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☕ | [Kansai's first] A hot cafe where talented pastry chefs gather has opened in Nakazakicho, Osaka!


[Kansai's first] A hot cafe where talented pastry chefs gather has opened in Nakazakicho, Osaka!

If you write the contents roughly
In addition, vanilla beans and condensed milk add depth.

On Saturday, March 2021, 3, the patisserie & cafe "hannoc" will open in Nakazakicho, Osaka ... → Continue reading


"Lifestyle magazine to enjoy Kansai more" of Yomiuri TV. Every day, we will provide you with useful information from Osaka, Hyogo, Kyoto, Shiga, Nara, and Wakayama, where women in the Kansai region would want to talk to someone, “Ah!

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Sweetened condensed milk

Sweetened condensed milkWhat is (Kato Ren Nyu)?milkHighly viscous, concentrated by adding sugar toLiquidFood.Derived from English in JapanCondensed milkIs commonly called by the name of[1],simplycondensed milkWhen we call it (rennyu), we often refer to this sweetened condensed milk.


Englishcondensed milk(Literally, "condensed milk") is a concept that refers to concentrated milk in general.[2][3]..In Japan, "condensed milk" is used as a common name for sweetened whole-fat condensed milk.[2], Refined without adding sugarUnsweetened condensed milk(evaporated milk,British: evaporated milk Derived from)[3].

EnglishcondensedPronounced / kəndénst /[4], Kana transcription is similar to "condensed milk"[1], Also written as "condensed milk"[5].. The notation "condensed milk" is 1872 (Meiji5 years)Newspaper magazineYou can see an example in the article[6].

The original notation of "condensed milk" means "heat-refined milk".Condensed milkHowever, "brick" isCommon kanjiBecause it is not included, it is written as "condensed milk" in the law and "condensed milk" in newspapers.


IngredientsMilk ministerial ordinanceIt is defined as "milk fat content 8% or more, milk solid content 28% or more, all sugar content 58% or less" (sweetened milk), and the general manufacturing method is for milk as a raw material.sugarAdd and boil down, stop heating when the liquid becomes glossy, cool, and let it sit for a while.can,tubePack in.

Adding sugar to milk is not the primary purpose of sweetening, it is liquefiedsucroseBy enrichingBacteriaThis is to prevent the reproduction of sucrose and improve the storage stability, and the sucrose does not crystallize.lactoseIs added to the limit of minimal crystals.This is after filling the containerSterilizationIt is intended to be omitted.This manufacturing method1835ToThe United KingdomAfter being devised by Newton,1856ToAmerica Of(English editionSucceeded in industrialization and put it on the market as a product.Recent products are sterilized by heating before shipping.


Sweetened milk is initially difficult to obtain fresh milk, so you can dilute it with hot water and drink it.coffee,Black teaIt was used to drink in addition to.Even now,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euThen, it is common to add sweetened milk to coffee and drink it, and this drinking method is also used in Japan.Vietnamese coffeeIs becoming known as.It is also used in some coffee drinks in JapanMax coffeeIt produces coffee drinks with a rich sweetness and milky taste, as typified by.Also,Hong KongThen.Hong Kong milk teaA kind of "tea run" (Charsau)OshichaIt is used for black tea as a kind of "Yonzau".

In Japan today, rather than drinkingStrawberry,shaved iceCallBreadApply toConfectionery,ice creamThere are many uses such as using it as a material when making.

At one time,BreastmilkIt has been used for childcare when it is not possible to obtain sucrose, but it contains a lot of sucrose and milk fat that are difficult for babies to decompose, and conversely.Nucleic acidDedicated for childcare due to lack of essential ingredients such asPowdered milkIs now being avoided.

Story about sweetened milk

  • I used skim milkSweetened skim milkIs also manufactured.
  • For sweetened milkcalciumThere is a confectionery that is thinly solidified into a plate shape by addingMilk cakeIs often given the product name.
  • Milk jamThere is also a product named, but most of them are slightly different depending on the sugar content.キ ャ ラ メ ルIt is a sweetened milk with a flavor.
  • Boil canned sweetened milk for several hours to reduce sugar content.Maillard reactionWoke upDulce de LecheBecomesLatin AmericaOften made in.
  • Ice cream brand "Lady boden(As of 2018, in JapanLotteIs produced and sold by Gail Borden, who industrialized sweetened milk.Originally from the United StatesBowdenA trademark of the company, Borden has its roots in a company founded by Gail Borden.
  • The production of sweetened milk played a major role in the history of the Japanese dairy industry.This is because the production of sweetened milk, which makes milk a conservative product, became the starting point for industrialization and commercialization.Morinaga Milk IndustryWas founded as "Japanese Condensed Milk" and was called "Morinaga Condensed Milk" in the prewar period of the Showa era.Also,Meiji dairy industry(CurrentMeiji) Is also required by companies such as "Boso Condensed Milk" and "Far East Condensed Milk".
  • OkinawaThen it is also called "Washi Milk".This is the Eagle brand that has been popular since the time of the U.S. military rule (Eagle Brand, A brand founded by Gail Borden).
  • In Japan during World War II, sweetened milk milk was sometimes used as a gift from the emperor and empress to relief facilities and daycare centers (August 1942, 8).[7].



Besides Japan


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Vanilla beans

Vanilla beans(VANILLA BEANS) IsJapan OfFemale idol unit.. Commonly known as "Vanilla. "

With the catchphrase "Riding the Nordic wind"2007Debuted in. Active as a successor to the genealogy of duo idols,2018Worked for 11 years.


Lena(Mushroom head charge)
Height: 166 cm / Blood type: A type / Constellation: Virgo / Birthday: September 9[2]
Self-introduction: "My hobby is idol research, my favorite reading is an idol magazine. Now, my favorite idol is ..."
ShigaShigaraki Town(CurrentKoka City) From.In the pastMorning Musume. OfAdditional auditionsAlthough he was rejected early in the 3rd additional audition, he remained in the final selection in the Lucky 7 audition.[3]..In addition, it was set that it was the twin sisters who received this audition for a while.Also,AKB48Also applied for, and failed in the document screening[4].
Morning Musume.The audition was taken under the name "Haruka Tsujimoto".[5]
Music community site as an idol loverKawaii girl Japan[Idol lovers can't stop !!]Erika Ura(Nakano Fujo Sisters) ・ Kozue Aikawa (DANCEROID) And participate.2010From, as the best idolTokyo Girls' Style OfHitomi AraiHas become more popular, and has also reported on the Tokyo Girls' Style tour in May 2011.[6].
One year from April 2013 on Mezamashi TVImadokiServe as a girl.
From May 2019, 5 after dissolutionFurudate ProjectBelong to and continue talent activities[7][8].
Lisa (in charge of the outside head)
Height: 173 cm / Blood type: B type / Constellation: Aquarius / Birthday: February 2
Self-introduction: "My hobbies are traveling abroad and shopping, and my favorite cities are Paris and Cannes ..."
TokyoI'm from.Real celebrity.I was longing for a model, but I was acquainted with the president of my agency, Naoki Tonori (so-called)A little bad"I was half-fooled into joining Vanilla Beans when I had a model job," said the president.[9]..I've been learning the piano for 17 years.I started running after graduating from college[10].
While continuing his entertainment activities after the dissolution of Vanilla Beans, he also works as a Japanese restaurant at his parents' house.
Reported enrollment with general men on October 2020, 10[11].

Members who left before the dissolution

"Mai AiSee.


  • Visited by Lena and Rika on July 2007, 7 for a jacket shootデンマークDe facto 1st live at the Japanese Embassy in Japan.
  • On October 2007, 10, Lena and Rika released their 3st single "U ♡ Me".
  • On March 2008, 3, Rika, the first member, withdrew.Lisa, a member of the second term, joins and becomes the current member composition.
  • On May 2008, 5, the 21nd single "Nikola" was released.This is the first single since joining Lisa.
  • On January 2009, 1, the 28rd single "Sakasaka Circus" was released.
  • On February 2009, 2, the 25st album "Vanilla Beans" was released.
  • On September 2009, 9, the 9th single "LOVE & HATE" was released.
  • On October 2009, 10, the 28st DVD "Vanilla Beans Produce Conference DVD" was released.
  • August 2009, 12,Daikanyama UNITThe 1st one-man live "Scandinavian Wind Vol.1 Daikanyama is 6 o'clock at night" will be performed at.
  • On May 2010, 5, the mini album "Def & Def" was released.
  • April 2010-9, 7,Shanghai ExpoLive at the Japan Pavilion.
  • On September 2010, 9, the best album "VaniBest" was released.
  • November 2010, 11, the first CLUB event on the Utsunomiya CLUB planet[12], Lena and Lisa DJed for the first time.
  • December 2010th and 12th, 4, "5th Festival Inn" in Taipei CityTaiwanLive at "2010".
  • December 2010, 12, 30nd one-man live at Daikanyama UNIT "Vanilla Beans One-Man Live Scandinavian Wind Vol.2" It's too early for New Year's Eve-Beans over the year-end party! ""[13]I do.
  • August 2011, 6,Tower RecordLaunched an idol label "T-Palette RecordsReleased "Stairs to Heaven" as the first single of "".
  • On July 2011, 7, the album "Vanilla Beans II" was released.
  • On September 2011, 9, the 25rd one-man live "Vanilla Beans One-Man Live Scandinavian Wind Vol.3" will be held at Daikanyama UNIT.
  • August 2012, 1,Repro entertainmentAnnounced a business alliance with.
  • On January 2012, 1, the single "Toki no Kakera" was released.
  • On April 2012, 4, the single "Choco Mint Flavor Time" was released.
  • August 2012, 6,Shibuya WWWPerformed the 4th one-man live "Vanilla Beans One-Man Live Scandinavian Wind Vol.4" at.
  • On June 2012, 6, the photo book "Monthly NEO Vanilla Beans" was released.
  • Released the single "Non-Section" on July 2012, 7.
  • On October 2012, 10, the one-man live DVD "Debut 3th Anniversary Live @ Shibuya WWW" was released.
  • Released the album "Vanilla Beans III" on November 2012, 11.
  • May 2012/12, 1,FranceToulousePerformed live at the Toulouse Game Show in Tokyo.
  • Released the single "Muscat Slope Love" on May 2013, 5.
  • Released the single "Please Me Darling" on October 2013, 10.
  • On April 2014, 4, the single "I ... Unhappy Guse" was released.
  • June 2014-6, 13,Hong KongAppeared in Travel Expo.
  • On June 2014, 6, the single "Surely Good Place (Border) / Absolute Panty Line" was released.
  • On November 2014, 11, the single "Uchoten Girl" was released.
  • December 2014, 12, EbisuLIQUIDROOM5th one-man live at.
  • On February 2015, 2, the album "Vanilla Beans IV" was released.
  • On May 2015, 5, the 8th one-man live will be held at Shibuya club asia.
  • On May 2015, 8, the 29th one-man live will be held at Shibuya club asia.
  • August 2015, 11,avexReleased a major re-debut triple A-side single "Woman can't stand it / Venus / lonesome X".
  • On May 2015, 11, the 21th one-man live will be held at Shibuya club asia.
  • On February 2016, 2, the album "Vanilla Beans V" was released.
  • 2016th one-man live at Tokyo Kinema Club on March 3, 18 ~ Say Goodbye?I can't say goodbye.
  • On September 2016, 9, the single "Onna no Ko ☆ Otoko no Ko" was released as a unit "Shinobani" with Tomoe Shinohara.
  • On November 2016, 11, the 19th one-man live will be held at Shibuya Glad.
  • From March 2017, 3, the first regular performance "Vanilla Beans Regular Performance ~ Road to 19th Anniversary ~" will be held for the 10th anniversary.
  • The 2017nd regular performance on May 5, 28.
  • On August 2018, 8, the dissolution of the parent production "Flower Label" is decided[14]..The unit also announced that it would be dissolved in October of the same year.[15].
  • On September 2018, 9, the last single "going my way" for the first time in about 18 years was released from Konosu T-Palette Records.
  • The last live will be held for 2018 days on October 10th and 6th, 7. The first day is Shibuyaduo MUSIC EXCHANGEAt, one-man live "Vanilla Beans Last Live -adieu-"[16]On the second day, "T-Palette Records Presents Vanilla Beans Thanksgiving ~ Final Innocence ~" will be held at Shinjuku ReNY.[17]And put an end to 11 years of activity,NordicReturned to (dissolution expression on the official setting)[18].

basic configuration

  • The setting is a girl unit with a "neat and innocent atmosphere" that came "on the Nordic wind". MC basically talks according to the setting, but for a while after the formation, he unintentionally talked about the setting and often invited laughter.Later, I started to laugh at this setting as a story.
  • On the other hand, in many cases, he did not answer questions in interviews, saying, "Because the office is useless."For example, the birthday was not officially announced (actually, it was made public on the Internet, and fans gave birthday surprises to both Lena and Lisa during the live performance).It is also the policy of the office that the hairstyle basically does not change.
  • Music critic Hiroaki Shikata's column "All About In "Techno Pop"Aki-ShibuWas classified as[19].
  • Basically fashionable (fashionable)Retro), So many of the songs and costumes make you feel the 60's and 70's.
  • There is a theme song that appears in the live. Until the 1st albumSixpence None The Richer"Kiss Me" (not the Japanese version) was used.


  • The clothes are fixed for each song and do not change until the next CD (single, album).AlmostA line OfDressesIs.In addition, it is set that he does not have any other clothes (often says that he is "plain clothes"), and he keeps moving.
  • Each costume can be confirmed on the CD jacket, PV, etc. A list of costumes up to 2009 was released at the DVD in-store event "Vanilla Beans".Among them are magazinesUTBThere are also two sets of costume designs that were solicited and adopted by the general public in 2008.
  • Due to his height, he is also considering activities as a model from the first period.In the second term, the special feature gravure in the magazine "" was the first.In connection with that, Lisa wrote two pages of introductory articles such as Paris in the second issue of "Modesty" (special feature on France).


Because the president of the agency is also the president of the advertising agency company (Asahi ShimbunArticle[20], Etc.), and often talks about unique promotional activities.

  • As a promotion activity for the 2nd single "Nikola", I live in a glass-enclosed (vinyl-enclosed) room on the truck bed in Shibuya, Harajuku, Akihabara, etc. (Actually, two people sit on the sofa and read a magazine. I lived a "truck life" (eating sweets, etc.) and became a hot topic in some areas.[21]..Due to traffic regulations, you can only stay on the loading platform while parking, so while driving, a doll wearing the costume of the first period was sitting on the sofa.[22].. It was also executed as a promotion for the release of the 3rd single and 1st album.The clothes of the doll at this time became the costumes of "Nikola".
  • The promotion of the 4th CD single "LOVE & HATE" is called "Swedish Pilgrimage" and will be held at 8 in-store event venues.スウェーデンI did a stamp rally with the city name of[23]..At the last Tower Records Shibuya storeMalmoNamed as a guestKaji HidekiParticipated.At this Malmö event, we announced that we will have a first one-man live.The event benefits differ depending on the number of tickets you buy, one is a handshake, but with four, you can choose three shots in different poses for each venue, and with two benefits, you can choose "slap" or "slap" from yourself. It becomes a reputation.In addition, at the donut shop in Akihabara, we also promoted CD purchasers as gifts of "vanilla beans" -flavored donuts, and two people working as clerk for a limited time.[24].
  • Prior to the single "LOVE & HATE", so-calledShibuyaHe covered three of his representative songs and released them for distribution only. At this time, he lived a mannequin life in new costumes at Tower Records Shibuya for three days.This was to enter the showcase instead of the costume display doll (with a break on the way).[25]..An article was also published in a sports newspaper.
  • From "LOVE & HATE"mixiBut start promotion activities (2009)May 8Than).At this time, if 9 Maimiku people are registered in the month until September 18th (a little wal), the president's car (Porsche Cayenne) For advertising so-calledItashaI promised to[26]..On the other hand, if there were not 5000 people, it would mean that the members' private cars and bicycles would be itasha, and on September 9st, we announced that, "I don't want to itasha my car (by advertisement). When I published a blog that said, "But I really hate itasha," which seems to be a statement of intention, "Don't use itasha for punishment games," and other reactions from itasha owners continued, and the blog Burned up.
  • To commemorate the release of the DVD, we held an in-store event called "Dress-up Vanilla" at five venues, wearing different "plain clothes" and showing the songs on the CD at that time.[27]..As for the purchaser benefits, there were few people who chose at the CD release event before that, so "Nade nadashi" disappeared, and handshakes, "slaps" and gift lottery were held.In addition, at the very first venue掟 Porsche"Produce meeting extra edition" was held.
  • From mid-July 2010Rohto PharmaceuticalAppeared on TV-CM of Rohto Flair D & D, an antiperspirant deodorant, and sang the tie-up song "D & D"[28][29].Fuji Television Network, IncOf seriesSMAP x SMAPIt will be aired in the CM frame of.The costume will be a dress with a light blue curved pattern on a white background (adopted for the jacket of the mini album "Def & Def").In addition, about this CM appearance, for fans, by the president a little walTwitterPublished using.
  • The release event of the mini album "Def & Def" including the CM tie-up song "D & D" will be titled "Complete Guard Hug & Handshake Event" and two vanilla beans wearing protective clothing will hug the participants. It was.After this event, an event entitled "Handshake & Refrea D & D Direct Painting Coloring Workshop" was also held at Shibuya Tower Records.[30].
  • A free paper "Super Monthly Vanilla Beans" was created to promote "Def & Def", and the people themselves distributed it for free on the streets of Shibuya, Harajuku, and Akihabara.The content is professionalinterviewerYoshida GoInterviews andNankai CandiesIdol diagnosis room by Yamachan.By the way, Go Yoshida interviewed at the beginning of the first term, but said, "Because the concept was not fixed at that time, I could not get a clear answer no matter what I asked," said "Go's pod." I remember it.
  • 2010年9月にはベストアルバム、新曲の宣伝をかねて、CMをしていたロートリフレアD&Dで「バニラビーンズ 24時間ニオわない?」と題した実験を、2010年8月27日(日比谷)から28日(渋谷)にかけておこなう。基本的にはトラック生活で、ustream配信による実験経過の公表と、Twitterに連動した参加型イベントであった。24時間後に通行人の女性5人の審査で、1回塗った後、24時間脇のにおいがしないということが確認された[31].
  • In front of Shibuya Tower Records on the release date of the best albumChindonyaWas advertised on the street with[32]..The second issue of the promotional booklet "Super Monthly Vanilla Beans" was distributed as a comic magazine.The comic authorsAkane Nagano, Go Kimura ,.Also, as an in-store event, two people called "Kick" (weekend) after "SMK".Muay ThaiDressed up and kicked the fans[33]..I put a kiss mark on the jacket as a prize for the stamp rally.He also has an annual truck life.
  • October 2010 Served as a one-day store manager at the Akihabara business trip of the mobile bookstore "Rear Carbux"[34].
  • Cleaned Tower Records Shibuya on the release date of "Stairway to Heaven"[35].
  • album"Vanilla Beans II"Super Monthly Vanilla Beans" vol.3 was produced and distributed as an "Official Guidebook" along with the release.[36].
  • Haagen-DazsDistribute ice cream "Vanilla & Beans"[37].
  • As a privilege of Mook "Monthly NEO Vanilla Beans"Foot typePress to distribute.Bills will be distributed as a pre-order bonus for the single "Non-Section" linked accordingly.Also at in-store eventsPotPush.
  • Start point system on mobile site from summer 2012[38]..The points will be used to apply for participation in the "Vanilla Beans" public broadcast.
  • October 2012, 10, on the release date of the one-man live DVD "Debut 3th Anniversary Live @ Shibuya WWW"Meiji Memorial HallGold folding screenHold an emergency press conference to commemorate the 5th anniversary[39].
  • Photographer in jacket during the release week of the single "Muscat Slope Love" in May 2013Leslie Key"Vanilla Beans x Leslie Kee Poster Exhibition" will be held at Tower Records Shibuya to commemorate the collaboration with[40]..In addition, the MV of this song introduces a brain shock method in which a part of the image gradually changes.[41].
  • December 2014, 12, "Vanilla Beans ×Mobile walletSpecial movie "announced[42].
  • On February 2015, 2, in Shibuya with Okite Porsche as a guest as an event on the day of the album release節 分I planted beans.
  • On October 2015, 10, an event commemorating the 3th anniversary of debut and Internet broadcasting will be held in 8D.It was announced that Vanilla Beans will be disbanded if the total number of shipments of the first single CD and album to be released by transferring to avex does not exceed 2.5.[43]..In addition, I have known for a long time as a person in charge of Tokyo Girls' Style.Yoshiyasu SatakeIt was also announced that he was in charge of avex.After that, as a result of vigorous promotion activities, it reached 2016 at the release event held on February 2, 20 at Shibuya Marui 8F, Tokyo, and it was decided to continue the activity.[44].
  • Lisa in 2009May 11Since, Lena is one month late after going through ROM onlyMay 12Start sending tweets via Twitter.


  • 2009May 11Yori Co., Ltd.CerevoAppeared on WEB-CM.It was popular from the beginning of the announcement, but since many people did not know it and it was also called a Cerevo gal, an introduction page was added to the company's site.[45].
  • 2010FIFA World Cup"Re-Sepp-ten", a famous cheering song in Denmark, to support Denmark[46]Singing (in the original Danish poem) with the cooperation of the Danish Embassy,YoutubeDeliver videos on[47]..As a result, it has been watched more than 20 times and is reported in newspapers, television and online news as "the most famous Japanese girl in Denmark".In addition, Japan and Denmark became the same group E in the qualifying, so at midnight on June 2010, 6, a match match at the Royal Danish Embassy in JapanPublic viewingWe performed live in Denmark and cheered on Denmark (the result was that Denmark lost).
  • January 2010Shanghai ExpoAt the Japan PavilionNational Federation of Commerce and IndustryAppeared in a show of an event entitled "Regional Power Declaration 2010 in Shanghai" sponsored by[48]..It is said that the reason for being selected was the song of "Hyakunin Isshu" on the radio commercial.[49].
  • From January 2010,Mainichi CommunicationsHigh school girl future support project "OTONA LAB (adult * lab, now JOL)"Collaboration.
  • From January 2011,Great East Japan EarthquakeFor the relief of the victims ofNishikawa TakanoriLaunched the project "STAND UP JAPANParticipate in.
  • August 2011, 4,KishidanLeader Sho Ayanokoji's Birthday Festival (atLIQUIDROOM) As a chorus[50]..Sho Ayanokoji is a club event at the Utsunomiya club planet on May 5nd of the same year.[3]However, he co-starred and also appeared as the first talk guest on ONGAX broadcast on the 6th of the same month.
  • On June 2011, 6, the rental transfer, which is said to be the "first in the idol industry," to the new idol label "T-Palette" launched by Tower Records was announced.[51]..At the same time, as the first artist of the label, on June 6, the same year, a four-track one-coin single "Stairway to Heaven" (title song isLed ZeppelinThe release of the 7-song album "Vanilla Beans II" was announced on July 20th.[52]
  • At the end of 2011,Tamagawa Boat RacecourseBecame a navigator for the Girls Racer Support Campaign. From July 2012th to 7nd in 17, and from August 22th to September 2013st in 8, the named "Vanilla Beans Cup" was held.
  • Participated in the Toulouse Game Show held on December 2012st and 12nd, 1 and performed live[53].
  • Since the 3rd album is a band sound, "5th Anniversary vs. Van Event" is planned.The first is on December 2012, 12It's not a band!And lived[54].
  • In the spring of 2013, Lena saidMiss iDServe as a selection committee member for "2014".Live at a related event "Miss iD2014 Eve Festival-Let's talk about tomorrow's idols-"[55].
  • In the fall of 2013, participated in Leslie Kee's photo exhibition "SUPER LOVE".
  • June 2014, 6th Hong Kong International Travel Expo (ITE) The 28th International Travel Expo[56]ToKansai CollectionAppeared for introduction.
  • September 2014, 6, ``International Drug Abuse Eradication DayA professional wrestler at a gathering of citizens of TokyoMasahiro ChonoJoin with[57].
  • September 2014, Japan Bone Marrow BankBone marrow bankIn "TEAM Daijinatokoro" of donor registration promotion campaignNegicco,LINQ,Baby RaysParticipate with them.


  • "Afternoon a Go-Go" is a song about Lena, "Shopping ☆ Kirari" is a song about Lisa, and the PV animation isSunriseIt is a production.
  • 2008Of seniors in the office in the summerKyogo KawaguchiAppeared as an alien in the PV of "I'm home".
  • In the name of discussing what to do in the future2008May 11An event called "Vanilla Beans Produce Conference" was held at Naked Loft (Shinjuku Loft Plus OneSee).It was said that it was the first one-man talk event because the number of original songs that could be sung at that time was too small to establish a one-man live, but in reality it was guest Go Yoshida, a musician.掟 PorscheTwo people were connecting the place.
  • The office that was well received in the online broadcasting of "Produce Conference"2009May 5Planned "Vanilla Beans Produce Conference 2" (Asagaya Loft) (although the album has been released and there are enough original songs, it is not a one-man live again).In addition to Okite Porsche (actually the moderator this time), the guests are cartoonists and columnists.Hot Acid Nameko, OriginalPizzicato Five OfKonishi, And the movie "She is a rot girl.』DirectorAtsushi KaneshigeIs.At the end of this event, Lena said that she would like to continue "gentle music" like "Nikola" about her future music activities, and told Konishi that she was "impressed to think about their music properly". ing.
  • In May 2009, the movie "My Girlfriend's Girlfriend. 』At the edgeKrypton Future MediaA remix contest for "Koi no Theory" will be held with the cooperation of.The results were announced on October 10, the same year.
  • 2009May 6The first Vanilla Beans-sponsored event ("I didn't mean to go to Scandinavia" "ShibuyaTower RecordIn-store event) will be held.The guest isCypress Ueno and Robert YoshinoIs.Here is the 4th CD single "LOVE & HATE" (lyrics)Kaji Hideki) Will be released on September 9th.There is a solo song in this single, so there are two versions, LOVE (Lena) version and HATE (Lisa) version.In addition, the record company developed from this song as "the second vanilla start".
  • Vanilla Beans' first DVD was produced as a documentary, such as a reproduction of a production conference, not a PV collection of music.For this reason, we will recruit fans in early August 2009 and record a production meeting at Asagaya Loft.The moderator is the usual Okite Porsche.Here, we unveiled a new costume from "LOVE & HATE".
  • The PV of the 1st single "U ♡ Me" was shot in Denmark, but for some reason this making is featured mainly in Rika in the 1st period.
  • 2009May 11"Last" Produce Conference ("Produce Conference Final !?") in ShinjukuLoft Plus OneDo it with.The moderator was Okite Porsche, "There is no need to produce anymore", and the first part was the theme of how to take measures against the media.In the first half, dice talk and Ogiri with the participation of the manager will be held.It was made public that Lena was watching 2channel, and she announced that she liked Nicola's ASCII art zΘzΩ.There was no initial setting from the second part, but Go Yoshida participated as a guest.At the corner that introduces everyday life with photos, attention is focused on Lisa's cute photos.Lisa is normal for the first time hereKappa EbisenI eat the.At the end of the event, it will be revealed that they are thinking as idols on a daily basis, and it will be a moving event.Tickets with after-party admission tickets will be on sale immediately after the one-man operation, limited to product sales after this.
  • In the 1st one-man live, as an opening guest, a band with mushrooms connected to the band beforeKinoco HotelParticipated.Kinoco Hotel is from the same record company2010Make an album debut.
  • The songs that appeared in the 1st one-man liveMiracle BusWill be played live by.Sing 15 songs including Angkor.With a picture of vanilla as a candyTyrolean chocolateScatter.
  • The official one released at the 1st one-man live2010For the first time, their birthdays were officially listed on the calendar.
  • At the after party after the 1st one-man live, Lena Lisa wore Santa clothes.
  • To vanilla beans2010,2011We accepted New Year's cards in the celebrity frame.
  • After the management moved to Miracle Bus, a female manager Tomoko Chiba (commonly known as "C leaf") was attached.In addition to appearing as a heavenly voice on Internet broadcasting, repairing costumes, installing a live microphone stand, approving the remarks of two people on the stage as an office representative, shadowing a birthday surprise I was supporting with and managing the product sales after the live.Previously in the same officeMayumines(Mayumi-Nu is also in charge of the vanilla beans tentative song and chorus).Vanilla Beans confessed that he had been learning percussion for many years and was invited by a professional.The birthday was also announced.An interview article as a manager was published in the music free paper "Musicalism" No. 43.The album "Vanilla Beans II" contains a song called "C Leaf-san no Uta" written by Mayumi-Nu."C-leaf's beach" (2010) and "C-leaf's leg" (2012) were sold as products in the product sales.



#titleRelease daterecorded musicPart numberSales form
Tokuma Japan Communications
1stU ♡ Me2007/10/3TKCA-73258
Version with first limited DVD
normal version
3rdSakasaka Circus2009/1/28TKCA-73388
Love version
Hate version
T-Palette Records
-stairway to Heaven2011/6/29TPRC-0001Limited number of one coin single
Lena version
Lisa version
6thChoco Mint Flavor Time2012/4/11TRPC-0013
Limited Edition
normal version
7thノ ン セ ク シ ョ ン2012/7/4TPRC-0018
First limited edition with DVD
First limited edition with booklet
normal version
8thMuscat Slope Love[59]2013/5/8TPRC-0038
First Press Limited Edition with DVD A[60]
First limited edition with DVD B[61]
normal version
9thPlease Me Darling2013/10/16TPRC-0060
Limited Edition
normal version
10thI ... unhappy2014/4/23TPRC-0070
First Press Limited Edition A[62]
First Press Limited Edition B (CD + DVD[63]
Normal Edition
11thFuchiko official song of the cup I'm sure a good place (border)
/ Absolute Panty Line (Official Unofficial Song)
Limited Edition with Figia (CD + Figure[64]
First limited edition (CD + DVD[65]
Normal version (CD)
12thUchoten girl2014/11/11TPRC-0119
First limited edition (CD + DVD[66]
Normal version (CD)
13thWoman doesn't put up with it / Venus / lonesome X2015/11/18AVCD-83397B
Type-A (First Press Limited Edition, CD + DVD)
Type-B (Regular Edition, CD)
T-Palette Records
14thgoing my way2018/9/18TPRC-0213

Distribution limited single

  • Afternoon a Go-Go (August 2008, 8, TWEB-27)
  • Afternoon a Go-Go -We Love You MIX- (September 2008, 9, TWEB-24)
  • Shopping ☆ Kirari (October 2008, 10, TWEB-29)
  • Shopping ☆ Kirari ~ Okite Porsche + Dr.USUI Waterfront Mix ~ (November 2008, 11, TWEB-26)
  • Tomorrow is tomorrow's summer (December 2008, 12, TWEB-24)
  • Tomorrow's summer is coming ~ Okite Porsche + Dr.USUI Death Techno Mix ~ (January 2009, 1, TWEB-28)
  • Theory of love (April 2009, 4 <April 29, advance delivery>, TWEB-4)
  • La Boom ~ Because MY BOOM IS ME ~ (August 2009, 8) --Cover of Hideki Kaji's song of the same name
  • kiss(December 2009, 8)- ORIGINAL LOVECover of the same song
  • The Night Is Still Young in Tokyo(December 2009, 8)- Pizzicato FiveCover of the same song
  • Sweet life (February 2017, 2)- biceWas composed by[67](Bice "into the light"[68]Cover with changed lyrics)
  • Necco ~ My Things ~ (December 2017, 12)


  1. (February 2009, 2: TKCA-25)
  2. Vanilla Beans II(July 2011, 7: TPRC-20)
  3. Vanilla Beans III(November 2012, 11: First Press Limited Edition TPRC-7 / Regular Edition TPRC-0024)
  4. Vanilla Beans IV(November 2015, 2: First Press Limited Edition TPRC-3 / Regular Edition TPRC-0125)
  5. Vanilla Beans V(February 2016, 2: First Press Limited Edition AVCD-3 / B / Regular Edition AVCD-93324)

Mini album

  1. Def & Def(February 2010, 5: TKCA-19)

Best album

  1. VaniBest(February 2010, 9: TKCA-22)
  2. (December 2017, 12: CD + Blu-ray disc AVCD-6 / B / CD + DVD disc AVCD-93780 / B / CD disc AVCD-93779)

Participating album

  • Glitter ♡ Witch Girl ♡ cluv (February 2010, 2:P-Vine XNAE-10023 / 4 / B) (The first privilege is a comment recording CD included)
    Participated in a two-disc compilation of anime theme songs remade by creators and sung by idols
    Release commemorative live event (March 2010, 3,SHIBUYA-AX), At this time, "LaLaLa-with a wish in the lips-" was sung in the live version.
    Disk1-09: Mysterious color happiness (Magic Star Magical Emi OP), Vanilla Beans x Masayuki Ishii (TICA)
    Disk2-06: LaLaLa ~ With a wish in the lips ~ (Magical Stage Fancy Lala OP), Vanilla Beans x SEXY-SYNTHESIZER
  • Crossing Amagi with a stolen bike (April 2010, 4:Universal Music IDCA-1044) (The first privilege is the inclusion of a DVD such as a production site video)
    Roman Porshe.Participated in the album for the first time in five and a half years, and also participated in PV
    Live from record (April 2010, 4,Shinjuku LOFT) Guest appearance
    Roman Porshe.Appeared as a guestTokumaru Shugo OfUstreamAppeared as a secret guest on the broadcast (1st, midnight, April 2010, 4)
    01:High school larabai(Track :)
  • Limited addiction(December 2012, 3,avex trax AVCD-38435 / B, AVCD-38436 / B, AVCD-38437)
    Participated in Tokyo Girls' Style 2nd album. Announced this fact at a press conference on February 2012, 2[69].
    08: Dazzle feat. Vanilla Beans
  • (April 2015, 4, Tokuma Japan, TKCA-22)
    An album in which T-Palette Records idols sing Pizzicato Five songs. 3 songs sung and recorded.
    03. All about me
    04. It's a Beautiful Day
    11. Sweet Soul Review


  • Vanilla Beans Produce Conference DVD (October 2009, 10: TKBA-28) --Camera & Editing Director: Kazunori Tetsuka credited
  • Vanilla Beans One-Man Live DVD Debut 5th Anniversary Live @ Shibuya WWW (October 2012, 10: TPRD-3) --Including PV of 0001 new songs

Analog board

  • Skane flowers are in bloom / Jewel Memories (2013 | TPRV-0008)
  • sweet life / River Deep Mountain High (2017 | SZDW-1034) *The Pen Friend ClubSplit album with


YearsSong titleTie-up
2008NicolaNTV series"Uta Star!!"May's" Theme Song "
2009Sakasaka CircusRKB Mainichi Broadcasting System"Today's feeling tv・ Sunday Edition ”2009 Annual Opening Song
NHK General"NHK Mini Mini Video Award] Opening song / CM song
The theory of lovemovies"She is a rot girl.] Theme song
LOVE&HATENHK General "NHK Mini Mini Video Award" ending song
2012Choco Mint Flavor TimeNippon TelevisionOtoryumon』April 2012" Baby Dragon's Gate "
CBC Radio"Sayuri's music paradise] Ending theme for February 2012
2014Fuchiko official song of the cup I'm sure a good place (border)T-Palette & Tower Records ×Fuchiko in a cupCampaign "NO MUSIC, NO FUCHICO?" Official song
TOKYO MX"Onsen no Fuchiko" ending theme


Internet tv

  • Vanilla Beans (May 2008-5)
Live broadcast almost every week.
However, from the 2008th test broadcast on April 4, 27 to the 0th, it will be broadcast on Sunday.
The 7th to 110th broadcasts are mainly broadcast from 20:30 on Tuesdays.
On September 2008, 9, a one-hour special edition was broadcast in the "AKIBA tteki !!!" frame.
Broadcast on September 2009, 9 with no posts due to a malfunction of the mail server.
On March 2010, 3, the first scheduled broadcast was canceled due to a problem with the broadcast server.
On May 2010, 5, the extra edition "Vanilla Beans Tonight Dadamore-Vanilla Beans"Ustreambroadcast.
Switched to ustream broadcasting from October 2010, 10 (5th).
Friday, January 2011, 1 (14th) Public live broadcast from Odaiba Rainbow Studio.
It will be broadcast on Thursday from January 2011, 1 (27nd), and will be broadcast live from Odaiba Rainbow Studio once a month (usually the 112th week) (until the end of 1).
On September 2011, 9, it will be broadcast live from the real space "15D Studio" at the same time as 2.5D.
Main corners of the past (in no particular order, most of them have "vanilla beans" in their heads, but omitted)
  • Lisa's Scandinavian course (Scandinavian brands, product introductions, language courses, etc.)
  • This week's announcement
  • Sweets corner (Eat and compare sweets found at convenience stores, etc.) (~ 29th)
  • Trouble counseling room (solve the worries received by e-mail from viewers) (~ 29th)
  • Lena's idol course (Introducing young actresses and idols who are interested in Lena) (30th to 74th in order of name, irregular thereafter)
  • Lena's Ramen Course (Introducing the ramen that Lena actually ate) (75th ~)
  • Theme Corner (Call for emails according to the theme presented in the previous week) (30th ~)
  • Nico Nico Douga"tried to dance"
    • Since around July 2009, they have been showing videos of their songs "dancing" at some stations without notice to create a topic, but they were hardly watched and finallyMay 9Saeki KenzoThis fact came out at an idol event produced by.
  • GiRLPOP x 2.5D "Vanilla Beans Showcase" Greedy TV "" (Venue: Shibuya 2.5D Studio)
    • Vol.1 (April 2014, 4) Guest: Tokyo Girls' Style
    • Vol.2 (May 2014, 5) Guest:Baby Rays
  • Tower Records Shibuya Western Music Planning Office (April 2014-March 4, Venue: Tower Records Shibuya 2017F Special Stage) Lisa only

tv set


  • Vanilla Beans Love & Hate (Odaiba Rainbow Station, July 2009, 7-March 10, 2013) Once a month (mainly on the second Friday) First Radio Regular Personality
  • digi-POP FOCUS "Vanilla Beans Scandinavian Communication ?!" (SKY PerfecTV! STAR digio 400ch, October 2009, 10-March 5)
  • Synapse"Aim! Beautiful book Meister" (Tokyo FM, November 2010, 11-December 30, 12) Corner Limited time regular
  • RADIO SESSIONS"Bani Radio"[72](JFN, January 2011-March 1) In charge of the first week of every month
  • Owari Nagoya is a cat !? ~ 2012 Spring, Expected Girls' Large Set ~ (CBC Radio, March 2012, 3) Idol specials, personalities
  • Vanilla Beans "Vanilla RADIO Time" (FM Fuji, April 2012, 7-March 2)GIRLS ♥ GIRLS ♥ GIRLS-RED ZONE- Participated in the public recording live on May 2013, 5 within the frame
  • CBC Radio Girls Special Program-Owari Nagoya has a cat!?!?-(CBC Radio, March 2012, 12) Idol specials, personalities
  • "In the setting to use Vanilla Beans karaoke!" (TBS Radio, October 2013, 1-December 3, 2014)Music Navi-The intersection of yesterday and today-Karaoke-themed corner
  • Vanilla Beans Haiku! (FM Ehime, January 2013, 1 midnight-)
  • "Vanilla Beans Garcy Beans" (FM Shiga, January 2013-) Regular once a month in "KINAKO's Room Idol Tamatebako"
  • Yoshiaki Takahashi Hoshikage JUKE BOX(TBS Radio, April 2013, 4-March 7, 2014) Lisa only, regular personality[73]
  • NACK5 special "Chang Kawai God of J-POP-Listen to me! ~ vol.1 ”(NACK5, April 2017, 4) Lena only

Live event

(Since there are many guest appearances, only one-man sponsors or large-scale guests are invited)

  • First one-man live "Scandinavian wind Vol.1 Daikanyama is 6 o'clock at night" (December 2009, 12, Daikanyama UNIT)
  • TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2010 @Shinagawa(August 2010th and 8th, 7, Shinagawa)
    • August 8th Eve Festival Live, 6th Afternoon Festival (Fuji TV CS"Idling!!!Participated in the program recording)
    • "Banibeku" sold in the product sales becomes a hot topic[74]
    • The DVD contains live footage of Vanilla Beans for the first time.
  • Jingu Gaien Fireworks Festival(December 2010, 8,Jingu Stadiumstage)
  • 2010 in Shanghai (September 2010-9, 7,ShanghaiExpoJapan Pavilion Stage)
  • CLUB Vanilla Beans @Utsunomiya(November 2010-11, 5, Utsunomiya CLUB Planet)-I DJed for the first time
  • "8th Festival IN Taiwan 2010" (December 2010-12, 4,TaipeiCity Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Nobuyoshi District)
  • Second one-man live "Scandinavian wind Vol.2 too early for New Year's Eve-beans over the year-end party Bani!" (December 2010, 12, Daikanyama UNIT)
  • Idol Festival in Hibiya (May 2011, 5,Hibiya Amphitheater) --Children's Beans appear for the first time[75]
  • TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2011 Eco & Smile(August 2011th and 8th, 27, Odaiba) --Appeared on the eve and eve festivals[76]
  • Third one-man live "Scandinavian style Vol.3" (September 2011, 9, Daikanyama UNIT)
  • 8th Tokyo International Music Market Showcase Live (October 2011, 10,Shinagawa Stella Ball[4]
  • Dolsta Special Tokyo Idol Carnival ver.1 (November 2011, 11,Nakano Sanguraza
  • Idol YokochoFestival !! supported by TOP YELL (December 2011, 11,Shibuya Public Hall[77]
  • The PLANET Opening Party Vol.37 NIIGATA IDOL SUMMIT vol.2 (December 2011, 12, Niigata The PLANET) Collaboration with Tokyo Girls' Style[78]
  • YATSUI FESTIVAL (February 2012, 2, Shibuya duo)
  • TOWER RECORDS Presents Pop'n Idol (February 2012, 2,Zepp Tokyo) Appeared in Vol.2 (June 6, the same year), which also served as the moderator
  • POP SONG 2 U (March 2012, 3, Nishiazabu eleven)
  • MEME TOKYO FESTIVAL 2012 (March 2012, 3, Shibuya WWW)
  • Sakae Minami Music Festival '12 (May 2012, 5, Sakae)
  • Sapporo idol summit 2DAYS (May 2012, 5, June 31, 6, Sapporo sound Lab MOLE)
  • T-Palette Records 1st. Anniversary Live (June 2012, 6, Harajuku Astro Hall)[79]
  • 4th one-man live "Scandinavian style Vol.4" (June 2012, 6, Shibuya WWW)
  • Urban gardeYameru Idol's Fifth Game !!!!! "Episode 2012: Scandinavian Wind, Cold of the Heart VS Vanilla Beans" (July 7, 17, Shibuya takeoff7)
  • Nivea Kao 8 × 4 MEN presents TBS Radio "Tamaful & Sorry Summer Festival 2012" (July 2012, 7, Daikanyama UNIT)
  • TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2012(August 2012th and 8th, 4, Odaiba special venue)
  • Ultra Punch LIVE !! (Vol.1: August 2012, 8, OsakaUmeda Arts TheaterTheater Drama City, Vol.2: September 9, ShibuyaCLUB QUATTRO
  • Shibuya dd Declaration (November 2012, 11, Shibuya AX)[80]
  • T-Palette Records Thanksgiving 2012 (December 2012, 12, Shinagawa Stellar Ball)
  • Vanilla Beans 5th Anniversary vs. Van Plan Will the Wind Blow !? Vol.1 ~ Vanilla, Band Ja Naimon! ~ (December 2012, 12, Shinjuku Loft) -Band Ja Naimon![81]
  • TBS RADIO presents (Yes) Sorry SP @ Daikanyama UNIT (December 2012, 12, Daikanyama UNIT)
  • Special exhibition "Media / Idol Museum" Mini Live (January 2013, 1,SKIP city"Sai no KuniVisual Plaza Video Museum ")
  • Vanilla Beans 5th Anniversary vs. Van Project Will the Wind Blow !? Vol.2 ~ Dokidoki no Kaze ~ (March 2013, 3, Shinjuku Loft)- 7 !!And the band[82], Nico Nico Live Broadcasting is performed prior to the live performance.
  • Shibuya Fashion Festival. 3 (March 2013, 3, Miyashita Park special stage)[5]
  • Vanilla Beans 5th Anniversary vs. Van Plan Will the Wind Blow !? Vol.3 ~ Shinjuk to Hokuou ~ (May 2013, 5, Shinjuku Loft) -Hideki Kaji and Van[83]
  • YATSUI FESTIVAL 2013 (June 2013, 6, Shibuya)
  • Vanilla Beans 5th Anniversary vs. Van Project Will the Wind Blow !? Vol.4 ~ Dreamy Tokyo at 2013pm ~ (July 7, 5, Shinjuku Loft)- Maki NomiyaAnd the band
  • TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2013(July 2013th and 7th, 27, special venue around Odaiba)
  • Summer sonic2013 SIDESHOW (August 2013th and 8th, 10, Tokyo venue)[84]
  • Dynosonic (August 2013, 8,Katsuyama CityMinkaikan)[6]
  • Vanilla Beans 5th Anniversary vs. Van Project Will the Wind Blow !? Vol.5 (September 2013, 9, Shinjuku Loft)- The CollectorsAnd the band
  • Vanilla Beans 5th Anniversary vs. Van Project Will the Wind Blow !? Shibuya Death Fight Edition (October 2013, 10, Tower Records Shibuya Store Basement)
  • Shibukar night. ~ Mushroom Ninja presents Tonight, sleepy Renite! ~ (October 2013, 10, Tower Records Shibuya store basement)- Dream sleep sleepyAn event by Mushroom Ninja formed by Lena
  • T-Palette Records Thanksgiving 2013 (December 2012, 12, Laforet Museum Roppongi)
  • Vanilla Beans 5th Anniversary vs. Van Project Will the Wind Blow !? Vol.6 (September 2014, 1, Shinjuku Loft)- Minami Fujioka & The MoronesAnd the band
  • MonthlyBomb Johnny(February 2014, 2, Shinjuku red cloth) Bakudan Johnny and the band just came to Tokyo
  • Hitetsu presents!!Live house circuit type event "Shimokitazawa Patrol" (February 2014, 2,ShimokitazawaEvent homepage
  • Vanilla Beans 5th Anniversary vs. Van Plan Will the Wind Blow !? Vol.7 ~ Funky 4 and Beans 2 ~ (March 2014, 3, Shinjuku Loft)- Scoobie DoAnd the band
  • SAWAOrganized festival "Idol Sonic 2014 2" (April 2014, 4, Daikanyama LOOP)
  • Vanilla Beans 5th Anniversary vs. Van Plan Will the Wind Blow !? Vol.8 ~ Beautiful Good Looking Guy & Beans ~ (May 2014, 5, Shinjuku Loft)- THE BOHEMIANSAnd the band
  • YATSUI FESTIVAL 2014 (June 2014, 6, Shibuya)
  • TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2014(July 2014th and 8th, 2, special venue around Odaiba)
  • Vanilla Beans 5th Anniversary vs. Van Project Will the Wind Blow !? Vol.9 ~ VB Nichols is Curious ~ (August 2014, 8, Shinjuku Loft)- DW NicholsAnd the band
  • Inazuma Rock Festival(September 2014, 9, Shiga Prefecture)
  • T-Palette Records Thanksgiving 2014 (October 2014, 10, Osaka IMP Hall, December 4, Shinagawa Stella Ball)
  • 5th one-man live (December 2014, 12,LIQUIDROOM
  • "Picture Book Reading and Mini Concert-For Life That Only You Can Save-" (March 2015, 3,Kobe International Exhibition Center)- Japanese Medical AssociationBone marrow bank event in "Future Doctor EXPO '15" sponsored by the General Assembly
  • 6th one-man live (May 2015, 5, Shibuya club asia) --Distributed a CD containing two new songs to the visitors
  • Shimokitazawa SOUND CRUISING 2015 (May 2015, 5, Shimokitazawa)
  • TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2015(July 2015th and 8th, 1, special venue around Odaiba)
  • Catch the Beat 2015'(August 2015, 8, Otodai OTODAMA SEA STUDIO)
  • 7th one-man live (August 2015, 8, Shibuya club asia) --Guest: Tomoe Shinohara, distributed a CD containing two new songs to the visitors,AVEXAnnounced re-major debut from[85]
  • J-GIRL POP WAVE -LIVE 2015 SUMMER- (August 2015, 8, Zepp Tokyo)
  • Summer monster2015 (May 2015, 9,Aomori
  • 8th one-man live (November 2015, 11, Shibuya club asia) -Distribute CD to visitors
  • T-Palette Records Thanksgiving 2015 (December 2015, 12, Shinjuku BLAZE)
  • HIKARIGAOKA GIRLS POP WAVE (January 2016, 1,IMA Hall
  • 9th one-man live ~ Say Goodbye?I can't say goodbye (provisional) ~ (March 2016, 3, Tokyo Kinema Club)
  • Gyu agricultural festival(September 2016, 3 Studio Alta
  • YATSUI FESTIVAL 2016 (June 2016, 6, Shibuya The vision) Serves as a bird at the same venue on the same day.
  • TIF2016(August 2016-8, 5, special venue around Odaiba)
  • @JAM× Natalie EXPO 2016 (September 2016, 9, 24,Makuhari Messe
  • EMOTIONAL IDOROCK FES. (October 2016, 10, Shinjuku ReNY)Baby Rays JAPAN 4th anniversary of debut
  • IDOL PARK Vol.1 in SEVEN PARK ARIO KASHIWA (October 2016, 10,Ario KashiwaSmile Park)
  • Ciao Bella CinquettiLIVE Tour 2016 Autumn ~ Alive 4 U !!!! ~ EXTRA !!!! (November 2016, 11, TSUTAYA O-WEST) With Ciao Bella Cinquettipredia3 man live with.
  • 10th one-man live (November 2016, 11, Shibuya GLAD) Two-part system with different set lists, day and night.
  • Sorry AFTERNOON 20th Anniversary SP (December 2016, 12, Daikanyama UNIT)
  • Vanilla Beans Regular Performance vol.1 ~ Road to 10th Anniversary ~ (March 2017, 3, Shibuya glad) Talk live and music live two-part system
  • TIF2017(August 2017th and 8th, 5, special venue around Odaiba)
  • @JAM EXPO 2017 (August 2017, 8,Yokohama Arena
  • TIF2018(July 2018th and 8th, 4, special venue around Odaiba)
  • Vanilla Beans Last Live -adieu- (October 2018, 10, Shibuyaduo MUSIC EXCHANGE
  • Thanksgiving to Vanilla Beans ~ Final Innocence ~ (October 2018, 10, Shinjuku ReNY)

CM, advertising

  • Cerevo-Cam, Cerevo-Life (Cerevo Inc.[86]
  • Rohto Mentholatum Reflare D & D (Rohto Pharmaceutical TV commercial, mid-March 2010-)
  • AU by KDDI One hundred peopleHen (KDDI Radio-CM[87], Early May 2010-)-"Hyakunin Isshu Hen Kimi ga Tame ver." "Hyakunin Isshu Hen Imakomuto ver." "Hyakunin Isshu Hen Hisakata ver." "Hyakunin Isshu Hen Ariake ver." All 5 songs
  • Vittel SPORTS MUSIC FACTORY (Vittel[88], May 2010, 5-)-Calcium Magnesium-Soft, Calcium Magnesium-Hard
  • 8th NHK Mini Mini Video Awards work recruitment poster (NHK, August 2010, 8-)
  • Tokyo media navigator (October 2010-)- LAWSONIn storeDigital SignageContent
  • Wacoal"Crispy Bra" (December 2010) --Over-the-counter promotion movie[89] OfCM songsinging
  • Converse(December 2010) --Interview[90]
  • KAI RAZOR(April 2011) --Participating in beauty puzzles,Beauty clockAlso appeared.
  • ParcoLOVE HUMAN. Campaign (June 2012)
  • MEKARA (Glasses supermarket, TV-CM, June 2013, 6-)- Toshio KakeiCo-starred with.
  • Wacoal "BRAGENIC Debut Commemorative Campaign" (February 2016) --As a set of visual models shot by Leslie Kee[91]



Photo album

  • "Monthly NEO "Vanilla Beans" (released June 2012, 6) There is a special edition with a DVD and a photo book focusing on the beautiful legs of the members.

Magazine serialization

  • "UP to boyVol.189 (Released on December 2008, 12) (Appears in each issue from Vol.22 to Vol.186, costume recruitment, etc.)
  • "" (issued on June 2015, 6-) Lisa is serialized as "Tower Records" Shibu 20 "branch room"


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