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🍴 | I can only eat it now ...!Seven's "Mario Collaboration" looks and tastes high!

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I can only eat it now ...!Seven's "Mario Collaboration" looks and tastes high!

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The slightly sweet milk agar goes perfectly with the sweet and sour pine sauce!

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Milk tofu

Milk tofu(Gyunyudoufu)milkIs used as the main ingredient, and it is heated or vinegar, etc.coagulationAdd the agenttofuHardened into a shapeFood[1]..Although it is called tofubeansIs not used.This is because soft tofu-like foods are called "-tofu".Apricot tofuFor the same reason.


childbirthOf cows within XNUMX dayscolostrumIs "Ministerial Ordinance on Standards of Ingredients for Milk and Dairy Products(Commonly known as "Ministerial Ordinance for Milk, etc.") According to (2) (1) XNUMX "in Appendix DHuman capitalFood use is restricted and shipping[2]I can't.To make effective use of this unshippable first milkdairyMade between houses[3].

Commercially availableRaw milk,Milk (milk by type),Unadjusted milk,Special milkYou can also make it, but it is necessary for coagulationproteinIngredients such as are thinner than the first milk, and productivity is low.However, due to restrictions on the shipment of first milk, foods generally marketed under the name of milk tofu use raw milk as the main ingredient.vinegarIt is made by solidifying with a coagulant such as.

In Japan, it is treated the same as tofu made from soybeans and can be eaten with the same cooking method.牛Because it is a coagulated food of milk, to be exactcheeseIncluded in the type of.Especially described lateracidThe manufacturing method to harden withcottage cheeseIt is similar to the manufacturing method of, and there is no clear distinction.For this reason, it is sometimes referred to as milk tofu (cottage cheese) in sentences that introduce milk tofu.

Manufacturing method

When using only milk

A container such as a bowl containing the first milksteamerPut it in a bowl and steam it for about 30 minutes to harden it into tofu.How to heat in the microwavepotThere is also a method of boiling in.After solidifyingColanderEtcWheySometimes it removes a clear liquid called.Raw milk from 3 to 4 days after delivery does not harden into tofu just by heating, so it is not suitable for this manufacturing method.[1]

When adding a coagulant

Salt coagulation
After heating the first milk or raw milksalt,NigariAdd and harden.After it hardens, a clear liquid called whey may be removed with a colander.
Acid coagulation
After heating the first milk or raw milk, vinegar orLemonWhen acid such as juice is added, tofu-like solids and whey (whey) In a transparent liquid分離To do.Complete by filtering this whey with a colander and removing it.[1]..Makes up about 80% of milk protein in milkcaseinHowever, it is a manufacturing method that utilizes the fact that it is hardened by acid.
Waste powder,gelatin,cold day,potato starchEtc. are used as a coagulant, mainlysugar(White sugar) And other sugars are added and used as a dessert.When agar is used, it is also called "milk agar" or "milk agar", and it can be eaten as it is, or it can be hardened with fruits.Honey bean-fruit punchIt is also used as a garnish.Also, mainly in elementary schools since the 40s.LunchIt is also one of the popular desserts in Japan.


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