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🍺 | [Fukushima City] Lunch is also delicious!Beer restaurant "Rosenkeller"

Photo Source: Living Fukushima Web

[Fukushima City] Lunch is also delicious!Beer restaurant "Rosenkeller"

If you write the contents roughly
Kaki fry with plenty of sauce is the best.

Hello. It is Non.Fukushima City's beer restaurant "Rosen Keller" is a must-see for beer lovers ... → Continue reading

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Deep fried oysters

fried oysters(Notation: Fried oysters,Deep fried oysters) IsOystersWas the main ingredientfly.Western food(JapanBorn western food[Note 1]), And JapanFried foodCuisineA kind ofShellfishIt is a kind of cooking.

mainlyPacific oyster(True oysters,scientific name: Crassostrea gigas) Is used, from early autumn to early spring[2](In a separate document, from late autumn to summer[3])ButSeasonIs.On the other handCrassostrea(Iwao oyster, IwagakiGenus〈scientific name: genus Saccostrea>,English name: rock oyster) Is from May to August[2](From spring to summer[4]) It's in season.Therefore, it can be eaten all year round in Japan.


There are various theories about when the oyster fry was first made, and it is not clear.


1895(Meiji28年)に創業したTokyo-GinzaWestern restaurant "Bokutei"Pork cutletを始めとする数多くの揚げ物料理を考案して普及させているが、明治34年ごろにカキフライもメニューに入った[6].

It has been a menu only for Western restaurants for a long time since its appearance, but eventually it became popular in ordinary households, and it became popular in Japan.home cookingI also joined the menu of.Also, oyster frySet mealIn the form ofJapaneseShops andA coffee shopIt was often offered at.in JapanMass cafeteriaFirst of all,TaishoHappened in the timesGreat Kanto EarthquakeAfterdisasterreconstructionThe second is the periodShowaIn the medium termSecond World War OfPostwar reconstruction periodTherefore, oyster fry was also triggered by one of these times.PopularizationIt may have been done.

Incidentally,Westernin the case of,Ancient romeIn oystersraw food(Seisoku) And thisFood culture:Is spreading all over the world in the form of taking overWesternCulture(FranceCentered onイタリア,America,AustraliaAnd so on[7].. ) But oysters are eaten raw, and I can't find any fried food.


  • 1.  Lighten the dirt on the oysterssaltRinse with water and boil in boiling water for about 10 seconds.[8].
  • 2.  Drain well and add saltpepperShake and season[8].
  • 3.  Put on your clothes.One of a and b below.
    • a.  FlourSprinkle and melteggAfter passing throughBread crumbsPlenty of.
    • b.  After mixing the cake flour and letting it pass through the melted egg liquid, add plenty of bread crumbs.[8].
  • 4.  180℃Heated toEdible oilFried in[8].

Roughly ground, depending on tasteWheat flourWhen used in place of cake flour, it became crispTexture(The texture of the oil is reduced and the crispy texture is increased).For beaten eggsmilkExample of mixing[8]There is also.Heat unevenness and shrinkageTasteThick clothing to prevent outflowBalesIt is generally molded into a shape.

LemonComb-shaped cutting (Comb)Tartar sauceI often eat it with something like (■ There is an image in the right column).Soy sauce,Worcestershire sauce,Tomatoketchup,Ponzu sauce,mayonnaise,TabascoEtc. are also used depending on the taste.

Example of combination with fried oysters and cheese as topping ingredients for curry
With fried oysters as a topping ingredient for currycheeseCombination example with
Uramura oyster dog
Uramura oyster dog

Related dishes

There is also a dish with another modification to the oyster fry.

Fried oyster bowl(Kaki Fry Don) / Kaki fry bowlIt is,Pork cutlet on ricelikeonion(Onions)Other ingredients and oyster frySubordinateAfter boiling inChicken eggsso,riceIt ’s a dish on top.[9][10][11].Kamakura bowlIt is,Kamakura cityOf a specific area withinLocal cuisineHowever, the oyster fry bowl is also one of the variations here.

In some cases, fried oysters are used as an ingredient in other dishes.

curryin the case of,Cutlet curry OfCutletLike the oyster frytoppingIt may be eaten as an ingredient (■ There is an image in the right column).AichiThen,Ankake SpaghettiIt is also one of the topping ingredients of.

MieTobaYoyoshiyaLocal burgerof"TobagaI sandwiched the oyster fryHot dog"Uramura oysterOffering "dogs"[12](■ There is an image in the right column).

EkibenAs an ingredient ofJR Hiroshima Station"" Sold on the premisesRice scoop riceThere is a menu with fried oysters[13][14]Besides, Western styleBox lunchThere is also an example that can be put in.


Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareIt is,2013(25) According to the "Massive Cooking Facility Hygiene Management Manual" revised on October 10, the center of cooked foods is 6.° C1 minute or more (clamsSuch,Norovirus汚染85-90 for foods that are afraid of° C90 seconds or more. ) Or is instructed to confirm that it is heated to the same level or higher.[15][16].

Dietary scholar Keiko Hatae is due to norovirusFood poisoningThe central temperature is 85° CRequires heating for 3 minutes and 30 seconds or more to exceed the conditions of[17]AndGeneral Foundation The Institute for Environmental Culture Creation is based on Noritaka Oyamada et al., Food Hygiene Research, Vol.53 (2003), and the oil temperature is 170.° CThe above alerts you to fry for at least 3 minutes.[16].HokkaidoOkhotsk General Promotion BureauOil temperature 180° CAs a guide, fry for 4 minutes or more.[18]..In addition, "4 minutes or more" meansfrozenIt is a numerical value considering that the oyster meat may be fried without being sufficiently thawed.[16]..In other words, if you fry the oysters that have been thawed or refrigerated for such a long time, the surface of the fry will be scorched and you will not be able to finish it deliciously.[16].



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