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🍽 | [Chigasaki] Lunch at the round and round dining!A cozy Western-style restaurant run by a married couple.


[Chigasaki] Lunch at the round and round dining!A cozy Western-style restaurant run by a married couple.

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Meatloaf is soft enough to cut with chopsticks and has a strong taste.

I found a restaurant where you can eat a little luxury course for a quick lunch.I want to talk a little longer with my mommy friend ... → Continue reading

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We will send out information on gourmet, sightseeing and living in the Shonan area (Enoshima, Fujisawa, Chigasaki, Hiratsuka, etc.)! Currently, it is about XNUMX PV monthly WEB media.

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meatloaf(British: meatloaf) Is lumpyMinced meatIt is a cooked dish.


"Loaf" isOld english OfBreadIs the etymology, which in turn is rectangularPlain breadMinced meat shaped into a shapeovenThe loaf that was baked in was called a loaf.In reality, it is often baked in a circular cake mold or a ring-shaped bavarois mold, and is not necessarily a rectangular parallelepiped.Minced meat has a long history, and it is an ancient Roman cookbook.Apicius』Also mentioned.MeatloafGermany,ベルギー, Netherlands,オーストリア,ハンガリーIt has been loved as a classic traditional dish from ancient times.American meatloafColonyOf the eraPennsylvaniaso,German immigrantsDerived from the Scrapple that was eaten by.However, meatloaf in the sense of modern America did not appear in cookbooks until the late 19th century.[1].   


Normally牛 OfMinced meatIs the main,Dream Pork,Lamb, Grinded meat is also used.For minced meatonionMix the stir-fried chopped food and mix.eggAndBread crumbsAdd grain flour such as as a binder for molding,salt,pepper-nutmegSuch asSpicesSeason with and mix well.As a fabric, in modern timeshamburgerIt can be said that the same method of making is widespread.The dough is packed in a mold or, in modern times, a silicon mold.ovenBake in.There are some things that cannot be put in a mold with the current cooking method and cylindrical types.Also using resincasingWas givensausageThe shape is also called meatloaf, and there are also smoked and open-fired meatloaf.

As another materialbeansKindgreen pepper,carrotSuch asVegetablesKind,mushroomSuch asmushroomMay be added.On the surfaceMashed potatoes・ InsideBoiled eggAdditional features such as the inclusion of are also handed down in various countries and regions.

After baking, cut it to the desired thickness from the edge and cut it to the desired thickness.Tomato sauce,Gravy,White sauce,ketchupEat with your favorite sauce.


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