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🍴 | Cat cans that can be eaten with cats!The dream of a cat lover will come true. To reduce food loss and support cat activities.

Photo "NEKOKAN" -Canned cat-style fish-. Sold as a set of 6 cans. Each can contains a total of 1 types of boiled fish, one type each (fish may change depending on the season and timing)

A cat can bomb that can be eaten with a cat!The dream of a cat lover will come true. To reduce food loss and support cat activities.

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"Suzuki" is a pale white fish that is perfect for sandwiches when mixed with mayonnaise and herbs.

Wet food that cats eat deliciously = cat cans.I love cats, but I thought "I want to eat them together" ... → Continue reading

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White fish

White fish(White color) is white (LeanNot meat) fish meat. manyFish Of筋肉Is white or white close to yellow[1].

Most of the white fish inhabit reefs, the seabed, sandy areas, etc., and often swim when catching prey or when escaping. It looks white because it doesn't need much oxygen.


The structure of fish muscle is made up of short muscle fibers connected in layers by a connective woven layer (muscles). Connective tissuecollagenMade of, by heatinggelatinIt melts and melts. Muscles have white muscle fibers (white muscle) that control the instantaneous force and red muscle fibers (red muscle) that control continuous movement.TunaLike red fish, which continue to swim at high speed without rest, the proportion of red muscle is high. In addition, the red that holds the oxygen necessary for maintaining its ecologyMyoglobinIt has a pigment.

White fish contains a lot of collagen and has a higher proportion of white muscle than red muscle, so it tends to collapse. When you thaw the frozen white fish,酵素The cell wall may be broken by the action of and the body may be melted. Also, many species have less fat than red fish, and those species cook faster when cooked.

Generally, the flavor of white fish is said to be paleSaltwater fishとFreshwater fishIs very different[2].. In generalseawaterThe white fish in the area are lighter, but the fish caught near the coast areAlgaeIt may have bromine, which is said to be made from the so-called "iso fragrance".freshwaterArea,Brackish waterThe fish may have a smell like mud. In addition, compared to saltwater fish, there is a feature that deterioration of freshness is less likely to appear in the flavor.

salmon,troutFrom the crustaceans they feed onAstaxanthinAccumulates and muscles turn orange. If astaxanthin is not added to the bait given to farmed salmon, the muscle will turn white.

Unlike red fish, white fish have less fat, are low in calories, and have a light taste.


Because white fish is easy to understandPaste,Fish sausage,TabiUsed for.

Representative fish




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