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🧁 | Hawaii shop! ○○ is famous, but in fact, ○○ is also delicious!Sweets 1


Hawaiian shop! ○○ is famous, but in fact, ○○ is also delicious!Sweets 1

If you write the contents roughly
Not only malasada but also sweet bread is delicious because it is a bakery that continues to be loved by such loco!

Common sense if you like sweets!There is a hidden delicious menu!Shave ice, malasada, pancakes ... → Continue reading

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Malasada (Malasada)Portugal OfConfectionery.. originallyMadeira IslandsMade of

YeastEgg-sized fermented inBread doughFried in oil,Granulated sugarIt is made by sprinkling.Traditional malasadas have no holes or ingredients,creamSome are packed with ingredients such as.Also, it was originally made by MalasadaLunar seasonForbidden duringlard,sugarThe purpose was to use up. "Ash WednesdayIt hits the day beforeMardi GrasIt is often eaten on that day.In Portugal, it has been hundreds of years ago.Fried breadSpeaking of (en) Is common, and Malasada is not well known and is not often sold in stores.

The United States of America

1878 ,Madeira IslandsとAzores OfPortugueseAs immigrantsHawaiiI came to.They brought in traditional meals such as malasadas.Nowadays,Island of HawaiiSpecializes in many malasadasbakeryThere is.

Mardi Gras is also known as "Malasada Day" in Hawaii.Many Portuguese immigrantsCatholicAnd before the Good Fridaylard,sugarThey make a lot of malasadas because they have to use upPlantationIt was also shared with immigrants of other races working in.Malasada spread to Hawaii in this way.

The United States of AmericaThen,PortugueseAt homeFertile TuesdayMalasada is often made.It is a tradition that the oldest women (mainly mothers or grandmothers) cook and the older children help by rolling warm malasadas in sugar.Many people prefer to eat while hot.microwaveIt can be reheated with, but it absorbs sugar, so its aroma and texture are slightly different from those of freshly fried ones.

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