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🍽 | Enshu Ajidokoro Toriya Chaya | Fukuroi's specialty Tamago Fluffy, which was also loved by Isami Kondo


Enshu Ajidokoro Toriya Chaya | Fukuroi's specialty, Tamago Fluffy, which was also loved by Isami Kondo

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Isami Kondo, the director of the Shinsengumi, was so fond of him that he came by stealth.

"Enshu Ajidokoro Toriya Chaya" recommended by Fukuroi Tourism Association "Egg Fu ..." which faithfully reproduces the high-class cuisine of the Edo period → Continue reading


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Shinsengumi station

Isamu Kondo

Isami Kondo(Kondo Isami)Edo PeriodTerminalsamurai.ShinsengumiDirector.laterRetainerCollected byKoyo ZhentaiCaptain.IsamuPopular nameso, TheMasanori(Masayoshi).Keio4 years(1868From)Takeshi OkuboAnd laterYamato OkuboI changed it.Family crestIs three pulls in Marunouchi.Natural reasonThe fourth generation Soke.


Introduction to the test center from birth

Tempo5 years (1834),Musashi countryTama-gunKamiishiwara Village (currentlyTokyoChofu CityIn the wild water)Common people・ Born as the third son of Miyo (Ei)[2].Childhood TheKatsugoro, Later changed to Katsuta[2]..In addition to Katsugoro, Kujiro is the eldest daughter, Rie (Tenpo 3rd year (Tenpo XNUMXrd year)1832) Died), eldest sonOtogoro(Otojiro), second sonKumezoThere are (Kumezo, Kumejiro, Sobei).In addition, there is grandfather Genjiro[3]..In Kamiishiwara Village in the 9th year of TenpoReformation by SōmonAccording to, the Miyagawa family is in Osawa Village, Tama District (Mitaka City) Of RyugenjiDanyaSo, a family of 6 people[4]..It is judged that the home environment was in the upper class from Kokudaka to the middle class.[3] .

KaeiNew Year (1848) On November 11, KatsugoroEdoUshigome(TokyoShinjuku ward)Tennen Rishin-ryu Kenjutsudojo·Examination siteTo get started.The dojo that Katsugoro introduced is known as the "Trial Hall", but in Renkoji Village, Tama District (Tama City)Masatoshi TomizawaDiary andKanosuke KojimaAccording to "Ryoyu Shiden", "testing" is the issue, and it is written as "testing ground".[5].

The following day, in June of 2nd year of Kaei, we will receive a catalog.[3]..On October 10, the same year, Shusuke Kondo (Shusai Kondo), Adopted to the Shimazaki family, Shusuke's parents' home.Katsuta ShimazakiCall yourself[3]..Later officially with the Kondo familyAdoptionThen,Isamu ShimazakiAfter calling himselfIsamu KondoI called myself.AnseiIn 5 (1858)Hinojuku(Hino city)'S Gozu Tenno Shrine (Yasaka Shrine)'s dedication amount says "Yu Shimazaki Yoshitake Fujiwara"[3].

MannobuNew Year (1860) On March 3th, Lord GosankyoShimizu Tokugawa familyThe eldest daughter of Yagoro Matsui, a vassal ofMatsui TsuneMarry[6].

On August 8, the following yearFuchuRokushoguAt, a field game was held to showcase the name of the XNUMXth generation of the Tennen Rishin-ryu Soke, and it was sunny to succeed the Soke of the school, and took on the heavy responsibility.[6]. Also,Bunkyu2 years(1862) Is the eldest daughterTama(Hiroko) was born.After the death of IsamuMeijiIn 9, the second son of Otogoro, the eldest brother of Isamu.YugoroWas adopted by the Kondo family, and his daughter, TamahaYugoroBecame the wife of[6].

Isamu has a unique exchange between the students of Tennen Rishin-ryu, and even after moving to Tokyo, he and the influential students of Edo and TamaletterWe interact with each other and request money measures, etc.[7].

Among them, the older brothers Otogoro, Sobei, and Yasujiro Terao are among the people with whom Isamu has a close relationship.Hikogoro Sato,Kanosuke Kojima,Okita Rintaro, There is a good circulation Kasuya[8]..Hikogoro Sato was the master of Hino-juku, became a master of the Tennen Rishin-ryu, and had a rehearsal hall in the mansion.[9]..Kojima Shikanosuke is also in Tama DistrictOnoji Village(Machida-shi) Was born in the family of a village head, and also became a student and had a dojo in the mansion.[10]..The time is unknown, but Isamu, Hikogoro, and Kanosuke said, "Sangokushi performance』ImitationBrother-in-lawIt is said that the contract was signed[10]..In addition, Kanosuke is an educated person who can study Chinese studies, and it is said that he had an ideological influence on courage.[10]..Hikogoro Sato and Kojima Shikanosuke organized, and some joined the Shinsengumi, which later changed its name to Koyo Shikanosuke.[10].

Breaking up with the Kiyokawa faction from the participation of the Roshigumi

Bunkyu3 years(1863)New Year,Edo ShogunateIs a hatamotoTadatoshi Matsudaira,DewakuniShonai DomainFromKiyokawa HachiroThe 14th ShogunTokugawa Igemo OfSuperiorityRonin organization to guard "RoshigumiWe recruited participants to[11]..According to Shinpachi Nagakura's "Shinpachi Gumi Sueki", we are recruiting roninHajime SaitoKondo et al. Eight people from the test center decide to participate in this.On New Year 8th, Kondo was at the Kojima family in Onoji village.ChainmailBorrowing[11].. February 2th, with the Roshigumi party京都Departed for.The party is Edo Koishikawa (Tokyo)Bunkyo ku)ofDenshoinEmitNakasendoAccording to Kan Shimozawa's "Shinsen Gumi Shushuki", Kondo is cracking down.Tokutaro IkedaHe was ordered to stay in the middle of the road as a helper, and he left before the main corps.[12]..Also, on February 2th in "Shinsen Gumi Sueki"Honjo(SaitamaHonjo City), There was an omission in the accommodation arrangements,Mito Domain OfSerizawa duckIs angry and ignites a large bonfire, telling an anecdote that Kondo and Ikeda apologized.[12]..The party was on February 2 of the same year京都When you arrive at,KyotoKyoto CityNakagyo Ward) Stayed in a private house or temple[12]..Kondo is from Mibu VillageSquire-Gennosuke YagiWe stayed in a mansion and surrounding temples and shrines[12].

On the night of the 23rd when the party arrived in Kyoto, KiyokawaShintokujiThe true purpose of Roshigumi's move to Tokyo in (Nakagyo Ward) isImperial courtDeclared to confess the aspirations of Sonno Joi, and the RoshigumiEdoProposed return[12]..The following day, on the 24th, Kiyokawa submitted a white paper to the Gakushuin University Suffrage Office.[12]..As a result, the Roshigumi was divided into the Edo return group such as Kiyokawa and the Kyoto remnants such as Kondo and Serizawa, and 24 people such as Kondo and Serizawa who disagreed remained in Kyoto.[12]..According to Isami Kondo's letter in March 3rd year of Bunkyu, Kondo belongs to the same imperial politics as Kiyokawa, but Kiyokawa prioritizes the imperial court over the shogunate, while Kondo integrates the imperial court and the shogunate. To stabilize the political situationPublic military coalitionIt is pointed out that it was a theoretical idea[13].

Inauguration of the Mibu Roushigumi and assassination of Serizawa Kamo

July 3st of the same year,Nijo CastleInKyoto guardianAct asAizu Domainmain·Matsudaira YohoWas ordered by the shogunate Rōjū to send a ronin to maintain the security of Kyoto, and the 17 remaining Kyoto groups, including Kondo and Serizawa, submitted a petition to the Aizu clan, which was accepted on March 3 and kept in custody of the Aizu clan. As a general guard in the city while in TokyoMibu RoushigumiWas formed[14]..Of the 24 Roshigumi, 8 are from the test center, including Kondo.[15].

At the beginning of the formation, the Mibu Roushigumi did not run smoothly, and Kondo went on March 3th.Shijo Ohashi(Kyoto CityShimogyo Ward-Higashiyama Ward) Of Shimosa RoninYoshio TonouchiAssassinated[16]..The palace and others were informed by the shogunate and were searching for the Roshigumi, but the assassination of the palace,Tomoyama NegishiWith a factionShingoro KasuyaWithdraw,Abi KinzaburoDied of illness (with assassination theory),Jiro Iesato TheAccuseddid.The group of three members of the tunchi group was destroyed by this, and the Roshigumi became a two-faction system consisting of the Kondo group and the Serizawa group.[16].

According to the "Care Collection", on March 3, the Kondo, Serizawa and other Roshigumi saw Kyogen behind the Mibu Tonsho, and at this time they were already wearing the same haori with the Aizu clan's deposit. That[17]..Inoue Genzaburo's older brother, who was accompanied by Shogun Iemo's Kamiraku in February 3rd year of Bunkyu.Inoue MatsugoroAt Mibu Tonsho on April 4thToshizo Hijikata-Okita Soji-Gensaburo InoueI have been consulted by "Kondo Tengu and the weather"[18]..Regarding this "tengu", the theory that Kondo is proud and the tengu =Mito RebellionThere is a theory that it is understood that it is similar to Serizawa Kamo[18]..Around March 3, the same year, Kondo, Serizawa, Niimi and others set the law within the corps.[19].

Bunkyu 3 yearsMay 8,Choshu clanTo be eliminated from the Kyoto political affairsPrince Kuni Asahiko Nakagawa(Yomiya), Aizu clan,Satsuma DomainLedAugust XNUMX political changeWhen this happens, the Mibu Roushigumi will be in charge of guarding the Ohanabatake Gate, but will be dispatched to hunt the remnants of the Choshu domain without any noticeable activity.After that, the work was recognized,Samurai DensoThan"Shinsengumi(Shinsengumi) ”was given the name of the corps.First of all, Kondo, Hijikata and othersNiimi NishikiSuicided[20]..In addition, there is a theory that Niimi Nishiki is the same person as Mito Ronin Shinya Kumetaro and died in Choshu.[21].. On September 9, Iori Tanaka was assassinated for not responding to Kondo's will.[22]..Furthermore, when Serizawa and others are assassinated on September 9th[23], A new system led by Isami Kondo was built. On October 10th, a rally was held at the Gion restaurant "Ichiriki" (Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto) hosted by the Aizu clan and invited to various clan, and Kondo was also invited to this.[24].

Around this time, his adoptive father, Shusuke Kondo, became ill and his eldest brother, Otogoro Miyagawa, asked him to return to Edo, but Kondo refused because of political instability in Kyoto.[25].

Activities in the Ikedaya Incident and the Kinmon Incident

Due to the political change on August XNUMX, the Kobu Gattai faction took control of the Kyoto political affairs, and Yoshinobu Hitotsubashi, Matsudaira Katamori (lord of the Aizu domain),Matsudaira Sadataka(Kuwana Domain"Lord" by the three partiesOne meeting mulberry administrationWas formed, and the Shinsengumi played a part in that.[26].MotoharuNew Year (1864) General on New Year 15thTokugawa IgemoEntered Tokyo and entered Nijo Castle[27]..Matsudaira Katamori became the army governor and military governor, and on February 2, he became the lord of the Fukui domain.Matsudaira YoshinagaHas been appointed as a guardian of Kyoto[28]..In the Shogunate, a plan to entrust the Shinsengumi to Matsudaira Yoshinaga emerged, but Kondo refused this.[28].. Shogun Iemo returns to Edo on May 5, but Kondo leaves an infuriated letter asking for the Shogun's residence.[29].

Around the end of May of the same year, according to a letter addressed to Kondo's adoptive father Shusai, Kondo was the lord of Matsuyama, Btsutyuu.Katsushika ItakuraOf the Shinsengumi servantsSanjuro TaniFrom my younger brotherMasatakeIt is reported that (Shuhei) was adopted.[30]..In addition, Shuhei dissolved his adoption in 3 and returned to his maiden name, and escaped on the way back to Edo the following year.[31].

On June 6, 1, the ShinsengumiKumamoto DomainMaster/Miyabe DaizoCaptured his servant, Tadazo, and captured two other suspicious persons.[31]..Knowing the plan of rebellion by torture, Shijo-dori Kobashi Nishiiri Rumamachi (Kyoto City)Shimogyo Ward), A firewood dealer, Kiemon Masuya (Shuntaro Kodaka) Was captured[32]..The Shinsengumi, who learned of the Nakagawamiya residence arson plan from Kodaka's statement, immediately started exploring, and on June 6 (July 5, 1864), they rushed into the Ikedaya where the crew was hiding and destroyed the Miyabe faction. Let me (Ikedaya Incident).By this work, the ShinsengumiImperial courtI received a letter of appreciation and a reward from the Shogunate.

ForbiddenAfter being dispatched, Kondo returns home to recruit soldiers.hereKoutaro ItoSucceeded in replenishing new soldiers.

Kyoto political affairs and Kondo's business trip to Hiroshima

KeioNew Year (1865) September 9th, ShogunTokugawa Igemo TheSuperioritydo itNijo CastleEnter, on September 9stKyoto Imperial PalaceGet permission to reconquer Choshu[33]..Ometsuke in the shogunate due to the acquisition of reconquestNaoyuki NagaiWas decided to be dispatched as a Choshu inquiry ambassador, and the meeting place with the Choshu side wasAki countryHiroshimaKokutaiji Temple(HiroshimaHiroshima cityNaka-ku) Decided[34]..Kondo was allowed to accompany the interrogator through the Aizu clan.[34]..In addition, in the letter to Hikogoro Sato dated November 11, the same year, it is stated that he will accompany the questioner, and that the successor to Tennen Rishin-ryu will be Soji Okita.[35].

KondoTakeda Kanryusai,Koutaro ItoLeaving Osaka on November 8th with eight soldiers and arriving in Hiroshima on November 11th.[36].. On November 11, Nagai requested Kondo et al. To be dispatched to Choshu as his vassal, but the Choshu side refused to do so, and on November 20, Nagai made Kondo et al. Is going to the dormitory on the Choshu clan side, but is refused to visit[37]..Kondo et al. Meet with the Choshu clan on November 11, and requested to join Choshu on December 23, but they were refused again.[38].. On December 12th, Kondo et al. Of the Choshu clanSupporter-IwakuniShinminato of the territory (Yamaguchi IwakuniRequested a meeting with the Iwakuni Domain in Shinminatomachi), but this was also refused[38]..Kondo et al. Abandoned entering Choshu and returned to Kyoto on December 12nd.[38].

Keio 2rd year (1866) On the 22nd of New Year, the Shogunate decided to dispose of the Choshu clan, and the old manNagayuki OgasawaraTo Hiroshima[39]..Kondo is Ito on the 27th of New YearShinohara Yasunoshin,Shuntaro OgataI accompanied him and arrived in Hiroshima on February 2rd. On February 3, Kondo requested a meeting with the Iwakuni feudal lord, Dingsuke Shioya, via Ito, who had an exchange with the Hiroshima feudal lord, but this was refused.[39]..The second on June 6, the same yearChoshu WarHowever, the conquest of Choshu was suspended on August 7 due to the sudden death of Shogun Iemo at Osaka Castle on July 20.[40].

Separation and assassination of Shinsengumi and Kashitaro Ito

On September 9, the same year, Kashitaro Ito and Yasunoshin Shinohara visited Kondo's house and discussed the time with Kondo.[41]..According to Shinohara's diary, Ito preached Qin Wang and insisted on becoming a guardian of Emperor Komei (died on December 12 of the same year), while Kondo discussed the trends of the Tokugawa Shogunate and the discussions became parallel, and Kondo It is said that he was wary of the separation of Ito et al.[41].

Keio 3rd year (1867) On New Year 18th, Ito et al.DazaifuI went to and separated from the Shinsengumi as it wasGoryo GuardianBecame (Kodaiji Party)[42]..Ito et al. Returned to Tokyo on March 3, and offered to separate Kondo and Hijikata on the following day, and were approved.[42]..この際にAt this timeHeisuke Todo-Hajime Saito(There is a theory that it is a Kondo faction) and others have joined this.

On June 6th of the same year, all the members of the Shinsengumi from the Aizu clan custodyRetainerBecome[43]..Kondo becomes a rank (XNUMX bales of Hatamoto) that is more than you can see[43]..As a result, Kondo negotiated with each dignitary as a member of the representative of the Shogunate, and made a speech at a rally of the Shogunate Shinpan on June 6, the same year.[44]..Kondo insisted on the theory of conquest, and on June 6, Kondo'sWhite paper Talk OfSakimitsu Yanagihara,Masachika Town Sanjo Real LoveSubmitted to[45]..According to the diary of the Tosa domain, Kondo was introduced by Naoyuki Nagai at this time.Tosa DomainIs suffrageShojiro GotoWas introduced, and on September 9th of the same yearOkayama DomainHe was introduced to the elders and talked about the conquest of Choshu.[46]..On June 6th of the same year, the tunsho was moved from Nishi Honganji Temple.Fudodo Village(Kyoto CityShimogyo Ward), And VIP guards have been added to the mission of the Shinsengumi.[47].

On August 8, the same year, Ito et al. Goryo also submitted a white paper, insisting on Choshu's theory of tolerance against Kondo's theory of conquest.[48]..On October 10th and 13th of the same year, when the Satsuma domain and the Choshu domain were defeated, Shogun Yoshinobu Tokugawa repatriated the government and avoided it.[49]..It is said that Kondo visited Masachikacho Sanjo Miai on the 14th and criticized the Taisei Hokan as a plot of Owari and Echizen.[49].

On the night of October 10, the same year, Kondo called Samegai-dori Kitsuyabashi (Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto) to Kashitaro Ito for the purpose of discussing national affairs, and after the banquet, at Shichijo Aburanokoji (Shimogyo-ku).Oishi HoujiroAssassinated Ito[50]..In addition, he invited other Goryo guards to attack at night and killed Todo and others (Aburanokoji battle).[50].

On December 12th of the same yearRoyal reconstructionWas issued, and the former shogunate in Kyoto was ordered to withdraw.[51] ..Shinsengumi is absent from the shogunNijo CastleHe was ordered to guard, but on December 12, Kondo was in conflict with the Mito Domain over guarding Nijo Castle.[52].

On December 12, Kondo went to Nijo Castle from Fushimi's camp and went to Tokyo to remove the Satsumacho and Sonno factions from the lords.[53].Shinohara YasunoshinAccording to the diary ofMiki Saburo Suzuki・ 8 people including ShinoharaTakeda Highway-Sumizome(Kyoto CityFushimi Ward) Waits for Kondo and shoots Kondo on horseback[54]..Kondo injured his shoulder, according to Kai Shimada's diaryFushimi CastleEscaped to[54]..Kondo is a bakufu doctor who was also a Shinsengumi doctor.Yoshijun MatsumotoWith Souji Okita to receive treatment forOsaka CastleI am being treated at.[55] .

Keio 4rd year (MeijiFirst year,1868) On January 1rd, between the old Shogunate army and the new government armyBattle of Toba and FushimiOccurs.The Shinsengumi is at the Fushimi Magistrate's Office with Aizu soldiers, and Hijikata commanded the corps due to Kondo's injury.[56].

From the Boshin War to execution

Battle of Toba and FushimiThe Shinsengumi who lost in the event return to Edo on a shogunate warship.Kondo and HijikataFujiyama MaruI am on board.Outside the Edo Kajibashi Gate (Tokyo)Chiyoda Ward)ofTanetatsu AkizukiMake the mansion a tunsho[57]..According to Nagakura Shinpachi's "Namishi Fumihisa Hokoku Article" and "Shinsengumi Diary", Kondo responded to Tokugawa Yoshinobu after returning to Edo.Kai countryKofuKofu Castle(Yamanashi PrefectureKofu City) Submitted a white paper requesting delegation[57].

On February 2, Kondo was ordered by the Shogunate to "squeeze Koyo", and when the Shogunate gave him weapons and ammunition, and the Shogunate and the Aizu clan gave him funds, Kondo said in March.Takeshi OkuboShinsengumi using the pseudonymKoyo ZhentaiRenamed[58]..In addition, Hikogoro Sato has joined the party at Hino-juku.[59]..When the party leaves the Edo Kajibashi mansion on March 3stKoshu HighwayHeading to Kofu, but one of the new government forcesIwakura TomosadaLeads the governor-general army of Tosan-do from Suwa, Shinano ProvinceNakasendo-Koshu HighwayWas divided into and marched to Edo[59]..Kondo will be in Hanasaki-juku on March 3th (Yamanashi Prefecture)Otsuki City), Chief of Staff of Tosan-do SenbokuItagaki RetirementLed byShuntaiKnowing that Kofu was conquered[60]On October 3stKoshuOutbreak in Katsunuma TownBattle of Koshu Katsunuma(Kashiwao War)ShuntaiFight but lose and rout[61].

Kondo et al. Rout, and on March 3thHachioji inn(TokyoHachioji City) Declared to raise Edo[62].. These days,Nagakura Shinpachi,Sanosuke HaradaThey plan to mobilize their forces to revive in Aizu, and meet Kondo at the Edo Izumibashi Medical School on March 3, but Kondo becomes Kondo's vassal for Nagakura and Harada's plans. Both broke down because the conditions were presented, and Nagakura and Harada left.[63]..Kondo and Hijikata reorganized their corps in preparation for Aizu, and the former Shogunate infantry and others were replaced by Gobei Nitta (currently).TokyoAdachi-kuAyase XNUMX-chome), And the number of soldiers increased to 227.Kondo changed the name to "Yamato Okubo"[64].

In 4 monthShimosaNagareyama (ChibaNagareyama), But the new government forces have already arrived on March 3th.Itabashi(TokyoItabashi ku) Was in[63]..The Shinsengumi stayed at Komeiin and Nagareyama Temple in Nagareyama on April 4st and 1nd, and Kondo and Hijikata were headquartered at Nagaoka Shichirobei's house.[63]..The new government army is a staff member of the governor-generalKeizo KagawaBecame a large army superintendentShimono countryUtsunomiyaUtsunomiyaWe marched on the Nikko Kaido to counter the Aizu and Kuwana forces who are trying to occupy it, and on April 4nd, Kasukabe (SaitamaKasukabe) Has been reached[63]..The new government forces learn that the Shinsengumi gathered in Nagareyama will attack behind them, and on April 4 they will capture Kondo.[65]..The situation of Kondo capture differs depending on historical materials,KoshigayaThere is also a record that he appeared at the headquarters of the government army.

However, there is a person who knows that Okubo is Isami Kondo on the government army side, so the governor-general office was set up.ItabashiWill be taken to.Itabashi-shuku Hirao's Wakihonjin was imprisoned by the Toyoda family, and investigations were conducted daily at Itabashi-shuku Honjin.Kondo kept the name of Okubo, but he was a former soldier.Koutaro ItoLeadGoryo GuardianwasKano Washio,Kiyohara KiyoshiIt was discovered that he was Kondo, and he was eventually arrested.After that, the Tosa domain (Yajo Castle) And the Satsuma Domain over the treatment of Kondo, but in the end the Tosa Domain (Yajo Castle) Was pushed out, and on April 4, 4 (May 25, 1868), near Itabashi-shuku, Nakasendo.Itabashi Execution Grounds[Annotation 2]Kizo YokokuraWas decapitated by.35 years old (33 years old).The neck is at Sanjogawara in KyotoGokumonWas done.The whereabouts of the neck after that are unknown.


TokyoMitaka City OfRyugenji Temple(Birthplace mentioned above, currentChofu CityNear the wildwater) and near the execution siteItabashi StationIn front of the east exit (Jutokuji Temple Cemetery) Also, they were each otherNagakura ShinpachiThere is a graveyard built by.FukushimaAizuwakamatsu OfTenneiji TempleIsToshizo HijikataThere is a tomb that is said to have buried a part of the body,YamagataYonezawaA tomb with a tradition that Kondo's cousin Kintaro Kondo secretly took his head home and buried it is also built at Kokokuji Temple.Every year, a private organization holds "Kondo Isami" to mourn Kondo.NagareyamaAnd Aizuwakamatsu.CommandmentsIs a resident of Junchu-in Temple.

ResignationThe phrase isChinese poetry(Seven wordsPoetry), And a monument engraved with this phrase is in the graveyard in the precincts of Ryugenji Temple.

Solitary army support work Prisoner
Suiyang Chiko Seigo 儔
(Written sentence)
Becoming a prisoner by lonely support
Don't be fooled by a piece of Noh 睢陽Chiko Korego is 儔 (Tomogara)
Yasushi et al. What are you saying today?
Pleasure light receiving light XNUMX shaku 劔 只 將 Ichi death report Kimi
(Written sentence)
What else did I say today? It's a place I respect to take righteousness and throw away life
I'm willing to accept the lightning three-shaku sword.


After Kondo's death1876The second son of Otogoro Miyagawa, Kondo's eldest brother in (Meiji 9)YugoroIs adopted by the Kondo family[6]..Tama, a daughter born between Kondo and his wife, Tsune, is married to Yugoro.[6]Later, he gave birth to his eldest son, Kutaro, and died at the age of 25.That Kutaro was also in 38 (Meiji XNUMX)1905)Russo-Japanese WarBecause he died in the war, Kondo's descendants have disappeared.

However, in addition to the occasional child, there is a boy (later a priest) with the concubine Komano, a daughter's courage with the concubine's thoughts, and a boy with the concubine's concubine.In addition to Kutaro, his grandson has three boys who have made a profit with a Korean trader.

The Miyagawa family has been a farmer for generations, and the current descendants also run farms in Tokyo.The clan is the 9th Soke of Tennen Rishin-ryu (Isami Kondo is the 4th Soke).


  • Kondo himself believes that his sword is Kotetsu,Ikedaya IncidentIn the letter I wrote to my adoptive father after that, there was a statement that "Shimobuki sword is Ya because of Toru, and it's safe."
  • The possession of Kondo's Kotetsu, including its authenticity, is unknown, and there are multiple theories.Hiroshi Kozawa"I bought it in Edo" and "I bought it in Edo."Zenemon KonoikeI got it from ""Hajime SaitoDig out. "
  • Tokutaro Inuzuka, a researcher, said that this work isGensei MaruIf it was a work[66],Great Kanto EarthquakeIt is said that it was burnt down at that time[67].
  • In June 2, it was reported that a sword that was likely to have been Kondo's favorite sword (hereinafter referred to as "this work") still exists.[68].. This work isKentaro KanekoIs believed to have been in the possession of[68]..This work has the inscription "Nagasone Kotetsu Kotetsu"[68]..The scabbard of this work has a handwriting that seems to belong to Kaneko, "From Kondo.KanagawaIt was handed over to the Nakamura family and Kaneko obtained it from the family. "[68].
    • Shinsengumi sword researcher Gon Toshina, who investigated this work, stated the following points.[68].
  1. There is a reference to this work in the memoir of Kentaro Kaneko.From the contents of the description, it can be judged that the characters written on the sheath of this work are Kaneko's autographs.[Annotation 3].
  2. There is a record that this work was exhibited at the exhibition of Toru Toru held in 38.
  3. Judging from its blade and inscription, this work is a fake Kotetsu with "Nagasone Kotetsu Kotetsu" engraved on an unnamed sword from the Edo period.
  4. Kondo possesses multiple tigers, some of which are said to be genuine.
  5. Until the early Meiji era, Kotetsu Kondo was not regarded as an art forgery.However, in modern times, it is the mainstream to regard "Kondo's Kotetsu as an art forgery".
  6. Since this work owned by Kentaro Kaneko was a fake Toru, the theory that "Kondo's Toru is an art forgery" may have spread.
  • However, Kaneko's book and those who were shown by Kaneko at that time testified that it became "roasted meat" in the Great Kanto Earthquake, and it is verified whether the discovered sword actually became "roasted meat". Not done.
  • He said he talked about swords when he had free time. "WakizashiThe longer it is, the better. "
  • Kondo respected him for his unusual feat of holding his entire fist in his mouth.Kiyomasa KatoIs said to have had similar feats[69], Kondo said that he was talking with a laugh that he wanted to advance like Kato.
  • My wife wasn't very good at it. (One theory isRabbit lipsTomo) Kondo had a theory that "Ugly women are chaste. I want to have a chaste woman as my wife."
  • To his father, Kujiro, who loves military books,Three Kingdoms"Or"SuikodenI read aloud the heroic biography such as ", especiallyGuan YuI was longing for.
  • Oishi built-in assistant(Ako incident) Was respected.Also, when making the Shinsengumi clothing, KondoAko RoushiIt is said that he invented a haori and hakama that imitated the costume of.
  • At the age of fifteen, a robber broke into his house when his father was away.The older brother who tried to jump out with his usual swordsmanship skill said, "The thief is upset when he just enters. Rather, he feels more relaxed when he leaves, and his heart is absent. Let's take a chance, "he said.And when the thief ran away with all the remarkable things together, Katsuta jumped out with his brother.It is said that the thief who was surprised threw away the stolen goods and ran away.Katsuta said to his older brother, who tried to chase after it, "I sometimes bite a cat in distress. The stolen thing has returned, so let's leave it alone."This became popular with the world, and it became an opportunity for Shusuke, the master of the sword, to adopt him.
  • Kondo's birthplace (currentlyNogawa Park(Near the entrance) still existed after the Meiji era,Pacific WarInChofu AirfieldThere is a small shrine that was demolished by extension work and enshrined a well and Isami Kondo.
  • October 23,Yori SanyoA traditional Chinese poetry hanging scroll was found and reported.The phrase is "Tadao Akira 忹 寓 牆 east, Talking and Secular.image).
If you write it down, "You should just give up your wall and go to the east, and it's the same as speaking in the world. If you know the things above the hero's heart, you're not a hero. "Re hero.", The modern translation says, "You should live a hidden life, not the same as a secular who discusses speech and politics. If the hero's mind is understood, it is not a hero. Is) "[70].


  • Egawa Taro Saemon "Brave and daring can occupy the first place among the XNUMX men under his command. If he is still young, he will be the head of the Shinsengumi and will be the center of the sea as well. In response to this, with his own power, he crushed the astonishing mad manic wandering roses and became a villain of the shogunate guardian. Again, I'm going to boil my manic. Even though I'm gone, I'm quiet and keep the path of resignation, and I'm scented by myself, and I'm a swordsman who is a weak point of all his warriors. There is no such thing as committing. Only then can you make a young crown and bring together a large number of tiger panthers and set up an enemy country in a hurry. "[72]
  • Eiichi Shibusawa "When I met him, he was an unexpectedly modest person, and Isaka was a person who understood the matter well without having the taste of a violent tiger, but Kondo was a person who hated Satsuma until he got tired of it. Because it was an indication that he would not receive it, he took a radical attitude only toward the Satsushu people and traced it, so at first glance it became misunderstood by the world like a violent tiger. "[73]
  • Kimio Nakanishi "Kondo was a really bold manly man."[74]
  • Nishimura Sutezo "Tall, dark-skinned, with pockmarks on the middle flesh.[75]
  • "Kondo's swordsmanship is not so good."[76]


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