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🍴 | Maruchan's cup soba, the second most popular is "Navy blue kitsune soba", so what's the number one?


Maruchan's cup soba, the second most popular is "Navy blue kitsune soba", so what is the first place?

If you write the contents roughly
There was also a comment that it was always available with "Red Kitsune Udon".

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Fox (noodles)

In udon and sobaFoxIsKakeUdon-MackerelBoiled sweet and spicyFriedIs put on, "Kitsune Udon""KitsunesobaCall[1].

However, what is pointed to may differ depending on the region (#Characteristics of each region(Detailed in).

Although there are differences depending on the region, the fried tofu used is first drained with hot water and then drained.sugar-Soy sauce-sweet sakeUse such as to season it firmly and sweetly.The noodle soup stock is made mainly of dark soy sauce and dried bonito flakes.Not only hot soup, but also chilled and hot pot dishes.


There are various theories about when Kitsune Udon was made.

  • Edo PeriodThe theory that it was made in Osaka[2].
  • Meiji 10 YearThe theory that it was born in Osaka instead[3][4].
  • 1893(Meiji26 years) FoundedOsakaSenbaUdon shop "Matsuba familyThe theory that "invented udon noodles with fried tofu"[5][6]..The menu is Kitsune Udon, and a stone monument of "Osaka Kitsune Udon" is erected.
  • There is soba noodles made from fried tofu in Edo, according to the literature.OsakathanEdoThe theory that is older[7][8].

The "Dictionary of Clothes, Food and Etymology" (Tokyodo Publishing, 1996) explains that Kitsune Udon preceded and later Kitsune Soba was born.[9].


The name isInari Sushithe same as,FriedIs derived from being regarded as a favorite of foxes[9]..One theory is the color of fried tofu (Fox color) ・ It is also said that the shape resembles a fox crouching.

Another name

Sometimes pronounced "Ketsune Udon" or "Ketsune"[6].

Also known as "Shinoda", in Kanji "Shinta"[4], "Shinoda[6], "Shinoda[6]Is also written.This comes from the legend of Shinoda no Mori[4][6](KuzunohaSee).

Also called "yes"[6]..However, the so-called "Tanuki udonThere are also stores that sell "high collar"[10].

Characteristics of each region

The udon noodles of "Kitsune Udon" are replaced with soba noodles, which is also called "Kitsune Soba", but in some regions, the "Kitsune Soba" is called "Tanuki".[11][6][12]Names and characteristics differ depending on the region[13].

The names and contents of each region are described below.


1806Book "船頭"Deep story" has a long history, such as the description of buckwheat noodles with green onions and fried tofu.[8].Soba noodles at nightIt also appears as a seed of. "NanbanThere are also many stores that put fried tofu.Edo customs researcher'sHinako SugiuraIt is,Edo・ It is explained that in Tokyo, it is often eaten as a single item.Cup Noodle"Donbu"ofEast JapanForWest JapanThe fried food is moisturized and has a rich taste (the fried food in Tokyo isSesame oilUse and color wellFryIs the mainstream).


In the Kyoto dialectKetsuneAlso pronounced[14][15].. Drawn in "Ashiya Doman Ouchikan"Quanzhou OfShinodaForestKuzunoha foxSometimes called "Shinoda" after[16]..There are two types of kitsune udon in Kyoto: "flavored triangular fried tofu" and "unseasoned chopped fried tofu". The former is "sweet fried tofu" and the latter is "chopped fox" or simply "kitsune". Also called[17][18].


What is generally called "kitsune soba" is called "raccoon dog" in Osaka.[11][6].OsakaCentered onKinkiThen, it is common to call udon dishes with soy sauce and sugar simmered in thin fried foods "kitsune" and soba dishes "tanuki", and menus such as "kitsune soba" and "tanuki udon" usually exist. do not do[Note 1]..In Kinki, some items with the same name may be different, as in Kyoto mentioned above.KetsuneSome people pronounce it as[19], This is said to be a dear name[20], Also often lightjokeIt is also said that it is a case of ordering by calling it intentionally with a glue like[21]..Sometimes called "Shinoda" in Osaka[9].

Other than KansaiKansai
  • FriedSoba or udon noodles
    (Kitsune udon, kitsune soba)
  • I put fried tofuUdon(Ketsune, Shinoda)
  • Fried ballSoba or udon noodles
    (Tanuki udon, tanuki soba)
  • Kyoto: Udon noodles with red bean paste on top of chopped fried tofu
  • Osaka: Fried fried tofuSoba
 High color 


  • Fried ballUdon with a high collar (high collar udon)[Note 2]

Instant noodles

Cup Noodleas,Nissin Foodof"Donbu Kitsune UdonAfter it was released nationwideToyo SuisanBut"Red fox udon""Navy blueKitsunesobaIs on sale nationwide.Ace cockof"Tempura Kitsune Soba"" Has tempura and fried fried noodles on top of the soba noodles.Also,Tokushima millingof"Kim-chan Kitsune UdonIs also famous.


注 釈

  1. ^ If you order "Tanuki Udon" or "Kitsune Soba" in Osaka, you may not know what kind of cooking the restaurant should cook, so you may be asked to confirm it.
  2. ^ There are many restaurants where you can put fried balls for free, so you may not give a special name to the dish.


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