oppressive horse riding press sexual intercourse and pleasure fallsDVDSSNI-661S1 NO.1 STYLE
May 2Suspended rain shelter NTR Night of a typhoon speared until morning with a longing female bossDVDSSPD-154ATTACKERS
May 3A beautiful boss and an unequaled subordinate at a shared room hotel on a business trip ... A subordinate who misunderstood when he got drunk and left himself to 6 shots unequaled sexual intercourseDVDSSNI-718S1 NO.1 STYLE
May 4Three days when my boss was absent on a business trip and messed up with my boss's wife.SSNI-744
May 5[* Abnormal big cum] Eros maximum awakening! Non-stop serious sexual intercourse of angry waves until sexual desire is exhaustedSSNI-770
May 8"This girl is cheeky, isn't she?" A record VTR that made you want to die by reporting Minami who became a celebrity at an alumni association.SSNI-816
May 9Molester decoy investigator Minami who has been violated many times by the sticky molester circleSSNI-856
May 10"Let's take a break at the hotel" A naked second party where I was drunk and was taken care of by a pair of beautiful bosses and ejaculated until the sperm diedDVDSSNI-879Co-star: Tsukasa Aoi
May 11I drowned in the unequaled sex of my neighbor's wife who came acrossDVDSSNI-905
May 11Minami Kojima NTR Best 8 Hours That Continues To Be Cuckold And Fall Into Immoral OrgasmDVDOFJE-284Single vest
May 12I couldn't stand the bra of my female boss who was exposed through the wet, and it was a guerrilla rainstorm dusk that was all sprinkled.DVDSSNI-929
May 1Beautiful wife who fell licked by her father-in-law's rich tongue techniqueDVDSSNI-953S1 NO.1 STYLE
May 2My wife's Guess summer vacation starting from radio calisthenics
6:25 AM Sweaty from the morning with a college student 7 years younger ...
May 3I want to break my boring daily life, reason, and co-work. In my second year of marriage, my husband and I were in a state of malaise, and I had an affair with my ex-boyfriend who had the best sex compatibility in history.SSIS-003
May 4Minami Kojima's PLATINUM SOAPSSIS-027


* Works from Buiwan VRFANZALimited delivery.

Release datetitlePart numberManufacturerRemarks
May 12Kiss with MinamiVOVR-00027Buoy one VR
Let's go to the library ~ Show off masturbation ~VOVR-00028
Let's go to the library-Blowjob with a good eye-VOVR-00029
Let's go to the library-SEX staring at each other-VOVR-00030
May 12"Look at my face" by Dr. Minami in the infirmaryVOVR-00032
May 12Minami-sensei's fucking blowjobVOVR-00042
SEX in the infirmaryVOVR-00043
May 1After school, Minami-sensei's intense secret secretVOVR-00059Buoy one VR
Minami's slimy show lotion playVOVR-00060
May 1Minami-sensei's tempting lower bodyVOVR-00070
May 9VR long Minami Kojima BESTVORM-00017Single vest
May 2Super Temptation VR Of Sex Appeal Munmun Sister Who Persuades With A Whispering Dirty Talk Even Though She IsSIVR-00070S1 VR
May 1Completely monopolize Minami Kojima! Real face & lively face that popular AV actress shows only to me Ultimate cohabitation VR that immerses you in SEX with the best close contact distanceSIVR-00109S1 VR
May 4[M Sexual Feeling] Bondage Slut's [Five Senses Transcendence] Extremely Impatient Training Superb Chi ● Doppudopyu 6 Continuous Ejaculation 185 Minutes Full CourseSIVR-00125

Image dvd

Release datetitlespecificationPart numberManufacturerRemarks
May 3Minami Kojima's Transcendental Beautiful Girl LegendDVDREBD-016REbecca
May 1Erotic cuteDVDECR-0051Olstuck software sale
May 2Venus Terme-Mixed bathing hot spring trip with Kojimina!-DVDSHMO-050Olstuck software sale
May 3Erotic cute 2ECR-0077
May 8Raw paraTSDS-42104Take Shobo
May 9Naked Yoga Class vol.12 ~ Minami Kojima Edition ~DVDDIEX-0013Olstuck software sale
May 5I liked Minami Kojima so much that Minami Kojima became herDVDDGRP-003GRAPHIS
May 3AphroditeDVDAP 014Fine Pictures

Variety DVD

Release datetitlespecificationPart numberManufacturerRemarks
May 124-hour Kasumi Radio DVD-BOX Volume XNUMXDVDPCBE-63270Pony canyonCo-star:
Kaho Kasumi
Other appearances:

Kawamura Ena
Satomi Yuria
Sayaka Otonashi
Anjo Anna
Mana Sakura

Yuko Sakurai
Norita Sasa
Haruka Ogura
Aika Ando
May 8Go! Go! Kojimana Vol.1PCBE-12059Co-star: Mana Sakura
Kasumi Radio Vol.17PCBE-12061Co-star:
Kaho Kasumi
Aino Kishi
Jessica Kizaki
May 2Godtan Kiss Patience Championship THE MOVIE 2 Psychic LoveDVDPCBE-54579Pony canyonCo-star:
One theater company
Ogi and Hagi
Banana man etc.

Books and others

Photo album

Trading cards


Alice Tazu ★
  • Lovely Angel Alice Tazu ★ (Minami Kojima version) (July 2013, 07, ALST-10P, Alice RECORDS)


TV variety

TV drama

original video

  • History of Japanese Crime ~ The Hole of Desire ~ (February 2013, 2, All In Entertainment) --Hanako
  • Warikiri Prostitution-Anonymous Woman Rie Kurihara 19 Years Old- (June 2013, 6, All In Entertainment)
  • KYOTO BLACK2 Black Junjou (February 2015, 2, All In Entertainment)

Web drama

Web tv

Television Animation



Online delivery

Comedy live



  • "Sexy idol Minami Kojima is also highly acclaimed! It seems that the upcoming Onaho is a killer!" (July 2016, 7,Cyzo)[38]
  • "Minami Kojima & Mana Sakura's beautiful girl combination" Maiden Frapecino "is new to the idol front!Live performance of new song in Shibuya "(July 2016, 7,Cyzo)[39]
  • "Sexy actress Minami Kojima is surprised by the latest lotion for Onaho!" (August 2016, 8,Cyzo)[40]
  • "How far will Onaho evolve? Eswan actress Minami Kojima is amazed at the latest Onaho that makes a noise!" (August 2016, 8,Cyzo)[41]



  • Weekly true storyDr. Minami's SEX Chin Sanatorium (2018?-)
  • Go ahead!Erotic Fleet, Minami Kojima (October 2018, 10)[42] -XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day[43], East sports back street) * Weekly life consultation series by Mana Sakura, Nanami Kawakami, Minami Kojima
  • How are you guys? Minami Kojima (May 2019, 5)[44] --September 9, East Sports Backstreet) * Weekly serialization by Mana Sakura, Nanami Kawakami, and Minami Kojima
  • Golden Quartet Minami Kojima (October 2019, 10)[45] -August 2020, 4[46], East Sports / Backstreet) Weekly relay series by Nanami Kawakami, Minami Kojima, Mana Sakura, and Yuna Ogura. Responsible until March 2020, 3.


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