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🍴 | Vegetables to be put on ramen without a frying pan are completed "Ingredients for ramen in the microwave"


Completed vegetables to put on ramen without a frying pan "Ingredients for ramen in the microwave"

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Simply put the cut vegetables in the same bag and heat them in the microwave for about 2 minutes and 30 seconds (600w), and the ingredients to be put on the ramen are ready.

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Cut vegetables

Cut vegetables(Cut and sweet) is fresh for the purpose of adding a certain amount of added value.VegetablesProducts provided by cutting[1][2].. The product provided by cutting fresh fruits is called cut fruits.[1].

Form of cut vegetables

A typical form of cut vegetables is sold in bags at mass retailers.saladAnd a cup salad[2]. AlsoEating outVegetables forJulienne,Diced, Chopped,Random cutProducts processed into etc. are also called cut vegetables[2].. However, there is no official definition of cut vegetables, and according to statistical surveys, products processed for the purpose of adding value to vegetables such as peeled onions and cored cabbage are cut vegetables, and the price reduction of vegetables purchased by mass retailers etc. When vegetables are cut and sold for the purpose of quantity adjustment, the survey is conducted by setting certain standards such as excluding the vegetables from the cut vegetables.[2].

AmericaIn the National Association of Fresh Agricultural Products, cut vegetables are roughly classified into Bagged salad or Packaged salad and Value added vegetables.[1].. Backed saladlettuceThe leaf vegetables are mainly sold in the form of bags and cup salads.[1].. In addition, for value-added vegetables, for side dishesbroccoli,cauliflowerSide dish that can be cooked directly in a microwave oven (Side Dish)[1],celeryAnd so onDip sauceTrays for a large number of people and Snacking for a small number of people[1], As a preparation item for mealspastaIt is classified as a cooking set (Meal Prep) in which ingredients other than vegetables are seasoned with sauce.[1].

Reason for purchase

Takii seedlingSurvey by "2020According to the "Summary of Vegetables", the most common reason for purchasing cut vegetables is "saving cooking time", followed by "just the right amount to use at one time (use up)" and "reasonable price".[3].

Nutritional value of cut vegetables

Cut vegetables are washed with water and then soaked in a sterilizing solution before they are sold. For example, after soaking the shredded cabbage in water for about 15 minutes, the residual rate of vitamin C is about 85%, which is much less even after soaking in water. Never be[4].. However, commercially available cut vegetables are generallyLight vegetablesManyGreen and yellow vegetablesIt has been pointed out that those with a small amount of[4].

Regarding frozen processing, it has been reported that the vitamins and minerals of frozen vegetables (immediately frozen after performing hot water treatment for about 20 seconds) do not decrease for about one year, and commercially available frozen vegetables are cheap.SeasonSince it is used at the time of the season, the one with a lot of nutrients is frozen[4].. HoweverVitamin CIt is said that it is better to cook in a frozen state because it melts when thawed.[4].


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