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🍴 | The new Starbucks is "Sakura Blooming Berry Frappuccino"!


The new Starbucks is "Sakura Blooming Berry Frappuccino"!

If you write the contents roughly
A topping of freeze-dried strawberry and cherry and vanilla-flavored sponge crumb, it is a Frappuccino that expresses the appearance of cherry blossoms in both color and taste.

Starbucks Coffee Japan will be holding "Sakura Blooming Berry Frappuccino" from March 3th to April 24th (... → Continue reading

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freeze dry

freeze dry(English: freeze drying) Is a vacuum freeze-drying technology that is widely used in modern times.freeze dryingOrFreeze dryingAlso say.


What is freeze-drying?moistureIncludingFoodAnd food ingredients minus 30 ℃Freeze rapidly and then depressurizevacuumWater in the stateSublimationLet me(I.e.To let (Right figureAs shown in the above, water becomes a gas regardless of the temperature when the pressure is low, so if the pressure is lowered sufficiently while the food is frozen, the water in the food will change directly from the solid [ice] to the gas [water vapor]. It changes to and escapes from the surface of the food to the outside.This makes it easy to remove only the water in the food and allow it to dry).

Freeze-dried food is privatePreserved FoodsIs used as. It's lightweight because the water is removed.Carry-on mealIs also useful as軍隊Bulky atcanningDeveloped as a portable food to replace[1].

Dried fishDry foods like that have been made since ancient times, but to dry them, prepare and dry for a long time.ProcessWas needed.Therefore, it was limited to some ingredients suitable for making dried fish.The military is dry from the need for portable foodeggAnd drypotato, Etc., but with conventional drying technology品質Had a problem with[1].

Freeze-dry technology has made it possible to put a wide variety of food products into a dry state.調理For dishes that have already been cooked, you can save the trouble of cooking locally by making them dry.Emergency foodAnd carrying food,Space foodSuitable for

merit and demerit

  • Little change in morphology such as shrinkage and cracks due to drying
  • vitaminSuch asNutritionIngredients andFlavorLittle change
  • PorousSince water and hot water easily enter,DissolutionGood
  • Low water content makes it light and easy to transport
  • 酵素,microorganismAction is suppressed and can be stored for a long time[2]
  • In an emergency, it is possible to eat directly without adding water.
  • Depending on the ingredientsTexture,Colorな どtextureChanges
  • Compared to other dry food technologiesCapital investmentAnd energy costs are high[3]
  • Cooking requires a certain amount of clean water.
  • Since it is porous and has a large surface area, it easily oxidizes when exposed to air and easily absorbs ambient moisture. Therefore, if it is unsealed, it will not be preserved.
  • At the time of manufacture, it is not possible to kill all pathogens in the material. In 2016 due to freeze-dried strawberries,Hepatitis AThere is a case where was popular.
  • When it is used for paper as in the book restoration described later, wrinkles and deformation may occur depending on the fiber state of the paper.


A manufacturing method similar to freeze-drying has been around for a long time.The famous oneInca EmpireHas existed for a long timeTunyoIt is a preserved food of potatoes,AndesUtilizing the peculiar temperature difference between day and night, freezing, natural thawing, and stepping on the feet to remove water are repeated many times to remove water and make it dry.In JapanKoya-tofu,cold dayIs famous (Cold weatherreference).

1950 eraMilitary carry-on food (RationFull-scale research is started with the aim of reducing the weight of. Until then, methods such as hot air drying and heat concentration were the main methods for drying and reducing the weight of foods, which greatly impaired the original flavor and nutrients. in JapanSalmon tea(Nagatanien・1970),Cup Noodles(Nissin Food・It was widely used as a tool for 1971).

CurrentlyInstant coffeeAnd cup ramenInstant FoodStarting withSpace food,Emergency food,ClimbingSuch asOutdoorFood for軍隊It is widely used as a portable food such as, and is often applied to other than food as shown below.

Applications other than food

Since it is possible to powder heat-sensitive components,MedicineIt is also used in the manufacture of.

Nara Institute of Cultural Properties Vacuum freeze dryerUsingGreat East Japan Earthquake Of(I.e.Dirty with mud due toIwate-Miyagi OfAncient documentAfter drying the historical materials and materials, work to remove mud and foreign materials[4][5].. In this way, it is also used for restoration work and for reducing damage to the restoration target when restoring historical materials and books damaged by water and mud due to natural disasters.

Kyoto UniversityThen the animalspermWe succeeded in the freeze-drying experiment. After freeze-drying, it was confirmed that sperm stored at room temperature or in a refrigerator have fertilizing ability. This methodLiquid nitrogenYou can easily save and manage because you do not use. Since it can be stored at a temperature close to room temperature,ACCIDENT,disasterIt becomes possible to protect genetic resources from[6].



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