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🍴 | "Cheese Pasta Fair" with Jolly Pasta – 4 items such as melty and fluffy


"Cheese Pasta Fair" with Jolly Pasta-Four items such as melty and fluffy

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Porcini powder is also sprinkled over cream sauce and cheese to make it fragrant.

From February 2th, Jolly-Pasta will launch the first "Cheese Pasta Fair" at pasta specialty stores nationwide, "Jolly-Pasta" ... → Continue reading

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Cream sauce

Cream sauce Theソ ー スIs a kind ofBechamel sauceToFresh creamPlus[1].

"Boil down the fresh creamsalt-pepper-LemonThe one that is seasoned with soup etc. is sometimes called cream sauce. This isMeat dish,fricasseeUsed for etc.

Based on fresh creampastaSometimes the sauce is called cream sauce. in this case,FranceBechamel sauce is used for the pasta in the formula,Italian foodSo fresh creammilkIt is used after being heated and boiled down. Also,CarbonaraIs often thought to be a typical cream sauce-based pasta, but it is said to be the origin of carbonaraRomeThe traditional recipe does not use fresh cream or bechamel sauce.


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