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🍴 | Chocomin party silently goes to Cocos.The "Governor's Parfait" with a height of about 25 cm is a must.


The Chocomin party silently went to Cocos.The "Governor's Parfait" with a height of about 25 cm is a must.

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In addition, the "Chocolate Mint Party Parfait", where you can fully enjoy the taste of chocolate mint, is also available.

The "Chocomin Party Fair" will start on April 2021, 4 at each family restaurant "Cocos" ... → Continue reading

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Mint chocolate

Mint chocolate(English: mint chocolate), orChocolate mint(Chocolate mint) is plainチ ョ コ レ ー トTopeppermint,spearmint,Crème de mentheSuch asmintA type of chocolate confectionery with flavor added.Mint chocolatecandy,(English edition),ク ッ キ ー,(English edition)ice cream,hot chocolateIn addition to being present in all confectioneries around the worldCosmeticsSuch asFoodIt is also used in products other than.

Mint chocolate is a distinctive mint because it is mainly contained in its ingredients and manufacturing process.aromatichave.Common for chocolate(English edition)In addition,Milk chocolate,White chocolateIs used.

(English edition) TheMay 2Is enacted on "Chocolate Mint Day"[1].


Mint chocolate

Chocolate with mint flavor


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