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🍽 | Pakistani cuisine sacred place, Yashio City's advanced curry shop "Taji" is the best cospa


"Taj", a curry shop for advanced people in Yashio, a sacred place for Pakistani cuisine, is the best cospa

If you write the contents roughly
The Pakistani restaurant "Taji" for advanced users is a good restaurant for beginners who have the courage to take on the challenge.

The charm of "Taji", a store for advanced users in Yashio Stan Many Pakistanis living in Japan live in Yashio City, Saitama Prefecture. → Continue reading


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Pakistani food

Pakistani food(Pakistan Ryo,Urdu: پاکستانی پکوان) IsIndian subcontinent,Central AsiaWith the culinary traditions of various regionsMughal EmpireA dish that blends the elements of[2][3]..Various dishesPakistanIt is derived from the diversity of ethnic groups and cultures.

Punjab,SindhThe seasoning of eastern dishes such as, etc. is characterized by "deep seasoning" and "spicy".[4]..Located in the west and northAzad Jammuir,Balochistan,Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,Federally Controlled Tribal Area,Gilgit-BaltistanThe cuisine is from Central Asia in the neighboring areaWest AsiaIt has a "mild" seasoning similar to.

In urban areasInternational cuisine,Fast foodIs popular.PakistanChinese cuisineEtc., a dish that combines local and foreign recipes[Annotation 1]Is common in big cities.In additionLifestyleWith the change of ready-madeMasala[Annotation 2]Is growing in popularity.

PakistaniConsidering the diversity of foods, the foods prepared are different for each household, so they may differ from the mainstream Pakistani foods.

Historical influence

PakistanEthnic cuisineIndian Aryan,Iranian peopleCulture andMuslimInheriting the culinary tradition of.The oldest formal civilization isIndus civilization OfMohenjodalo[Annotation 3].3000 BCAround the time, in the Indus Valleyゴ マ,eggplant,ZebuEtc. are bred and cultivated[5],Turmeric,cardamom,pepper,mustardEtc. were harvested at the same time[6]..For at least 1000 yearsWheatとRice Indus RiverIt was the basic food for the basin.

Indian subcontinentToIslam[Annotation 4]The advance oflocal cuisineHad a great influence on.Muslims豚 肉[Annotation 5]Or eatliqueurIslamic diet is strictly adhered to because it is forbidden to drink.PakistaniIs traditionalfruit,Dairy productsだ け で な く,VegetablesWithbeef,chicken,fish meatIt also focuses on other types of meat such as.From the above history, to Pakistani cuisineCentral Asia,South Asia, The influence of Middle Eastern cuisine is everywhere.


Pakistani cuisine is characterized by a fragrant and sometimes spicy flavor.Some dishes are generously oily, which contributes to a richer texture and flavor.Amomum Subratum,Green cardamom,cinnamon,Clove,nutmeg,mace,pepperIs the most commonly used spice in making various dishes throughout Pakistan.Cumin seed,Chili powder,Turmeric,LaurierIs also popular.PunjabThen furthercorianderPowder is added.Garam masala[Annotation 6]Is used in many Pakistani dishes and is very popular.

Local cuisine


Pakistan OfBalochistan,(I.e. OfSistan-Baruchester,アフガニスタンLive in BalochistanBalochThe food is called Balochistan.Balochist dishes vary by region in contrast to many Pakistani and Iranian dishes[7]..The most popular balochistan dish is balochistan[Annotation 7][8]And dumpct[Annotation 8].

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

In this areaPashtunLives in, and Pashtun dishes include rice disheskebabIs famous.LambIs used more often in Pashtun food than in other Pakistani foods.For other famous dishes(English edition),Chapli kebab, Tika, and Mutton Karahi.As a historical variation, there is a dish called Peshawari dish.Pashtun and Baloch dishes are traditionally non-spicy dishes.



Punjab's uniqueness is considered geographically and culturally,PunjabWhile most of the inhabitants of the country cook with some variations, they show many similarities to each dish.Therefore, the dishes in this area are classified as Punjabi dishes, and can be seen as common dishes in many areas including South Punjab, although there are some differences.BongPaya[Annotation 9],Nihari[Annotation 10], Murguchana[Annotation 11]Is considered an authentic Punjabi dish.

South Punjab


Pakistan OfSindhLive in(English edition)It is called Sind cuisine, which refers to the local cuisine of.Sind dishes are considered spicy and consist of a variety of chicken dishes.In particular, Cindy Biryani[Annotation 12]Is popular as a picnic dish.




KashmirThe surrounding food is called Kashmir food.KashmirThe staple food of rice has been rice since ancient times.meat[Annotation 13]Is the most popular food in Kashmir that can be eaten with rice, and people in this region consume more meat than in other regions.

Meal composition

PakistaniGenerally eats three meals a day divided into breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In the evening, many families drink tea with baked or fried sweets made at a local bakery or sweets made at home.

RamadanIn betweenPakistanThen the meal pattern(English edition)と(English edition)It changes to.Islamic tradition[Annotation 14]Then, it is appropriate to eat only with the right hand.

In many homes, if there are too many guests to fit on the table,(English edition)A cloth called "" is laid on the floor, and you sit on it to eat.

Many Pakistani food stalls are tact[Annotation 15]Serves meals on.This format isアフガニスタンBut it can be seen.

BakednaanOr, rice and sauce or solids are often scooped together by hand and eaten.


PakistanBreakfast is "Nasta[Annotation 16]Is called.A typical breakfast is an egg dishBoiled egg,Scrambled eggs,Fried egg,OmeletteIs made.In addition, bread,Roti,Parator,Shemal,KulchaとChana masala,Keema,mango,Apple,melon,banana,(English edition),Seeds and seedsCan also be eaten.Drinksmilk,tea,Lassie.honey,バ タ ー,jamuse.(English edition),RuskIt may also contain baked goods such as.On holidays and weekends, HaruwapuriChickpeaMay be eaten.

PunjabNow made from mustard leaves(English edition)And cornbread(English edition)Is preferred.In the areaKhachapuriCan also be eaten.

Pakistan, like many other Asian countries, also eats meat for breakfast, especially on holidays.Boil the heads and feet of lambs and cows for a traditional Sunday breakfastSilipayaAnd stewed dishesNihari[Annotation 17]Can be mentioned. "Nihari" is derived from the Arabic word "Nihar" and means "one day" or "one day off".As its origin suggests, it is sometimes boiled all night to soften the meat.


TypicalPakistanLunch is a lotRice,RotiAnd meat curryChorbaIt is composed of.DarChawal is one of the most popular dishes for lunch.Roti andnaanIt is common to eat rice at dinner, but since we eat more during the day, we sometimes eat rice at dinner.Make with meat and potatoes on the popular lunch menu(English edition),MuttonThere are vegetables in it.Chicken dishes such as chicken karahi are also popular.

At the roadside stallsLentilAnd tandoor roti,ChapatiMasala stew is sold well.

People living near the river sometimes eat tandoor-cooked fish for lunch.


Dinner is considered the main meal of the day as the whole family gathers.

Foods that need to be prepared and have a salty taste, such asBiryani,Nihari,pilaf,Kofta,kebab,Keema,ColmaEtc. are prepared.LentilIs also the staple food for dinner.


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