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🍴 | Seven-Eleven releases "Pikachu Tokyo Banana" and "Eevee Tokyo Banana" at the same time!


Seven-Eleven releases "Pikachu Tokyo Banana" and "Eevee Tokyo Banana" at the same time!

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The package uses a special illustration drawn with a fluffy touch in the image of "Tokyo Banana's fluffy sponge".

"Tokyo Banana World" developed by Grapestone will be the first in the "Pokemon Tokyo Banana" series from February 2th ... → Continue reading

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Tokyo Banana

Tokyo Banana(Tokyo Aoba) isJapan OfConfectionerySeries.Ltd.GrapestoneTo sell[1],Tokyo OfSouvenir sweetsIs.Annual sales are about 40 billion yen. Notations such as "Tokyo banana" and "Tokyo banana" are incorrect.


"Tokyo Banana "Mitsuketta""1991It was released in, and the number of variations has increased, and they are collectively called "Tokyo Banana".

It’s a taste that everyone, young and old, will love.bananaWas adopted.Sponge fabricGives a soft texture by baking once and steaming,creamBanana with a bananapureeThe natural flavor of banana is used.

The actual manufacturing isSaitamaTokorozawaMasudac Tokyo Banana Factory Co., Ltd.OEMIs production[2].

2007, 2008Nikkei BPAccording to consulting research, "Tokyo Banana "Mitsuketta""Tokyo StationNo.1 in sales in Tokyo, and as a brand image of Tokyo souvenirs, "Tokyo Banana" has three items: "I have purchased it", "I think of Tokyo souvenirs" and "I often see products" Is ranked 3st, and the item "Looks delicious" is also 1nd[3].

There were many souvenirs from Tokyo before Tokyo Banana, but Tokyo Banana was the first to introduce "Tokyo" in the product name.[3]. TV setCMAlthough I have not hit such things, the rhythmical appeal of "Tokyo souvenir to Tokyo Banana" and the yellow sign made an impression and gradually became popular.[3]. Also,Apple,OrangeUnlike Japan, bananas have no locality in Japan and are a familiar fruit with an urban scent as an imported fruit for Japanese people. It was also a naming that consumers would support[3].

Product package sizeA4 sizeBy having it, the office worker hasAttache caseFits in and this goes to TokyoBusiness tripThe office worker who has done so will agree with the psychology that "I do not want to carry a souvenir bag"[3].

Epidemic of new coronavirus infectionFrom April 2020, 4, in response to the decrease in demand due to the sharp decrease in business trips due toCapital AreaFor the first time exceptOsakaWill start selling at[1].

Tokyo Banana Series

  • Banana, Tokyo "Seeing"
    Plenty of bananascustardA banana-shaped confectionery wrapped in a soft sponge cloth. The expiration date is 7 days including the date of purchase.
  • Tokyo Bananaキ ャ ラ メ ルTaste, "Mitsuketta"
    Caramel banana custard cream wrapped in sponges of caramel flavor and color.2011May 8To commemorate the 20th anniversary.
  • Tokyo Banana Heart Maple Banana Flavor, "Mitsuketta"
    With a sponge cake with a heart patternMapleWrapped with flavored banana custard cream.
  • Tokyo Banana Flower, Banana Shake Flavor, "Mitsuketta"
    Milk flavored banana custard creamvanillaA product softly wrapped in a sponge cake with a yellow flower pattern that has a scent of.
  • Tokyo Chocolate Banana
    チ ョ コ レ ー トThere is banana cream inside. Bananas only in the summer (mid-May-mid-September)mintIt becomes the taste of "summer chocolate".
  • Tokyo Banana Pie
    Banana flavoredBiscuitDough andpieThe dough is folded.
  • Fresh cream puff
    Fresh creamAnd banana custardCream puff.
  • Tokyo Banana raisin sandwich
    LambRaisinsBanana kneaded withGanacheOf the scent of bananasク ッ キ ーIt is sandwiched in.
  • Japanese sweetsTokyo Banana became
    Banana in a moist skinAnenter.
  • Moist Kuchen
    Layered three layers of dough and baked gentlyBaumkuchen.
  • Tokyo Banana Moist raw Kuchen
  • Tokyo Banana BaumBrulee
  • Tokyo Banana roll cake <chocolate banana>
  • Tokyo BananaGo fret"I found it"
  • Eyes and Sachi of Tokyo Banana (2008(August new product)
  • iceMonaca

Products released in the past

Black bee

  • Black Bee from Tokyo Banana
    Plenty of banana custard with a bittersweet blackcocoaA sweet wrapped in sponge dough.
  • Chocolate pie
    Chocolate is wrapped in cocoa-flavored pie dough that is folded into 328 layers.
  • Moist Kuchen
    With chocolate banana doughBrown sugarIt consists of two layers of cocoa dough.
  • Dorayaki
  • blackSesamePie black bee
  • Black beeRaisins


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