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🍴 | The mouth is in a cherry blossom viewing state.The scent of Cardi "Sakura Yokan" is too amazing.

Photo Tomoya Kosugi / BuzzFeed

The inside of the mouth is in a cherry blossom viewing state.The scent of Cardi "Sakura Yokan" is too amazing.

If you write the contents roughly
I didn't have a mug with a handle, so it was very helpful.

I bought "Sakura no Yokan" at Cardi.This is a delicious combination!The price is 248 yen. 3 ... → Continue reading

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Mug(Japanglish: mug cup,British: mug) IsTablewareOne of them is a large cylinder with a handle.カ ッ プThat.


The origin of the word mug is "cylindrical cup without lid and with one hand". As mentioned above, the name mug isJapanglishSo, in English, it is simply called "mag".[1]

Hot milk orcoffeeOften used to drinkCoffee cupIs greater thanPotageSuch asSoupI sometimes pour the kind. Also, it was made smaller than usual, assuming that it is made with a mug.Instant noodleIs also commercialized.

陶器,磁器Other thanガ ラ ス,Enamel,aluminum,stainlessThere are some materials such as wood. Also,thermosSimilar tovacuumThere are also products that make parts harder to cool (thermo mugs), which are also called tumblers or wall mugs. In recent years, various designs have been created for carrying in offices and have become popular.


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