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🍴 | I want to stock 5 bags.I'm addicted to the unbranded "seasonal snacks" that are numb ...!

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I want to stock 5 bags.I'm addicted to the unbranded "seasonal snacks" that are numb ...!

If you write the contents roughly
As for the noodles, "wheat noodles with whole grain flour" are used as in the shop.

The "a certain snack" I ate the other day was so delicious that I came to MUJI again ...That is "Yuzukosho flavored potatoes ... → Continue reading

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Whole grain

Whole grain(Whole wheat flour, whole wheat flour,English: Wholemeal flour, whole-wheat flour)Wheat flourA kind of.Of wheatepidermis,Germ,endospermIs all powdered.


It is more nutritious than regular wheat flour, which uses only endosperm.FlourAbout 3 times as much asDietary fiber,ironIncluding,Vitamin B1The content of is also high.for that reason,HealthIt is often used for the purpose of.

impuritiesThe color of the powder is slightly brownish because it contains a large amount of powder.The product is unique due to these impuritiesFlavorとTexturehave.Taking advantage of these featuresBread,ク ッ キ ー,Cereal foodIt is used as a material.RyeSuch asMilletOften mixed with.家庭Of windcake,muffinEspecially finely ground whole grains are used for this purpose.

Due to the influence of germ oil, etc.glutenBecause the formation ofBread doughWhen making, it is often mixed with refined wheat flour to improve the mouthfeel.Emphasis on bulge and beautiful appearancesponge cakeNot suitable for such things.

Also, than regular wheat flourfatSince there are many minutes, the storage stability is worse than that.

United States(English edition)The doctor1837Because we paid attention to this high nutritional value and recommended the use of whole grains.Graham flourAlso called (Graham flour).However, faithful graham flour is made differently from whole grain flour, and endospermepidermis,GermAfter separating, the endosperm is ground in the same way as ordinary wheat flour, and the epidermis and germ are coarsely ground and mixed.


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