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🍴 | Akagi Nyugyo's "Gnawing Butter Ice" has a net impact The moment I ate it, "What is this ..."


The moment I ate Akagi Nyugyo's "Gnawing Butter Ice" on the internet

If you write the contents roughly
Akagi Nyugyo has been talking about unique products such as the "Gari-Gari-kun" series.

Akagi Nyugyo's new product "Gari-Gari-kun", known as "Gari-Gari-kun," has become a hot topic on SNS.Involuntarily ... → Continue reading


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Akagi dairy industry

Akagi Nyugyo Co., Ltd.(あかぎにゅうぎょう、英称:Akagi Nyugyo Company Limited[1]) IsSaitamaFukayaHeadquartered inice creamIt is a specialized manufacturer. A representative product of 60 yen ice cream "SloppyIt is known as a manufacturer of ".The company name says "dairy", but not a dairy manufacturer (Later(See), produced and released since its establishmentDairy products Theice creamLimited to only[2]..The corporate slogan is "Let's play.. "

Origin of company name

"Akagi" isAkagiyamaI named it "Akagi" because I wanted to make a product for the masses, like the foot of Mt. Akagi, which is said to have a wider base than Mt. Fuji if it did not erupt. There are multiple reasons for the "dairy industry" part, and the company's managing director and general manager of the development division said, "I wanted to make products using milk in the future, so the frozen dessert company decided to use the dairy industry. Put it down please"[3]At the company's customer center, "I wanted to get closer to and catch up with the major" OO dairy industry "at the time of its founding."[2]It explains.


  • 1931(6)May 10 --General PartnershipHiroseya storeFounded as
  • 1960(35) --General partnershipAkagi dairy industryChange the trade name to
  • 1961(36)May 12 --Organization changed to a joint-stock company
  • 1963(Showa 38) --Changed the trade name to Akagi Nyugyo Co., Ltd.
  • 1964(Showa 39) --Akagi Shigure released
  • 1976(51)
    • Headquarters factory relocation based on Fukaya city planning
    • Completion of new factory (at that time, the largest factory in the Orient)
  • 1981(Showa 56)- SloppyRelease (50 yen)
  • 1984(59) --Ramen ice cream released
  • 1985(60)
    • Super software released
    • Soft released
  • 1987(62) --Laqueri Japone Co., Ltd. (gelato shop) established
  • 1991(3) --Gari-gari-kun price increase to 60 yen
  • 1995(7) --Kajiro released
  • 1996(8)
    • Large-scale campaign for the 15th anniversary of Gari-gari
    • Salmon roe bowl ice cream sale
  • 1998(10) --Gatsun, Tomikan released
  • 1999(11)- HACCP(Comprehensive hygiene management manufacturing process) Obtained certification
  • 2000(12) --Gari-gari-kun CM started, annual sales exceeded 1 million
  • 2005(17)
    • Shari Shari released
    • Gari-gari-kun's annual sales exceeded 1.5 million
  • 2006(18) -25th Anniversary Garigari Club
  • 2009(21) --Laqueri Japone becomes Laqueri Division
  • 2016(28) --Gari-gari-kun price increase to 70 yen
  • 2019(31) --Product price increase of 120 yen or more (10 yen or 20 yen depending on the product), 100 yen and 70 yen products are excluded.

Main products

Ice cream / frozen dessert

  • Sloppy
  • Gatsun, and (mandarin orange)
  • Gatsun, and (Mango)
  • Gatsun, Tomikan (yogurt flavor)
  • Gatsun, and (peach)
  • Gatsun, and (Pine)[4]
  • ガツン、と(南国フルーツ)
  • Akagi Shigure Cup (Strawberry, White, Condensed Milk Azuki)
  • Shigure Akagi (multi) until the end of condensed milk
  • Rich milk (chocolate)
  • Rich milk (matcha)
  • Rich milk (raw caramel)
  • Premium rich milk (espresso)
  • Chocolate mint
  • Shabby (orange)
  • Shabby (sliced ​​lemon)
  • Shabby (ramune soda)
  • Shabby (Peach)
  • Shabby (grape)
  • Shabby (soda)
  • Shabby (Mango)
  • Shabby (Zero Grapefruit)
  • Super soft
  • Sof'(vanilla)
  • Sof'(chocolate)
  • Sof'(cafe au lait)
  • Parfait dessert chocolate chips (chocolate vanilla)
  • Parfait dessert chocolate chips (strawberry vanilla)
  • Parfait dessert chocolate chips (chocolate banana)
  • Parfait dessert chocolate chips (chocolate mint)
  • Parfait dessert chocolate chips (annin tofu flavor)
  • Parfait dessert chocolate chips (tiramisu)
  • Parfait dessert chocolate chips (ice coffee)
  • Parfait dessert chocolate chips (strawberry cheesecake)
  • Parfait dessert chocolate chips (with latte cocoa cookies)
  • Q's strawberry and vanilla
  • Q's cream soda flavored melon
  • black
  • Bashamichi Ice Clean
  • Gorotz vanilla
  • Gorotz chocolate mint
  • Cake stick
  • Seasonal ripening (Citrus unshiu)
  • Seasonal ripening (white peach)
  • Seasonal rip (Okinawa pine)
  • Decalche (Strawberry Cheesecake)
  • Decalche (Tiramisu)
  • Decalche (gateau chocolate)
  • Superman Ice (discontinued)
  • Oishika stick (similar to Meiji Umaka stick; out of print)
  • Super soft (chocolate vanilla)
  • Super soft (strawberry vanilla)
  • FunFudge (chocolate mint)
  • FunFudge (caramel pudding)
  • FunFudge (rum raisins)
  • FunFudge (strawberry cheesecake)
  • Milkycorn(FujiyaWithcollaborationProduct)
  • Fondi (chocolate)
  • Fondi (Matcha)
  • Gold milk ice cream (Seven Premium)[5]
  • MILCREA(ミルク)
  • MILCREAマルチパック(ストロベリー)
  • MILCREAマルチパック(宇治抹茶)
  • MILCREAマルチパック(チョコレート)
  • かじるバターアイス

About factory tour

SaitamaHonjo CityAt the Honjo Senbon Sakura "5S" factory in Honjo, you can observe the manufacturing process of the popular ice cream "Garigari-kun" that represents Akagi Nyugyo.You can sample ice cream for free during the tour, and you can also visit the Garigari Shrine.The factory tour is free of charge, and there is a privilege to sample ice cream, so many visitors come every day.Factory tours require reservations, but due to the new coronavirus, they will be temporarily suspended from March 2020.[6]..You can tour the virtual factory on the company website.[7].

Sales offices, factories, affiliated companies

  • Production plant
    • Headquarters Fukaya Factory
    • HonjoThousand Sakura "5S" Factory
  • Affiliate
    • Gari-gari-kun production


  • Dog ice cream (currently sold out)
    • It was sold by mail order as an ice cream for pets and at some pet stores.

CM performer

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