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🍽 | Behind the astonished restaurant "I used parsley all the time" "It was more beautiful than the kitchen at home"

Photo "I was surprised to work behind the restaurant"

Behind the astonished restaurant "I used parsley all the time" "It was more beautiful than the kitchen at home"

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In the past, it was a big news to use leftover food at the high-class restaurant "Senba Kichicho", but in reality it may be a common sight that is done on a daily basis.

Anyone who has worked at a restaurant looks at the back of the restaurant asking, "Do you serve food like this?" → Continue reading

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Yoshiba Senba

The original notation is "Senba ð ®· trillion"is. The title given to this article isTechnical limitationsorArticle name restrictionsIs inaccurate due to.

Yoshiba Senba(Senba Kicho) used to beOsakaChuo-kuExisted ingood omenGroup luxuryrestaurant, And its operating company. The exact notation for "kichi" is "ð ®·" (U + 20BB7, "mouth" under "soil", Tsuchiyoshi)[1].


1991Togood omenFounder ofTeiichi YukiIs a good sign for childrenGoodwillWhen I did, the third daughterSachiko YukiHusband (mukoyoshi) and auspiciousItamaeHowever, Masanori Yugi was given the Kichicho Senba store at that time and opened.

After that, by President Masanori and his wife and children who were also the management team1999ToFukuoka CityOpened Hakata store in Kyushu and expanded to Kyushu, OsakaHankyu Department StoreAnd in FukuokaHakata DaimaruIn partnership with, it was promoting diversification by selling products of the Kitcho brand.

The policy of emphasizing profitability, which can be said to be excessive, has become a dead end.2007Toexpiration dateCut orCamouflageA problem was discovered and all stores were closed.2008In 1 monthCivil Rehabilitation LawAfter applying the above and renewing the management team (retirement of executives excluding the new president Sachiko including President Masanori), the business was resumed, but in May 2008, it was discovered that customers reused leftover food.This was a catch-up, and the number of customers went away and it became impossible to make a profit.5/28Submitted a restaurant closure notice to the Osaka City Public Health Center.

Although it was within the group with other Kitcho groups (Hon Kitcho, Kyoto Kitcho, Kobe Kitcho, Tokyo Kitcho), there was no capital relationship at all, and the business policy was entrusted to each.However, due to the repeated scandals of Funaba Kichicho, it became necessary to investigate again whether food safety was properly carried out.complianceA new committee has been established to conduct joint audits.

List of stores

Stores that were open until May 2008, 5
  • Senba Main Store-Former ð ®· trillion Senba Store, Kitakyuhojimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
  • Hakata store- Hakata RiverainInside
Stores closed as of January 2008, 1


Sale of confectionery and prepared foods that have expired

200710/28, Operated by Funaba KichichoFukuoka CityIwatayaUnsold "Kichicho Tenjin Food Park" on the 2nd basement floor of the main buildingBlack beanPudding""Cherry Blossomsjelly""MatchaJelly (Ryo Matcha) ""tart""roasted green teacakeOf the five types of sweetslabelRe-tension every dayExpiration dateOrexpiration dateIt became clear that the display was disguised.This product was not manufactured at the Funaba Kichicho store, but in Fukuoka City, which was outsourced.Western confectioneryIt's a store.Fukuoka CityThe Food Safety Promotion Division was in the same year9/11Conducted a survey from the same year10/27Stop selling all products[2].

"Kichicho Tenjin Food Park" sold at "Kichicho Tenjin Food Park" on November 2007, 11Chestnut"Fukumase simmered" etc.Side dishAmong them, it was discovered that the ingredients whose expiration date and expiration date had expired were being poured into the "Kichicho Tenjin store" on the 7th floor of the Iwataya new building.Yoshinori Funaba also admitted that he had sold 12 side dishes that had expired.

Each in OsakaDepartment storeLet's take a serious look at this situationNew yearAnd other products have been postponed.Hakata Daimaru The11/12, Senba ð ®· Trillion side of product sales, food and drinkAgreementReleaseNotify.The signboard was also removed.

Disguised local chicken production area

200711/9, Osaka cityChuo-kuAt the main store of, "Wagyu beef from Saga prefecture"Tajima beef"broilerToLocal chickenIt turned out that the display was disguised as ", etc."[3]..There are a total of 10 products disguised as production areas and raw materials.[4].

According to Funaba Kichicho, "The broiler case was delivered by the trader as a local chicken, and the production area camouflage was done by the person in charge of purchasing at the site at his own discretion." "I have never sold it to trillions," and the clerk and the vendor said, "It is clear that the prices and quality are different, and the officers of Senba ð ®· trillion also knew." Conflict[5].

Disguised production area of ​​miso-zuke

200711/16,Osaka Prefectural PoliceHeadquartersLiving Environment Division TheUnfair Competition Prevention LawAs the suspicion of violation (quality misrepresentation) increased, we entered into a forced investigation of related parties such as the head office.[6]..In addition to the head office, there are 12 search locations, including President Yugi's house in Chuo-ku, Osaka, managing director's house, and office.The prefectural police also voluntarily interviewed executives such as President Yugi.

The direct suspicion was from March to October of the same year.beefMisoAs a raw material for three sets, "pickled beef", "pickled beef and chicken miso set", and "beef miso pickled and mentaiko set"SagaWith birthKagoshimaProducts processed using beef produced were packed in boxes.On top of that, "Tajima beef" and "Mita beefPut on a sticker that says "TokyoGift sales company in Osaka cityHankyu Department StoreSuspected of delivering a total of 101 pieces to.It is said that these three products were sold for about 3-about 1 yen.

The executives of Yoshinori Funaba admitted that there was a falsehood in a part of the product display, but denied systematic involvement such as "It is not a company" and "It is not an executive's knowledge".However, due to the wide variety of false products, it is unlikely that the end employees are acting alone, and the prefectural police believe that there is a strong suspicion that fraud has been continued or neglected for a long period of time.

Unauthorized production and sale of plum wine

Funaba Kichicho needs to make liquorLiquor tax lawIt became clear that plum wine was being produced without the above permission.According to media reports, homemade plum wine was produced at the main store and Hakata store, and around 1999, the main store had been offering it to customers at the Shinsaibashi store and Tenjin store before that.After being pointed out by the national tax authorities that "there is a suspicion of violating the Liquor Tax Law," Senba ð ®· trillion said, "When business resumes, it will be removed from the menu."[7].

Re-provision of leftover food by customers

At all four stores, the food left by the customer was once collected and provided to another customer.[8].

"tempura"" May be fried again and put out "Sweetfish OfGrilled with saltWas re-baked and "Ayu no Odori Fried" was fried twice.For wasabi, the one that had collapsed and was lowered was re-delivered as wasabi soy sauce, and the sashimi was refilled.The sashimi knobs were washed by part-time employees and introduced into the brewery (kitchen).It is said that it had been normalized until the business suspension in November 2007 at the direction of former president Masanori Yugi, who was in charge of restaurant management.[9]..Employees say that these reusable dishes "I think they were often served to lower-class customers." [10]..President Sachiko Yugi does not call it "leftover food" after it is discovered that it will be reused."Untouched food'I requested the media to call it.

Ex-post explanation and progress until business closure

Initially, the Senba Kichicho side made a series of camouflagepartIt was at the discretion of the women of[11]However, on November 2007, 11, four women who were in charge of the sales floor held a press conference and said, "The store manager (Shoji Yugi).Director) Directly instructed to extend the deadline by one month and sellexpiration dateWas relabeled. "[11], After the camouflage problem was discovered10/31At night, Shoji was asked to sign and seal an "accident report" created by the company that "all responsibility lies with the part-time woman", and when the part-time woman refused, she yelled "It's an excuse" and expired the next day. He revealed that he was forced to write down the reason for selling the product on paper, and revealed the series of circumstances and the involvement of the management team of Senba ð ®· trillion.After a question and answer, the part-time woman returns home without signing an hour and a half later.

On the other hand, Shoji denies these testimonies.[11]..Furthermore in 200711/16 OfOsaka Prefectural PolicebyHouse search-Forced investigationHowever, he completely denied the testimony of part-time female employees and the testimony of purchasers.However, reports of store inventory and the number of purchases are sent to the head office in Osaka every day.facsimileWas sent from the storeMinistry of AgricultureAs revealed by the investigation of the landlady, on December 12th, a contradiction arose in the claims of Funaba Kichicho.Sachiko YukiThe directors held a press conference and acknowledged the involvement of management.Sachiko instructed his eldest son, Kikuro, in a whisper, and Kikuro repeated it with a parrot, and all of it was picked up by the microphone.[12]..The funnyness isTokyo SportsSponsored by8th Beat Takeshi Entertainment AwardWas even awarded a special award.

20081/16,Osaka District CourtToCivil Rehabilitation LawApply for application.In response, the court issued a conservation order.The total debt is about 6 million for financial institutions and about 2 million for damage guarantee, totaling about 8 million yen, and all officers except Sachiko Yugi, who became the new president, resigned from responsibility.[13].1/21In response to the decision by the Osaka District Court to start civil rehabilitation proceedings, the new president Sachiko held a press conference and apologized again for the series of events, and the chefs who attended explained the appointment of the new president Sachiko.While the main store reopened on the 22nd, it withdrew from the operation of the Shinsaibashi store and Tenjin store, and the rehabilitation plan is 20088/5As submitted by[14]At one point, it seemed to be on the road to reconstruction.

In May 2008, after it was discovered that "customers had been reusing leftover food" for more than 5 years, reservations were canceled one after another, and the number of customers was half that before the discovery, and 10 at the end. Reduced to about 3 /.On May 1, 2008, he submitted a restaurant closure notice to the Osaka City Public Health Center and went bankrupt because he was unable to receive support from inside and outside the group due to financial difficulties.Petitioned the Osaka District Court to abolish civil rehabilitation proceedings[15].. Aug. 6,bankruptcyDecision to start the procedure.

Immediately before the closing of the business, he withdrew from the union after receiving a withdrawal recommendation from Osaka Prefecture that "the responsibility for damaging the reputation of the restaurant is serious".

The building where the Senba Kichicho main store was located was later redeveloped as a tenant building called "NLC Senba Building".

After that of officers / employees

All the employees who remained with the closure of Funaba KichichoDismissalMy neighbor Masanori Yugi and Sachiko also went bankrupt when they went out of business.[16][17]But Sachiko2014At that time, he was an officer of Kitcho Co., Ltd., a holding company of the Kitcho Group.The second son, Shoji2011ToKitashinchi YukiWe have opened a kaiseki restaurant called, as of 2014.KitashinchiIt has 2 stores in Japan.


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restaurant(Ryote) is mainlyJapanese cuisineLuxury restaurantIs.CorporateReception,BanquetAnd business talks, dignitaries政治家It is often used for secret talks, talents, and meetings with entertainers.Prices also vary from store to store, depending on the storeGeishaAs intangible services with significantly different unit prices are provided, it is necessary to ensure that the usage fee is collected, so there are some places where it cannot be used without a referral that can guarantee payment.

Japanese cultureIt is also a culmination ofCuisine-Device-Sukiya-Japanese garden-Artwork-Furniture-Geisha-Japanese musicYou can enjoy the orthodox Japanese culture such as.

Today, in general, full-timeItamaeOften refers to a restaurant that has a tatami room and raises geisha.GeishaMainly for the hospitality of the people, mainly for dishes other than sakeCatererA large rental seat type business format (so-called)Waiting) Is sometimes called a restaurant.

Legal terminology (Building Standards LawEtc.)RestaurantIt is called (Ryoriten).


As a general rule, make a reservation and use it.The food isJapaneseIs the center, and is often served in private rooms.While eating, drink alcoholic beverages, chat and enjoy geisha art.

The price may be paid in cash on the day of the event, but it is often paid later by bank transfer or the like.

Nowadays, because there is no clear standardrestaurantThere are many examples of ordinary Japanese restaurants calling themselves "Ryotei" because of the high-class feeling and good sound of the word, but they are not the original restaurants.

What we are going to explain here is just a so-called restaurant (Kappo restaurant).The conditions to judge are mainly

and so on.

However, even if the above conditions are met, the Japanese gardens mentioned above often do not exist due to the site.The number of restaurants (restaurants) nationwide isTokyoAbout 60 houses,京都But there are only a dozen houses.In terms of regions, there are only a few to dozens of restaurants in each prefecture, and there are hundreds of restaurants nationwide (the number of restaurants affiliated with the culinary association and the Meiseikai).

In businessFood Sanitation Actだ け で な く,Laws on regulations such as sex business and optimization of operationsBe regulated by.So-calledNo. 2 businessIs.Therefore, it is not possible to open from midnight to 0 am, and there are restrictions such as prohibition of people under the age of 6 from entering the store.There are strict conditions in terms of location, and according to the Building Standard LawCommercial area-Quasi-industrial zoneOther thanRestricted areaIn addition to being unable to construct, there are areas that cannot be constructed due to prefectural ordinances.In order to avoid such restrictions, some stores are open so as not to conflict with No. 2 business.

After all it is a Japanese restaurantCookingPlease refer to the relevant item for the difference from.

Traditional restaurant

Until recently, restaurants were not something that everyone could easily enter and use.So-called"At first glanceNo. "When using a new restaurant, you could only enter the restaurant through the introduction of a person who is already a regular customer, or through the relationship with the restaurant.Therefore, the number of customers is mainly limited to a small number of politicians, managers and executives of powerful companies, well-known business people, talents, entertainers, etc., and these people have held various entertainments and meetings. It was.

Current status and details, etc.

Until now, restaurants have been regarded as unknown and closed spaces, but since the 21st century, they have been opened nationwide, and the use of the once unrelated common people is increasing ("Reservation" Please note that some of them are strict).In the backgroundBubble burst,Government entertainmentCan be raised sharply. Until the latter half of the 1990s, entertainment between companies, use by political and business people, and entertainment by government and government were carried out on a daily basis, but due to changes in the times and public criticism of the use of restaurants by civil servants and politicians. Nowadays, it is rarely done, so restaurants all over the country are attracting customers by making prices that are generally accessible, changing styles, and holding various plans and events.Also, in recent years, at large restaurants,wedding-receptionThere are also nationwide sights of focusing on.

However, many restaurants are closed due to drastic changes in usage conditions and a decrease in the number of customers.There is also a view that the cause lies on both the restaurant side and the customer side.First of all, the restaurant side could not cope with the rapid trend of the times itself, and it was difficult to popularize due to the high pride.It can also be mentioned that the customers who use the food do not understand how to use it because they suddenly started using it, or they do not understand the contents of the food and the meaning and significance of the restaurant.

The usage fee is basically expensive.Basically, food + drink + seat fee (or room fee) + service fee (or service fee) + tax, and if you call a geisha, the price will be added.Each price varies depending on the store and region.However, as mentioned earlier, the price format is becoming easier to use, so there are many plans and sets that include everything.

Expensive and high-class is also the main image of a restaurant.Even if you take one of the protagonist dishes, you will use a lot of selected high-class ingredients, and the tatami room making, preparation, furnishings, attentive service, traditional performing arts, etc. It is the origin.For example, buildings and tatami rooms are moderntenantTraditional, not by a traderSukiya,Japanese architectureConsists of.The vessels used are those made by famous kilns and authors.It is not uncommon for the hanging scrolls, paintings, and furnishings of the tatami room to be the real thing of one of the best writers in Japan.Consideration is given to such furnishings being replaced according to the season and the purpose of the customer when visiting the store.

The food is pure Japanese, but the best dishes such as vegetables, fish, and meat are prepared according to the day, and preparations begin a few days ago and are carefully prepared and served on the day.This is why reservations are required, as it takes time for tatami rooms and cooking.

Not only the height of these ingredients, but also the skill of the person engaged in cooking in cooking is required, and after at least 10 years of training, the work is finally recognized from inside and outside, and it will take more time to become equivalent. is required.

In addition to the usual uses such as enjoying Japanese cuisine, entertaining and dining, watching geisha dance and playing in the tatami room, the restaurant is often used as a venue for exhibitions and various events. used.

Concrete example

The above three companies are mainly oriented toward Japan based on history, scale, types of customers entering and exiting, influence on restaurants nationwide, name recognition, formality, ownership of fine arts, buildings, episodes, etc. From strong.Of each auspicious storeYoshiba SenbaOnly, closed due to scandal, does not exist.

  • Minokichi-Kyoto cuisine.Mid-Edo period (KyohoThe river fish restaurant that was founded in Sanjo Ohashi, Kyoto, originated in the year.1950Moved to Awataguchi near Nanzenji Temple in 25.After the war, mainly in Kanto and KansaiDepartment storeWe proceeded with chain development centered on opening stores in Tokyo, but the Awataguchi main store was rebuilt with "Takemoriro" and TokyoShinjuku Sumitomo BuildingTwo of them, "Minokichi", will be open as restaurants.
  • Tsujitome-Tea Kaiseki.The late known as a culinary expertKaichi TsujiIs the second generation owner.There are Kyoto main store and Tokyo store (Akasaka), but the Kyoto main store specializes in business trip cooking to tea ceremony.
  • Shofukuro-Tea Kaiseki, Kaiseki cuisine.1868Founded in (the first year of the Meiji era).Although it is located far from the big city (Yokaichi, Higashiomi City, Shiga Prefecture), it is widely known as a famous tea kaiseki restaurant, and many customers come from Kyoto and Osaka.
  • (I.e.(Non-existent) --The former Navy restaurant that existed in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture.Battle of Toba and FushimiServedAkihito KomatsumiyaAt the liquor table with Etsuko Mori, the landlady of the time,MiyagoIt begins with betting on arm wrestling, losing and allowing use.During the warTruck IslandsAlso has a branchYamamoto Isoroku,Heihachiro TogoIt was a shop favored by the highest general of the Navy.Since it was widely used by the Maritime Self-Defense Force and the US Navy in Japan even after the war, it has the nickname of "Navy Restaurant Komatsu". It is also called the nickname of "Vine", but this is because "pine" is included in the store name.2016(28) May 5th, burned down by a fire.
  • Tankuma-Kyoto cuisine.Along the Takase River in Kyoto1928Founded in (Showa 3).It is divided into the "Honke Tankuma" group, which was inherited by the eldest daughter of the founder Kurisu Kumasaburo, and the "Tankuma Kita store" group, which was inherited by the eldest son.The name of Kumasaburo Kurisu is inherited by the owner of the current "Honke Tankuma".
  • -1659(2nd year of Manji)KanazawaToKaga DomainFounded for medium luggage.1867Until (Keio 3rd year), he was appointed to Hikyaku three times in Edo for about 200 years.In the same year, I returned my bill and KanazawaOmicho MarketOpened Hatago because it is nearby.1971(56) Opened Akasaka Asada in Akasaka, Tokyo.In the Asada groupAkasaka-Aoyama-Nagoya・ Has a store in Kanazawa.
  • Nadaman - 1830The mother is a restaurant founded by Mansuke Nadaya in Osaka in the first year of Tenpo.From the Meiji era to the Taisho era, food stores were also opened.1974From Osaka / Imabashi to Tokyo in (49)Kioi TownMoved toHotel New OtaniThe main store was Sasanquaso in the garden.
  • Genji shop Hamada family - 1912Opened as a restaurant in Nihonbashi Ningyocho in (Taisho XNUMXst year).Michelin guideReceived the highest rank of three stars in the 2007 edition of the Tokyo edition.
  • Nanchi Yamatoya- Geisha OkiyaIs the mother bodyTeahouseAs,1875Opened in (Meiji 8).Noh stageKnown as a restaurant withSoemon TownThe main store of2003Closed in 15.Sogo Shinsaibashi Main Store(CurrentlyDaimaruIt remained as a Yamatoya in the Shinsaibashi North Building).In addition to "Yamatoya Sangen" in the group, there is "Kyoyamato (Yamatoya Rinsen)" as a goodwill division.
  • Hoshigaoka Saryo(Non-existent) --OriginallyIwakuraWith their help, TokyoNagata TownA restaurant that opened in XNUMX-chome.1921(Taisho 11nd year)Northern Great Northern JapanEstablished byGourmet clubBut,1925In (Taisho 14), I rented this Hoshigaoka teahouse and operated it as a membership restaurant.19453 of the monthTokyo air raidIt was burnt down.After the war, Rosanjin left his handTokyu Electric RailwayOpened as a Chinese restaurant, but soon closed, and the site was the Tokyo Hilton Hotel (laterCapitol Tokyu Hotel) Became.
  • Koraku (doesn't exist) --- It existed in Nagatacho XNUMX-chome, Tokyo.XNUMX incidentIt is known as a restaurant where the troops stopped by at the time. Shot down during the bombing of Tokyo in March 1945B-29Was hit directly by the wreck and burned down.On the site1960In (35)Hotel New JapanOpens, but1982(Showa 57)火災Closed in business.CurrentlyPrudential TowerIs erected.
  • Fukudaya- 1939(Showa 14) Opened as a Japanese-style inn in Toranomon, Tokyo.He has a close relationship with Rosanjin Kitaoji, and the theme is the harmony between "beauty" and "taste."1945Current in (20)Kioi TownRelocated to.At that time, Yasunari Kawabata, Hideki Yukawa,Isamu NoguchiThe cultural people used to stay there.1995Renovated as a restaurant in (7).The Michelin Guide Tokyo version has won two stars for the third consecutive year since 2007.
  • Akasaka Ryotei-Akasaka, which prospered as a restaurant district in Tokyo, has only reported business as of 2017, including the Asadaya mentioned above.[1].Mishima Yukio"Wakabayashi", the home of Sadako Goto, known as her ex-girlfriend, also closed the restaurant and became a commercial building.Masamichi KatayamaAfter entering a fine dining restaurant of design[2], Changed the format to a restaurant specializing in bridal.AlsoFumio Watanabe"Kuchietsu", which is also known for his wife serving as a landlady, also closed in March 2017, and the site isDigital garagePresident/Kakaku.comAcquired by Chairman Iku Hayashi[3].


  • restaurant·Waiting-OkayaThe three industries are collectively called "three industries", and the areas where these establishments are permitted are called "three industries".
  • Kayanagi worldThen, the price (celebration) of the geisha is called "Hanayo", "Tamayo", and "Incense stick".
  • Restaurants and restaurants nationwide joinLife Hygiene FederationAs,National Federation of Culinary Life Hygiene Trade UnionsThere is (all charges ream).The union members consist of the owner and the landlady of the restaurant.By regionLife hygiene trade association"" Exists, and Zenryokuren is a national organization.Each region is in charge on a regular basis, national conventions are held, union members from all over the country gather, and training and study sessions such as exchange of opinions and social gatherings are held.Usually, meetings and training are held by unions in each region.In addition, there is a group of young owners of restaurants (Zenkokumebaekairengokai, Meiseikai) under the direct control of Zenkokuren.There are district buds in 37 areas nationwide, and currently there are about 500 members.There is a bud society as the national organization.Similar to Zenryen, they usually gather in various places for training, etc., and hold regular national conventions as a place for training, exchange of opinions, and friendship.
  • Before the war (as of 2020)Chinese restaurantThe business format that is said to be also sometimes called a restaurant (example:Meguro Gajoen).


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