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🍴 | [New Open / Shimotori] Glitter bakery "Plum Tree"

Photo Source: Living Kumamoto Web

[New Open / Shimotori] Glitter bakery "Plum Tree"

If you write the contents roughly
Fruit bread, side dish bread, and small cubic bread are all cute and I'm at a loss, but I want to go again.

OPEN / 2020 December Hello.I'm Ichigo Choco "Su ..." which opened on the lower street in December 12. → Continue reading

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Cooking pan

Bread > Cooking pan

Cooking pan(Chori bread) is normalBreadApart from the manufacturing process調理Bread made by putting or sandwiching the ingredients.Alternatively, bread that uses the heating in the bread manufacturing process to cook the ingredients on which it is placed.Compared to regular breadExpiration dateIs short.狭義の場合In the narrow sensesandwichIt may be called cooking bread itself.

"Sweet breadAnd "cooking bread" respectivelyJICFSAlthough defined in the classification criteria 111303 and 111305[1],Side dish bread"Is not defined, and each manufacturer makes its own judgment on food labeling.

Typical cooking bread

JICFSAccording to classification standard 111305

Not listed in JICFS classification standard 111305, but can be regarded as cooking bread


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