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🍴 | 3/28 (Sun) 18: 1000-Trendy Angel & Ami Inamura and XNUMX people toast the cherry blossom viewing beer! "#Super…


3/28 (Sun) 18: 1000-Trendy Angel & Ami Inamura and XNUMX people toast the cherry blossom viewing beer! "#Super…

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If you want to experience online cherry blossom viewing while drinking beer with Trendy Angel (Tsukasa Saito) and Ami Inamura, check out Twitter (@asahibeer_jp)!

It's getting warmer and the cherry blossoms are blooming.Spring, beer!It's cherry blossom viewing!While watching everyone's cherry blossom posts ... → Continue reading


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Online cherry-blossom viewing

Ami Inamura

Ami Inamura(Ami Inamura,1996(Heisei8 years)May 1 -) isAsai PlanningBelongs toJapan Oftalent.TokyoBackground[1].


Initially, he belonged to Justice Japan Entertainment (formerly Justice Productions).

Released on September 2013, 9FRIDAYAnnounced atMiss iD 2014Was selected as "Miss iD (Idol) 2014", which is equivalent to the second prize.

August 2014, 3,Hiji High SchoolGraduated fromKokushikan University21st Century College of AsiaEnroll in[2], On April 4th,Weekly playboy] × Gravure self-portrait shooting club "1st Jigadol Grand Prix"Yoshida GoAward[3].

Published March 2015, 3,ToyotaAppeared in the CM "G's Baseball Party". Inamura also appeared at the end, and the exciting baseball pitching swing in the OL suit became a topic as "God swing".[4][5]. On August 8, the same year巨人versusChunichiAppeared in the pre-match event of the battle, showing off "God Swing" and making the fans of the stand spring,Tatsunori HaraI was the director (at that time) and said, "I have no fault."[6].

Transferred to Asai Planning in January 2016, and on March 1, the same yearWomen's professional baseballteam·Saitama AstriaBecame a certified "God supporter" of[7]Of March 3thTokyo Girls Collection(TGC)2016 SPRING/SUMMER announces inauguration of Tokyo Girls Run (TGR) 5th generationFuji TV ONE"Professional baseball news』Friday charge casterSelection(Coming, On March 3th, the first broadcast was held as a special just before the opening.[8]. From this yearOpening ceremonyMore opportunities to serve, April 4, May 24[9], November 11 and updated the fastest self three times. The fastest ball speed in a professional baseball field is105km / hIs[Note 1].

In 2016, we will be the ambassadors of the three tournaments of the 11th BFA U-18 Baseball Championship, the 7th Women's Baseball World Cup, and the 1st U-23 Baseball World Cup.Atsushi FurutaServed with (also appeared as a tournament ambassador on BS-TBS broadcast programs)[10].

2017,Kawasaki Horse RacingAppointed as an image character of[11].

August 2018, 3,Meiji Jingu StadiumHeld in JapanLittle seniorAt the opening ceremony of the Kanto Federation of the Junior High School Baseball Association, a lot of junior high school players who had thrown a pitch were surrounded by a lot of things.[12].. Inamura also announced on Twitter that this was safe.[13][14]There were also junior high school students who said, "I touched my chest" on the Internet, like a heroic story, and criticisms of the management that handled the situation lightly with a large number of junior high school students who surrounded and crowded were raised.[15].. On March 3, the organizer of the Japan Little Senior Junior High School Baseball Association Kanto Federation announced an apology statement that several players were injured in this case.[16][17].

August 2018, 4,Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismAppointed as "Bicycle Ambassador"[18][19].

On November 2018, 11, twist your left ankle while walking home,fibulaFracture[20][21].. Performed surgery on 19th[22][23].

Sports program ``Started on April 2019, 4TOKYO LOVE SPORTS』(TOKYO MX)so,Junichi TosakaCaster in combination with[24].


Two brothers[25]Was playing baseball, Inamura started playing baseball in the first grade of elementary school, and when he was a junior high school student,Senior leagueWas enrolled in. The defensive position was pitcher or first baseman[26].. From such a background, I often show bat swing and pitching form with my own gravure.[27]Often featured as a "baseball lover celebrity"[28][Note 2].. Right-handed and right-handed.

In the profile section of magazine interviews and gravure articles, it was a big topic that the beautiful batting form that was shown on Toyota's web commercial was called "God Swing" (or "God Swing" It is often mentioned that it was a break)[28].. At maximum ball speed (Max)Speed105km OfballCan be thrown and has the "God swing" as mentioned above, so it is sometimes called "two-sword style gravure idol".[29][30].

The goal,Japanese professional baseballOf all 12 teamsOpening ceremonyAs of April 2017th, 4, the opening ceremony of 8 teams was achieved with Hanshin vs. Giants on April 12, XNUMX.

When the opening ceremony is over, I try to politely prepare the soil on the pitcher's mound before getting off.[31][32].

Special skill isJapanese cuisine tavernAtPart-time jobGinkgo Muki learned in[33].


tv set

Variety, information program





Program delivery

Article delivery

  • Tokyo Lucci
    • #1 Introducing "9 selections" of delicious Tokyo Ekiben with Ami Inamura! (December 2015, 12)
    • #2 Introducing Sky Tree Illuminations with Ami Inamura! (December 2015, 12)
    • #3 Visit Kanda Myojin with Ami Inamura! Introducing interesting spots! (December 2015, 12)
    • #4 Navi with Ami Inamura at the Sumida Aquarium in Skytree Town! (December 2015, 12)
    • #5 Report on the new menu at Komeda Coffee with Ami Inamura! (January 2016, 1)
    • #6 Tokyo Station's Souvenir Collection! Ami Inamura's 8 New Products Report on Food (February 2016, 2)
    • Introducing the highlights of #7 KITTE with Ami Inamura! (March 2016, 3)
    • #8 Ami Inamura is a divine food repo at “Berry Noir” at Komeda Coffee! (April 2016, 4)
  • Weekly pre net (Shueisha)
    • EX396 Ami Inamura ATHLETE BODY (February 2016, 2)
    • Ami Inamura Special Photobook "Body Beauty" (May 2016, 5)


  • Digital weekly pre-photo collection (Shueisha)
    • Ami Inamura “A female college student with a height of 173 cm and an athlete body who became a topic of “God swing”” (September 2015, 9)
    • Ami Inamura "A THLETE BODY" (April 2016, 4)
  • Ami Inamura Domananaka (Spi/Sun Gravure Photo Book)" (May 2019, 5)


  • Professional Baseball Royale (April 2016, 4,DeNA)-Event Reporter


  • Alice in project"Paradise Lost" (February 2012-2, 1, Ikebukuro Theater KASSAI)-Tsukigumi Yotsuya Mel
  • Alice in Project "World's End Girls Start" (May 2012-5, 2, Ikebukuro Theater KASSAI)-Tsukigumi Saki Aka
  • Kanconkin Theater30 "Kudui!"-I decided to live until the age of 82! (August 2016-8, 5,Tokyo Globe Theater[39]
  • Kankon Kin Theater 31 "Kudoi!"-Only grandchildren (2017-8 August 11, Tokyo Globe Theater)


Opening ceremony

YearsDatematchMatch cardStadiumbattercatcherBall speedRemarks
2015May 7The 86th City Counter Baseball TournamentOsaka Gas vs Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Hiroshima13 /Tokyo DomeAokiTakeshi Kunimoto098km / h
May 9Professional baseball gameTokyo Yakult vs Yokohama DeNA13 /Meiji Jingu StadiumSho AranamiNakamura Yuhei096km / h
2016May 22016 Kyuharu Miyazaki Baseball GamesFukuoka Softbank vs Chiba Lotte45 /Miyazaki City Ivy StadiumYukifumi OkadaTakuya096km / h
May 2Oryx vs Tohoku Rakuten45 /Miyazaki City Seibu General Park SOKKEN StadiumGoro OkajimaYamazaki Katsumi098km / h
405 DayProfessional baseball gameSaitama Seibu vs Hokkaido Nippon-Ham11 /Seibu Prince DomeYangtai SteelGinjiro Sumiya098km / h
409 DayWomen's professional baseball official gameSaitama Astria vs. Hyogo Dione11 /Kawaguchi City StadiumCoat taroShiho ImaiImmeasurable
May 4Route Inn BC LeagueOfficial gameShinano Grande Rose vs Toyama GRN Thunderbirds20 /Nagano Olympic StadiumHirohiko IshizuchiYusuke Shibata098km / h
May 4Professional baseball gameChiba Lotte vs Orix12 /QVC Marine FieldSumidaTatsuhiro Tamura103km / h[Note 3]
508 DayTaiwan professional baseball official gameCITIC Brothers vs United Seven-Eleven Lions48 /Shinjo Gymnasium Baseball FieldNozomi104km / h[Note 4][41]
May 5Women's professional baseball official gameHyogo Dione vs Kyoto Flora27 /Hot Motto Field KobeAkane NakamuraAyumi Terabe099km / h
703 DayProfessional baseball gameFukuoka Softbank vs Hokkaido Nippon-Ham40 /Fukuoka Yahoo Auctions! DomeOtani XiangpingToru Hosokawa097km / h
May 7Chunichi vs Tokyo Yakult23 /Nagoya DomeKeiji OhikiSugiyama098km / h
May 9Yokohama DeNA vs Hiroshima Toyo Carp14 /Yokohama StadiumHirosuke TanakaYasutaka Tobashira102km / h
2017May 3Professional baseballOpen battleSaitama Seibu vs Fukuoka Softbank11 /MetLife Dome098km / h
403 DayWomen's professional baseball official gameHyogo Dione vs Kyoto Flora30 /Kyocera Dome Osaka096km / h
408 DayProfessional baseball gameHanshin vs 巨人28 /Hanshin Koshien StadiumDaisuke NakaiRyutaro Umeno103km / h
409 DayWomen's professional baseball official game[Note 5]
May 4Professional baseball gameTohoku Rakuten vs Hokkaido Nippon-Ham04 /Kobo Park MiyagiHaruka NishikawaMotohiro Shima097km / h
May 4Hanshin vs Yokohama DeNA28 /Hanshin Koshien StadiumMasashi KuwaharaRyutaro Umeno101km / h[Note 6]
May 4Orix vs Fukuoka Softbank30 /Kyocera Dome OsakaMunenori Kawasaki092km / h
May 4Yokohama DeNA vs Hiroshima14 /Yokohama StadiumRyaku ShibataShuto Takajo092km / h
507 DayChunichi vs Yomiuri23 /Nagoya DomeDaisuke Nakai058km / h
May 5Chunichi vs Hiroshima Toyo23 /Nagoya DomeHirosuke Tanaka096km / h
May 7Orix vs Tohoku Rakuten30 /Kyocera Dome Osaka097km / h
  • 1 turn at bat will be described later. Inamura is also Japan on March 2018, 3Little seniorIt recorded 96km/h at the opening ceremony (Meiji Jingu Baseball Stadium) of the Kanto Federation of Junior High School Baseball Association.

Opening ceremony

1 turn at bat

  • Professional baseball official game Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters vs Saitama Seibu Lions (June 2016, 6,Sapporo Dome)- Batter:Fernando Seginol,catcher:Tomoya Ichikawa.. The victory of Seginol who hit the 102 km/h straight ball thrown in the first ball in front of the center[43].
  • Chiba Lotte Marines Fan Appreciation Day (November 2016, 11, QVC Marine Field)-Batter:Taira Hirasawa.. On the 7th ball from full count, the fastest 105km/h was marked. Where the ball becomes a ballNaoya EmuraContinued the game, and Hirasawa struck out the ball behind the 9th and struck out to win Inamura's victory.[44][45].



Photo album


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