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🍴 | Sweets, delicatessen, and delicious foods from all over Japan are gathered!Delicious taste tour @ Sogo Chiba store

Photo Source: Living Chiba Web

A collection of sweets, delicatessen items, and delicious foods from all over Japan!Delicious taste tour @ Sogo Chiba store

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Cute takoyaki that spins crunchy and creates a round shape while using two chopsticks.

Excited about the popular event for the first time in 2 years! "Delicious food taste tour" is a very popular event among the events of the Sogo Chiba store ... → Continue reading

 Living Chiba Web

Local / outing information site in Chiba area such as Chiba, Funabashi, Narashino, Urayasu, Ichikawa

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