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🍴 | Japan's most exclusive Miyazaki beef retort curry "Miyakonojo Karei" Certainly this is a steak


Japan's most exclusive Miyazaki beef retort curry "Miyakonojo Karei" Certainly this is a steak

If you write the contents roughly
The more you chew, the more delicious the Miyazaki beef grown in nature overflows.

Few people may have eaten retort curry that costs more than a few thousand yen per meal.Yakiniku restaurant "Miyakonojo ..." in Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki Prefecture → Continue reading

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Miyazaki beef

Miyazaki beefWhat is (Miyazaki Ushi, Miyazaki Gyu)?MiyazakiProduced and fattened inJapanese Black OfWagyu beefOut ofJapan Meat Rating Association OfratingMeat quality grade 4 or higherbeefThat is.Regional brandsIs one of theRegional collective trademarkIt is already registered in.


Beef cattle calves (called "bare cows") have been actively produced in Miyazaki Prefecture for some time.2007(HeiseiIn 19), 7 out of 3797 calves shipped%Is shipped outside Miyazaki Prefecture.The number one shipping destination for female calvesMie, 2nd placeTokyo, 3nd placeSagaAnd in these placesBrand beefHas become a cow[1].

1971(ShowaFrom 46), the construction of a system for fattening bare cows as they are in Miyazaki Prefecture and even slaughtering them was started.1986Since (61), it has met certain standards.beefAs "Miyazaki beef"brandIt came to become.

Since 2007National Wagyu Competence Promotion Meeting, Which has won the Prime Minister's Award for the third consecutive time (first in history).[2], There is a tendency that the recognition as a brand beef is increasing even in Japan.

On the other hand,Outbreak of FMD in Japan in 2010Then, almost all prefectures were damaged, and especially in Koyu-gun, all cows and pigs were slaughtered by foot-and-mouth disease vaccination.Of the previous year2009Due to the outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza, not only the Miyazaki beef brand but also the entire livestock industry in Miyazaki Prefecture was devastated.However, since the cleanup of foot-and-mouth disease, it has shown a steady recovery, such as winning the Prime Minister's Award at the first National Wagyu Ability Co-Promotion Society.

after that,2013Was offered Miyazaki beef for international first class in-flight meals.

2018-2019Miyazaki beef was offered for the second consecutive year at the Academy Awards ceremony party held in the United States, and was honored to be adopted as the first "individual brand beef" in history.[3][4].. It will be adopted in 2020 and will be provided for the third consecutive year.[5].


Beef that meets all of the following conditions is called Miyazaki beef.[6].

Meat quality grade5Miyazaki beef


Other Miyazaki brand beef

Yield grade
Meat quality grade5Takachiho beef

Yield grade
Meat quality grade5Miyazaki beef
3Miyazaki Wagyu


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