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🍴 | Gourmet in the morning and at night !! Introducing gourmet that will energize working people!


Gourmet in the morning and at night !! Introducing gourmet that will energize working people!

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"Power Gourmet" introduces gourmet foods that will energize the people who work for Bananaman Yuki Himura.

At TBS, "Bananaman's early wake up special gourmet !!" will start from 4 o'clock on April 4 (Sun) (* some ... → Continue reading

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Yuki Himura

Yuki Himura(Yuki Himura,1972May 5 -) isJapan Ofcomedian,An actor,Voice actor.. Comedy combinationBanana man OfTsukkomiResponsible. My partnerShitara.. Height 172cm, Weight 85kg[5].. WifeFree announcer OfAika Kanda[6]. HiroshimaHigashihiroshima CityKurose Townbirth,KanagawaSagamihara CityRaised in Chuo Ward[7].HoriprocomBelongs.


HiroshimaHigashihiroshima CityBorn in Kurose Town[7].. I moved when I was 3 years old and grew up in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture.[7]..After graduating from a healthy nursery school, graduated from Kamimizo Elementary School, graduated from Kamimizo Junior High School,Kanagawa Prefectural Sagami Tana High SchoolWhile attending school, with his classmate Ken Harada, "Land sectionWas active in the combination[7].Masayuki WatanabeParticipated in the audition by getting information from a classmate about the comedy live "La Mama Rookie Contest" sponsored by the event.He will continue to appear after that.When Watanabe asked him about his career when he graduated from high school, he expressed his intention to continue laughing. He was invited to Watanabe's office and officially entered the entertainment industry in 1990.

However, because Harada got marriedEntertainment worldThe "land club" will be disbanded.Himura was shocked because he was unilaterally told to disband, but Harada's marriage partner was two high school classmates, and it was Himura in high school who tried to confess to them.When I was told to disband and parted from my partner, I pretended to be calm, but as soon as I got home and became alone, I realized that I could not be a comedian alone, so I cried in the room and worried my parents Came to see.Originally, his parents were not against becoming a comedian, but he didn't think he would cry just because he broke up, and his parents encouraged Himura, saying, "If you like it that much, do your best."

After that, he appeared in a TV reproduction drama for about a year, and released "" released in March 1994.Yokohama Bakukakutai Summer Shonan Junai Hen』Tsupari role[Source required]And "Mobile Police Patlabor 2 the MovieAppeared as a voice actor in the role of Choi[8] He continued his entertainment activities in detail.But in October 1993Genki NishiakiInvited me to "comedy with four people", and at the meeting, I am the current companion.ShitaraMeet[Source required]..I decided to stay at Shitaranoie on the day I met, and when I went to bed, I turned on the lights and said, "We will be amazing from now onI declared.Shortly after that, Shitara and Himura withdrew from the quartet, and nowBanana manWas formed[Source required].

From December 2008, 12 to January 31, 2009, he was the entertainer with the most appearances, with 1 programs.3 programs in second place at the same rateFUJIWARA,Haruna loveAnd so on, the partner's Shitara was 4 programs with the same rate of 13th place.[9].

Released on September 2015, 4Photo weekly magazine"Friday』In the originalNHKannouncer OfAika KandaReported dating with[10], Both offices also admitted dating[11]..And on April 2018, 4, the radio program ``Banana Man's Banana Moon GOLDAnnounced marriage to Kanda in[6].


Family composition is father, mother, brother[12].. Hobbyビ リ ヤ ー ド,Sumo.Acoustic guitar[12] ,ピ ア ノYou can also play.Tap danceHe is also good at it, and often shows it on variety shows.[13].


Nickname is "Himken"[1].

Ken'ichi Harakawa, a partner in the "track and field club" era, was nicknamed Haraken, so he was dragged by it and was called.[14]..When I met Shitara, I said "Call me Himken" and for a while I called him "Himken" and "Osamu", but Shitara said "Isn't Himken strange?", "Himura-san" and "Shitara". It became "san".Synchronous / same generation (Akiyuki Tsuchida,ネ プ チ ュ ー ンEtc.),TunnelsCalls "Himken".BakarismWhen he first met, he saw the sight of Himura being called "Himken" by the people around him, and he was called "Himuraken".Ken ShimuraI misunderstood that he was an Impressionist.

In addition, according to Bakarhythm, he was once called a "vibe" by his high school friends.[15].. Broadcast on March 2010, 7Banana Man's Banana Moon GOLD』(TBS Radio), When Shitara confirmed with Himura himself, it turned out to be a fact[16]..Himura said the reason was, "Maybe the vibe on my cell phone rang while I was talking with my friends, and then it started to be called a vibe."[15]..However, when I later confirmed with the friend,Electric kokeshiIt turned out that it was similar to the vibe of[15].

His wife, Kanda, calls Himura "Sole."According to Kanda, he used to call him "Yu-kun" after the name "Yuki", but gradually changed from "Yukyun" to "Yukuso" to "Yukusor" and finally settled on "Sole". It was said that.By the way, I don't understand the meaning at all[17].


Admit both yourself and othersComedianKnown as[18]..Other features include a loose chin and a protruding belly.[19].. It was normal until the age of 18, but he said, "19 years old.ObonIt became strange after that. "As for the body shape, he was a little stubborn when he was a student, and at the time of his debut, he was a little overweight than the standard body shape, but even at that time he was treated as an obese character by Tale. I saw a photo about 27 years oldOgi and Hagi OfYahagiSaid "It's so cute", but Shitara said "This guy is alreadyNot in the worldWas said.Her face is completely like her mother, and she has appeared on television several times.FatherRomance gray OfDandyHe says he is tanned because he enjoys playing golf and the vegetable garden after retirement.In recent years, the weight has increased to nearly 100 kg due to the circumstances described later, and it has become a typical obese body.[20].

Is a trademarkMushroom cutWas instructed by the director when he appeared in the movie "Yokohama Bakuretai" mentioned above, and the hairstyle has not changed since then, and it continues to be as it is as of 2020.[21].


According to Shitara, he often forgets things and says, "It is natural to forget your wallet or cell phone."He often forgets his jacket and goes home, and during that time Himura thinks it's cold but never realizes that he has forgotten it.In addition, I have experienced the late fee of rental video in the 20 yen class twice, but even so, he is quite crazy as he says, "I found out from the middle, but I can not return it."However, it seems that forgetfulness is not terrible for all things, for example, the lyrics are quite memorable.[22]..It can be seen that this sloppy personality has a considerable adverse effect on one's own health condition, as shown below.

Due to the unsanitary aspect, Bakarhythm (described later), who lived with Himura when he was young, recalls that his home at that time was "dirty."About the situation of Himura's house at that time, "On the floorBaby star ramenIt was said that "there were scattered" and "the garbage bags were also piled up", which suggests that it was quite dirty (Himura himself admits that it was really a garbage mansion).[23]..In addition to this, "I use towels many times without washing (I sometimes do not wash bath towels used in collaboration with Bakarhythm for more than a week, so it was always wet and did not play the role of bath towels." There were many unsanitary episodes such as "I thought there was a towel stuck in the wall, and when I tried to take it, the corn was stuck and dry", and at the end of the story, Bakarhythm says "It smells like holding a dogI once thought[24]..Also, the bed of Bakarhythm at that time was a sitting chair, and Himura who felt pity for it picked up a broken sofa bed from the oversized garbage storage and gave it to Bakarhythm, but the sofa bed was too dirty. Bakarhythm hesitated,After all, Himura was sleeping thereTo say[25].

In the program that appeared before marriage from his wife, Kanda, it was revealed that "the underwear that I took off always has a brown one" and "the towelette of Himura's house smells immediately after washing".[26].

He has a narcissistic personality, and Shitara reveals that "(Himura) really doesn't like being called ugly."From my classmates when I was a student, I had unfounded confidence that I was popular in the 5th (4th) class, and on days when I was frustrated.Ozaki YutakaIt is testified that he was struck by the rain and was drunk by listening to the song and saying, "I want to get wet in the rain."[27][28]..However, on March 2018, 3, "Ame Talk, a talk show of the Death After the Rain!When he appeared in the movie, he showed a pretense that he hated his appearance, saying, "There are times when I'm horrified. Look at myself. When I see myself reflected in the window, I'm horrified. "Is it so unpleasant!"[19]..In addition, he complained that the finish of his face photo taken for his passport was "very unpleasant!", But Shitara said that he was "the same as Mr. Himura".

When asked about women's underwear preferences, "Dried pantiesAnswer[29],Banana flameWhen asked by Shitara about "the best 38 things I want to do at the age of 3" at the DVD release commemorative eventCovered with pantiesAnswer[30], Also enthusiastically talk about "pants" in "banana flame"[31] Occasionally, he makes erratic remarks, and each time he says, "Not only the appearance, but also the appearance."The inside (contents) is also dangerous""The same idea as a bizarre criminal""Natural bone metamorphosis'[32] And so on.

In the media such as TV, it is easy to be tampered with as "busy", but on the other hand, there are many voices that "women are popular".[33]..Also a comedianAsako ItoConfessed that he had a love for Himura in the past[34]. Also,Nine Tine OfTakashi OkamuraWhen Himura announced his marriage, he said, "Himura-san seems to be an unpopular character, and people in the world are surprised, but Himura-kun has always been popular. Just because you don't know, I've been popular for a long time. "" I don't think she wasn't there. I was just popular, "he said in a radio program where he appeared.[35]..Two good friends, Ogi and Hagi, also said that "Mr. Himura is kind" and "Life will change if she can do it", revealing that Himura is a serious type of love.[18]..Also, my best friend who goes on a trip even in privateKendo KobayashiFrom "The contents areTakashi Sorimachi"It is called.

When we held a talk and handshake event to commemorate the release of Bananaman's solo live DVD,Participants in the handshake event suddenly slapI have had a trouble.Of course, this was a violent act, and it was an event that could be canceled if the event was not done well, but Himura was surprised by the sudden slap, but immediately switched to a smiling expression and the event proceeded smoothly. It began to.There were many praises from all over the world for the adult response of Himura.[36]..Later, Himura mentioned this in the radio program in which he appeared, and while looking back at the time, "I was surprised" and "I was stunned," "I don't think I hate it." "I'm sorry!" (However, I was dissatisfied with Binta saying "it didn't work")[37].

Art style

At Tale, I'm in charge of Tsukkomi (although the concept of blur and Tsukkomi is often unclear),Entertainment showsThen it often becomes a blurring role[38].

As a stand-alone art styleImitationWe are good at, and in celebritiesHiromi Go,Asahi Kobayashi,Takeda Tetsuya,Keisuke Kuwata,Toshihiko Tahara,Yuji Oda,Kenji Sawada,Ken Shimura,Fukuko Ishii,Bae Yong JoonGood at imitating[39][40][41][42]..Among them, it is widely recognized and can be said to be synonymous with Himura.As a childTakanohanaIs a mimic[39]When imitating "Takanohana as a child"Adon, meSay a line that begins with[43]..When it was shown in front of Takanohana in a variety show, it was praised by the person himself and imitated by himself.[44].. 『Nogizaka under construction』(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.) Then the originalNogizaka46 OfMayu KawamuraSometimes he imitates, and he often messes with Kawamura's Kansai dialect with his impersonation, leading to the birth of the character "Himlotty."However, because there are overkills, I am not good at impersonation.Kazumi TakayamaI taught Mahiro Kawamura's impersonation, but Shitara said, "That's not Kawamura, isn't it, Mahiro Kawamura of Mr. Himura?"

ダンスAlso good at practicing enough, "InfluencerOr "Love so sweet","Dancing hero"DOGSI'm dancing.However, because his blood pressure is abnormally high, he is worried about Shitara and his surroundings.

From Shitara, "Entertainer Yariman"I admit that I can do anything if the camera is spinning."

2009 --Since 2010, "God Tan』(TV TOKYO) etc.TV programIn theCharacter"Himuko"(It is a setting on the character, Himura himself is not" Nee ")[45].


TunnelsI long for.OwnBlogHe wrote, "Tunnels is a youth for me! It's a god!" (But, "Job tune』(TBS) At the time of appearance, "Our generationDowntownThey are separated by the faction or the tunnels faction, and the surroundingsKantoBecause I was a person, there were many tunnels, but when I was in high school, I was a downtown. "Immediately, I was being questioned. )[46].

In music,TM NETWORKas well as the Tetsuya KomuroI've been addicted to the songs produced by myself since I was a child, and I admit both myself and others.FANKSIs.In particular, TM NETWORK's "Get wildIskeyboardI have an attachment that I can play on the piano.He has played many times in a variety show in which he appears. Broadcast on April 2017, 4, "Banana ♪ Zero Music』(NHK), "Get Wild" will be shown with Komuro[47].

My car is 991 typePorsche 911Carrera S PDK and 4th generationCadillac Escalade..Porsche said, "It was your thanks to the Tunnels』(Fuji Television Network, Inc) Was replaced with Porsche at the highest price of 1599 million yen in the plan to buy[48].. PreviouslyCreamy Chu OfTeppei AritaThe second generation that was handed over at a bargain price fromCadillac Escalade,Honda ZestI was riding.

T-shirt,Jackets,Outerwear,Belt,shoes,Wallet,rucksack, Key cases, etc.brandIs almostLouis VuittonI have to.腕 時 計 TheRolex,Audemars PiguetThere is also a story of having[48].

My dog's black at homePugIs there[48]..Even as a childDachshundHe had a hybrid of the same mix and was a female under the name "Poco".Males had a hand to give birth to a child every year, but females were not popular, and they kept four of them, "Ai", "Non", and "El" for a while. I also had a cat called "Taisuke" (named because I picked it up under the housing complex where my father lived on the day of the typhoon).OtherGoldfish,crayfish,turtle,カ エ ルI had.On the other handA mouseIs not very good at it.

What is your favorite foodOden,eggplant,Barramundi. The food I hatewatermelon,melon,Salted plum..The reason I hate watermelons is that I kept beetles when I was a kid, and in the summer, the watermelons I feed are fragile and I don't like the smell.I used to eat melons, but after two hours of being told by Shitara that "melons are with me," I really hated them.However, when the watermelon overcoming challenge was held in "Banana Man's Banana Moon GOLD" broadcast on May 2, 2020, it turned out that both watermelon and pickled plums can be eaten by sprinkling honey.[49].

From 2019, in "Bananaman's Banana Moon GOLD"busHe often talked about his dream of becoming a driver of Osamu Shitara and carrying his friends who are indebted to him.And on December 2019, 12, on the same programMedium-sized bus licenseAnnounced that it acquired[50].


I used to live with Bakarhythm when I was young[15]..With Kendo Kobayashi "Tokyopotato saladWe are holding a party to eat delicious potato salad called "Boys"[51][52].

Kayo NoroI am on good terms with him.originally"Banana cram schoolI got acquainted by co-starring with Noro, and Noro's return speed is as fast as an entertainer, and Noro also likes Bananaman and listens to the radio every week.Himura is the only one who is messing with the appearance of a female talent as "fat".Himura does "Noro"One theater companyDoTakeshi KitanoI love "impersonation" and laugh every time.

Fighter'sHideo TokoroHe has a close friendship with him, and he is close enough to go out for a drink or travel abroad.The reason I met Tokoro was the junior combination of the office to which Himura belongs.Double bookingBecause I was on good terms because I worked with Tokoro, Himura asked member Toshiyuki Kuroda to "I want to see you too".[53]..Variety shows other than private[54] And radio programs[55] I have co-starred several times.Also, the place is also my own Twitter[56][57] And blogs[58][59][60]Or an interview I received[61] There are times when Himura's topic is raised.

Kayo Group ・PureMember and leader ofKazuhiro SakaiIs the movie "Yokohama Bakure Corps』, And this was the reason why I was on good terms at that time.According to Sakai, Himura at that time introduced Shitara as a "new companion."Junretsu's attention came to the fore, and he has been able to co-star with Sakai several times again on variety shows.[21][62].

Every year on my birthdayHoshino Gen Birthday songWill be created and shown in "Bananaman's Banana Moon GOLD".However, instead of a serious song, "An old hag"Don't approach," "I feel sick," "I'm sick," "I'm not interested in Himura's life, I don't have a back tooth," and "I can't stand myself if I was born with that face." Himura's actions and enthusiastic reports were used as material, and Hoshino's movies and new songs were advertised in the middle, and the phrase was not Himura but Shitara's song.However, Himura liked the part "Ambulance siren" which was reported in the photo weekly magazine as "I was watching an ambulance from her (now my wife) and the balcony", and released it two years later. "Family Song, And immediately after giving a birthday song "Nonstop! Nonstop!" That praised Shitara, "Nonstop!』(Fuji TV) theme song was requested and adopted as it is.Also, the 42-year-old birthday song is "SUNThe original song, and the song name was taken from Himura.

He is a childhood friend of Nogizaka46's father, Tamami Sakaguchi, who is co-starring during the construction of Nogizaka, which is being broadcast on the TV Tokyo network.[Note 2].

Health condition

It is a constitution that is quite easy to get angry, and in the program in which he appeared, "360 days a yeardiarrheaI have said that it is "state"[64]..In addition, there are many episodes in which such situations are faced, as there are many frequent leaks due to stools everywhere.A typical example is "I leaked it on the bus for the excursion when I was in the first year of junior high school, but I managed to avoid it without getting caught."[65]"Sasazuka StationI had already leaked it when I said I was going to the bathroom and broke up. "

In 2008LASIKReceivevisionHas improved, but once at homeEvery timeWithSunglassesI was living.

The teeth are not aligned properly, and he says, "Gacha teeth and sharp teeth." In January 2011イ ン プ ラ ン トStart treatment[48].. In "Bananaman's Banana Moon GOLD" on May 2011, 5, he mentioned that he had already put his lower molars in, and stated that his impression was "I brush my teeth so much."[66]..It was also decided to remove all front teeth for treatment in the next few weeks. November 2011, 11 "Hanamaru Market』(TBS) when he made a guest appearance, the front teeth were already pulled out, and now仮歯It was revealed that he was wearing.However, I have been spending more than 3 years with temporary teeth without wearing them even if the main teeth are completed after installing the temporary teeth, probably because of the original ugly personality, and that is my senior.Koji Kato radioMentioned and blamed in[67]..After that, in March 2013, I finally installed my teeth.The state of treatment was recorded live in "Bananaman's Banana Moon GOLD" and reported to Kato in a letter.[68].

At the time of his debut, he weighed 62 kg, but in 2012 he weighed 90 kg.blood pressureIs 210 at the highest and 132 at the lowest.Complete medical checkupI was even told that I would die, so in the planning of "Thanks to everyone at Tonneruzu"dietDo[69].. Succeeded in losing 1 kg in one month[70].

After getting married, he receives strict dietary control from his wife, but sometimes he hides and eats when he is alone or when he goes on a trip with a fellow entertainer.

In October 2013High blood pressurecome fromasthmaEmergency hospitalization due to symptoms.From the doctor, "Acute heart failureI was diagnosed with "there is a risk of" and was forced to rest for a while.[71].



Online delivery

Past appearance programs

TV drama

Broadcast yearBroadcasterTitle of workRole nameRemarks
1993TV AsahiNeo drama
1997TV AsahiSaturday wide theater Kyoto matchmaking tourShiga Prefectural Police Detective
1998TV AsahiSaturday wide theaterContinuous murder case of "closed room of cocoon"Katsuhiko Tasaka
2005BS FujiRUN AWAY GIRLErika's fan
2006TBS TVAkihabara @DEEPDharma
ABCMillionaire Detective DeluxeNomura NomuraEpisode 9 Guest
2007Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Last year at RenoirClerk C
Fuji Television Network, IncRampage MomTamao Kanai
2009Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Mobile Investigator 7KazuEpisode 39 Guest
TV AsahiJob huntingRyunosuke Shirafuji
TV AsahiMy GirlHideo Kimura
2010Nippon TVLaughing actress"Blue Bird"Junpei Yamada
2011TV AsahiHagane no woman season2Food standEpisode 5 Guest
Fuji Television Network, IncThe mystery solving is after dinnerClerkEpisode 6 Guest
TV AsahiThere are 11 people!Real estateFinal episode guest
2012TBS TVWhite-tailed HimuraChanges weeklystarring
2013TBS TVAfter school grooveSatoshi MurataEpisode 4 Guest
2014Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Garo -GARO- -Makai no Hana-SekiyaEpisode 1 Guest
Fuji Television Network, IncNice selection TAXIAccomplice detectiveEpisodes 7-8 The drama "Crime Detective" in the play
2015Fuji Television Network, IncThe suspect is eight popular entertainersPrincipal
  • Saturday navigator
  • Kasukabe
Appeared as Kasukabe of NHK staff in the broadcast on November 2020, 11

Television Animation

Broadcast yearBroadcasterTitle of workRole nameRemarks
2015Disney XDStar Wars RebelsSokuro


Release yearTitle of workRole nameRemarks
1993Mobile Police Patlabor 2 the MovieMaintenance staffVoice appearance
1994Yokohama Bakure CorpsKanichiAppeared in all 3 series
2003Jam Films 2 "HOOPS MEN SOUL"Yuki
2005Koibone KOIBONE Movie version
Hold up downStreet demon man
2007Captent KioChief
Maiko haaaan !!!Camera boy
2008Building and zooEmployee
Handsome suitBushiku man
2009Eto-eto-EtoVoice appearance
Guardian angelCountryside youth
Monster VS Alienボ ブVoice appearance
2010The best and worst man, Tsukiji edition "The worst man in Tsukiji"starring
Insite Mill 7-Day Death GameIndian dollVoice appearance
2011Happy Feet 2 Dancing Penguin Rescue TeamKrill buildingVoice appearance (dubbed in Japanese)
2012Go! Anpanman Revive Banana IslandKororinVoice appearance
2015Shinsengumi of the DeadKuzuyama Shimotarostarring
MinionsWalter Jr./Fabries (concurrent role)Voice appearance (dubbed in Japanese)
2016PetDukeVoice appearance (dubbed in Japanese)[84]
2019Pet 2DukeVoice appearance (dubbed in Japanese)[85]



Smartphone app

  • Bananaman Himura-san Close Call (2013, TAKARATOMY ENTAMEDIA)[88]


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