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🧁 | Business supermarket "Hotcake Mix" contains 1kg!Arrange for sweets and meals


The business supermarket "Hotcake Mix" contains 1kg!Arrange for sweets and meals

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Business Super ┃ Hotcake Mix __
Contents: 1kg
Storage method: Store in a hot and humid place, avoid direct sunlight, and store at room temperature.

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Premix What is (Prepared Mix)?Wheat flourSuch asCereal flour,Swelling agent,seasoningIt is an adjusted powder in which the above is mixed in advance in an appropriate ratio for each application.Under the legal systemFlour preparation,Flour preparationCall.


In Japanese homesHot cake mix,Fried chickenHowever, there are hundreds of types of premixes in Japan alone, including those for commercial use.Even overseasBaked cake mix,Tortilla mixThere are premixes for popular dishes in each country.

A product made in the United States in 1848 that mixes tartaric acid and baking soda with wheat flour is said to be the world's first premix.アメリカでは1930年初頭からケーキミックスが販売され始めたが、発売当初は簡単に作れすぎて不評(当時は水を入れるだけ)だったのが、レシピの見直しとなどの大企業が大規模な宣伝活動をした結果、1950年代には家庭でケーキを焼く場合に半分の家庭ではケーキミックスが使われるようになったCake mixes began to be sold in the United States from the beginning of XNUMX, but when they were first released, they were too easy to make and were unpopular (at that time, just add water), but large companies such as reviewing recipes made large-scale advertisements. As a result of their activities, in the XNUMXs, half of the homes used cake mixes when baking cakes at home.[1].. In Japan, in 1931Pancake"Hotcake no Moto", which was released for use, is the first premixed product.

The advantage of premix isFlour-Strong flour,Baking powder,baking soda,EastSince multiple ingredients such as sugar and salt are prepared from the beginning with the appropriate composition, labor, time, and inventory costs can be reduced, and if cooked according to the recipe as it is, there are few mistakes. Is to be able to cook.



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