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🍴 | The latest trend of "radiation therapy for brain tumors" talked by specialists, quickly and efficiently _Varian Medical System ...


The latest trend of "radiation therapy for brain tumors" talked by specialists, quickly and efficiently_Varian Medical System ...

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Varian started his business on the premises of Stanford University in 1948 and grew into a global leader in radiation therapy in the 2000s.

Varian Medical Systems, which handles radiation therapy equipment and related systems, said, "Radiation related to brain tumors ... → Continue reading


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Varian(Balian)IndonesiaBaliCurse doctor,Shaman..Has a position as a religious professional.Mostly menHereditaryIt is often inherited.


For Balinese since ancient timesDoctor,counselorOrfortune tellerRespected as invisible power (Evil spirit,spirit, Leyak, etc.) to solve the problem.astrology,CalendarAlso familiar with.The Balinese visit Varian when he is physically and mentally ill or when he is unhappy with his surroundings."Black Magic" that curses the person who wants to curse, or makes the other person's body dwell in evil or illness, and the opposite, "White Magic" that releases the cursed person from the curse and lost items Prophecy of the whereabouts,神 OfAnnouncementWith the aspect as a magicianMedicinal herb,shellIt has an aspect as a curse doctor, such as treatment of the sick using.

Even now, it is expensive in BaliWestern medicinePeople who cannot see the doctor are often treated with Varian.There are some popular and unpopular Varian, but Tjokorda Gede Rai gathered patients from all over the world, had Western disciples, and treated the former Japanese Prime Minister. Also known as.

6 duties

Varian has the following six duties.

(Aspect as a curse doctor)

1, Balian Usada
マ ン ト ラAfter chanting, treat the sick with various medicinal plants.Negative by using special magical tools感情Is怒 り,jealousy, And sorrows are planted in others.
2, Balian Manakan
Role as a midwife.

(Aspect as a magician)

3, Balian Tenun
fortune teller. LontarAncient documentTell the whereabouts of the lost item with reference to.
4, Balian Taksu
childrenTransfer to a baby or a baby and tell who is being reborn.Tells who cursed the child when he became ill.deadTransfers and tells us where the hidden property is missing.
5, Balian Eedan
神Will change and tell you.
6, Balian Sesonteng
When carrying out an unforgivable marriage, make an offering to God in a secret place with both of them.

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