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🍴 | Famima's new cheese meatball skewer "Arrange Championship without permission" Whereabouts of victory ...


FamilyMart's new cheese meatball skewer "Arrange Championship without permission" Whereabouts of victory ...

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Lentin is good, but I recommend using an oven toaster to brown the surface.

Shirabe editorial department pursuing convenience store gourmet. The "cheese meatball skewer" that appeared on the 23rd is the target this time.H ... → Continue reading


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Toaster oven

Toaster oven(Japanglish, Toaster oven in english [1]Word order) isovenElectric type that can be heated in the form ofkitchenware.Electric toasterRefers to the oven type[2].

In Japan, in 1963TanitaWas first manufactured and sold.


Generally, it is a box with a hinged door in front, and a simple shelf is provided inside, and electric heaters are attached above and below it.If you put something on the shelf, you can heat it from above and below.The size of the shelfPlain breadIt is normal for two sheets to be lined up, but there are also products that are half the width and are stacked in two layers.

The power switchMainspringSimple usingtimerThere are many products that also serve as.High-end models are equipped with electronic controls, and the mainspring timer is also more accurate.

Previously, time and heat[3]There was a switch for each role, but in recent years[When?]Is automatically adjusted with a thermostat, etc., and can be cooked well without making fine adjustments, so many have only a timer switch.


Although it is a type of toaster, it can be used for various dishes other than toast and for thawing because it has an oven-like shape.

Pop-up toaster makes breadToastSince it is shaped like an oven, it can be heated as long as it can be placed inside.gratinCan be widely used for cooking[4].

Because it is structurally simple and inexpensive, it is useful for living alone as a student.Current[When?]Then.microwaveHas an oven function (Microwave oven), But in some cases, the oven toaster is stronger for direct heating, and in some cases it is also used in ordinary households.Far infraredIngredients that are difficult to cook, such as rice cakes, may be cooked more deliciously than they are cooked with a simple gas-fired net.

Make bread and baketoasterDifficult toバ タ ー,margarineSuch asSpreadOr paintcheese,HamBread with ingredients such as, thick sliced ​​(2-5 slices) bread that does not fit in the toaster, and bread other than bread (Bread roll,Hot dog bun, Also sandwiched the ingredients between themHot dogToast is also possible (thick sliced ​​bread is preferred from Nagoya to western Japan)[5]).

注意 点

When baking bread, debris tends to collect on the bottom, and if you neglect to clean the bottom, it will ignite.fireMay cause.Some structures are cleaned by removing the bottom plate, but special care should be taken if the structure is not such that it can be opened wide and the inside can be completely cleaned, such as in an oven.

Toaster maker in Japan


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  3. ^ It is a heating elementNichrome wireThe switch to switch the connection is quite common in products since the beginning of the 21st century.
  4. ^ Uses such as grilling fish or meat that scatter oils and fats can be dangerous as well as dirty the inside.
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