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🍴 | Bourbon "Carb Balance" 60% off sugar, considering the balance with deliciousness


Bourbon "Carb Balance" 60% off sugar, considering the balance with deliciousness

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The lineup includes "chocolate chip cookies" with chocolate chips studded in crispy cocoa dough, "soy milk kinako wafers" with cream sandwiched between crispy wafers, and "baked cheesecake" with a rich flavor that combines camambert cheese and prepared soy milk powder. ..

Bourbon will release three types of "Carb Balance" on April 3, 2021.Cookies, wafers, ... → Continue reading

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Chocolate chips

Chocolate chips(British: chocolate chip) Is a small crushed piecegrain Ofチ ョ コ レ ー ト.JapaneseThen.EnglishAccording to "Chocolate chipsIt is also called "chocolate chips", but it is generally called "chocolate chips".Many直径It has a flat and round shape with a bottom of about 1 cm, and there are various sizes, mainlyConfectioneryIt is used as a material for making.

As a major chocolate chip manufacturerNestle,HersheyAnd so on.


Chocolate chips1938ToAmerica-MassachusettsでinnandRestaurant Of(English edition)Was running(English edition)But chocolate chipsク ッ キ ーIt begins with the invention of.

Wakefield宿 泊CustomerI was making cookies for this, but that day I usually used it for chocolate cookies(English edition)As I was running out of chocolate, as a substituteNestleFinely chop the semi-sweet chocolate without melting it.ク ッ キ ーBake in addition to the dough.I thought it would melt and mix with the dough when baked, but Nestlé's semi-sweet chocolate was low in fat and was baked in its original form without melting.Wakefield himself did not like it because it was a failure, but it became a popular menu with popularity among staff and guests.Later, when a recipe for her chocolate chip cookie was published in a local newspaper, the chocolate chip cookie recipe became popular locally, and Nestlé's chocolate sales surged.1939She is the raw material of Nestle chocolateパ ッ ケ ー ジTo herRecipesInstead of being posted, Nestlé gave me a lifetime of chocolate.And Nestlé introduced a machine to chop the bar,1941By many companies, including NestleチップThe sale of chocolate-shaped chocolate has started[1].

Nestlé's chocolate chip cookie brand name "(English edition)Was inventedinnNamed after.

Types of taste

Initially, chocolate chips were made from low-sweetness chocolate, but now they are bittersweet.bitter chocolateTastepeanut buttertaste,Butterscotchtaste,mintChocolate flavor,White chocolatetaste,Black chocolatetaste(ミ ル クDo not add),Milk chocolateYou can enjoy various tastes such as taste.aside from that,Strawberrytaste,blueberryTaste etc.fruitsflavorThere is also a tip.

Use in confectionery

Mainly chocolate chips are cookies andPancake,waffle,cake,muffin,Crepe such asWheat flourUseCake confectioneryIt is added as a material forice cream,PuddingIt is also added to foods such as.

Make chocolate chips liquidChocolate sauceIt is also used as.At that time, it is contained in chocolateCocoa butterBegins to melt, 35℃It starts to melt nearby and melts best between 40 and 45 ° C.However, if the melting temperature exceeds 45 ° C for white chocolate and 50 ° C for black chocolate, the chocolate will burn.In practice, chocolate chips have less cocoa butter than regular chocolate so that they retain their shape when heated, so they are not recommended for use as a sauce.

Chocolate chips are available all over the world調理It has become an indispensable item, especially chocolate chip cookies.AmericaIt is eaten as a typical confectionery of.Currently chocolate chipsEurope,Australia, Also available in other areas.

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  1. ^ Chocolate Chip Cookies: Chip versus MorselAccording to 1941Spring:It is stated that recipes and advertisements for chip-shaped chocolate have become widespread.Before thatNewspaper advertisementAnd the published recipes only dealt with chopped square chocolate.

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