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☕ | “Like overseas” scenery of remote islands Enjoy at the sunset cafe

Photo Visitors enjoying the scenery of the Kuniga Coast = Urago, Nishinoshima Town, Shimane Prefecture, Kuniga Beach Parking Lot

"Like overseas" Landscape of remote islands Enjoy at the sunset cafe

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Makoto Midoji (2), a second-year student at Yasugi Municipal Daiichi Junior High School, visited with her family and said, "It's a spectacular view that you can see overseas.

The "Yuhi Cafe" was held on the 17th at the Kunigahama parking lot in Urago, Nishinoshima Town, Shimane Prefecture, overlooking the Sea of ​​Japan.Visitors ... → Continue reading

 Sanin Chuo Shimpo

San-in Chuo Shimpo delivers news from both Sanin prefectures

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Makoto Midoji

Yasugi City

Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: Hakuta's tulip fieldImage providedplease.(2021/4

Yasugi City(Too much)Shimane Located at the eastern endIzumoIn the eastern part of the regionCity..It is reported that Susano Onomikoto was named "Yasugi Land" from the Izumo Province Fudoki.


Yasugi City is located at the eastern end of Shimane Prefecture.TottoriAnd the prefectural border.It seems to have been a sacred place once, and bears the name of the land in this area.ShrineNames are scattered all over the country.Togami (Togami), Kamo (Shimogamo), Yasugi (Yasugi, Yasugi), Hakuta (Hakata), Hirose, Mt. Gassan, Nogi (Nogi), Iwafune (Iwafune), Itaki (Atago), Ise, Suwa Sewing (name of the town that remains in the climate) Uka (so), Kurumayama, Iio (Inari), Hiba, Kume, Suwa, Yoshisa, Yawata, Mother Village, Kuwana, company day, etc.

oldHirose Town, OldHakuchoIs designated as a heavy snowfall area.

Adjacent municipalities


Yayoi-Kofun periodA powerful kingship is generated in Izumo during the period (Ancient Izumo(See), there is a theory that it was the center (eastern Izumo dynasty).It is one of the largest burial mounds in JapanZouzan KofunUnique to groups and Izumo cultural areasFour-corner protruding mound graveMany ancient burial mounds have been excavated, including (one of the largest concentrated areas in Japan), and it has prospered continuously for about 500 years from Yayoi to the Kofun period.At the timeIzumo TheChikushi,Yamato,KenoIn the latter half of Yayoi, there was a coalition government standardized in the form of a four-corner protruding burial mound on the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan extending to Hokuriku.There is a theory that he and Yamato once formed an independent dynasty under the guidance of pride in their outstanding power.

In Sanin, the amount of ironware has been excavated in the same amount as Kitakyushu, and even in Yayoi period, the remains of iron making in the Yayoi period were found at the Takegasaki and Yanagi sites, so these irons were supplied to the Yamato region, which was iron deficient at that time. There is a theory that it became the driving force for the founding of the Yamato court.In fact, the pre-modern field has been recognized as an iron-making site since the Yayoi period.

Perhaps because of that, it appeared in "Kiki" from an early stage, and "Record of Ancient Matters], [Japanese calligraphyInNe-no-kuni(Nenokatasukuni) or Ne-no-kuni (Yamato Shimane,Shimane It is said to be the etymology ofIzanami MikotoThere is also a place that is said to be the sacred tomb of the shrine, so some people view it as the source of repair and consolidation.YomiSee country. ) CalledSusanooomikotoIt is said that it may correspond to the region that was governed by the city, and there are many old shrines in the city that follow the flow of the city.The place name appeared in the literature in the 6th year of Tenpyo (733 AD).Izumo country style soil record], "Izumo Province, Ou District, Anrai Township".Probably the name from the gods, it belongs to the oldest category of city names.In the mountains of Yasugi from that timeFunatoyamaOriginating from the surrounding areaOrochi riversIn the vicinity ofTatara blow(Tatara = Tatara, Bellows, Bellows, Bellows),Tatara steelmakingBecause the ancient iron making method called was popular, Susano Onomikoto'sYamatano OrochiIt is said that a legend was born.After this Yamata no Orochi was exterminated and buried, the tradition of planting XNUMX cedars is adjacent.Okuizumo,Yunnan,TottoriHino-gunAlthough it remains in the surrounding areas of the Orochi rivers such as, there is a theory that this Yasugi is the etymology of Yasugi.Therefore, there are dozens or more (Hakuta Town, Hirose Town) in the city alone, and in the ruins of Tatara Ironworks and the surrounding areas.Japanese swordThe oldest swordsmith ofMusashi MiyamotoLove sword "Boy cutIs the author ofHokokuOhara安綱Workshop ruins (TottoriSaihaku-gun), And the neighboring Hoki Kuni Ohara is the place where Yasutsuna played an active part, so it was the central city of the Unpaku region (former name; Ou-gun, Nogi-gun) where metallurgy technology had been developed for a long time. I can see that.From such a background, the movie "Princess MononokeIt also became a model for the stage.

Since ancient timesNakaumiYasugi Port, a good natural port facing (Nakaumi)Korean PeninsulaTrade with is also active, "Manyoshu], It appears under the names of Oho no Ura, Kanegaura, and Nishikigaura as the times go by.Therefore, it is rare for the Izumo region at that time from the many ancient burial mounds in the city.Tenso cloud swordIron swords and ironware have been excavated.Therefore, there is a legend that the gods aiming for Izumo first gather in Yasugi Minato to buy iron in Kannazuki, and it can be seen that it was reflected as the gateway to the sea of ​​ancient Izumo.Sengoku periodTo reachAmakoAmago clan, who is also a base for transporting goods and naval battles in the Chugoku regionMr. Ouchi-Mr. Mouri OfFierce battleWas unfolded.The famous misfortune warrior in thisYukimori YamanakaThe spirit of Bushido, which can be said to be an example of their successShotaro IkenamiIt is the subject of numerous novels and stories such as the book "Eminence Grise".Edo periodWhen entering, Amago and Mori ranMt. Gassan Tomita CastleからMatsue CastleThe center of Izumo rule moved to Izumo, and there was a temporary delay in prosperity.

However, from the middle of the Edo period, Japan's commodity economy developed and trade by Kitamaebune became active, and in the steelmaking area that moved to the Okuizumo side in search of iron resources, the mass production type eternal generation from the conventional field tatara method. Move to tatara.And Yasugi Minato became an important port in the Sanin area和鉄-和鋼It has grown into a major commercial city that handles all of its products.At that time, it was extremely prosperous by handling the manufacture and distribution of raw iron and steel products, which accounted for more than 90% of the domestic iron production.

Meiji EraIn the second half, the tatara ironmaking process faces a crisis of decline.Tatara masters established Japan's first private steel company "Unhaku Steel Joint Stock Company" in 1899 (Meiji 32) (there is a theory that it is different from the steel industry and is defined as the origin of the modern steel industry). ..After that, the company went through Yasuki Steel Joint Stock Company (established in 1909) and Yasuki Steel Co., Ltd. (established in 1916), and then introduced modern technology by Nissan Konzern General Manager Yoshisuke Aikawa. Specializing in special steel, it still exists as a steel capital.The steel produced hereYasuki SteelWith the brand nameHitachi MetalsCo., Ltd. continues to manufacture and is one of Japan's leading steel development bases.

In terms of literatureTaisho eraIn addition, it is the accumulation of the gorgeous Yasugi culture up to that point.YasushiWatanabe Oito, who spread the word nationwide, and then a potter,Kanjiro KawaiHe also produced many modern artists such as sculptors and Unkai Yonehara, who focused on the traditions of Japanese culture.In particular, Kanjiro Kawai and others went,Folk craftFinding artistic value toSoetsu YanagiThe aesthetics of "Beauty for Use", which was centered around, formed the spiritual backbone of Japanese crafts, cooking, and industrial people during the Taisho and Showa periods.



Successive mayors

Former Mayor of Yasugi
1Shuichi OiMarch 1954, 29 (Showa 4)March 1962, 37 (Showa 4)
2Kanichiro SugiharaMarch 1962, 37 (Showa 4)March 1969, 44 (Showa 10)
3Shizuo IizukaMarch 1969, 44 (Showa 11)October 1989, 11
4Setsuo KatoOctober 1989, 111997 (Heisei 9)/11/8
5Jiro Shimada1997 (Heisei 9)/11/92004 (Heisei 16)/9/30
Mayor Yasugi
1Jiro Shimada2004 (Heisei 16)/10/242008 (Heisei 20)/10/23
2Hiroki Kondo2008 (Heisei 20)/10/24January 2020, 2 (10nd year of Reiwa)
3Takeo TanakaJanuary 2020, 2 (10nd year of Reiwa)Incumbent

Government office

Designated financial institution

Designated financial institutionIt is,Shimane Agricultural CooperativeIs specified.



Commercial facility

Shopping center
  • Prana
  • Hirose Shopping Center
  • Purere Cooperative
  • La Mu
Consumer electronics store
convenience store
Home center
Drug store

Sister cities/partner cities



Population distribution by age in Yasugi City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Yasugi City (2005)
Purple-Yasugi City
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Yasugi City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


primary school

  • ]

Junior high school

high school

Vocational school


  • Shorinkai Yasugi Daiichi Hospital
  • Hitachi Memorial Hospital
  • Yasugi Medical Association Hospital



West Japan Railway Company(JR West Japan)


  • Yasugi City Wide Area Life Bus(Yellow Bus) For paid transportation by private car in Yasugi City,DaishintoThe operation is outsourced to.
  • Ichibata Bus Arashima Station --Higashiizumo --Takeya --Matsue Station --Ichibata Bus Operates between the head offices.


Road Station

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events


Continuous tv novel"Gegege's wife』InfluencedNue TakeraMany tourists are visiting his hometown.



Sights and historic sites


  • Kiyomizu Temple
  • Unjuji Temple
  • Kakueiji Temple
  • Gansoji Temple
  • Joanji Temple
  • Iwafuneyama Enjuji Temple
  • Tokoji Temple
  • Shogenji Temple
  • Chodaiji Temple


  • Hibayama Kume Shrine
  • Noki Shrine --One of the four great gods of Izumo.
  • Itaki Shrine
  • Sasoofusa Shrine
  • Yasugi Shrine
  • Izumo Sai-no-Shiko Shrine
  • Yamasema Shrine
  • Garou Shrine
  • Shiro Shrine
  • Kanayago Shrine (KanayakogamiDedicated)
  • Iwafune Shrine
  • Hio Shrine
  • Nunoben Shrine
  • Tomita Hachimangu
  • Tanomo Shrine
  • Nawakuri Shrine
  • Shihomi Shrine
  • Hachiman
  • Akae Hachiman
  • Kawane Shrine
  • Shiotsuyama Shrine
  • Suga Shrine
  • Otsuka Ojingu
  • Sumiyoshi Shrine
  • Kashima Shrine
  • Katori Shrine
  • Ise Shrine

Castle ruins

Old tomb

  • Zouzan KofunGroup- IzumoThe largest burial mounds and burial mounds in the region.
  • Onaru Ancient Burial Mound Kofun periodThe largest burial mound in Japan in the previous term.
  • Nakasenji Ancient Tombs - Four-corner protruding mound grave.
  • Kamidai Kofun
  • Yada tumulus group
  • Iwafune Kofun-A sarcophagus-style stone chamber that is one of the characteristics of the Kofun culture in the Izumo region. In 1948 (Showa 23)Historic siteIs specified in.
  • Miyayama Kofungun
  • Shiotsuyama Kofun Group
  • Bisetsuzuka Tumulus
  • Kofun group of ancient burial mounds

Festivals and performing arts

  • Moon Ring Shinto ritual
  • Hirose Gion Festival
  • Tulip festival
  • Yasushi


  • Takairi Waterfall (XNUMX Famous Waters)
  • Shanichi Park (Yasugi Park)
  • Taikodan Park
  • Togamiyama Nagisa Park
  • Mother village tulip field
  • Wilderness and camellia village
  • Uenodai Green Village (Hyuga Ridge Tumulus)
  • Yamasa Dam Campground

Person from





Historical figure


Related person

  • Tetsuya Watari(An actor) --Living at the birthplace of the mother in the city until the age of six.
  • Tsunehiko Watase(Actor) --Living at the birthplace of a mother in the city until the age of three.


Area code The0854It is (20-39).However, the weather forecast is 0852-177. (Because there are multiple areas with area code 0854 in the eastern and western parts of Shimane Prefecture.)

  • 0854 (20-39) area
    • Yasugi Telephone Exchange Jurisdiction (21,22,23)
    • Otsuka Telephone Exchange Jurisdiction (27)
    • Arashima Telephone Exchange Jurisdiction (28)
    • Hirose Telephone Exchange Jurisdiction (32)
    • Hida Telephone Exchange Jurisdiction (34)
    • Yamasa Telephone Exchange Jurisdiction (35)
    • Nunobe Telephone Exchange Jurisdiction (36)
    • Hakata Telephone Exchange Jurisdiction (37)
    • Akaya Telephone Exchange Jurisdiction (38)

The postal code is as follows.2006May 10Changed due to the reorganization of.

  • Yasugi Post Office:692-00xx、692-85xx、692-86xx、692-87xx、692-02xx
  • Hirose Post Office: 692-04xx, 692-06xx, 692-07xx
  • Akaya Post Office: 692-03xx


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