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🍽 | Splashed stew? "Hirunandesu" criticizes no-mask food "disgusting"

Photograph by Yu Ayaga (C) 

Splashed stew? "Hirunandesu" criticizes no-mask food "disgusting"

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In addition, Tomio is excited to make a tongue stew, which is his specialty, to Nicole Fujita, a regular Monday who professes to be petting like his grandson.

"Hirunandesu!" Broadcast on February 2nd. 』(Nippon TV system), actor, singer, female onnagata Tomio Umezawa appears.Homemade food ... → Continue reading


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Nicole Fujita

Nicole Fujita(Fujita Nicole, Nicole Fujita,1998(10)2/20 -) isJapan OfFashion Model,talent,YouTuber.

New ZealandBackground[1].Oscar promotionBelongs. 13thNikola Model AuditionGrand Prix. ExEMMARYFirst Editor[4].. 『ViVi] Exclusive model.



FatherRussianとPolish Ofhalf[5].. My mother is Japanese,Snack barRun[2].. Named in the hope that the mother will become an internationally famous child[6]..Born in New Zealand, he lived there until he was three years old, but then moved to Japan due to his parents' divorce.[5]..I have a younger brother with a different father[7].Toda City Toda Daiichi Elementary School,Toda City Toda Junior High Schoolgraduate.

January 2016Correspondence high schoolGraduate from[8].


For teens in 2009fashion magazine"nicola』The 13thNikola Model AuditionApplied for and was selected as one of the 1 Grand Prix winners out of 4076 peopleNikomo) Becomes[9].. The reason for applying is that I was interested in model work "I bought it because my mother was similar to Nicola and Nicole, so I bought it"[10].

Other Grand Prix winnersIkeda Risa(Current"CanCam] Exclusive),Matsui Airi(Current"Ray] Exclusive),Furuhata star summer(Currently ""), 1 junior high school students, only Fujita was in 4th grade.[11].. "Nicola" October 2009 issue is the first appearance of the article introducing the grand prix winners[12].. He made his model debut in this way, but a junior high school classmate who went on to enter Fujita, saying that he wasn't able to play as expected, said "Is that a model?" It seems that his mother supported such a difficult time, and Fujita said, "Whenever I'm having a hard time, I'm always there," "Mom is always on my side," "Mom is my best fan." (I told you.) If I weren't told, I think I couldn't do my best."[13].


He started his activities as Nikomo in the October 2009 issue, and as a number of neat and clean models, he is allowed to make color contacts and is a little different.[Note 1]Located in its own position, it is also entrusted with the serialization page[14].

Nikomo's music unitNico☆Moko"AlsoKyoko Nichinanとの入れ替わりで追加メンバーとして活動した。 雑誌『nicola』表紙への登場は2011年1月号、2012年11月号、2013年10月号、2014年5月号の4度である。2014年4月に『nicola』を卒業すると、同年6月に雑誌『Popteen], and will appear on the cover in the May 2015 issue[5].. “Pop Teen” July 2015 issue will appear alone on the cover[15][16].

2015'sMezamashi TV"ofImadokiActing as a girl[17].. same year,Yahoo! Search Award 2015 · Model category award[18].

June 2015, 6, WEB magazine for female high school students, which was launched on this dayEMMARYAppointed as the first editor-in-chief of (- March 2016)[19].

On August 2016, 8, she made her debut as a singer with the single "Bye Bye" and co-wrote the lyrics.[20].. same year,Nail queen 2016To win[21].

Graduated from "Popteen" model with event in August 2017[22].

Magazine released on October 2017, 10 ``ViViIt became a ViVi exclusive model in the February issue.[23].

On December 2017, 12, he announced the launch of his own fashion brand "NiCORON".[24].

August 2018, 2,SHIBUYA109Opened the first "NiCORON" store in[25].

In 2018, the animation ``Pokemon Sun & Moon"soPikachuHe made his voice actor debut as the role of Klin, and from episode 96Nu bearHas appeared as a semi-regular role.

In a separate frame, in a newsletter of a certain magazine, I used to imitate the "Graceful Vase" card, which is currently prohibited from playing in the Yugioh Trading Card Game, and received a large number of retweets and replies on Twitter.

August 2019, 2,YouTubeOpen an account[26].

Announced to put a break on "NiCORON" on September 2020, 9[27].

Main appearance


  • nicola(2009-2014)-Exclusive model
  • Popteen(2014-2017)-Exclusive model
  • ViVi(2017 -)-Exclusive model

fashion show

TV program



WEB drama

TV drama

Television Animation

Theater animation


  • There is no limit to the brilliance of women ~ 50 women working with Nicole Fujita ~ (TBS Radio, November 2019, 11) --MC[39]
  • Nicole Fujita tomorrow(TBS Radio, January 2020, 1-)[40]


Photo album



#Release dateTitle of workLabelHighest rank
Oricon[41]JPN Hot 100
"-" means either outside the chart range or outside the chart range.


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注 釈

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